HBE local campaign

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    • HBE local campaign

      First battle from the local campaign. We have 12 players and two weeks for each round. Due to time constraint I don't have any pics, but will try to do a better report with maps etc. Next time.

      Ogre list,
      Great khangiant sword, 5++
      khanbsb, spinesplitter, gw
      12 x bruisers FC
      12 x tribesman FC, HA, Iron Fists
      5 x bombardiers
      3 x sabre tooth
      3x tusker cav, FC
      2 x thunder cannon
      Rock aurochs
      My list,
      Royal huntsman on LC, bluffers helm, divine icon, toss
      Archmage, lv4, heavens, amethyst crystal, cloak of the stars
      BSB, HWoF,mithril Mail, Beastbane Halberd
      2 x 6 HB Lancers, 2+, Banner, Musician
      23 SG FC Flaming banner
      10 x KoR, FC, DC, WBoR
      20 x SM, FC, 15” march banner
      2 x GE
      3 x RBT multishot

      Deployment, I made a big mistake leaving my KoR on the refused eastern flank. My intention was to get them to his flank while holding off with my infantry and small cav. But the terrain forced me to place them almost at the edge of the table where they were road blocked by sabre tooths, bombardiers and a canon.
      He simply deploy in the middle with his infantry placing his cannon to immediately their left (from my perspective) and auroch to further left. I had the first turn.
      Deployment looked like;
      ST - RA – TC – Tribesman with gen and BSBBruisers – TC –Bombardiers – 2 x ST
      GE – Gen – HBL – RBT – HBLSG with MageSM with BSB - GE – RBT – RBT – KoR

      First turn he moved forward aggressively I moved SG to shooting range and killed a couple of bruisers through shooting and magic. By the way stars align for rerolling to wound was very handy all game. After my second magic phase he realised thunder bolt and lightning storm weren’t the real threat ;) .

      In my second turn I used my march banner with SM to envelop his bruisers while leaving SG in the middle. I charged with my western HBL to his ST which was right in the middle, moved other HBL to prevent any long range charge to SG with TC . Similarly moved eagles to prevent charges from auroch and monstrous infantry. On the east I needed to get my KoR to the battle so did a silly thing and charged his ST. Finally moved my gen to counter charge his auroch if he were to charge eagle.
      All my charges made their targets and killed them, however I rolled really really low on overrun distances. 3” both cav units. So suddenly KoR sit 4” away from bombardiers available to be shot by Cannons. Auroch had multiple targets as opposed to one…

      Things didn’t go well after that either. On his turn he charged my eagle with auroch, I failed terror he redirected to HBL and I failed terror again. So he caught my HBL with the auroch.

      Here is a question – when do you remove units that got caught after fleeing from charge? Immediately or after all charges are played? Because if we waited to play all charges he wouldn’t have room to reach my HBL. I thought tha was the case when charges are declared and decided to flee with my second HBL unit. Knowing well that TC wouldn’t fit while the auroch HBL fight.

      We played as the HBL got removed immediately after being touched by auroch, which opened the room for TC to reach second HBL right next to SG.
      He charged to my SM with the cannon and I opted to flee as I didn’t want impact hits etc to ruin my unit. I thought I had covered their flank with terrain but it turns out there was a corner he could see. (Immune to psychology was forgotten…)

      KoR lost 3 of their numbers after shooting.

      So end of turn two I lost all my SBL, one eagle, his army was practically all over mine and I had my hard hitters separated on the each end of table… very discouraging.

      On my turn 3, I charged the auroch with my Gen, TC with SG, and bombardiers with KoR. Rallied fleeing eagle and SM. Magic put a couple of wounds to western cannon and he dispelled my reroll to wound on SG.

      Gen finished off auroch in one turn, really impressed but couldn’t overrun into TC due to interfering eagle :cursing:
      SG put good number of wounds on his TC won the battle but couldn’t break them. KoR made small work of bombardiers and again faced to attack Cannon or MI next turn.
      He charged to SM with both infantry units. And shot down two more KoR.

      We played impact hits wrong as despite my hero accepting the challenge we distributed them to the unit – my bad. The infantry combat was a blod bath. I lost all my SM and single BSB ran away. However he had 6 bruisers and 6 tribesman left. Beastbane halberd was a really good tool and 7 wide SM worked well to a degree. (I missed FiER though ;)) He failed to catch my BSB with both units.

      TC SG battle stayed the same with me losing my mage and him holding on.

      In my T4 I charged the tuskers with my gen, KoR went for the cannon as the MI would be able to double charge or counter charge me if I went for them. Ralied eagle started to fly towards the other cannon.

      Gen and SG killed the tuskers, RBT finally did something and killed the other cannon. I had been peppering MI or Cannons with them to no real effect until then. KoR killed the other and turned facing towards the MI units. BSB rallied.
      He charged to my BSB with his Tribesman while moving Bruisers towards the KoR. I held with the BSB and challenged his Gen. Unfortunately he managed to kill my BSB with impact hits…. ;(

      Beginning of T5 my gen was too far away to reach either MI, I wasn’t going to charge his MI with 4 KoR alone. He said he wouldn’t bother turning back in as it would allow me to catch one of his MI units and finish them off. So we didn’t bother playing the last two rounds. In the end it was a draw.

      I did some silly mistakes but managed to recover to get a draw from the battle, I think he was more annoyed that despite avoiding my KoR all game and reaching my line in T2 he couldn’t get a big win.
      Lessons learned… I would have taken pics but we were pressed for time all game lasted less than two hours.
      Loosing HBL without even slowing down the enemy did really hurt. I liked the lv4 mage but he didn’t really need to be with any unit in this battle.I thought about moving him out but in order to do that I would have had to take a charge from TC with SG and I didn’t want that happening. Terrain was weird and I suffered from it a lot more, well he didn’t have any issues but my chariot and cav had to move around.
      In the end I was pleased with being able to turn the tide. Next time I’d be more careful with deployment and where I position my units during the game. Two failed panic tests really slowed me down and allowed him to get to my lines quite quickly.
    • Battle 3 vs DE
      I didn’t get to play in the second round due to my opponent’s real life commitments. Which is a shame as we only have 7 rounds in the campaign and I cannot afford to drop unnecessary points… I’ll upload the rules of the campaign at some stage as well.
      Any way I played against the only DE player today.
      My list:
      General – Huntsman on Chariot, Bluffers helm, 4++, Divine Icon on chariot
      Lv4 – Heavens with amethyst crystal
      BSBMoCT Mithril Mail, Iron Curse Icon (Shadow and Alchemy) heavy weapon
      5 ER w bows
      20 SG w FC
      20SG w FC and gleaming banner
      10 KoR Dev Charge FC
      22 SM FC Banner of Speed
      2 x Eagle
      3 x Reaper with multi shot
      BSB went in with SM and LV4 with one of the SG unit but after seeing his list Ijust moved my Lv4 behind my unit as there wasn’t much ranged threat.
      And his list is:
      Exalted Oracle
      Level 4, Pegasus, Book of Arcane Power (+1 on casting/dispelling), Talisman of Supreme Sheilding (4+ Ward)
      Master of Dark Arts, Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Dispell Scroll
      Master of Dark Arts, Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Cult Priest
      Divine Altar, BSB, Lt Armour, Hardened Shield (+2 Arm Sv), Executioners Blade
      Lightning Reflexes, Hatred, Blade (Great Weapon, Lethal Strike, Multi Wounds (2, Infantry, War beast, Cavalry)
      Repeater Auxiliaries
      Musician, Shields
      Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Blades of Nabh
      Champion, Standard, Musician
      Lightning Reflexes, Hatred
      Dark Raiders
      Champion, Standard, Musician
      Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Blades of Yema
      Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Rending Banner (AP (1))
      Lightning Reflexes, Strider, +1M
      Champion, Standard, Musician, Stalkers Standard (strider and swiftstride, 3D6 charge discard lowest)
      Lightning Reflexes, Hatred.
      Blade (Great Weapon, Lethal Strike, Multi Wounds (2, Infantry, War beast, Cavalry)
      Raptor Chariot
      Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Dread Reaper
      Repeating Shots
      Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Dread Reaper
      Repeating Shots
      Killer Instinct, Lightning reflexes
      Breath Weapon (S4, flaming)

      Astute amongst you would notice that he had spent 2540 points, which is ok in our campaign as you get to spend gold for additional points.
    • He deployed mostly in the centre with bolt throwers on his right corner and repeater auxiliaries with scroll caddy in a forest in his left corner. Below are our deployments from left to right.

      2 x RBT, Dark riders, Blades of Yema, Blades of Nabh, Divine Altar, Executioners, Gen, Hydra, Repeater Aux.

      Reavers, RBT, Eagle, RBT, SG, SG (with Lv4), Gen, SM(BSB here), KoR, Eagle, RBT

      We had a hill and a forest in the middle so I didn't have direct view to his Gen, Hydra, or Executioners. My spells were; Blizzard, Stars Align, Chain Lightning, and Comet on Lv4 and Miasma, Molten Metal on BSB.

      He had the first turn and started moving everything aggressively in the middle, other then two chariots all his units were either in forest or behind the hill in the middle. Magic didn't do anything - he used black magic on gen and fire on lv1.

      His shooting took out 7 of my SG on the left.

      My Turn 1 - I pivoted my SM unit diagonally to cover centre and also prevent his executioners block from moving aggressively, flew my left eagle to stop his chariot from charging and right eagle to by SM unit for a possible chaff duties in following turn. I hadn't vanguard with my reavers, as he vanguarded first, so I moved them closer to his RBTs for a 2nd turn charge. And due to lack of perceived danger I moved my L4 out of my right SG unit and placed him 1" behind that unit. I didn't think there was any danger to him and also didn't want a front charge on my SG unit where he'd be killed.

      My shooting and magic was very useless only thing I got down was 4 of his fast cav but he didn't panic.

      His T2 - He declared charges to my eagle with his chariot, my right SG unit with his Altar and blades of Yema unit. Chariot was successful other two failed. SG put a wound on Altar as stand and shoot reaction :D He moved his executioners on the hill, advanced with the Hydra and flew his general behind my KoR. He couldn't move his Blades of Nabh unit forward so let them stay there. Moved his fast cav closer to my RBT.

      Magic was shut down and shooting killed my reaver unit. CC killed my eagle and tried to overrun into my left SG unit but he was short (tbh that was uber optimistic on his part)

      My T2 - As he was closing in the centre and my shooting proved to be useless I decided to take the fight to him. So I declared a charge with my left SG to his chariot stopping him from getting impact hits in the following turn, charged KoR to his hydra and SM to his blades of yema unit. Everyone get into their targets even SM who needed 8 to make it 8-)

      I flew eagle to redirect executioners from centre, shuffled lv4 and Gen. Shooting brought Altar down to 3 wounds and Gen to 2w.
      Magic was somewhat lacklustre but I managed to get his scroll.
      CC - SG brought the chariot down to 1 wound, won the battle but stuck there.
      KoR won their battle but hydra managed to recover two wounds and broke off. Here I made mistake and pursued, I should have reformed and turned my attention to executioners. I caught the hydra but KoR came out of the protection of the hill and in short range of his repeater auxiliaries.
      SM battle was pretty bloody, I lost 7 but did 15 wounds and broke him. I chased and caught that unit and came into contact with the other blade unit. I had intended to do so but still pleasantly surprised to do so.

      His T3 - he charged to my right SG with his Altar and eagle with executioners. Flew his gen to back of my gen for casting a template spell.
      Shooting killed 4 KoR. Magic did nothing again.

      CC -SM killed 8 and he killed 6 but managed to hold, I killed his chariot and reformed for a flank charge on the blades of Yema. Executioners killed the eagle and reformed to face towards Altar SG battle. Altar made it to the SG but in the end I stayed thanks to nearby Gen. SG didn't do a single wound but he rolled bad for his attacks as well. I did a combat reform with SG to allow a corner charge for my Gen.

      My T4 - Charged the left SG to the flank of Blades SM battle. Charged the Gen to his BSB/Altar.
      I tried to swift reform my KoR and hide behind the hill but rolled 17 ?( :cursing: So they got stuck there again.
      I had ran out of chaff and had this block of Executioners staring at my Gen so I decide to cast the comet in front of them to act as a redirector.
      Shooting finally killed his general :thumbup: She was flying around on her Pegasus and looking for easy prey for magic but with all the battles in the centre she got greedy and came out to cast on my gen which gave me clear shot from 3 RBTs. Still it took 18 shots to take her down.

      CC - SM killed all but 2 of his unit however as they were hitting at the same initiative, he managed to reduce my SM unit down to 5 + BSB. SG failed to wound, he broke rolling 3 for flee distance. I only chased with SM thinking I'd stay in the forest... I was wrong as I rolled 12 :cursing: . SG turned to the centre for a flank charge to Executioners or a rear charge to the Altar.
      My Gen made sure the Altar and his BSB were down. The bluffers helm helped to preserve wounds as only one actually passed through but 1+ AS saved that.

      At the end of the turn I had practically killed most of his army.

      His T5 - he made a valiant charge towards my Gen but he failed again. His magic was not effective but shooting killed 5 more KoR! They didn't panic but were useless now. And I lost half the points of the unit.

      My T5 - When he charged me with his executioners he ended up on top of my comet counter, aka I forgot I had it coming, so I declared a combo charge on his executiners with two SG unit and my Gen. I hid my KoR champ somewhere safe.

      Shooting whittled down his auxiliaries and magic saw another comet cast right on top of his auxiliaries :D . But the first comet came down as my friendly opponent cordially reminded me, so I rolled for hits. Gen and left SG unit took minimum hits. No wound to Gen and 2 to SG unit. He lost four models himself, but my other SG unit took 8w yay! X/

      CC - he finished my SG unit off but he lost the battle nevertheless and with out any Gen or BSB he broke away. I caught him with my Gen.

      His T6 - He had 1 fast cav, 2 rbt, 1 lv1 and his auxiliaries at this stage. so he charged to one of my RBT with his fast cav and killed it. Threw 12 shots from RBTs to my lv4 but only managed 1 wound on him. His auxiliaries did kill 4 more SM so I was down 1 SM and my BSB.

      My T6 - I had nothing to do... Killed his lonesome fast cav for full points, killed on of his RBTs with mine. Magic was fun as the comet came down killing 10 of his auxiliaries :D

      In the end it was a massacre for me. I could have one with a larger margin if I didn't chase with my KoR or walked into my own comet but in the end he was too keen for hand to hand and that won me the battle. If I hadn't charged with SM when I did he would have combo charged in the middle and probably kill all the units there. SM charge left his altar on its own and he couldn't get support from his executioners. Basically I dictated the battles.

      Lesson learned around chasing enemies and forgetting about bigger picture, also deploying at 12".

      Happy to clarify any questions. I write these to get better hence the format. Please comment or give feedback.

    • I prefer these written batreps over YT ones as well, keep em' comin!

      Your big KoR unit seems to have suffered a lot from terrain in the first battle. At least the chariot character is more maneuverable but it's really tough with a big cav unit. Perhaps you can try turning the BSB into a cavalry build with something like: "Ryma Banner + Hardened + Lucky Charm + Flame Lance" and then give the unit the Strider Banner. You can then give the BB Halberd to the SM champ for maximum efficiency. Could drop a knight and the Cloak to find points. The solo AM build could be replaced with a more efficient setup at that points level as well (you seemed to be a little disappointed with it).
    • Thanks for the comments.
      I am trying to make Lv4 heavens work but need to find the right equipment or the support guy because the lack of 2d6 MM is the biggest issue. My next battle is against an Infernal Dwarf player, so it'll be interesting to see how comet/chain lightning works.

      For the BSB; I would most likely go with a mounted one unless MoCT. Even the High Warden with in build 4++ seems lacklustre. 1+ BSB on a horse looks good :)

      I am trying to learn how to use a unit of Horses basically. Their movement is their strength but I tend to misplace them.
      I may change the list a little for the next battle.
    • I like MMU lists the most hence the size of units sitting around 20.

      One of the other reasons with 2 SG units was to have the ability to separate my shots. I thought if 20 shots aren't enough for a unit of chaff then I could put in more through the other SG unit or one of the RBTs could continue with shooting at the same target.
      In other words I was trying to overcome opponents potential target saturation.

      We are not using the objectives for our campaign (I'd rather have them) but a second scoring unit also advantageous going forward.

      Despite talking about their shooting abilities with their spears and shields they do form a formidable block together. Not a proper anvil to survive round after round but definitely a decent defensive line to allow other units to help.

      Another unit of reavers would always be a welcome addition. It is definitely a valid option. I am a bit torn between your suggestion and my current list. Might give it a go. As you'd see from the first battle I had two Lancer units, may be two reavers with a larger SG block would be better.

      @LoreSeeker how many bodies do you use in your reavers? I tend to think 6 is the sweet spot.

      Hard to tell with the DE battle as he didn't really have any targets for my reavers and I would have probably end up chaffing them to slow his advance. In that game the second SG block actually worked well ion finishing off the chariot and creating a danger for the opponent.
    • Fair point about two scorers and the ability to split shooting. However running 2x 20 would open up to the risk that a good magic missile/round of shooting would make one or even both those units below an usability level?

      Shame about the objectives, really. Adds a layer of complexity to the game, instead of the old "bash your face in" we used to play with GW.

      Normally I use two units of 5 Reavers each, with bows, @ 180 pts total. I build my core around that. I would add champions in a Dragon list, in order to soak up 1st turn challenges and have the Dragon happily stomp the unit instead of the character. I don't think adding bodies or extra armour really pays off in the end: whether they are 5 or 6, panic is triggered at 2 dead knights the first time and 1 the second time, so no real difference here; regarding their chaff duty, they perform it equally well even if they're only 1 or 2 left. I'd even argue that if they're only 5 they fit in narrower spaces, so that would even be a pro of having them in minimal number!