ETC 2017 - Team USA - Call to Arms!

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    • ETC 2017 - Team USA - Call to Arms!

      Posting this here to promote more awareness across regions.

      Captain's log: Star date September 8, 2016

      Dear all,

      Hello there! This is a Call to Arms by obtaining applications for Team USA to the world’s most prestigious annual war gaming event, the ETC, held in Salamanca, Spain in August 2017 playing The 9th Age.

      Last year the team had a helluva good time and please ask any of those folks about their experiences both on and off the tables and I'm assure they'll attest the same! Also if you'd like to see a breakdown of how the games panned out with a bit of color on how the team fared in Greece, please see the other post in this forum.

      The agenda:

      What I will express my interest in, is The 9th Age. As captain of 2016 Team USA, it is my duty and responsibility to:

      1) Attract Interest (to assemble a Team USA) to see if anybody wants to visit Spain

      2) Select a cohesive, competitive and fun Team USA

      3) Choose armies/lists based on team needs

      4) Practice throughout the year so that everybody becomes "battle-hardened" whereby games would become as instinctual as possible

      5) Have fun, love and embrace the international scene and ofc try and kick major @$$ in 2017 Spain ETC against the best of the best in the world

      The Very-Long-Elevator Pitch:

      Last year my goal was to obtain at least four American passports to form a recognized team. We accomplished that and became probably the most "regionless" team and will continue to uphold that shtick because as I've said before, team USA doesn't recognize regions.

      As we all know, the team will have 8 player spots, as well as 1 Non-Playing Coach (NPC) spot.

      Team selection criteria will involve the following 3 traits, all of equal importance:

      1) Playability
      We've embarked on a 2 year mission to podium at ETC. Next year's goal includes finishing top 10, and in 2018 we podium. Indeed, it's an aggressive plan, but certainly not unachievable if we have the talent. We'd hope everybody will know the rulebook/armybooks rules, know how to play all the rulebook scenarios while also being able to play to your role/matchups in this team-style tournament.

      To sum up the playability part - we're looking for the best players this country has to offer. Unfortunately "best" or even "good" are descriptive terms which can vary greatly from person to person, and that's ok because when used in wargaming, the spectrum can be vast. It's my duty ascaptain to select the cream of the crop. Therefore, because there isn't an iron-clad system in place to determine who's the best in the States for purposes of ETC playability, applicants will expected to play 2 UB games against Zach Martin (Team USA 2016 SE player) and myself. Please be advised that this is NOT a win-and-you're-in thing, NOR is it a lose-and-you're-out thing. The purpose is to gauge playability by analyzing critical thinking skills, decision-making, math-outcome analysis, and Ethics (see below). Bottom line, if you're "good", then simply show me.

      2) Team Attitude
      After everything boils down, we're a group of 9 people who must work together for 10 months practicing/theorizing/experimenting/debating. THEN, we must travel halfway across the world and hang out together playing with toy soldiers while meeting/chilling with other like-minded and incredibly awesome wargamers . If any of this doesn't fit your idea of a good time, team USA may not be for you.

      3) Ethics
      This 99% of the time shouldn't ever be an issue and nobody's ever perfect, however it must be said, disclosure alert lol - pretty please, no cheating. And by cheating I mean casually forgetting your unit must take a Frenzy test (or March block etc etc) even though you know you have to and are waiting for an opponent to point this out. Please no forgetting that certain things which helped you in WHFB, yet have been re-written more fairly and now doesn't help you anymore, yet you still claim to have forgotten the rule. This is 9th Age, not WHFB. If you're having trouble with this and it's taking 1+ year to learn the rules of T9A, then please reread all T9A rules and apply for the team in 2018. Team USA will always be known as a fun, tough and above all else, fair opponents.


      Applicants should submit the following:

      (1) Name

      (2) Brief Background

      (3) Proficient Armies

      (4) Any notable T9A "out-of-the-box" tournament finishes

      (5) Willingness to Travel to Spain (scale of 0-100, 100% meaning you can book flights tomorrow). We're also considering travelling there 1 week ahead of the tournament and renting out a beachside Villa in Portugal with Teams England, Ireland and perhaps Denmark, and you're interested in investing more time, please let me know.

      If you’d like to express interest, please submit your application via PM to me or below on the forum.

      edit: There isn't any firm deadline on submissions. Everybody's life situation is different, so whenever is fine. Though I'd like to have a team assembled by Jan-Feb 2017 at the latest.

      Also, I'd be happy to field any questions you may have prior/during/after submissions, so please either PM me with questions on anything and everything or post here if you'd like! It's going to be a wild ride indeed!!

      Thanks for reading,

      Chris Mince
      Team USA Captain 2017
      2012 ETC Ireland - WoC
      2013 ETC Ireland - VC
      2014 ETC Wales - DE
      2015 ETC USA - WoC
      2016 ETC USA (c) - VC
      2016 ETC Chairman
      2017 ETC USA (c) - VC
      2018 ETC USA (c) - VC