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    21.G.b.9 Harnessed – Close Combat
    Model parts with Harnessed cannot make Supporting Attacks and cannot use weapons. Shooting Weapons carried by model parts with Harnessed can be used by other model parts of the same model (as long as they do not have Harnessed or Inanimate ). A model with at least one model part with Harnessed is considered to be mounted.
    21.G.b.3 [b]Battle Focus[/b] – Close Combat
    If the attack hits with a natural to-hit roll of ‘6’, the attack causes one additional hit (i.e. usually two hits instead of one).

    In order for Shooting Attacks using Hopeless Shots to cause one additional hit, the first to-hit roll must be a natural ‘6’ and the second to-hit roll must be successful in order to hit the target.
    21.H [b]Special Attacks[/b]
    A model part with Special Attacks can make a special type of attack specified by the corresponding rules. Attacks made using Special Attacks cannot be affected by weapons or Attack Attributes, unless specifically stated otherwise.

    21.H.a List of Special Attacks
    21.H.a.1 Breath Attack (X)
    21.H.a.2 Grind Attacks (X)
    21.H.a.3 Impact Hits (X)
    21.H.a.4 Stomp Attacks (X)
    21.H.a.5 Sweeping Attack
    Model parts with this special rule have the Special Shooting Attack and Special Close Combat Attack detailed below.

    - As a Special Shooting Attack (normally in the Shooting Phase): Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The attack hits automatically and has the following profile: Range 8", Strength 4, Multiple Shots (D6+2), Magical Attacks. This attack can be used even if the model Marched previously this Player Turn.

    - As a Special Close Combat Attack (normally in the Close Combat Phase): If used, the attack is made at the model part's Initiative and replaces the model part’s non-Special Attacks. Choose a single unit in base contact as the target. The target unit suffers D3+1 Strength 4 Hits with Magical Attacks.
    Special Ranged Attack. This attack may be used by units consisting of models with this special rule. At the end of the Remaining Moves sub­-phase (or the Magic Phase if this is done as part of a Magical Move), nominate one unengaged enemy unit which the unit Advanced or Marched through this phase (Bases are Overlapping, even partially). The whole unit makes an attack against the chosen enemy unit (follow the description in the unit profile). These attacks hit automatically.
    Any unit consisting entirely of models with this special rule may ignore all Terrain and units during the Remaining Moves sub-phase (from its starting position to its ending position) but must abide by the Unit Spacing rule upon the completion of its move. The unit may perform a Sweeping Attack. The enemy suffers 1 hit for each model with the Reaper special rule that moved through the target. These hits use the Reaper model’s Strength, including weapon modifiers and special rules affecting Close Combat Attacks (such as Armour Piercing or Flaming Attacks).
    At the end of any phase in which the Master is removed as a casualty, every unit in the army with one or more models with Ashes to Ashes must pass a Leadership Test or suffer a number of wounds equal to the amount by which the test was failed, with no saves of any kind allowed. These wounds are distributed following the rules for Unstable, except that they can never be distributed to models that do not have Ashes to Ashes. The number of wounds inflicted is reduced by 1 if the unit received Hold Your Ground.

    At the end of the Player Turn in which the Master was removed as a casualty, a new Master may be selected. In order to do so, nominate an eligible Character who is a Wizard, either with the Vampiric special rule or using Evocation. This Character is .....
    Undead units consisting entirely of models with this special rule may perform a March Move as normal even when outside range of friendly models’ Inspiring Presence​.

    At the end of each Close Combat Phase, units with this special rule can make Vampiric Rolls. Roll a D6 for each Vampiric Character that caused at least one unsaved wound during this Close Combat Phase, and roll one D6 if one or more Vampiric R&F models caused at least one unsaved wound during this Close Combat Phase. A Vampiric roll is successful if the D6 scores X+ (where X is the number stated within brackets). A roll of ‘1’ on a Vampiric Roll is always a failure and a ‘6’ is always a success. Models with the Towering Presence special rule suffer a -2 modifier to their Vampiric Rolls. A Character that makes a successful Vampiric Roll recovers 1 Wound. A successful Vampiric Roll for R&F models Raises 1 Wound to the unit.
    21.G.b.25 [b]Weapon Master[/b] – Close Combat
    At the beginning of each Round of Combat, model parts with Weapon Master may choose which weapon they fight with. This includes selecting to use a Hand Weapon even if they have other weapons. If armed with a weapon with a Weapon Enchantment, the model part must still use it.
    Volley Fire – Shooting
    If at least one model in a unit can draw Line of Sight to the target, then all model parts using Volley Fire in the same unit ignore all intervening models of their own Height or smaller for Line of Sight and Cover purposes.In addition, unless making a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction, models in a unit in Line Formation that has not moved during this Player Turn may shoot from one additional rank (usually this means that they can shoot from the first three ranks).
    21.G.b.23 [b]Unwieldy [/b]– Shooting
    The attack suffers an additional −1 to-hit modifier for Moving and Shooting (for a total of −2). When combined with Quick to Fire, the attack can only ignore the normal −1 to-hit modifier for Moving and Shooting, not the additional −1 to-hit modifier from Unwieldy.
    21.A.a.37 Unstable
    Models with Unstable can only join or be joined
    by models with Unstable. A unit with one or more models with Unstable
    does not take a Break Test when losing a Round of Combat, but instead it
    loses one Health Point for each point of Combat Score difference by
    which it lost the Round of Combat (with no saves of any kind allowed).
    The Health Point losses are allotted in the following order:
    1. R&F models, excluding Champions
    2. Champion
    3. Characters, allotted by the owner of the unit as evenly as possible