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    Vampire Count 350pts
    [Character choice]
    Infantry, 20x20mm base, single model

    Special Rules: Undead, Vampiric (6+), Fear, Awaken (Zombies)

    If General, must take the The Dead Arise (30pts)
    May become Wizard Apprentice with (one choice only): 1 Learned Spell (free), 2 Learned Spell (50pts), 3 Learned Spell (100pts)
    Wizard Apprentice my become Wizard Master (70pts)
    May take Magical Items up to 200pts
    May take (one choice only):
    a single Blood Power (no point limit), a single Ancient Blood power (no point limit) (if belongs to a Bloodline Army)

    May take any of the following: Shield (10pts), Light Armour (10pts), Heavy Armour (20pts)
    May take a Weapon (one choice only): Paired Weapons (20pts), Halberd (30pts), Great Weapon (40pts), Lance (40pts)

    May take a mount (one choice only):
    Skeletal Steed (70pts), Spectral Steed (120pts), Monstrous Revenant** (260pts), Court of the Damned (340pts), Shrieking Horror** (Strigoi only) (490pts), Zombie Dragon** (530pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Blood Magic (75 pts)
    The Vampire always counts as having used one less MDU when suffering a Miscast. Immediately after rolling Magic Flux in a friendly Player Turn, the player may choose one of the Magic Flux dice and reroll it. If used, the model with this Power suffers a wound with no saves of any kind allowed at the end of the Magic Phase.
    Nosferatu Bloodline (20pts)
    The Vampire suffers -1 Attack, -2 Weapon Skill, may not wear any Armour (excluding Mount’s Protection and Innate Defence), may not wield a mundane Weapon and gains Awaken (Zombies, Skeletons). The Vampire must buy Wizard Apprentice, knows an additional Learned Spell, and always knows the Trait Spell of Evocation in addition to its other spells. The Vampire may only generate spells from Evocation, Occultism or Cosmology,

    Blood Ties: Wraiths
    Blood Powers: Forbidden Path (60pts), Arcane Knowledge (60pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Blood Magic (150pts)
    Strigoi Bloodline (90pts)
    The Vampire and its mount gains Regeneration (5+) and Hatred. The Vampire gains +1 Wound and cannot select any mount except for a Shrieking Horror, may not wear any kind of Armour (excluding Mount’s Protection). The Vampire may only generate spells from Shamanism, and cannot have more than two Learned Spell.

    Blood Ties: Ghouls
    Blood Powers: Curse of the Blood (170pts), Ghoul Lord (110pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Beastial Bulk (90pts)
    Von Karnstein Bloodline (50pts)
    The Vampire may reroll failed Vampiric rolls, and the presence of one or more Von Karnstein Vampires grants +1 to their side’s Combat Score in any combat in which they participate. Undead units joined by a Von Karnstein Vampire may March as if they had the Vampiric special rule. When applicable, the ranges of Inspiring Presence and Hold Your Ground of Von Karnstein Vampires are increased by 6". The Vampire may only generate spells from Occultism or Evocation.

    Blood Ties: Dark Coach
    Blood Powers: Hour of the Wolf (60 pts), Refined Taste (50 pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Storm Caller (120pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Crimson Rage (130pts) (Exclusive for Brotherhood of the Dragon Bloodline​)
    Every unsaved wound caused by the Vampire with normal attacks (before applying Multiple Wounds) generates another attack at the same Initiative step. Resolve these attacks before removing any casualties. These do not generate further attacks.
    Brotherhood of the Dragon Bloodline (40pts)
    The Vampire gains +2 Weapon Skill and Plate Armour. The Vampire cannot refuse Challenges and must issue one whenever possible, unless another model does so first. The Vampire may only generate spells from Occultism and cannot have more than two Learned Spell.

    Blood Ties: Vampire Knights
    Blood Powers: Eternal Duelist (50pts), Perfect Warrior (60pts)
    Ancient Blood Power: Crimson Rage (65 pts)
    Model parts with this special rule have the Special Shooting Attack and Special Close Combat Attack detailed below.

    - As a Special Shooting Attack (normally in the Shooting Phase): Choose a target using the normal rules for Shooting Attacks. The attack hits automatically and has the following profile: Range 8", Strength 4, Multiple Shots (D6+2), Magical Attacks. This attack can be used even if the model Marched previously this Player Turn.

    - As a Special Close Combat Attack (normally in the Close Combat Phase): If used, the attack is made at the model part's Initiative and replaces the model part’s non-Special Attacks. Choose a single unit in base contact as the target. The target unit suffers D3+1 Strength 4 Hits with Magical Attacks.