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  • Hello Ninth Agers and I hope you enjoy the battle report for my third game of the Breakthrough Tournament. You can see my list for this tournament in my first game of tourney. For this game I was drawn against Daemonic Legions, not an army I’ve fought very often, even in the world what was I rarely fought them so I didn’t really know what to expect in this game. My opponents list:

    Weaver of Change - General, Wizard master, Thaumaturgy, Power Vortex, Aether Wand, Shackles of Reality = 1185

    Harbinger of Lust - Siren Chariot, Barbed Claws, Clawed Caress, Trident of Torment = 365

    2x 10 Horrors = 375

    20 Sirens = 315

    20 Tallymen - Banner = 440

    Blazing Chariot = 260

    2x Siren Chariot = 370

    2x Carnal Chariot = 380

    4 Crusher Cavalry = 470

    Blood Chariot = 345

    Total = 4500pts

    The first thing that struck me about the list was the insane number of Chariots, 7 Chariots! Chariots can be hard work to fight against with my KoE list as to charge them can leave my units out of position and being in the Lance Formation always means I have very long flanks on my Knight blocks so it can be difficult to get my knights safely out of counter charge positions with overruns. The fact that there are 7 chariots knocking about means I’m inevitably going to get charged by most of them at some point. The Lust chariots have movement 10 as well giving them a crazy long 22” Charge range, that’s better than my Knights so they’ll easily be charging me anyway. Also those Carnal Chariots have AP 10 so they are going to make a mess of my Knights once they get in, hopefully I can take them down with shooting before they can get near me. I know all about the Blood Chariot, I’m sure everyone has had run ins with those flaming cannon balls before. Never seen a Balzing Chariot on the table before though so I’m not overly familiar with what they do (except fly)

    The core units of infantry don’t worry me too much, my knight blocks can take care of them. If I let the Crusher Cavalry charge me then that could be problematic. The main threat that worries me is the Weaver of Change, my Duke has the potential to take it down but it can never be guaranteed and if he doesn’t then he’s dead, especially as the Aether Wand will give the Weaver a ridiculous number of attacks by the end of the game.

    The Deployment Type and secondary Scenario was determined by a roll of the dice by the TO and we were playing Encircle and the secondary objective was Breakthrough AGAIN! (Which again was the best choice for me). My opponent won the roll off to see who picks sides and so he decided to be the defender in this deployment type so I was left with the big flanks and small middle.

    For Spell selection I picked Awaken the Beast, Totemic Summon, Break the Spirit and Breath of the Lady, in hindsight Swarm of Insects would have been a good choice as that would have taken some wounds off the Weaver if I had cast enough. I was thinking that I would need combat buffs to try and do as much damage to the Daemons as fast as possible and try and pop them quickly. My opponent took Thaumaturgy on the Weaver and selected Hand of Heaven (D6 hits at Strength D6), Cleansing Fire (Breath Weapon with Strength D3+2), Trial of Faith (both roll a D3, caster adds 1, lose the difference in wounds) and no one takes Thaumaturgy without taking Wrath of God (No description necessary)!


    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    DL 2

    KoE 2

    DL 3

    KoE 3

    DL 4

    KoE 4

    DL 5

    KoE 5

    DL 6

    KoE 6

    That was a horrific beating for the brave knights of Equitaine, the Daemon magic was far worse than I was expecting, I was so focused on stopping Wrath of God that Cleansing Fire and Hand of Heaven were free to just absolutely wreck my army. Magic alone wiped out the Knights of the Realm in like 2 rounds! I definitely could have handled the magic phases better but we both had some stinking rolls in the magic phase.

    The main big mistake I made was not putting the Duke in with the Pegasus Knights to at least give him some protection from the Daemonic shooting. Even if he wasn’t shot off I’m not sure how useful he would have been in this game anyway, he will kill whatever he charges but then he would just get hit by like 2 chariots and a Weaver of Change and die. I should have deployed the Pegasus Knights in the centre of the board to cover the advance of the rest of my army up the left flank as they tried to get some scoring done.

    I foolishly gave away my Pegasus Knights when I didn’t need to. By turn 5 I should have just kept their points safe or put them in a good position for a last turn charge. Still amazed at how easily the Pegasus Knights fell to the Blood Chariot when the Knights Aspirant just refused to die to chariots at all.

    As a side note I thought that the Questing Knights +2” to their Charge move against units that cause fear would be great against Daemons but it turns out it’s not because the vast majority of Daemon units do not cause fear anymore so that was… [Read More]
  • David’s Dwarfs try to hold back the waves of John’s Wraith MSU Daemon List. David tests a light shooting dwarf list with no cannons just as John finds a way to include both a Scourge of Wrath and a Daemon Prince in his tide of red onslaught.

    5,000 Point 9th Age Version 1.3 Battle Report, played April 2017

    David’s Dwarven Hold vs John’s Daemon Legion

    Deployment: Frontline Clash

    Secondary Hold Ground [Read More]
  • I remember it so clearly.

    A massive block of Saurian Warriors, complete with a full complement of fighting characters, was hurtling towards my lines. They failed a charge (albeit, a long shot charge) against my largest block of Horrors. Then, it happened.

    I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

    Two Daemon Engines and Two units of Igniters ran out to threaten the flanks of the Saurians; staggered in such a way that the billowing warpflame breath of the titanic monstrosities would not clip any of my own grabbling minions, as the Igniters aligned themselves to strike the coldblooded ones.

    A couple of well rolled 3” templates and 12D6 firestorm shots later (after being buffed by Flaming Swords and, as I recall, enchanted blades, as well)… there wasn’t much left of the scaled warriors. The heroes stood resolute with a few remaining underlings.

    And then it hit me… dammit… I am so getting nerfed.

    In the weeks and months that followed, I saw my pair of Daemon Engines become a single, and my Igniters from fiery gatling guns on mobile platforms, to a guerilla warfare unit with a hugely reduced weight of fire. The reverse/non-proliferation was not kind to my Changelings; we had climbed too high, too fast.

    When the dust had settled, I was left with an army book that looked far different, complete with some alterations to the main rulebook that changed the complexion of my favourite unit (hellfire made Igniters not-Great again). My twin terrors, the Daemon Engines, would now only see one of the brothers see the field at a time. In fact, I treat them like NHL goaltenders- win, and you’re in! So far, the heavily converted-from-a-Maggoth-Lord Engine is starting far more games than the GW-standard model. And, of course, my rank-empowered firebolts and bluefire spam had been crippled.

    It was back to the drawing board. After much trial and error, the one massive positive that came out of this set of tribulations was that it gave me the chance to branch out and try some different builds. I started including a large block of Tallymen (complete with dual-harbingers, now), a large block of Crusher Cavalry (again, harbinger) and tried out pretty much every unit in the entire book. Many times. With different configurations.

    By the time Bluenose Beatdown came around, I had refined my list to become a fast, mean and synergistic nightmare. The Tallystar, the Crusherstar, Igniters (who get a “star” for always being my surprise star of every game, it seems) and as much chaff, distraction and harassers as I could fit in. The list did incredibly well. I even won Best General! But… how do I feel about this, really?

    In a word: bummed.

    When I see other tournie results pouring in, those Daemon players that seem to be doing well on the competitive side, well… they seem to be using lists with a lot of similarities to my own. Also, Bluenose Beatdown is not ETC in any way shape or form… so while I did quite well in a regional, looking at the bigger picture, I would have been crushed at a higher level. So how do I feel about this?

    In a word: psyched.

    If some of the best players in the world are having a rough time coming up with unique, effective and competitive lists, then we might be okay. From everything I’ve seen since the start of The 9th Age, everyone involved with the rules and, specifically, the army books, seem very responsive to hard data. Well, guess what? We have hard data now, and people who work on these books conceding the point: this particular army is badly flawed.

    Some may see this as a show of something that “slipped by the censors”. I see it as a responsive and thoughtful rules committee that take time and make decisions based on fact-based discussions, hard data and communal suggestions.

    Will this be the last time that happens to an army?
    Of course not. But, for what it’s worth, here’s my coping process:

    1. Try to get your list as close to your old one with the new edition
    2. Curse the changes and burn your army list
    3. Rum
    4. Try out some new units and new configurations
    5. Rum
    6. Repeat Step 4-5 until satisfied
    7. Combine the parts you liked from steps 3-5 (repeating 3 and 5, as necessary) with some of your favourite parts of step 1.
    8. Figure out if nostalgia is worth it and list accordingly
    9. Stick to the new list for at least 10 games
    10. Return to step 2 and carry on in unsatisfied for at least one more cycle.
    11. If, after 15-20 games in total (and 5 bottles of Captain Morgan) you are still disheartened, start painting up one of your alternate armies for the time being.
    12. Return to your original army in all of its nerfed glory after a couple of games with the new hotness because, let’s face it, better be underpowered than a band wagoner.

    Now, 12 is a bit of a joke (sort of- if that step also leads directly to netlisting, then SHAME). I think the important thing during this phase is to keep track of everything that happens with your own army during this period. It gives you a greater vision of what’s going on, overall, with… [Read More]