A tip for 9th Age Greenskins & Beastmen as common wild races

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    • A tip for 9th Age Greenskins & Beastmen as common wild races

      Do a better job than Games Workshop in portraying practically globally widespread wild races. Someone who thought that Orcs & Goblins only existed in the Old World and Dark Lands could be forgiven, since GW took very little opportunity to use them elsewhere. There were possibly some frost Goblins in Naggaroth, Savage Orcs in Southlands, and by 8th edition Black Orcs in the Mountains of Mourn (a very clever addition on GW's part, which brought the Warhammer world into the Ogre Kingdoms). For the 9th Age equivalents, make use of Greenskins at many different continents. There should be Greenskins from Nippon and Cathay to Ind, Araby, Estalia, Naggaroth and Lustria. Orcs & Goblins are always good enemies to have close at hand, and a good guarantee there'll always be war in a fantasy world.

      Also, having them globally widespread opens up doors such as Sand Trolls in Greenskin armies roaming the hinterlands of Araby, shaggy frost giants and ice Goblins at the shores of Antarctica, and Greenskins armed with sharpened bamboo weaponry in the far east. Most of these new local variants, or even all of them, wouldn't ever warrant any new option or unit type whatsoever in the army list, but could inspire players to convert and paint unique armies built around strong exotic themes.

      For Beastmen, you'd see Tigors in Ind and have Satyrs/Gors common in forests and jungles almost everywhere, although they'd be harshly pressed and far from thriving nearby Wood Elf and Lizardmen lands (and also, if this hasn't already been implemented in the Sylvan Elf background, please include many far-flung scattered Wood Elf enclaves and little forest kingdoms making their encounters at the battlefield with armies from foreign parts seem that much more credible than the Athel Loren-focussed WHFB variant).

      You want marauding wild races almost everywhere, including duking it out not just a little in the equivalent to the Chaos Wastes. Expect to see some Marauders with flayed Orc hide cloaks.

      Just a tip. :)
    • I always liked these ideas of other cultures of the known main races occuring elsewhere in the world.
      I once made a load of SA scenery based off the enclaves in the south of the old world with Cambodian style Ankor Wat temples rather than the Aztec standard ones. Bayon temple with coatl faces instead of the real life Buddah ones.
      Also always wanted to do an Ind BH army with tigors and Minotaurs with elephant heads, ganesh style. Oh so little time.
    • It's definitely our intention to have the potential for outposts of any civilisation in different regions and different types of environment.

      A forest goblin tribe based in desert oases could be interesting, as could an Equitan crusading army in the jungle, or a pirate ogre army. Our intention is only to establish the framework, within which players can let their imagination decide what exists in their world.

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    • I too always liked the idea of toying around with the setting. Back in 8th I had paperhammered a 2,5k list for almost every army, and enjoyed flipping their environs around.

      My favourite examples are my desert saurians who lived like termites in a cavernous network surrounding an ancient pyramid buried in the sands, and my winter themed tomb kings who lived in an icy gothic necropolis and had war sleds instead of chariots.
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    • That sounds kind of cool (pun intended): Ice goblins dressed as eskimos with great hoods, harpoons (throwing weapons!), and long spears. Off to the sides, more warmly bundled goblins ride upon wolves. A gaggle of ice trolls (either Cave or Bridge would work) argue in the vanguard. Great frost giants loom behind, flanked by woolly mammoths (Gargantulas! The 'venomous fangs' rule represents getting gored by the gigantic tusks) carrying howdahs filled with more bundled greenblueskins.

      And I agree. Some variant unit entries would help, but aren't strictly necessary. (The Gargantula is stretching it above, and a good place for some polar bears would be nice.)

      I've considered doing a Cathay or Nippon 'EoS' build, although i ultimately decided it would be too difficult to source adequate models for anything more variable than just basic samurai and peasants (or equivalent). Similarly, doing pirates is hard because there aren't enough units with access to pistols, although you can sort of fake it. (I think my list faking it for VS was the most fun looking, but 'rat pirate' doesn't turn up many models, and the one model line i found doesn't look particularly piratey to me and is very limited).
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    • Lizardmen seem to have been present in all the equatorial regions of Lustria, Southlands, and Khuresh (although probably driven to extinction, they had ruins there) as well as various islands. Plus their occasional forays into Naggaroth, Nehekhara, and so on. Plus their military adventures in far off Albion because a "Sunset Invasion" is awesome.

      The High Elves were obviously a global power with strategic naval stations like the Citadel of Dusk (Cape Horn), City of Spires (Karachi), Tower of the Sun (Ceylon), Fortress of Dawn (Cape Good Hope), and Calith (Singapore) among others. I always assumed these capital cities indicated a larger colonial presence. The scale at which they are shown is after all the same as the Kingdom capitals like Lothern and Tor Elyr.

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    • Wehn i enterd the hobby i struggeld to choose between highelfs and Equitaine or Bretonnia in that times. I love the fluw they have with all the fortress around the globe plus a havy fortified continent just for them. I ultimatly choosed the Bretonnians becousewehn it comes down to species i always prefer humans. But i never stoped to keep an eye for the highelfs. Im really excited to see there fluw in the T9A. They definitly should keep this kind of caracteristics!

      No lizards, lions, bears, let the extreme fantasy races keep those. We don't need them we slay them :bully: