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    Universal Rule for Vermin Swarm

    The model is allowed to use Shooting Attacks and The Awakened Swarm (Hereditary Spell) against enemy units that
    are Engaged in Combat with friendly units, as long as all friendly units Engaged in the Combat are of Standard Height.
    All units Engaged in this Combat are ignored for Cover purposes (but not for drawing Line of Sight). When a model
    with this rule targets an enemy unit Engaged in Combat with a Shooting Attack or with The Awakened Swarm, roll to
    hit as normal against the intended target. Each hit must then be randomised to see which unit is hit. Roll a D6 for
    each hit:
    • On 3+, the intended target is hit.
    • Otherwise a friendly unit Engaged in that Combat is hit. If there are several friendly units involved in the
    combat, randomise which one is hit.
    [b]Grail Oath[/b]
    Oath for the Kingdom of Equitaine
    0–1 Characters with Grail Oath per Army.

    • Universal Rule. The model gains Fearless.
    • Personal Protection. The model gains Aegis (5+). Characters with Grail Oath gain +1 Defensive Skill.
    • Attack Attribute – Close Combat. The model part gains Magical Attacks. Characters with Grail Oath gain +1 Offensive Skill.
    [b]The Blessing[/b]
    Personal Protection for the Kingdom of Equitaine

    The model gains Aegis (6+). Before rolling for the first turn (at the beginning of step 7 of the Deployment Phase
    Sequence), decide if the Kingdom of Equitaine army Prays or not. If it does, friendly models with The Blessing gain an
    additional Aegis (5+, against Strength 5 or more), and the army cannot gain any bonus to the Roll for First Turn.
    [b]The Forest Follows[/b]
    Army Specific rule for Sylvan Elves

    Right after determining who deploys first (after step 1 of the Deployment Phase Sequence), you must place a single Forest Terrain Feature:• Entirely within your half of the Battlefield
    • Not in contact with any other Terrain Feature except Open Terrain
    •More than 6′′away from the centre of the board when playing Hold the Ground, and more than 6′′away from any marker used for the Secondary Objective.
    If both players are fielding Sylvan Elves, the player that selected their Deployment Zone places their Forest first. This Terrain Feature may not be larger than 27 cm in length and 19 cm in width. All Forests on the Battlefield are considered Dangerous Terrain (1) for all units except those with Strider or Strider (Forest).
    Universal Rule for Beast Herds

    The unit may gain one of two different sets of effects depending on whether it shows up [lexicon]Sober[/lexicon] or [lexicon]Drunk[/lexicon] on the
    Battlefield. At step 8 of the Pre-Game Sequence (after Spell Selection), the player must choose whether a Drunkard
    unit is Sober or Drunk. Drunk Characters cannot join units containing any Sober models and vice versa (models
    without Drunkard are considered neither Drunk nor Sober).
    Army Specific option for Beast Herds

    Totems are upgrades that certain Beast Herds Characters and Champions may take. Each Totem contains one or
    more Totem Bound Spells with Power Level (4/8) and Duration: One Turn.

    List of Totems: [lexicon]Black Wing Totem[/lexicon], [lexicon]Blooded Horn Totem[/lexicon], [lexicon]Clouded Eye Totem[/lexicon], [lexicon]Gnarled Hide Totem[/lexicon]

    An army cannot attempt to cast the same Totem Bound Spells more than twice during the same Magic Phase,
    regardless of which model attempts to cast it. Only one Totem Bound Spell can affect a unit at a time (the one most
    recently successfully cast).

    Champions and Characters bear different kinds of Totems: [lexicon]Totem Bearers[/lexicon] and [lexicon]Greater Totem Bearers[/lexicon]
    [b]Primal Instinct[/b] – Close Combat
    Attack Attribute for Beast Herds

    At the start of each Round of Combat, each unit with one or more model parts with this Attack Attribute must take a
    Discipline Test. If the test is passed, all model parts with Primal Instinct in the unit must reroll failed to-hit rolls
    during this Round of Combat.