Masters Chairman options

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    • Masters Chairman options

      I know we are considering Jerry. I had another person that had a ton of thoughts and ideas for Masters and events. I really would rather not just feed his stuff to all of you and let him speak for himself. So since the voting was not over, I thought Id ask @Fergus to explain some of his ideas and see he would be a possible option for those that wanted to explore other options.

      @iggykoopa, @GenePhelps @eggsPR, @Lord Tremendous, @Sergeant Horse, @Obsidiananubis, @stauderpower, @jbusta
      US Masters Representative for the Midwest
      Beast Herds Army Support (retired)
    • I am honored to be considered as a possible candidate for Chairman.

      For those that don't know me very well, I have been a very active member of the 9th Age community in the Midwest Region. Just this year alone, the WCW crew and I have hosted 9th Age events at Adepticon, Blood in the Sun, and we will be running WCW Throwdown again in November.

      I worked with Aaron Musgrave as he organized the First 9th Age Resurrection Event in Indy. I am happy to say that the Indiana community is slowly making a return to the Midwest tournament scene as they prep for Strength in Numbers at the end of August and WCW Throwdown. Hopefully, we will have a Resurrection Event in Minnesota with Sean Troy and Shane Hanley leading the charge before the end of this year.

      As Jeff mentioned, I have more ideas in assisting/helping those that are interested in growing a 9th Age scene/community in their local areas. Even though the recently elected Masters Committee is currently a skeleton crew, I firmly believe we have the personal in place to keep the strong growth we have seen going.

      As you can tell, I am very passionate in not only keeping the game that we all fell in love with long ago but the amazing network of friendships we have built around it. If selected Chairman, I will do everything in my power to help nurture and grow the 9th Age community.
    • Is this the role @jbusta is currently in? Would the new chairmen replace the existing one?

      What exactly is the responsibility/role of the chairman?

      Who are the potential candidates right now? Is the position appointed or elected?

      @Fergus has been a major leader in the 9th Age community since its inception last year. He is always working on bringing people together and trying to grow the 9th Age scene throughout the midwest and as he pointed out it is making an impact. I feel that if @Fergus were given a leadership responsibility within the Masters organization that he would work hard and be active in fulfilling that role to the best of his ability.
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    • @jbusta has to step down with an increase in workload with his job.

      Role is somewhat open right now. Jbusta was a great person to organize us and push us to move forward and start the ground work. I think now we need someone to keep that momentum going, help organize the Masters Event, and promote it. Put forth ideas for the committee to vote on, and break ties. Implement those decisions.
      US Masters Representative for the Midwest
      Beast Herds Army Support (retired)
    • In my opinion, 9th age participation and early adoption is irrelevant for the time being. It's a matter of bringing back the former players, and how the person connects with those former TOs, and Player-bases and clubs and even game store owners nationally is the most important trait. Then it is a matter of developing a leadership team regionally that are steadfast within said vision and become the best envoys to rebuild the community and the level of trust between the chairmen and the regional chairs, and between the regional chairs and their constituents.

      I know Fergus and Jeff and Murph who are all amazing guys and in fact probably about 90% of the top GT players in the country; and what always gets me, is how I admire the fact that many many folks are determined to get the ball back rolling, and the national scene back to the level in which it was originally developed after these dark times.
      That is really amazing for the community, and shows heart.

      But I would stress, when I ushered in that golden age of US warhammer, many steps were taken and a dedicated outline of attack was drawn up, with the movers and shakers from each region. It takes literally assignments and steps on multiple folks part to make this work, and whomever decides to take on this project, make sure you have the ability to Inspire, otherwise it's like throwing a party and folks don't show up, or worse.. do their own thing.

      I will help in any way I can.
      Jerry :)
    • It would not be out of the realm of possibilities for more than 1 person to tackle such a beast. One with connections reaching out and motivating, one with admin and resource connections to head up an event. Yes it could all be done by 1 person and has in the past. But there are different backgrounds and talents that might best be used in tandem?

      I dont know how that would look. Maybe the administratively gifted as the Chair. The Event/Relationship guy as the TO/promoter.
      US Masters Representative for the Midwest
      Beast Herds Army Support (retired)

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    • I think at this early stage, designing and affixing a leadership group to develop community involvement is the biggest priority.
      Then the options are endless if you want a united country, with active participation among various regions, developing various national events/invitationals/championship and such.

      The old formula doesnt have to be used considering that we are working with a clean slate with more than 50% of GTs defunct or currently playing something else. BUT strong leadership tends to be a top down organizational deal (hence why corporations and governments utilize it if it is for a singular competitive focus) and once strong personalities begin to appear, the hard work will unravel if discipline isnt maintained.

      (again, we would be insulated from this provided the player base was already vibrant and flourishing, but the US community doesnt have the penetration that our European peers have yet within the community. Trying to get people to buy in and believe is only the first part; some of those same individuals tend to get too "passionate" and often become difficult to manage, and if not handled... then portions of the community walk following their leadership.)

      it short, its a fine line. To grow it, means to engaging in difficult situations, and many many people whom we all know, all tapped out rather than to deal with it.

      Nothing is wrong with having a smaller community,investing rather in that, then a have misunderstood or managed larger network.
    • If it was up to me there wouldn't be regions in the States - currently we're too small of a community to have 7 or 8 regions, but I get the whole "it's always been this way" mentality and see it in current T9A tourney rule packs. We're all Americans playing wargames - how about having no regions and then expand when warranted?

      Indeed, I'd be voting myself out of a job with the NE, but it only seems logical with our meta so small.

      I digress, though we're currently considering all options (irreversible or otherwise) and we'll will revert back with a response shortly.
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    • Master Committee members,

      I want to thank you again for recognizing all the work I have done for 9th Age and for considering me for the Chairman Position of the Masters Committee. This post is to share with you and everyone in the US what I propose should be the intention of this committee body moving forward.

      Name Change: The US Masters name reminds me of a past entity. I truly believe that this committee should be about more than just running a single tournament annually. This committee should stand as the Representatives of the 9th Age Movement in their respective regions. Each elected regional member's main task and goal is to grow the local scenes and to build new gaming communities. The main usage of this committee is to combine our talents and expertise in order to share ideas to make our hobby more enjoyable and memorable for all those that participate.

      Creating a Charter: Pretty self-explanatory but an important step

      Growing Communities: I like to use the analogy that we, as gamers, are still waking up from the aftermath of a nuclear explosion (WFB being discontinued). We are currently fragmented, disoriented, and have no means of finding out who is still alive. I feel that each regional representative's main task is to find these pockets of survivors and bring them together. Not every gamer interested in Mass Fantasy Battles is on the 9th Age forum. Some lads have been hit so hard by the blast that they are playing KoW or AoS currently. It is important that the 9th Age communities in each region begin to thrive. I firmly believe former WFB players will eventually give 9th Age a try if the opportunity exists. Current 9th Age players need to get involved and help create that opportunity.

      Fun fact lads: 9th Age does not currently require any store shelving space so no free advertisement for our 9th Age Game. While we have companies supporting 9th Age, a lot of them are online entities. So again, no visible 9th Age exposure. So how do we get gamers out of their basements and garages and into gaming stores to play 9th Age? We need to find current local 9th Age players and support/encourage them to set up either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gatherings at their local stores. We need to teach/inform them how to advertise these gatherings on their local Store's Facebook page. (Free rules, free army books, & free magic cards for 9th Age. Dust off your models and try a game of 9th Age for free!!! Whoo!)

      Once there is a decent amount of new 9th Age gamers, we need to assist these new local leaders in hosting 1-day events. To help create some buzz for these local 1-dayers, we should try to encourage local big names to appear and play in such events. Remember guys: Players bring players.

      Eventually, we will have enough gaming groups in regional areas to be able to host/support 2-day GTs.

      New GTs: I am very fortunate to live in the Midwest area. Our TOs, for the most part, never gave up on their desire to play Warhammer. While we did lose WaaghPaca, Midwest Rampage, and NorthStar, Buckeyes just hosted a 100-man 9th Age GT. To put that accomplishment into prospective, 9th Age is technically a new game that was release in April (4 months old). It is an impressive feat that demonstrates the potential to support large GTs is there.

      Other areas were not so lucky, especially in the South as their biggest GTs turned to KoW. We, as a committee, need to work together to assist those local players that are willing and able to take on the task of starting up new 9th Age GTs. Ways we can help new TOs:
      • supply them/ teach them to create terrain. Start up costs are the biggest deterrent for new GTs. We should work together in order to lessen that burden.
      • We should assist/walk through new TO's with the process of organizing such an event. From negotiating with potential venues, media advertisement (9th Age forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc), creating scenarios, brief training on the usage of Warscore, vendors to use for awards, etc.
      • Volunteer/attend their events as support

      Our short term goal should be to have at least two GTs in each of the 8 regions. I would like to see our GTs sync their tentative dates so they are not overlapping each other. This will allow gamers the opportunity to support multiple GTs.

      National Events: I went plural on purpose and I will touch on that shortly.

      The old Masters was a cut-throat Battles-Only event. The Overall goal was to crown The Best of The Best in the United States. Each Region sent 8 of their "best" players to represent their area in a Singles Event. The problem with the old system was that they allowed regions to determine how their "Best"players were selected. The Midwest Region simply went with their 5 biggest tournament's Final Results. Each Midwest tournament, however, was unique and they scored things differently. Waaghpaca, for example, split their weighted scores 1/3 between Paint, Sportsmanship, and Battle. A MW player could potentially earn his spot on the Midwest Team by being a great painter and a true gentleman. Both qualities are completely useless at a Battles-Only Event (unless we were rewarding those that can take off beautiful-looking models with a smile). Unfortunately, players like this screwed up the true intention of the old Masters: to find out who was the Best of the Best, because 5 lucky players got to inflate their scores against a less-talented player who relied on their soft scores.
      In the end, I feel that the Old Masters was a poorly designed event that tried to accomplish too many goals at once:
      Best General Overall: There was a 1st day exemption among regional players which skewed final results
      Best Region which is impossible to determine when Regional players are facing off in later rounds
      Best Paint Players use to borrow other player's armies or have their armies commissioned.

      As I touched on earlier, I'm suggesting that the committee host multiple National Events in order to satisfied the various player bases within our community. Each of these events do not have to be hosted on yearly basis. We can discuss a possible rotational schedule in detail later. My proposed National Events are as follow:

      • ETC style Event: Each of the Regions send a team of 8 players. Not sure if we do a 5 or 6 game event. The tournament emulates all aspects of the ETC Event. From designing lists as a team to the selection of process of matchups and scenarios. There will be a max-min cap on how many points a team can earn per round in order to prevent too much separation. We will start with each Regional Representative having free reign on how their teams are formed. We can work on creating a practical formula at a later point. I feel this would a great event to build up some regional pride as well as valuable experience in an ETC Style Event.
      • BattleMaster: 32 man, 5-game Singles Tournament. We reserve 2-spots per region for their best Battle Scored players. This will ensure that this is a National Event as oppose to a Midwest v Mid-Atlantic GT. The remaining 16 spots are based on the Warscore Sheet (Battle Points Only). Let the lads duke it out to see who is the best. Currently, we accept 1-day Event Results in order to help promote/encourage participation in those type of events. Bill Robertson, creator of Warscore, currently has a scale that weighs the results based on the size of the event and how many games were played. Once we have accomplished our two GTs per region goal, we can switch to GT results only.
      • The Ultimate Gamer or The GoodWill Games: Selection process can be discussed later. Ideally, we invite the Top Overalls, Best Generals, and Best Painted from all the GTs and invite them to an event that splits the scores 1/3 paint, sportsmanship, and battle. This event would appeal to a larger audience and it's intention is to be a laid back event. A bonus thought: Picture an Old GW GamesDay Event. We can invite/encourage the various Miniature Companies that support 9th to come out. It would be fantastic if such miniature companies would unveil new products or prototypes at this event.

      Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my proposals. Even if I am not selected as Chairman, please consider these ideas as a directional template. Please keep in mind that 9th Age is a community project. We play the game for various reasons but we all attend events for the social aspect. It is more important to grow the 9th Age community rather than organizing a National Tournament. The appeal of hosting National Events should be to bond the various regions of the United States together.

    • There are stellar ideas here!

      The question that would need to be answered is what is the National Tournament/Event trying to accomplish?

      Something I'd like to throw out for everyone to chew on a bit is the current population size and skill level in each region. Similar to how we have congressional members elected via California vs Delaware etc. Currently right now there is just more players in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. If the purpose of the National event is to establish a foundation for sending a team to the ETC this should be taken into account. If the purpose is to grow the hobby some of the ideas proposed will work better than others. Lastly if it's a bit of both elements ideas may have to melded together.

      One issue that arises with the first point; who's to say that a person in a region that may not have won an award during that calendar year, or has the top 8 points for a region (or whatever metric is used eventually) shouldn't be invited to a tournament that gauges the best talent?

      For example, it's like having the US Masters and nt inviting Mickelson because he had a bad year. There's not loopholes but more consistent ways to get in. The propistional idea is even similar to college football in that: is a 8-3 loss team in a B1G or SEC better than a 9-1/9-2 loss Mountain West or ACC team pending schedule strength? When ranking the final top 25 and bowl statuses (or in our case who makes the US Masters? -US Open? Insert name here) cut what should be vauled more?

      Having a backdoor or a last chance qualifying flight ability -kind of similar to TCGs during National events would go a long way if that tournament type/event type is chosen. Again, for example -all hypothetical of course- if a singles 5/6 game tournament was going to be played to decide the top 8 National players on Saturday and Sunday. The top 8 players of each region get an invite. You could have "last chance" 8 man flights on Thursday and Friday. Inviting the top 2 of each flight. Having as many as players signed up.

      If it was held at an convention/event like Adepticon/Gencon etc . . a limited oppoent pool could be instituted for those that wanted to play in a GT on Saturday/Sunday -effectively a second tournament with scoring criteria based on different needs.

      The ETC team route is interesting and very unique but limiting a single team per region would again be tough when some regions are just better represented than others.

      Keep it going in the mean time. :thumbup:
      I type on mobile so my spelling mistakes can hide that English is my native tongue. :write: :HE: :KoE:

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    • I would say that it needs to be determined what kind of event we want the National T9A Tournament to represent

      I would love to do an inter region tournament that's ETC style. I have also loved the singles "national championship" feel of past events.

      I would also like to see the idea of "best player, battle only" go by the wayside. Warhammer is a total game, hobby and sports, while not needing equal footing with battle, should be included in determining our champion, essentially our Miss America and should represent what we as Americans like about the 9th age.

      I would also like to see it as a stand alone event and not attached to another Con or GT, mainly so those events can stay on the calendar and we're able to have more freedom determining the structure of the event.
    • Little late to the party, Just wanted to point out 5 things:

      1) Regional immunity for the first 2-3 round (depending on total rounds, 2/5 or 3/6), was mainly to get people to play others that they don't know. We don't all fly across the country to play the guy we travelled with. This is generally done at MOST GT's I've been to, and in general I think it is a good idea.

      2) Year three of the masters was meant to equally weigh sports, battle, and paint in terms of the "overall" award. Also, Each region could determine their own players how ever they wanted (as long as the process was public and fair). It seems like it would still be a good idea to allow regions to select their own participants however they as a region see fit.

      3) I totally agree with Fergus RE: paint scores. This is supposed to be a community builder, a showcase for our hobby, and to recognize achievement(be it painting or generalship). Borrowed or paid for armies shouldn't be considered for painting. While we do appreciate a nice looking army, Whose to say the painter didn't send you to steer the army for him/her. Do your own work.

      4) The regional award was always more of a fun thing. Though I totally support having a team event as well as a singles event. Team events have always been great fun, and if we want this event to be a premier event, it could easily be more than just a sat/sun affair.

      5) Trying to put things back together is hard, I would strongly suggest year 1 of the masters (if it is to be run in early 2017) just be a large GT event open to anyone(or almost everyone). The important thing is to just get everyone together again. From looking at the warscore rankings(i know this doesn't capture everything), I can see ~150 players. Several regions had double those players in year 1 and 2 of the 8th ed. masters. The community is small and fractured, perhaps just invite anyone who wants to participate to the show!
    • Policing who painted their own army is often difficult within a region where you know many of the people. Im not sure its possible outside the honor system to enforce "paint your own stuff". Any believe it or not, some players lie. ;)

      Other than that, those are all great points to consider.
      US Masters Representative for the Midwest
      Beast Herds Army Support (retired)
    • I say never include painting as part of the overall. It is such an objectionable score no matter how rigid the matrix may seem. It is also such a passionate score that is very important to some people. I strongly feel that it should be a separate event altogether. For overall score, it should be simple...painted minimum and fully painted...5 and 10 points. Then you have the option of putting your army up for judging by the matrix, fans, players, whomever for the big prize for Best Army. Painting is a talent that is judged by opinion. It's not right that event scores can be scewed by combining the two. My opinion.
      B. "Skunk Butt" Jones - Member of the CGL :oldmen:
      • YES! My conquest is complete! I now have every Army and my bias will be for Every L.A.B. to be great!. :thumbsup:

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    • It has already been voted that the Masters will be straight 9th Age 17-3 + 3 points for secondaries out of the rulebook, as intended.

      No soft scores such as painting or sporting will be incorporated, just if you can perform on the table using the rules provided by the game designers.
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      2018 ETC USA (c) - VC
    • eggsPR wrote:

      It has already been voted that the Masters will be straight 9th Age 17-3 + 3 points for secondaries out of the rulebook, as intended.

      No soft scores such as painting or sporting will be incorporated, just if you can perform on the table using the rules provided by the game designers.

      Thanks for the info!

      Is there a timeline on other details regarding schedule, location, qualifying criteria, etc? Is it the regional reps and chairman making these decisions?
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