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  • 5 rounds of a Teams Tournament 1st Round OnG - HBE 19-1 Frontline - King of the Hill MVP - Feral 'Eadbashers - Taking charges and beating down what hit them LVP - Cave Trolls - Failing Stupidity and later running after first round of combat 2nd Round OnG - SE 10-10 Refused Flank - Capture the Flags MVP - Iron Orcs - Killing 2 units of Forest Guardians and staying alive to get me secondary LVP - Cave Trolls - Running after first round of combat, rallying, and then running again to 10 heath riders…

  • Does putting Kadim Manifestations on a naptha thrower make the hits from the naptha thrower divine?

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    Mikel2311 - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Tsagadai: “Quote from Villon: “Stars align only works on close combat 21.G.b.6 Divine Attacks – Close CombatSuccessful Aegis Saves taken against the attack must be rerolled. ” Halp, ruies overlords. So does that mean Divine attacks is only for Close Combat because it only specifies it in the rulebook as Close Combat? If it is CC only the artillery doesn't get it at all. Wouldn't that negate Unerring Strike? Read the divination spell, Stars Align only says "Attacks". This is more a con…

  • O&G vs SA 17-3 in my favour MVP - Scrap Wagon, killed a unit of 3 Rhampadons and a Stygiosaur LVP - Mounted 'Eadbashers, Got charged by said Stygiosaur and fluffed