Building a Dread Elves Army

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    • Building a Dread Elves Army

      Hi everyone!

      I've taken to T9A hard, recently. I played maybe 3 games probably a year ago, and shelved the idea of T9A. But this past summer, being away from all sorts of gaming, I've come back to it and T9A is what I want to play.

      I dug out my Dread Elves, and started to put a force together for them.

      I plan to chart my progress with them here.
      This is the only army picture I have to hand:

      I've added a bunch of things to it since taking the picture. I'll grab a new army pic when I get the chance.

      I'm working on my spearmen. Batch painting 30 models is somewhat soul destroying. But slowly, they'll get there.

      More soon!
    • Thanks!

      Took full army pictures today:

      It totals over 4000 points including the unbuilt characters I have (I should get around to a big building session...). And while there is paint on a few things, only 1 is finished:


      The spearmen and 1 bolt thrower is almost finished. I need to rebase the spearmen, and varnish / flock the bolt thrower.
      Hopefully I can have those two done by the end of the weekend.

    • Afternoon guys,

      Hope everyone's weekend was a good one. I manager to sneak another game, against Dwarves. They're tough, I'll give them that! Another loss for the DElves. Currently operating at a 0:5:2 W:L:D ratio.
      I've been painting my Dread Reapers with the mindset that painted models perform better. So far they lack luster...

      The first one is finished:

      Just need to put a single magnet under the base of the Dread Reaper then it's 100%.

      And the other 2;

      The ones on the right will get a repaint. I've had those custom bases for ages, glad they are finally being used for something!

      I'm working on my first unit of 5 knights. Hopefully they'll get finished up soon.

      More soon,
    • So last night was my first Ninth Age win! 8 games in, and I finally win. I was playing a tournament dwarves army, and my opponent was tired and had/was getting over a cold, so plays on his part could have been a lot better. But I'll take a win where I can get it!! I feel that I made all the right plays, except one where I should have chaffed a unit of dwarves but instead I went for a 10" charge. I lost 2-3 raptors as a result of that dwarf unit. Not game changing in itself, but they could have held out longer over the game with more bodies and been more of a threat. Super happy with the result, anyway!

      And on the topic of knights dying, I finished a unit of knights:

      And I put together the unbuilt characters I had.

      I'm working on 2 more bolt throwers at the moment, and rebasing the spearmen.

    • Hey guys,

      I've finished off the last 2 Dread Reapers and another Sorcerer.

      I just need to finish rebasing my spearmen then they are all done too.
      I got 2 wins this past weekend playing against Highborn Elves. Pushing me up to 3 wins total :)
      I have another game or two planned for tonight. Helping a friend test a tournament list, he has a full cavalry empire list. I'm hopeful...

      I also built up my unbuilt characters:

    • Hey guys,

      Finally finished rebasing 30 spearmen (definately going to get it right first time with my next load of rank and file!).

      Just finishing up a chariot, then I'm onto the next batch.

      I'm splitting my army down into batches of units to paint at the same time. Everything I've done so far was the first batch. The next batch is going to be 28 crossbow men, 5 more knights, another chariot and 2 knight heroes.

      I've got a couple of games lined up tonight, playing against WoC for the first time. And taking another crack at Empire.
      I recently beat an Infernal Dwarves army at 1000 points. It was a super fun game, and really tough to build a 1k list! Almost tabled him - he had 2 taurukh dudes left... It literally came down to me getting a 9" charge with my executioners. They ground out some Incarnates, and got out of the way of his citadel guard. Once they got the incarnates, they reformed and combo charged his citadel guard. It was a fun game, and my opponent's first ID game. Man, they're tough!

      I'm thinking about buying my DE, but I'm indecisive about what to get! I think I have a pretty good spread of "filler" (a little bit of everything). But now I need to decide to go down the infantry/cavalry/moster route... Suggestions? Leaning towards cavalry. I have a list built up with another 10 knights in it... Also waiting on my Harpies to arrive from Avatars of War. It's shipping for spain, so who knows how long it'll take(?).

    • Hey guys,

      @Reservup: Yeah, spearmen are from GameZone. Pretty nice, all in all, and for a good price. They were a little bit fiddley to put together. And their spears bent in the post (they came in little bags, opposed to anything sturdy stopping them bend). Fairly easy to use hot water. But doing it 30 times was frustrating, especially seeing as it was taking way too long to get them perfectly straight.

      As much as I want to buy another 10 knights and run 20 in a list, I've decided to get each unit in the book before maxing out like that. Leaning toward 20 tower guard as a next purchase, and maybe the Avatars of War Naga to use as a medusa (and most likely a unit filler).
      Still waiting on a box of 15 harpies from Avatars of War, too.

      I finished another unit of 5 Knights:

      Also prepping to jump into my next block of infantry... Reaper Auxiliaries:

      Rebased, remagnetised and primed. I also put the silver down with the airbrush as a good % will be silver, just to save time.
      It should be quick in theory; paint the cloth purple, wash completly. Touch up the silver and purple and that should be 3/4 of the model done.
      However, the sheer number of bodies is going to slow it down!
      (The movement tray was just hitching a ride through the basing/priming process - obviously they aren't going to hit the table in that formation!)

      Haven't played any games in just over a week... Hoping to get a few in on Sunday.

      More soon.
    • Hey guys,

      Finished off the Xbowmen!

      Not the most flattering angle, but the best of a terrible batch of pictures. Will most likely retake a few next time I'm set up for pictures.

      I'm not sure what's next with my Fantasy stuff. I'm on a build/base/prime spree at the moment. Fixing up the bits and pieces that have broken and magnetising the stuff that isn't yet.
      I'll probably paint some light cavalry, and bide my time before my next block of troops.

      More soon,
    • Ok, so I dont really know why I haven't updated this recently. A combination of reasons most likely.
      But nevertheless, here is one big update to catch you up.

      As promised, the better pics for the Crossbow men.

      There are another 8 dudes off to the side, but they're basically the same as this.

      And here is everything else I've been working on.
      The Tower Guard.

      Dark Raiders

      Dark Acolytes

      The Kraken!
      I really, really enjoyed painting this bad boy. I sat down to built it one quiet saturday afternoon, and I had to force myself to stop painting it that night. I worked on it all day! I made the finishing touches the morning after, and I love it!

      That's it for the new paint. But I do have another chunk of WiPs.

      That's a Hydra, more fast cav and harpies.
      The Harpies are particularly frustrating to do. They are from Avatars of War. Fantastic quality, and the plastic is amazing to work with. But the joins (between the wings and body particularly) are very small. Took a while for them to stick, and they look very fragile. I forsee some wings breaking off soon. But worse than that, they don't have flying bases(!). Their sprues have the vine pattern along it (imagine a tree trunk with vines growing around it), and that is what the AoW pictures have as their flying stands. That in itself isn't terrible, but there is no place to connect the stands to the model! I've had to drill holes in the model and top of the sprue to fit a metal rod between the two to hold them together.

      No idea how it will look at the end. Hopefully not too bad.

      That's about it, the past month. The rest of this afternoon, I'll probably prime the Hydra. I know that beauty is going to be the next thing I paint.
      Thanks for checking in!