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  • Hello

    Welcome to another round of Battle Reports from the latest tournament I attended, the excellent Siege of Strivelyn III. This was a 3 man team event and I was taking my KoE list that I discussed previously here. My fellow team mates were running an all cavalry Warriors list and a Saurian list with a big block of Caimans.
    The tournament had different custom scenarios for each round which certainly made the tournie much more interesting compared to your bog standard tournie and meant that you had think about how some of these objectives were going to be tackled. So the first scenario for Game 1 was “Storm the Bridges”, it is like Secure Target, where there are two objectives that have to be secured, but they are 2 bridges that are on the centre line. There is also a river running across the middle of board which counts as Dangerous Terrain 2 for Standard Infantry and Beasts, everything else is Dangerous Terrain 1 and Gigantic ignores all Dangerous Terrain for the river. Any unit beginning its movement phase in the river takes Dangerous Terrain and you cannot march into or out of the river.
    The draw had already been done for the first round and once we arrived on Saturday morning and did our pairings I was drawn against a Dwarven Holds list and an unusual one at that:
    Engineer, General, Wyrm-Slayer Rocket, Shield 155
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Shielding 240
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Mining 230
    Thane, Pistol, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship 210
    Thane, Shield, Rune of Kinship, 2x Rune of Lightning, Rune of Returning 225
    Thane, Guild Crafted Handgun, Shield, Rune of Denial 230
    10 Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handgun, Shield 250
    11 Clan Marksmen, Shield 23010 Clan Marksmen, Shield 210
    3x 10 Greybeard, Shield, Throwing Weapons 245
    10 Miners, Great Weapons 205
    10 Rangers, Crossbow, Shields 225
    10 Rangers, Crag Warden, Throwing Weapons, Shields 215
    Attack Copter 180
    Steam Bomber 215
    Cannon 250
    2x Flame Cannon 145
    2x Dwarf Ballista 100
    So a load of small units and a load of characters to contend with plus 5 war machines! Quite a scary list and I was a little bit stuck about how to approach this match. The biggest threat in the list to me is the Flame Cannons, they could absolutely murder my Peasant Levy and put a dent in the Knights Forlorn. There’s so much shooting to contend with as well and with so many small units I may struggle to get into combat due to fleeing my charges and just shooting me with the other units. I’ve got no real good targets for my Trebuchets but I’ll probably try and take out the copters, artillery and the handgunners if I can.
    The Pegasus Knights will be useful in this battle as they can just fly over the rived and put pressure on the Dwarves right from the beginning. I’m going to run the Knights through the river and try and pressure one flank. I’m going to put the Peasants on one of the bridges and the Knights Forlorn to capture the other.
    For my Shamanism spells I picked Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Chilling Howl, Totemic Summon. This is probably the first time I haven’t taken Break the Spirit, due to the small shooting units of the dwarves I just didn’t think it would really be of any use, especially when the other spells are so much more useful.
    The deployment for this game is Frontline Clash and we alternate deployment for a while before I eventually drop everything to go first, my opponent had so many drops that I had no chance of out deploying him really so it was probably the right thing to do. I also did not pray as I wanted to guarantee first turn to limit the shooting of the dwarves, I didn’t want them taking out the trebuchets early on.

    I positioned the Knights Forlorn on the left flank to cover that bridge and the Peasants on the right to get the right hand bridge. I sat both my Peasant bows and crossbows in the centre to cover their advance. Trebuchets were each in sepearte corners of my deployment so the Miners couldn’t get both. The Pegasus Knights were on the left flank and the Grail Knights and Knights of the Realm were on the right flank. I’m going to push the Knights across the right hand side of the river and the Pegs are going to fly over the left side, with their vanguard I should be able to get behind the dwarf lines in turn 1. The damsel is in the Knights Forlorn along with my BSB, as there are no Fear causers she won’t limit the Knights charge and it is the safest place for her.
    The Dwarves deploy across the whole of their deployment, I would talk about it but there are just so many units. The Engineer is in the Clan Marksmen 1 unit and the Handgunner Thane is in the Clan Marksmen 2 unit. The Lightning Rune Thane and one of the Breath Weapon Thanes are in the Rangers 2 unit on the left and the other 2 Thanes are in the Rangers 1 unit on the right. The Grey Beard unit 3 are in the ruins but in the pictures it may look like they aren’t,… [Read More]
  • Hello again ninth agers, thanks for joining me in what I’m sure will be a fun and informative battle report and in what will no way be an absolutely embarrassing performance from myself. So I start Day 2 way down on the bottom tables after a big loss in Game 3. SO for Game 2 I was drawn against another Dwarven Holds army, I have already beaten one of them, can I beat another? My opponents list:

    King (General) 2x Rune of Iron, Great Weapon, Ancestral Memory, Rune of the Forge = 365

    Anvil of power = 185

    Thane, BSB, shield, 2x Rune of Iron, 3x Rune of Lightning = 330

    29 Clan Warriors, Full Command with spear and Shield = 514

    40 Clan Warriors, Full Command , Shields = 650

    26 King’s guard, Full Command, Runic Standard of Wisdom = 723

    6 Hold Guardians, Full Command = 646

    Grudge Buster = 350

    2 Attack copter = 305

    1 Attack copter = 175

    Flame Cannon = 150

    Dwarf Ballista = 105 (Wish the Scorpion was this price!)

    Total = 4498

    My List can be found in my Game 1 Battle Report, here.

    So this army is very different from the one I though in Game 2, very light on shooting and several big blocks of Dwarves. The addition of the Clan Warriors was a nice surprise, I think this is the first time I’ve fought Clan Warrior blocks rather than Greybeards or little scoring units of 10 Clan Warriors. The unit with Spears scare me a bit as I’ve not actually come across spears in v 2.0 of the game, I know they aren’t as bad as they used to be but they were horrific to cavalry in v 1.3. The King’s Guard could do some very nasty things to me indeed and although the King isn’t a tough to kill as some Dwarven Kings out there I just don’t think I have anything that could kill him. My Duke possibly could but if he messes up his one chance to kill him then he’s dead. The Copters are an annoyance for me , they’re almost too good to be called chaff as with Resilience 5 they can take a lot of punishment to bring down, I know that they will inevitably cause me some pain, hopefully I can shoot them off with Crossbows but it’s a big ask for them. Going in my basic plan is to avoid all the blocks and try and mop up the copters and war machines.

    The TO rolls for Deployment and secondary objective and we get refused flank (diagonal) for the deployment type and the worst possible secondary objective for me, Capture the Flags. With 3 big blocks of Dwarves I have little to no chance of capturing any standards, unless I can get some nice flank charges and break steadfast but I’m sure the Dwarves won’t make that easy for me. I plan on just getting the Hold Guardians, leaving the rest and hope my units are still alive at the end.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1


    KoE 2

    DH 3

    KoE 3

    DH 4

    KoE 4

    DH 5

    KoE 5

    That could have gone better for me but I have nothing to blame except myself for that unmitigated disaster. I deployed badly and turning the Knights of the Realm around to give my opponent a rear charge with the Grudge Buster was a huge mistake compounded by further mistakes of letting myself get cornered with the Knights Aspirant meaning they had to charge. I should have deployed my Knights of the Realm where the Knights Aspirant were and put the Aspirants on the left flank and back far enough so that the Steam Copters couldn’t get behind me like they did. I really seems to struggle fighting against flyers and I just don’t know how to handle them, the Steam Copters are a particular tough nut to crack as well as they can take a lot of punishment with Resilience 5 and a 4+ Armour Save. I may have to consider taking the Storm Clarion to help combat those flying menaces.

    I thought going into turn 2 I was still in a good position though, the Questing Knights were going to flank the Clan Warriors next turn and net me some big points. The Pegasus Knights were going to murder the Hold Guardians and then we avoid the rest of the army, didn’t quite work out that way though. I still think the Pegasus Knights and my Duke should have done more damage to the Hold Guardians, at least enough to stop them being steadfast, that was the only bit I felt I was unlucky at. I completely didn’t even think about the Grudge Buster overrunning into the Pegasus Knights but I don’t think that mattered all that much. The Pegasus Knights were never going to win combat against the Hold Guardians after the charge, they just aren’t strong enough. Having everything be steadfast against the Pegasus Knights is a real problem for them, they great in a support roll but they cannot go toe to toe with units that they can’t break on the charge, I mean any unit too, even a big block of lowly infantry will eventually grind them out. As for my Duke, the less said the better. I think for Game 5 my basic plan for him is just to keep him out of harm’s way and hope he survives.

    So that concludes Game 4, hope you enjoyed. One final game to write up for this tournament and then I’m done for this one. See you next week. [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome back, now we move onto game 2 of Breakthrough and this game I was drawn against Dwarven Holds, often not a great match up for the Kingdom of Equitaine as Dwarves rarely run away and if we can’t break units on the charge then we just sit there waiting to get flank charged. My opponent list:
    King - Army General, Shield, Rune of Destruction, 2 x Rune of Might, 2 x Rune of Iron, Rune of Shielding = 480
    Runic Smith - Shield, 3 x Battle Runes = 235
    Thane - Great Weapon, Rune of Dragons Breath = 185
    Anvil of Power =185
    12 x Clan MarksmenShields = 262
    10 x Clan Marksmen - Shields = 220
    26 x Greybeards - Shields, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 657
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Seekers - Champion, Vanguard = 505
    Vengeance Seeker = 130
    Cannon = 255
    Cannon = 255
    Flame Cannon = 150
    Total = 4497

    So not your typical Dwarven Holds list, a lot of shooting which would normally worry me but at least they’re crossbows and not handguns. I’m going to have to close the Dwarves down quickly and hopefully smash through the small units as fast possible. The Pegasus Knights should be very useful in this game with their -1 to hit thanks to skirmish and the Banner of Roland meaning the opponent can’t stand and shoot against them when they charge as well as the extra Aegis Save. The lack of a rank may be problematic for them but I’m hoping they hit hard enough for it to not matter.
    The Seekers could cause me all kinds of problems with them being unbreakable, I am going to have to wipe them out to a stunty because they’re not going anywhere and with vanguard they are going to be breathing down my neck in no time. Hopefully my shooting and magic can whittle them down enough for me to finish them off with a Knight Block.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    DH 2

    KoE 2


    KoE 3

    DH 4

    KoE 4

    DH 5

    KoE 5

    DH 6

    KoE 6

    The game ends there and the objective is drawn so it’s just down to points scored. I manage to kill 2199 points of the Dwarven holds and lost 1436 points giving me a 12 – 8 victory, yay!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that battle and not just because I got a win. It was a very swingy battle and after the shooting of the Dwarves in turn 2 I thought I was out of it, that was a lot of knights they murdered in one round of shooting! The stars of the show were the Knights Aspirant, well those last 2 Knights Aspirant in particular, how they managed to survive that long is beyond me, I guess there survival made up for my shocking armour rolls beforehand.
    One thing I kept forgetting about for the whole game was The Oriflamme, I only ever remembered when it came to taking break tests, I always forgot to make my opponent take fear tests at the start of each round of combat. It could have made a big difference but it probably wouldn’t have as those Dwarves never failed a single discipline check all game, sturdy gits!
    I was extremely disappointed in the Pegasus Knights at the very end, how on earth could they not kill more than 4 Rangers! They had the 4 Duke attacks, 6 Knight attacks, 6 Peg attacks, 4 stomps and the Totemic Beast as well. After their poor showing in Game 1 I’m going right off the Pegasus Knights, I find people are more scared of them than they should be so I’ll just let them keep that feeling whilst I fly about and try not to die.
    One thing i could have done better was deploying the Crossbows on the flank rather than the centre so that the Dwarves had to work for those points if they wanted them, by putting them right in the centre it just made them an easy target for them. Also i should have been shooting those Seekers with my Brigands for the whole game, probably could have finished off those last 3 guys.
    Still can’t get over how quickly those Dwarves crossed the battlefield, if for a second I thought about how quick they can move I would have deployed very differently and spread my big units out a bit more so there’s no way they could have cornered me like they did with the Knights of the Realm. Anyway, a win is a win so I can’t complain too much.
    Game 3 coming next week.

    [Read More]
  • Hello folks!

    I'm just back from the Zagreb ETC 2018, where I participated with DH as part of the Belgian team. The event can only be described as a great wargaming and social experience!
    With very few pictures taken (broken phone cam) and time constraints, full battle reports may take a while to get posted, if ever. So here's a recap of my six games of the ETC, and how the team did.

    Game 1 - Switzerland (EoS)

    The Swiss have made a habit of beating us in tournaments, they have a very good set of players and a coach with deep understanding of the game. Their lists were well constructed and had few weaknesses. I had estimated that playing against the Empire would allow me to score a good chunk of points (15+) since it had practically no threats for my king: Cosmology master, 18" Ld bubble/BSB combo, 4x10 Militia, 2x Sun Griffon Knights, Steam Tank, Cannon, 3x small swordsmen and a Knight Commander on a Young griffon with S7 ap3 and 1+ rerollable save.

    The scenario was Secure Target and I managed to keep both objectives close to each other: The game was focused on one side of the board, with my Seekers vanguarding towards the steam tank and a unit of Griffon Knights, the two units of crossbowmen facing the smaller, halberd-totting, Griffon knights and my Hold Guardians and Warriors between the two and in proximity for supporting either side.

    Highlights of the game:
    - the EoS took first turn and the starting volley and magic dropped an impressive 8 seekers. The seekers then succeeded a 10+ charge into the tank, but despite hatred and S7 ap4 only managed to do one wound to it. They'd subsequently get ground down without putting as much as a dent into the hated contraption.
    - The king's unit had to mow through four units of militia chaff, masterfully positioned for double flee shenanigans. By turn 3 I got the big break as one of the flee moves fell short and allowed me to go behind lines and then charge into a protracted Tank-Seeker-Sun Griffon combat. It ended with the KotSG fleeing off the table, the last seekers dying and the king then pursuing into the steam tank. This fight would go on for a while, at first because some swordsmen charged into my flank and denied my king his make way move, then because it took 4 rounds of combat to bring the steam tank to one wound. In the end, I didn't even manage to kill it!
    - The Knight Commander relocated towards my shooting units and then got stuck in a protracted combat against my rangers. He beat them with the help of the second KoTSG and sent them fleeing.
    - With so many combats/magic/shooting going on we were runing late, so we agreed not to play a rushed sixth turn: on turn 5 a couple of things happened that really cost me. The Marshall and some swordsmen charged into my Marksmen, and proceeded to kill 8 dwarfs despite -1 to hit on the unit. I fluffed in return, and failed my LD test, getting run down. This gave my opponent one of the secure target markers. The other one was snatched from right under my nose by a unit of 5 fleeing swordsmen: they rallied with the Coldblooded Order, allowing them to march normally: boosted by a second order (+4" march) they ended up exactly within 6" of the second counter.
    Add to that the fact that the king couldn't finish the steam tank to reform and charge them off the objective, and the game saw a 7+ point swing!

    In the end, DH lost 6-14 in a very good, strategic game.
    Our team didn't fare better (they had less favorable matchups than mine) and we lost the round 64-96.

    Game 2 - Latvia (KoE)

    The scenario here was Hold the Centre and the deployment was Refused Flank. My opponent had brought an MSU-ish KoE force spearheaded by a big Pegasus knight unit accompanied by a killer Duke (virtue of Renown, Blessed inscriptions for 4 s6 attacks rerolling to wound, with lethal strikes dealing D3w), a Divination master Inside a 10-strong questing knight unit, the Green Knight and two trébuchets.

    It became apparent in deployment that my adversary was planning on softening my units up for a turn 6 charge, since he deployed very deep and abandoned the central objective. I managed to vanguard my seekers out of sight of the trébuchets, then used them to control the approach of the lances and the landing zones for the Pegasus knights. The combined efforts of crossbows and flame cannons managed to make 3 units of Aspirants or Realm knights flee off the board, giving me the edge point-Wise. Not needing more points since the team was winning, and with the opponent reluctant to commit, we ended the game on a 15-5 win for the Dwarves.

    The team managed very good results overall, getting a maximum tournament point score of 100-60.

    Game 3 - Belarus (VC)

    On the second day of the tournament, we got paired against Belarus! The team included several ETC vétérans from Russia and France. As luck would have it, I got to play @benj and his Vampire Covenant army. Benji was part of last year's France ETC team and is well known in tournament circles… [Read More]
  • Time passes fast, and with it memory of games played 4 months ago fades. With hobby time currently at a minimum, I decided to give you *something* instead of making you wait for complete reports that may never see the light of day.

    So what will follow is a short picture-report of the last three games of the Luxembourg Bash Masters.
    Disclaimer: this game's photos are remarkably bad due to bad lighting, and remarkably few due to rushing to play the last few turns of the game. So apologies for that!

    For game 3 we faced Team Switzerland and I got to play Victor Rossier and his Vampire Counts. Victor is the captain of the team, and usually plays Sylvan Elves. But due to the unexpected absence of the Swiss Vamp player he had to assume his role and play the undead:

    Going into the game, I felt confident since there was no killer vampire to speak of, meaning that my king would be able to grind whatever he came across, as long as it wasn’t a unit of 60 zombies. We got Spoils of War as our scenario and the deployment was Encircle. I got the big center, and the vampires got to play first. My opponent went for a balanced deployment with a unit of Vampire Knights and a Dark Coach on each flank, with the centre occupied by the main blocks.

    I decided to play for the two rightmost scenario points, and deployed accordingly: I used the Seekers to keep my enemy’s right flank occupied, placed both my flame cannons to threaten the advance of the main units towards the objectives and placed the Hold Guardians and King in the middle, with the two shooting units on the right flank.

    TURN 1

    The menace of the Flame Cannons and the seekers kept the vampires at bay: the flanking forces repositioned slightly, and only the Ghasts moved up more aggressively towards the center. Magic was aimed at my seekers, and a magic missile managed to drop 5 of them in one go.

    On the right flank, the Vampire Knights were in a position where they could charge the Marksmen and potentially break through my lines. So I used the Relentless banner to push my king’s unit right into their path,essentially making them a 2000-point redirector! (this trend would continue). So that left only the Dark Coach to threaten my shooters. The units angledthemselves in such a way such as to support each other, and on the left the Hold Guardians moved up a bit to threaten the Ghasts. My shooting was ineffectiveagainst the Dark Coach to the right, and it would continue to be on the following turns.

    TURN 2

    The Vampires shied from any charges, and started pulling off some Elven tricks: the vampire knights to the right had barely enough move to perform a swift reform and move past my king’s arc of sight! The Coaches both repositioned along the flanks. The Bats flew right in front of my Hold Guardians’ path, which allowed the Ghasts to push up more aggressively. This turn the magic was focused on summoning zombies, and both units were bolstered to around 50-strong.

    I spotted a mistake in my opponent’s plan: by pushing the ghasts forward, he had taken them to within 12” of the Flame Cannon. So the Hold Guardians charged in, and the cannons prepared to whittle down the vampiric creatures. The Seekers continued the cat and mouse dance with the Vampire Knights and the Coach: I kept them at a distance where a combo charge was risky business, meaning that no vampire scoring unit would come close to the objective. The king’s unit once more repositioned, getting again right into the path of the Vampire Knights. In shooting disaster struck: the s5 Flame Cannon misfired, and the s4 counterpart only dealt a single wound, meaning that the Ghasts would get in combat intact. The Hold Guardians killed the bats and, augmented by Rune of Gleaming, prepared for the Ghasts.

    TURN 3

    The Ghasts charged into the Hold Guardians and the Coach charged into the Rangers. The big unit of zombies redirected my king’s unit, while the Vampire knights moved to threaten the Warriors’ flank. Magic saw the Ghasts get bonus AP and rerolls to wound from the Alchemy/Glory of Gold combo, and some pretty good rolls from my opponent meant that three dwarven constructs were killed. They killed a single Ghast in return, and a lucky break test meant that they held their ground. This was actually bad news for me, since this denied me the opportunity to flame the undead with 2 S5 D3w flame cannon shots, while postponing the inevitable for the Hold Guardians. The Dark Coach killed some Rangers and got two wounds in return. The rangers failed their steadfast Ld 10… [Read More]
  • Hello all

    Sorry I’ve been silent for a while and not done any blog posts or bat reps for a couple of months. Last month I went on my Stag Do (Bachelor Party for our American friends) to Amsterdam and whilst there I slipped on some mud and managed to break my ankle! To make matters worse I waited two days before going to hospital because never in a million years did I think I had broken my ankle, I mean I slipped on some mud, how could that break a bone? So I’ve been in out an out of hospital and had to keep off the foot for a while. Sadly this meant missing TEC 18 this month and pretty much missing out on any hobby, except painting, I am getting lots of painting done at least.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to write up a Bat Rep of practice game I did back in March. My Kingdom of Equitaine vs Dwarven Holds.

    My List:

    Duke Mounted on a Pegasus: Faith of Percival, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Shield

    Duke Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: General, Questing Oath, Basalt Infusion, Virtue of Renown, Shield
    Paladin Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Battle Standard Bearer, Crusaders Salvation, Virtue of Daring, Lance, Shield

    Damsel Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Wizard Master, Divination (Breath of the Lady, Know Thy Enemy, Scrying and Unerring Strike), Lightning Vambraces

    13 Knights of the Realm, Full Command, Banner of Roland

    6 Knights of the Realm, Musician

    6 Knights of the Realm

    11 Knights of the Quest, Full Command

    2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Light Armour, Shield

    5 Pegasus Knights, Skirmish, Full Command, Flaming Standard

    Basically running a triple threat with three big blocks hoping that they will carry the day , do lots of killing and stay alive long enough to deny my opponent any points. Playing against Dwarves though this may be difficult, they don’t die easily and they can easily hold a charge against one unit of Knights so I’m going to need some multiple charges. The little units of Knights of the Realm are there to be a pain to my enemy and redirectors if necessary, the Yeoman are there to die.

    My Opponents List:

    King, Shield, Crossbow, Shield Bearers, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of Might

    Thane, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Crossbow, 2x Rune of Iron

    Runic Smith, Shield, 3 Battle Runes (Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Oaths, Rune of Resilience)

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    24 Greybeards, Banner

    20 Deep Watch, Banner, Runic Standard of Wisdom

    6 Hold Guardians

    Grudge Buster

    Grudge Buster

    2 Attack Copter

    2 Attack Copter

    So my Opponent has two blocks of Dwarven infantry that I probably won’t be able to take down without a triple charge and at least 15 rounds of combat. So I’m probably best off leaving them well alone and trying to pick off everything else, especially the Grudge Busters.

    The Deployment type was Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Capture the Flags, a difficult objective for me as the small units of Knights of the Realm will easily be killed and I’m going to struggle to kill more than 2 of my opponents scoring units, my best hope is to wipe out the Crossbows and possibly the Greybeards if I can catch them with a multiple charge.


    Dwarven Holds 1

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    Dwarven Holds 2

    Kingdom of Equitaine 2

    Dwarven Holds 3

    Kingdom of Equitaine 3

    Dwarven Holds 4

    Kingdom of Equitaine 4

    Dwarven Holds 5

    Kingdom of Equitaine 5

    Dwarven Holds 6

    Kingdom of Equitaine 6

    Now that my Ninth Age career is on hold as I can’t get to play any games at the moment and have no tournies planned until the summer (getting married in June so nothing until after that) I’m probably not going to have any more bat reps for a while. I’m going to try and set up a big game but it depends how my ankle holds out. Keep your eyes peeled anyway, I’ll have something up next month. [Read More]
  • After the success in round 1, we moved up the tables to find our next opponents: the Old WiseMen (Vieux Sages), comprised of french tournament veterans. As luck would have it, I’d get to fight another very experienced player, @humblr , who was part of the very successful 2016 ETC team France.

    He had brought a Daemon Legion list that frankly nobody wanted to face:

    humblr wrote:

    Scourge of Wrath, Eternal Fury, Eternal Sword, Shackles of Reality, Elixir of Souls
    Harbinger of Pestilence on Blight Fly, BSB, Apprentice (Evocation), Bloated Putrefaction,Halberd, Nauseating Aura

    11 Slaughterers, Onslaught
    10 Slaughterers, Onslaught
    2 x 10Horrors, Champion

    5 BlightFlies, Standard, Champion, Flaming Standard
    3 CrusherCavalry
    5 Furies ofWrath
    2 Plaguelings


    So basically a list revolving around a Blight Fly unit and the Scourge of Wrath.The latter is really bad news if you haven’t got cannons, and I was worried that he could take on the Warrior block and come out on top. Our scenario would be King of the Hill, which was a small consolation; I would have hated to play breakthrough against this.
    Going into the game, my objective was to try and deal with the scourge by throwing my Seekers at it, and I knew that the Rune of Storms would be very important for that. The Blight flies also worried me, and I made a note of trying to achieve two things: prevent the flies from outflanking and try to isolate them from the Scourge.

    The deployment type was Encircle, and my adversary picked the defender role,getting a big central deployment zone. I elected to protect the forest that was right in the middle ofthe board, while the Daemons had to protect the hill to my right. The way this was playing out,I thought I could try and win the objective with my vanguarding units and scouts: I started by placing warmachines, placing both cannons in range of the forest that the daemons were supposed to desecrate. One of the flame cannons was placed at the 15” mark of the left flank, which prompted my opponent to drop his entire force to get that charge off.

    We ended with the Scourge of Wrath and furies ready to charge the flame cannon, with Seekers waiting right across them, the Flies and BSB in the center squaring off against the King and Hold Guardians, and two small scoring contingents on each daemonic flank. I responded by weighing my right flank with the Marksmen and Rangers, confident that the two fighter/shooting hybrid units could easily take on anything the daemons had to throw at them on that side of the board, and score the objective.

    For spells,the Evocation Harbinger took Spectral Blades, and I picked twice the runes of Resilience, Gleaming and Oaths. The Hold Guardians took yet again +1S/+1AP, andI nominated the Scourge, Flies and Crushers as the targets for my Ancestral Grudges.

    TURN 1 – DaemonicLegion

    The Scourge drank his potion of souls, and combo-charged the Flame Cannon with the Furies. Both units made it in, unfortunately: had only the scourge succeeded, theSeekers would have had a very nice countercharge into the greater daemon. Withthe scourge threatening the left flank, the Flies relocated towards the right flank to prevent my rangers and marksmen from overrunning it. The scorers advanced slowly towards the central forest.
    In the magic phase, a Hand of Heaven killed four marksmen, but I managed to stop the same spell cast on the seekers. Shooting was ineffective.
    The Scourge predictably made short work of the Flame Cannon, and elected to pivot to threaten both the Seekers and the Hold Guardians. Since the furies also made it in, they were able to overrun right into the seekers, preventing them from countercharging.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The first Daemon turn had put me in a defensive position: I couldn’t advance aggressively with the King’s block as long as the Flies were threatening to outflank me and the Scourge could easily countercharge. So I advanced cautiously with them,making sure that the Flies hiding behind the impassable terrain had no space to land out of sight. The Hold Guardians angled themselves to threaten the Scourge if he charged the Seekers, and the marksmen/rangers stay put for fear of getting charged by the flies.
    Magic saw me put -1 to wound on the Seekers, to help in a potential fight against the scourge. In the shooting phase, the Flame Cannon, Marksmen and Rangers opened fire at the Blight Flies and managed to kill one of the daemonic elite.
    The seekers swiftly dealt with the charging furies and angled themselves to try and trap the Scourge while also supporting the Hold Guardians.

    TURN 2 –Daemonic legions

    At the start of the DL turn, the king used his Rune of Storms to ground the Scourge:my opponent debated whether to charge, and in the end passed his march test and settled for a small fly move to the left of the seekers and out of LoS (it wasa very… [Read More]
  • LBM was using trying to imitate this year’s rules for the ETC when it came to secondary objectives. In short, in each round every participant would get to play the same secondary objective, which was predefined in the rulespack. For round 1 the objective was to be Hold The Ground.

    I got to play Frederick’s Beasts, a list similar to what he’d brought last year to the ETC with team Australia:

    So overall a very fast list with decent shooting potential, Ld-lowering spells and abilities, several auto-hitting abilities (breath weapons/impac thits) and five Stomp (D6) monsters to cap it all off. One might say that not bringing cannons was a mistake, but on the contrary I wouldn’t know what to target first in such a list. One thing became obvious, though: the Seekers had to get stuck in ASAP, as they wouldn’t be able to withstand a couple of turns of pounding from 3 catapults.

    We rolled the Counterthrust deployment, and my opponent won the roll for picking sides: he kindly gave me the side with a considerable impassable terrain breaking up my deployment. Since the objective was to hold the center, I went for a central deployment with the warriors right opposite the central hill and in position to threaten the bulk of the Beast Herds army. The Hold Guardians supported the king’s unit, while the Handgunners went wide to the left, where a Jabberwock was already deployed. When I saw the Wildhorn herd deploy right on the 20” mark I grabbed the opportunity and dropped everything to get that first flame cannon volley off.

    In the end, the BH performed a semi-circle deployment around the King’s unit, with the two chariots zoning my Seekers and one Jabberwock on each flank. The Rangers had to deploy on the far left, to make sure that the Jabberwock wouldn’t be able to fly past them and go for the warmachines on turn 1.

    For spells, I picked double rune of Resilience, Revocation and Gleaming. The Soothsayer picked Spectral Blades, Hasten the Hour, Whispers of the Veil and Touch of the Reaper, while the Beast Chieftain got Know thy Enemy from Divination. With so many monsters in the opposing army, the Hold Guardians picked +1S/+1AP and the king nominated the three cyclops for the Grudges. The Beast Chieftain used the Seed of the Dark forest to summon a forest right next to the hill and exactly where I had planned to push my Warriors on turn 1.

    The Beast general invoked a Dark Rain, and battle was joined!

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    With the shooting weapons almost useless, I decided that my marksmen would be of more use if they actively hunted the Jabberwock instead! They vanguarded up, then moved within march-blocking range of the left Jabber. The King and Co. scaled the hill, using their Banner of Relentless company: the faster they got stuck in, the less risk I was running of losing characters to Evocation Snipes and/or failing a terror-bomb Ld test. Additionally, with the newly-conjured forest where it was, I knew that reinforcements and redirectors were coming, and had to make sure I cleared the forest on time. So I made sure that all Cyclops and both Chariots were in my front arc, and that the Jabberwocks were too far away to charge my flanks. On the right side, the Seekers moved up to threaten the advance of the Wildhorn Herd.

    In magic I managed to push through the rune of Gleaming on the Warriors, as well as the Rune of Resilience on the Seekers. The Flame cannons both opened fire at the Wildhorn herd, killing 10 Wildhorns in one go!

    TURN 1 – Beast Herds

    My king used the Rune of Storms on the rightmost Jabberwock, rendering it incapable of flanking the warrior block or affecting it with its aura. My adversary took a look around, and saw that the rest of the games were very dicey. So after a lot of thought, he took the Warrior bait: all 3 cyclops and the two chariots went into the block. With one cyclops failing, the warriors braced for impact.

    The left Jabberwock charge the marksmen, who took a wound off with their stand and shoot. The right Jabberwock spied the corner of the seekers and flanked them to pin them down. The mongrel herd lacked the necessary movement to redirect my Hold Guardians, thankfully. A couple of Briar Beasts appeared inthe edge of the forest, ready to silence my cannons. Finally, the Wildhorn herd moved up towards the seekers.

    In magic, I put all of my dispel… [Read More]
  • Greetings, one and all!

    This is the tale of my Dwarven Holds’ adventures during one of the biggest team tournaments of 2018, the Luxembourg Bash Masters. For those who have never heard of it, this was the second edition of a team tournament in (surprise) Luxembourg: 18 teams of 5 players each had signed up, including international players from France, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and, of course, Belgium.

    In the context of our preparation for the ETC, our captain had suggested that Belgium participate “en force” in the LBM, and so we sent two teams. He then proceeded to abandon us due to RL commitments, meaning that we couldn’t bring the Lille lineup (see previous series of Battle Reports).

    So instead, we went for the following players/armies.

    @PrinceCharming with his Saurian Ancients ( @Blonde Beer keeps insisting that we’re forcing him to play this, but in reality he has such a beautiful army that he cannot stop himself from going Coldblooded).
    @Arthur with his Highborn Elves. Ancient Dragon + FlameWarden/MoCT block
    @IHDarklord with whatever was his latest attempt to break the UD book. See his thread right here, always worth reading! IHDarklord's 2.0 experiences
    Merlijn, our trusted driver and Sylvan Elf player with the manliest SE list in the entire tournament. (fun fact: during our pairings I’d keep forgetting that he was playing such an aggressive list, and I’d suggest that he take on X or Y by shooting at it. He repeatedly looked at me, puzzled, and pointed out that his only shooting was the Treefathers…)

    And, finally, yours truly with Dwarven Holds: after the latest hotfix, I was obliged to change the list due to the Forge Warden incident. So after a lot of thought, I decided to try and address a couple of small issues that I’d noticed in the Lille and Benelux tournaments as well.

    Here is what I came up with:

    SmithF wrote:

    Dwarf King on Warthrone, General, Holdstone, Shield, Rune of Might x2,Rune of Destruction, Rune of Storms
    Thane BSB, shield
    Runic Smith, Shield, 3 Battle Runes
    Anvil of Power

    20 Clan Marksmen, Great Weapons, Handguns, Musician, Standard, Runic Banner of Swiftness
    35 Clan Warriors, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company

    6 Hold Guardians, Musician
    18 Rangers, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Musician
    24 Seekers, Vanguard, Musician, Champion

    2x 1 Rune Crafted Flame Cannon

    The idea behind all of my DH lists so far has been to have the ranged support units double as close combat support units. Which is why Forge Wardenswere so nice, with their 4+ save and S4 attacks. Trying to replace them, I opted for a unit of 20 Marksmen with Great Weapons, Vanguard and Handguns. I called them “poor man’s Forge Wardens”, but I figured that their extra Strength and extra range in shooting may come in handy. With my core points already covered, I upgraded the Crossbowmen unit to Rangers with Great Weapons, giving me a Scouting unit to either grab an objective or reinforce a flank after deployment was done.

    Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting either unit to have a great impact onthe game with their shooting: but having 38 long ranged shots means that you can try to play the ranged game as well, especially against avoidance lists.

    The final change was the addition of the Rune of the Storms on my King. It simply adds so many tactical options against flyers, be it to prevent a flying redirector from landing where he wants to, to keeping an Ancient Dragon honest for a turn. It turns out I was right about it, as it ended up helping a lot in several games.

    With the lists sorted out, all we had to do was reach the snowed-in Luxembourg on a Saturday morning. And when I say morning, I mean 5:00 in the morning. On a Saturday.
    American readers will probably consider this trivial, but in Brussels we consider that Liege is very far away. That’s a 60 minute drive. So imagine the energy required to wake up, grab a cab, go to the train station, get the 5:56 train to Liege, arrive just on time for the pickup car, then drive another 2 hours to Luxembourg center. When we entered the (spacious and very well organized) gaming hall at 8:45, I felt already exhausted. And the day was just beginning!

    For the first round we’d get to fight team TGH: these guys are all either current or former ETC Germany members, counting amongst their number Yannick (who has already featured in two of my reports, beating me each time) and @Frederick. You may recognize the latter for his involvement in T9A, but also as a tournament organizer ofthe best Team event that I know of: Herford WTC.

    As it turns out, Frederick and his Beast Herds would be my first opponent of the day! Already relieved that I wouldn’t get to face Yannick’s avoidance Dread Elves, I was even more glad to finally get to play Frederick after all of these discussions in the forums!

    Stay tuned for game 1!

    Smith [Read More]
  • So there we are, game 3 and we get to play against Team Portugal. Team Portugal is far from being a new-comer to the scene: most of the players are actually active French players (some with a double nationality), with previous ETC and other international experience. They had beaten both of their previous adversaries soundly, meaning that the result of the round would determine the winner of the Benelux Cup!

    I got to play against Jose Paulo and his Daemonic Legions:

    Paulo wrote:

    Harbingerof Pestilence on Blight Fly, General, Apprentice (Divination), Halberd, BloatedPutrefaction, Nauseating Aura
    Harbingerof Pestilence on Blight Fly, BSB, Apprentice (Evocation), Halberd,Contamination, Veil of Shadows

    10 Horrors,Musician, Champion
    10 Horrors,Musician, Champion
    18Slaughterers, Musician, Champion

    2 x 5Crusher Cavalry, Musician, Champion
    5 BlightFlies, Full Command, Rending Banner
    2 x5 Furies of Pestilence

    Having played against daemons a lot, I knew that the Blight Fly star would be impossible to pin down and very hard to deal with. We got Secure Target as secondary objective and Dawn Attack for deployment. My plan here was to stall the flies, using the King to prevent them from landing anywhere near my other, more vulnerable units.
    For those who haven’t come across the Blight Star, it has Toughness 5, 4+ Regeneration, -1 tobe hit from afar, and has Poison (5+). With the banner of Rending, the amount of AP3 hits makes even my Dwarf king a bit wary of them.

    We exchanged some drops, and in the end I opted for the first turn so as to limit the fly movement. I placed my Secure Target token far to the left, where the Marksmen would be able to easily get it. My opponent went for the far right side, where my scoring was weaker.

    The Hold Guardians took +1S/+1AP, and I chose rune of Resolve/Resilience/Gleaming twice for my battle runes. The Seekers and Forge Wardens in the middle vanguarded forward to put some pressure on the daemonic troops.

    TURN 1 -Dwarven Holds

    The seekers and forge wardens pushed up the middle, while on the right flank the warriors and hold guardians angled themselves to prevent the flies from moving around my flank. Magic succeeded in putting rune of Resilience on the Seekers. Shooting didn’t amount to much, only dropping a single horror from the leftmost unit.

    TURN 1 –Daemonic Legion
    The Crusher Cavalry behind the hill could see the Forge Wardens, so they declared a (long) charge on them. A unit of furies had to flank the seekers to make this happen, but in the end the crushers failed their charge. The Blight flies repositioneda bit further to the right, and the Crusher cavalry on the right moved up aggressively towards the right objective.
    In magic a Hand of Heaven went off on the Forge Wardens, killing three of them.
    The seekers made short work of the charging furies, and prepared to charge the Crusher cavalry that had stumbled on the hill.

    TURN 2-Dwarven Holds

    The seekers went into the crusher cavalry. They were probably going to die in the process, but in this way they were protecting my flank quite effectively. In the middle the dance between the Warriors, Hold Guardians and the Flies continued. Unfortunately, I was careless when I moved the warriors and I didn’t make sure that the Seekers were in range for the Smith’s spells. It turns out they weren’t, so my opponent was happy to dispel the two augments from the Anvil onthem, letting the rune of Gleaming go off on my warriors.
    Shooting was aimed at the Slaughterers, who had stepped into a Field in the meanwhile: when the two Flame Cannons and the Forge Wardens were done shooting, 10 daemons had died, reducing the unit from a combat block to chaff!
    In combat the Seekers gave as good as they got: they dealt 9 wounds to the Crushers, taking 10 wounds back. The Dwarves won by 1 but the daemons passed their instability check.

    TURN 2 –Daemonic Legion
    The rightmost Crusher cavalry moved up into the dwarven backline, safely behind the building. The depleted Slaughterers moved aggressively against my Forge Wardens, while the Flies held their ground, defending the wall.
    In magic I let through both Hands of Heaven, but my opponent rolled very low for them and failed to put a dent on the Forge Wardens. Shooting was also ineffective.

    In combat, the seekers and crushers continued to exchange wounds: the seekers lost 5 of their number, dealing 3 wounds back.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    I decided not to charge the Forge Wardens into the Slaughterers, since failing to breakthrough them would allow the flies a way out of the corner. Instead, they shuffled a bit backwards and took aim at the daemons. The king and the HG both moved up a bit, still locked in a Mexican standoff against the flies. Magic saw me put Distracting on the Seekers and Resilience on the Forge wardens.
    In shooting, the combined efforts of the left Flame Cannon and the [Read More]
  • With the spirits high after the first round win against the Netherlands, we prepared to face the home team, Luxembourg! They were all excellent guys, and we had eight very fun games: I got paired against Sebastien, an ETC veteran who brought the following Infernal Dwarf list:

    Sebastien wrote:

    Prophet,Alchemy Master, Shield, Besheluk’s Mechanism
    Vizier BSB,Shield

    3 x 10Citadel Guard w/Flintlock Axe, Shield, Musician
    10 InfernalWarriors w/Blunderbuss, Shield, Musician
    5 WolfRiders, Shield

    5 KadimIncarnates
    6 KadimIncarnates
    22Immortals, Infernal Weapons, Shields, Full Command, Flaming Standard

    2 x GunneryTeam, Volley Gun
    VolcanoCannon Bound Daemon

    We got to play Breakthrough with Encircle deployment. My opponent got the pick for sides and opted for the big center. Given that the secondary was breakthrough, I couldn’t just go for a flank since that would mean I’d be probably giving up the objective: we ended up with a good old central stand-off instead. We exchanged drops for a while, then I noticed a small opening: my opponent had deployed one of his Kadim units 2-wide, just outside of the BSB/General bubble and right across my seekers. I went for the first turn to try and capitalize on that.

    For spells, I picked double Resolve, Gleaming and Resilience. The Prophet opted for corruption of tin, molten copper,quicksilver lash and the ID hereditary spell.

    I used the vanguard to push my forge wardens and the seekers forward, and my opponent vanguarded the wolf riders to the safety of his backline.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    I figured that a Ld5 frenzy check on the kadims was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially since the Seekers were in a very bad spot out in the open (flamecannon/volley guns/magic and the such). So I moved up the seekers some more, trying to bait the kadims. The downside to that was that I had to keep all of my other units more than 18” away from my targets, to avoid giving my opponent any alternative charge targets. On the left flank, the forge wardens moved upinto the forest.
    In magic I got the flux card no1, giving me a 2-dice advantage. Despite my efforts to boost the sacrificial seekers, my opponent gambled and 1-dice dispelled two of my runes,blocking the entire magic phase.
    Shooting saw me get first blood, killing 5 citadel guard in the middle between crossbow bolts and forge guns.

    TURN 1 –Infernal Dwarves

    I waited with baited breath as my opponent rolled his Frenzy check: he succeeded in rolling a 5! He then checked for the second unit, within range of BSB and general…he failed! Not an optimal result, but at least the seekers were in combat with one of their intended targets and they’d not die in vain to ID shooting. The volley guns and citadel guard advanced into shooting positions,and the second kadim unit repositioned in the flank.
    Magic was relatively uneventful: I let Quicksilver Lash go on the warriors, then watched as the prophet failed to cast molten metal. The seekers became flammable,though, due to the metal attribute. Shooting was aimed at the king’s warriors,but a combination of penalties on to hit and the high toughness and armour ofthe dwarves meant that only 5 died.
    Close combat was a complete bloodbath: 14 dwarves died, and in return they dealt 11 wounds to the kadim, leaving them on 4 wounds!

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    With the flank secured for a turn thanks to the seekers, it was time to advance: I used the Banner of Relentless company and sent the warriors forward towards the Immortal block. The hold Guardians moved up to threaten the kadim should theycharge the seekers, and the forge wardens repositioned slightly inside their forest.
    In the magic phase I tried to buff the seekers first, but two of the runes got dispelled. I then cast the rune of resolve on the warriors, shoving them forward 6” more, right in front of the immortals and without a possibility for redirection. The runic smith then succeeded in casting rune of Resilience onthem, too.
    Shooting was totally uneventful, the plate armour and aegis of the infernal dwarves proving too much for my flaming shots.
    In combat,the kadims killed five more seekers, only sustaining a couple of wounds back: one kadim on two wounds was left fighting five seekers.

    TURN 2 –Infernal Dwarves

    The big Kadim unit failed its ld5 frenzy check, and opted for a long charge on my hold guardians instead of the seekers. They made it in. The immortals charged my warriors, and the flame cannon and flanking citadel guard failed their charges since the volley gun team failed to clear the path (my opponent declared acouple of conditional charges that would have made my life difficult had they succeeded).
    Magic predictably succeeded in making my warriors flammable. Shooting was yet again of little use, with all good targets engaged in combat.

    The lone kadim fighting the [Read More]
  • Greetings, fellow gamers!

    About a month ago Team Belgium played in the first BeNeLux cup, organized in Luxembourg by @kiri .Being a part of the team, I attended with my Dwarves, in all of their pre-hotfix glory. Time has passed and now Forge Wardens hunt skirmishers instead of monsters, but I thought that some of you might enjoy reading about my adventures in the fiscal paradise of Europe.
    A total of four 8-player teams competed for the title: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and team Portugal as a ringer (which is actually mostly comprised of French nationals). Over the course of a very long day we’d get to play 3 games with ETC-style rules for pairings and scoring.Whoever scored the best, would get the Benelux champion title!
    After the very positive experience in Lille in January, I used the exact same list:

    SmithF wrote:

    King on Warthrone, Shield, Rune of Might x2, Rune of Destruction, Holdstone
    Thane BSB, Shield
    Runic Smith, 3 Battle Runes, Shield
    Anvil of Power

    36 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company
    20 Marksmen, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Standard,Musician, Banner of Dismay

    24 Seekers, Champion, Musician, Vanguard
    6 Hold Guardians, Musician, Champion

    18 Forge Wardens, Standard, Musician, Banner of Swiftness

    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted
    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted

    For our first game we got to face the Netherlands,captained by none other than our @Blonde Beer ! As he has stated in his videos, the actual team that attended is a mix of experienced players and relatively new faces to the tournament scene. As luck would have it, I got to face Menno, an Ogre Khan player and a tournament regular.
    He had brought the following list:

    Menno wrote:

    Shaman Adept, Thaumaturgy, LA, Magical Heirloom
    Khan BSB, Trolleater, LA, Paired Weapons, Cleansing Light, Wrestler’s Belt, Potion of Swiftness
    Shaman Adept, Pyromancy

    9 Tribesmen, Full Command, Paired Weapons, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky
    5 Tribesmen, Standard, Musician, Paired Weapons,Banner of Discipline
    3 Bruisers

    3 Tusker Cavalry
    2 x 1 Sabretooth Tiger

    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    2 x Thunder Cannon

    Slave Giant, Ironfist

    So a list with very decent shooting potential but also solid counterchargers. We got to play Dawn Attack and the King of the Hill scenario. For spells, he got Flaming Swords and Pyroclastic Flow from Pyromancy, as well as Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever from Thaumaturgy and the OK hereditary spell. I picked Rune of Resilience, Gleaming and Resolve twice.The Hold Guardians chose the +1S/AP upgrade.

    I won the roll for sides, and decided to impose the deployment zone with the impassable terrain on my opponent, forcing him to split his forces. I picked the forest to the right as my target objective and he picked the central hill. We alternated deployments for a while, and once Isaw where the Tusker Cav would go I went for a full drop and the first turn. Menno reacted to that by deploying fairly deep, since he had the ranged advantage.

    The Forge Wardens and Seekers vanguarded forward,ending up with a pincer-like deployment:
    (In the diagram I actually forgot to place the bruiser dart, just to the left of the thunder cannon on the left flank)

    My adversary, Menno, not the slightest bit worried about the approaching dwarves:

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    The dwarven combat contingent moved up at full speed, the seekers placing themselves opposite the tuskers and giant, urging them tocharge. The Hold guardians had to stay a bit back due to the Trolleater BSB: 5 attacks s6 with MW(2) is not something I was looking forward to facing!
    Magic was concentrated on the seekers, but none of my augments went through. However,I was able to get off the rune of resolve on the king’s unit, moving them forward another 6” for an impressive 21” first turn movement! The Forge Wardens took pot shots at the big Tribesmen unit and caused three wounds, killing an ogre.

    TURN 1 – Ogre Khans

    After a bit of thought, my adversary sent both the Giant and the Tusker Cav into the seekers. I was fine with that, since I’d rather have them die in combat and take the enemy with them in the process! A tiger moved up to redirect my combat block, and the big tribesman unit advanced so as to be able to charge the forge wardens on the following turn.
    In the magic phase I dispelled a boosted Flaming Swords, and had to let go the Smite the Unbeliever on the seekers, resulting in -1 resilience. The bombardiers aimed at my king’s unit and killed 7 warrior swith their first volley. The cannons took aim at the left flame cannon and one struck true, dealing two wounds.
    Combat was bloody: between impact hits, close combat attacks and stomps, 11 seekers died to the attacks of the Ogres.… [Read More]