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  • @DanT I agree. It is a complex tradeoff between appeasing casuals, trying to not invalidate units and stopping WAAC players from breaking the game for everyone. I think the internal balance has actually improved a bit and there is a fair bit more variety getting around within lists. Some broken combos are being taken down and most units are now viable in some form. That's good, it is what the LAB should do. Dunno, balance is hard to get right and it is very difficult to please everyone. I'd stil…

  • (Beta 2) My Army: ID Opponents Army: BH Score: 6-14 MVP: Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons LVP: Citadel Guard with pistols and shields, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator) My Army: ID Opponents Army: WDG Score: 3-17 MVP: Infernal Engine Rock Crusher LVP: Taurukh Annointed, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator) My Army: ID Opponents Army: UD Score: 17-3 MVP: Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons, Taurukh Annointed LVP: Prophet of Lugar, Disciples of Lugar (Litigator)

  • I am overall happy with most of tthe book and I have not heard these complaints of complexity from any of my opponents. I've been playing a lot more since the thing happened and I've played at least 35 games with the various versions of the beta. Out of that I have around a 30% win rate so I am not understanding these complaints about being OP at all. I've seen a few good players do well but I've also seen a lot of ID in the bottom third. Some admittedly quite weak combinations have been nerfed …

  • More 3D prints but why not elves as vassals.…dark-elf-infantry-command mediumdarkelfinfantry3_1080x.jpg mediumdarkelfcav1_1080x.png

  • Vassals? 1.jpg

  • The Good: + No darts. I never liked the multiple units of 10 flintlocks style of play. It never really felt right. MMU is more what I liked in the slim and now it is mandatory so lists are going to start looking different. The biggest change with this is that it isn't just about the shooting phase, it is about what else the unit can do (combat, scoring, zoning, etc) + The new Lamassu. I liked the last one but I like this one even more. I like the way ID are shaping towards having spell casters t…

  • Quote from DanT: “Yeah, I think they are at their best used in a co-ordinated mutually supporting fashion with other units. Rather than as pillboxes, war machines or flank guards. Same as EoS tank. Used in this way I think 2 are pretty good (and also somewhat RPS; res 7+unbreakable is a big deal for some armies). The bigger issue for me is that I think while two are allowed, it will drive the pricing somewhat, making one a generally poor choice internally. Note that the price is higher in the LA…

  • I've been playing double Infernal Engine and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't actually very good. They are very expensive for what they do and with somewhat short ranges they don't do that much. They are ok in combat but not amazing, somewhat worse than a chariot with their main advantage being unbreakable. Seriously, there was a lot of theoryhammer about how OP two is but they are really a suboptimal choice, Titan is better.

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: DH Score: 0-20 MVP: Vassal Spears LVP: Taurukh Enforcers (Blunderbusses), Infernal Engine (x2)

  • There seems to be a lot of masked criticism that boils down to ID should be more like DH. Vassals, Kadim, cavalry, short range shooting, monsters; they've all been complained about but they are what make ID ID. If you want an army of just dwarfs there is already an army for that. Personally, I'd like to see larger minimum sizes so ID becomes even less like DH (or at least current DH). Monsters, cavalry and minions are what have always made the other dwarf faction different.

  • Immortal profile: * adv * mar * dis * * 3 * 9 * 9 * Bodyguard, Infernal Brand, Scoring * HP * DS * Res * Arm * * 1 * 6 * 4 * 0 * Infernal Armour, Shield, Possession of the Mask * Att * Off * Str * AP * Agi * 1 * 4 * 4 * 1 * 2 Possession of the Mask, Bound Spell with Power Level(4/8), Caster, Augment, Raise 4 HP. That gives them something different. They are harder to kill, slightly more defensive and they don't die. I'd take that over harder to wound as it doesn't stop them being killed but give…

  • Great Bull is actually in a good place. If you play him like a cowboy you will have a bad day. He is great to keep in the lines and use as a support monster or assist another unit with a charge. Supernal can be painful but it is also good in its own way. Little bulls are probably a little overpriced still, they are good but the movement, flying for clipped wings and towering presence lets them get sniped easier than the big bull. Both mounts have drawbacks but they both play well at the moment.

  • Is the problem just with the name or the concept? I get that some may find the name offensive but it is descriptive of the lore (they are enslaved). Trying to weasel around the words sometimes leads to even more offensive wording because it tries to diminish what something is into another term like some other games that change certain WW2 units to just "German special forces" or "Eastern Empire Territorial unit". Dropping the concept is a harder ask, it becomes a question of how far you go too. …

  • Kadim Manifestation is really good against DL. Getting Divine Attacks against them is worth taking for that reason alone. It is also useful when the tank goes boom, divine CC is good against many. Cluster Munitions are usually countered by better players in the movement/deployment phase (I've played several games without having it go off once against some players). It looks good on paper and it is sometimes excellent for taking out chaff or supporting units but it is really player dependent and …

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    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    If Incarnates were in instruments of destruction, at the moment, they would see zero play. They have internal balance issues at the moment without being in an already competitive cap. They definitely are not overpowered at the moment and fire spam should be something ID can do.

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: OK Score: 12-8 (I had objective) MVP: Vassal Levy w/ Spears LVP: Kadim Titan, Infernal Engine Naphtha Thrower

  • Oil skins are pretty awesome on vassals. You need to think hard for some of the more novel uses though. A common one for me is combat, if you are only wounding on 5 or 6 anyway then it is usually worth going oil skins instead (you might lose the combat but it will be easier for what comes after). Or if you have a flaming standard or flaming swords then oil skins becomes a nice loop.

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I'm running a list with Lugars and Incarnates in it at the moment and they are both great. They have slightly different roles and abilities, enough to keep it interesting. I think they only compete for the same slot at the moment because people are still experimenting (some more than others). Incarnates are not very good in small units but once you have 6 they are great. I think the way to fix the internal balance between Incarnates, lugars and Immortals is to make them different. Lugars are dif…

  • My Army: ID Opponents Army: OnG Score: 20-0 MVP: Kadim Incarnates, opponent's dice LVP: None

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Villon: “can we please focus just on the book? ” Yes, can we focus on this book, the ID book too. Not picking on your comment, Villon, just the last X pages. DH and HBE have their own problems, their own forums and their own potential LABs. Can we focus on the point of this book, the ID LAB instead of hundreds of pages of whattaboutism and "my units suck so yours should suck too". The ID LAB is strong and there are internal balance issues and external balance issues. The external bala…