Children of the Wyrm (Homebrew faction)

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    • Petterwass wrote:

      Found you a new character!
      Because even dragons need to bring the sexy.... back


      Also, any feedback on things as they stand? Because I'm sort of tempted to make broods already, despite them being basically variant armies, but I wanted at least one review before implementing those... >.>
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      Here have my homebrew
    • Gnomes2169 wrote:

      Petterwass wrote:

      Found you a new character!
      Because even dragons need to bring the sexy.... back
      Also, any feedback on things as they stand? Because I'm sort of tempted to make broods already, despite them being basically variant armies, but I wanted at least one review before implementing those... >.…emale-dragonkin-mage.html
      I haz a blog!…-the-moment-aslo-batreps/.

      Mostly KoE and ID stuff. Now also some Void
    • So then, after looking at things forever, and glaring at some dragons, their scaled, and their stupid, doofy faces, I figured that the Special section has one egregious and particularly bland unit entry, and it was the Dragonkin Exemplar. So, being bland but entirely too effective, I have split this one elite unit into two separate units, one meant for combat, and the other without as much combat power and meant to be used as the Bodyguard unit for wizards, with a special interaction with said wizard's missile and damage spells.

      The names of these units are the Clerics of the Flame (bodyguards), and the Wyrm Guard (combat unit). Feedback on them would be appreciated.

      Also, I figured that leadership was a bit too strong on a lot of the units in this army, and that it was an unnecessary strength of the army in general. So, with that in mind, average R&F leadership was reduced to basic human LD (7), no R&F unit has more than 8 (with the Dragon being the one exception to this rule, but that is a monster not R&F), and only the Dragon Matriarch has LD 10 among the characters, and only the Dragon Patriarch having LD 9.

      The spellcasting characters became a bit more expensive, just because of what they possessed, but the Keeper of Ember gained WS 4 (being a psuedo-combat wizard in a CC based army, this made sense), and the Stoker of Breath may now know up to 2 spells.

      Next, core saw two changes: The Drakelings lost their command group, but gained an upgrade that allows them to accept challenges on behalf of a Draken Brood Mother, and bows on the Servants of Ember became a 0-2 choice while the unit itself became an unlimited choice, because small arms fire is supposed to be a large weakness of this faction, and even 75 bows was too good of a shooting phase. No more of that, now.

      And finally, the God Beast became 620 points and LD 7. Because it should be, dangit.
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      Here have my homebrew
    • Well, time to do some more things. And so, starting out...

      The Seraphs limit has been increased to 35% (from 30%). This is accompanied by the Dragon Patriarch going up to 640 points (from 600) and a change to the generic Dragon option, both in name and in abilities.

      The Dragon is now the Brood Guardian, is costed at 600 points (from 560), and has gained the ability Divine Terror, which protects it and friendly units within 6" from the charges of enemies (or at least, makes them a little bit harder without proper positioning).

      Additionally, it's time to get started on those broods... aaaaaaaaaaaand I also made a google doc. Yay.
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      Here have my homebrew
    • So then, the first half of those broods have been finished. So far I have Black, Green and Red done, representing three of the major factions of the armies of Tiamat (the Tamers (Drakes AND other races), the Warriors and the Rulers respectively). I have the Blue, Silver and White to go for the three "supporting cast" broods (being Magical Pirates, Reincarnated Solders and Enforcers respectively), but I figured I would give y'all a taste of what they look like here.


      While the main army book represents the combined armies of Tiamat’s spawn, there are many different aspects to the Goddess of Dragon that can each make an effective army all of their own. If a player wants, they may field an army comprised of a single draconic brood, emphasising the army’s different play styles, strengths and weaknesses, along with adding a theme to their army.

      Black Brood

      The Black brood is one born of the Mother’s sorrow. Children of Endings, the dragon-kin who are born into this brood tend to be nihilistic in their approach to life, especially warfare. Brutal soldiers, effective and cold so that they can bring combat to a swift end, the Black brood are the Soldiers of Death and Pariahs of Grief.
      Their brood is the most short-lived, those who survive war and strife becoming elderly and passing to the Mother’s side after living but two human lifespans. This relative mortality gives them a strange respect for the more fragile races, especially the drakes and humans that the dragonkin have domesticated, and an outlook on life itself that is both bleak and joyous. For them, of all dragon-kin, death is not only a possibility, but inevitable, and so the prospect of facing it is not something to be feared. Rather, it should be embraced, with a smile and knowledge that their life was lived to its fullest before its end.
      This is not to say that they are fearless, but members of the black brood will not flee from any army, nor back down when faced by any monster. If by their sacrifice a different brood or ally may be spared annihilation, then that sacrifice shall be made.
      Tiamat’s black head represents sorrow, sacrifice, peace and acceptance, and much like that aspect these children do not desire war. For to wage war is to bring pain, and only a monster would wish to revel in the suffering of others. But sadly, war is inevitable, and their loyalty to their kin and their goddess is unquestionable. And so, despite hating it, the Black brood has refined the art of war so that they can end it as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
      Knowing that they sew suffering with their actions, the Black brood is unique among their kin for taking the time to respect the dead of their fallen foes, even going so far as to prepare the dead of their enemy for a proper burial! This includes carrying the shattered bodies back to their traditional mausoleums, or to the clan halls of their ancestors, across leagues and countries if necessary. And for this the other races are known to allow these funeral processions to pass through unmolested, respecting the sanctity of the dead and their escorts, even joining the procession in some cases, and allowing some small peace to reign in the midst of war.
      With how little they desire to participate at the front of the war and how protective they are of other races, the Black brood is typically given the “lowly” job of consolidating the power and holdings of the rest of their kin. While this makes them vital to the survival of the empire the Reds and Whites dream of, it is also little more than a glorified nanny position, and, among many of the dragon kin, makes the Black brood into the joke of the armies.
      What few true armies this brood fields are scarred veterans that have put up with this perception of their “weakness” for decades, and who deal with the jeering and the insults with a silent dignity that seems lacking in the rest of their race. This has drawn the notice and respect of the Green brood, who view these peace-dreaming warriors as brothers and friends.
      Only demons and their servants are accorded the hatred of this brood, along with all otherworldly and undead things. Those servants of the unnatural exist in defiance of the cycle of life and death, opposed to the Black’s view of right, wrong and inevitable, and as such they must be eradicated before their filth can be allowed to spread further. Against such a foe there can be a joy in combat, even if war itself is a terrible thing.

      Brood Rules
      Dragon Matriarchs, Dragonflame Adepts, Dragonkin Chosen, Ancient Wyrms and God Beasts may not be taken in an army with this brood.

      All models in an army with this brood gain Hatred (Otherworldly, Undead)

      In an army with this brood, the limits on the Draken Brood category are increased to 35%, while the Seraphs category is decreased to 20%

      All models in an army with this brood gain Accepted Inevitability.
      • Accepted Inevitability: A model with this special rule may never declare the flee action, and automatically passes any terror test.
      No model in an army with this brood may take the Pursue or Overrun actions when an enemy breaks or is wiped out in close combat, even if they have Frenzy. Instead, they take the following action if they become unengaged:
      • Bury the Dead: A unit that takes this action makes a post-combat reform and may not be the target of shooting attacks or spells during the enemy’s next turn. A unit that takes this action may not charge or march during their controlling player’s next turn.
      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm lose this special rule, and instead gain Grim Determination
      • Grim Determination: Models with this special rule gain Frenzy on the turn they successfully charge or are charged in close combat.
      Keepers of Embers in an army with this brood may generate spells from the paths of Evocation or Pyromancy.

      All breath weapons in the army are replaced with a Breath Weapon (Toxic attacks).

      Draken Brood Mothers and Mature Drakes must gain the ability Favored Pets for 20 points.
      • Favored pets: A model with this special rule gains Thunderous Charge as long as they join combat involving a friendly model that has the Dragon Primarch special rule. For monstrous cavalry models, this ability only affects mounts.
      Ascended Drakes, Young Drakes, Drake Riders and Elemental Drake models in the army must gain the ability Favored Pets for 15 points/ model.

      Brood Guardians must replace Divine Terror with Come the Reaper.
      • Come the Reaper: Model parts with Grim Determination within 6” of a model with this special rule must reroll to hit and to wound rolls of 1 in close combat.

      Green Brood

      The Green brood is a savage, primal thing. A warrior brood famed for its ability to withstand and recover from blows that would fell even other dragon-kin in a heartbeat, the Green brood has no room or patience for the weak within its ranks. The Breathless Legions, Undying Shield and Champions of Life among Tiamat’s army, the Green Brood is the enforcer branch of the dragon-kin.
      The Green Brood is the longest lived, with the most ancient of its members remembering the end of the Third age. Much of their longevity comes from their innate regenerative abilities, which, while not remarkable, are still notable in and of themselves. Their long lives paired with their ambitious personalities have created a society of blood knights, constantly seeking challenge and opponents that can bring excitement to their monotonous existence.
      Tiamat’s Green head represents life, healing, growth and rebirth. While many of these aspects are good, and the positive nature of the Green brood can attest to that fact, it does not mean that this aspect of Tiamat is soft. After all, life is not without struggle and hardship, healing takes time and must be learned from, and growth has to be earned. And the Green brood cheerfully embraces and embodies all of these different meanings and aspects, seeking to grow from trial and to help others grow as well, even if their “partners” do not share the same outlook on life.
      Their desire for challenge and, in some ways, martial supremacy makes the Green brood the most likely to come into conflict with the other dragon-kin, especially their red brethren who constantly try to assert dominance over the Green brood. For the Greens this is a cute display of affection, while the Reds, and to a lesser degree the other broods, find it to be a large source of annoying arrogance. And, to a degree, they are right. If a Green is not humbled by their commanding officers, they will blatantly ignore their orders and their authority with a laugh and a challenge.
      And if the Greens were truly without flaw, then they may very well be the most dominant of all the dragon-kin and the war might be different. However, despite being the most skilled and swift of Tiamat’s children, and despite their healing and long lives, the Greens lack one major advantage possessed by the other broods. Their title of Breathless is quite literal and a mark of shame for the draconic subrace, as the fires that burn within the chest of their kin do not grace the Greens, leaving them vulnerable to that strength of their brethren, and humbled by those gifted with the mother’s direct blessing.
      The last quirk of the Green brood is its oddly fierce loyalty and protective nature towards the Black brood. Despite their diametrically opposed natures and personalities, the Greens see the desire for peace from the Blacks not as a badge of weakness or hypocrisy, but as a sign of an inner strength and understanding that they simply do not possess, and the Black’s short-lived nature is a gateway to insights that the nigh-immortal greens would never dream of. This as well has led to contention among the broods, as most other colors reject the Blacks for these very traits, and as confusing as it might be this is the glue that holds these branches of Dragon-kin society together.

      Brood Rules
      Dragon Matriarchs, Stokers of Breath, Clerics of the Flame, Dragonfire Adepts, Scale Sworn and Elemental Drakes may not be taken in an army with this brood.

      No model in this brood may purchase a breath weapon. All models that come with a breath weapon lose it, and gain the special rule Healing Command instead.
      • Healing Command: One use only. A model that uses healing command may target a unit within 6”. The unit immediately raises d6+1 wounds and increases its movement attribute by 2” until the end of the turn. This ability may be used at the start of any phase during the controlling player’s turn.
      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm lose that special rule and gain Battle Lust instead.
      • Battle Lust: Model parts with this special rule have Regeneration 6+ and +1 leadership while in combat. Models that also have Divine Warding gain Regeneration 5+ instead.
      All Children of the Scale and Keepers of Ember must gain +1 Weapon Skill and +1 Initiative for 15 points. All Dragon Primarchs and Brood Guardians must also gain these attribute increases for 30 points.

      Keepers of Embers generate spells from the paths of Druidism or Pyromancy. They may take the ability Boiling Blood for 60 points.
      • Boiling Blood: If a model with this special rule joins a unit with the Battle Lust special rule, the Regeneration save of the unit is increased by 1 (to a maximum of 4+).
      Dragonkin Chosen must gain the special rule Eternal Warrior for 6 points/ model.
      • Eternal Warrior: Models with this special rule gain Lethal Strike and must reroll all natural to-wound rolls of 1 in close combat.
      Half Dragons must gain Eternal Warrior and +1 Weapon Skill for 30 points/ model.

      When an Arch Wyrm gains Wizard Conclave, it gains the the spells Healing Waters (Path of Druidism) and Cascading Fire (Path of Pyromancy) instead of its normal spells.

      Brood Guardians lose the Divine Terror special rule and gain the Drive to Glory instead.
      • Drive to Glory: Friendly models within 6” of a model with this special rule gain +1” of movement, and they gain Swift Stride on the charge. If a model already had Swift Stride, then they may reroll any 1’s rolled for charge range.

      Red Brood

      The lords and self-styled nobility of the dragon broods, the Red brood is the most gifted by Tiamat’s burning spirit, and carry with them the arrogance that god-children might be expected to have. The Lords of Flame, the Golden Legion and Tiamat’s Pride, the Red brood is the ruling class of the dragon-kin.
      The Red brood is the tallest and most physically imposing of all the dragon broods, and they are not afraid to leverage this to their advantage whenever it suits their needs. Since it’s nearly impossible to command the unified dragon-kin armies with anything but displays of raw, primal force, they are often required to do so. Weakness invites challenge, and challenge can threaten the divine mission given to the Red brood by Tiamat herself.
      Tiamat’s red head represents fire, wrath, passion and inspiration, and is the central of Tiamat’s heads, the very core of her being. The Red brood took this as a sign that they were destined to rule, the gift of Tiamat’s fire only stoking their pride, and their pride having turned into arrogance long ago. However, while proud, hot-blooded and sometimes childish whenever any sign of defiance is shown by their kin, the Red brood is also by far the most intelligent, each of them a tactical genius and philosopher who can challenge the best generals among the elves. Their arrogance is earned… and they know it.
      On top of that, their greater physical size and the literal fire coursing through their veins are actually signs of Tiamat’s direct divine blessing, the goddess granting these gifts to her favored champions on occasion. That she has given her blessing to an entire brood is unprecedented, however, and another mark of the Red's pride and validity.
      Reds are organized, living in a strict and highly disciplined caste system of ranks and warriors. From the moment they are hatched, the Red drakon-kin are reborn within the flames of dragon kind, taught the ways of war, and then the greatest of their number are given command over the others in a council of rulers, on which two seats are given to the other broods, while the Red hold four. To be fair, this is more because the other broods do not truly wish to be rule than because of any unfairness on behalf of the Reds, but this does allow the Lords of Flame just the amount of control they need to have reshaped the broods in the image passed down to them by Tiamat’s priests.
      And, to be fair again, the reason such restructuring has taken place is because the Red brood has proven just how effective it can be. In the span of a single decade, the Red brood conquered every island, nation, clan and tribe of their highly individualistic people on the entire continent, bound them to the purpose handed to them by Tiamat’s messengers, and have since wiped out or subjugated all other races that could stand in their way.
      The last thing to note about the Red brood is that they refuse to be associated with the drakes, seeing the lesser dragon-kin as nothing but mindless beasts that sully the name of dragon kind. There is no room for weakness or impurity in the Red brood, which has led to contention with the flawed Black and Green broods, and a fast alliance with the pure Whites. Such tensions do not lead to genocide, as they are all still Tiamat’s children of course, but still, the Reds have come to heated debates and blows many times in the past, and will likely do so again as the Greens continue to challenge the Red’s rule, and the Blacks continually attempt to forge a peace with their Goddess-given foes.

      Brood Rules
      Draken Brood Mothers and Drakelings may not be taken in this army. Characters may not take mounts.

      In an army with this brood the Draken Brood limit becomes 0% and its Seraphs limit becomes 40%.

      All breath weapons in the army increase their base strength by 1. All models that can purchase a breath weapon increase the cost by 10 points, and all models that come with a breath weapon increase their points cost by 15 points.

      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm lose this special rule and gain Burning Blood instead.
      • Burning Blood: At initiative step 0 in close combat, all enemy units in base contact with models bearing this special rule are dealt 1 Strength 4 hit with flaming attacks for every 3 wounds dealt to the unit with this special rule this round of combat.

      Children of the Scale and Keepers of Embers may gain [lexicon]Blessings[/lexicon] of Flame for 45 points.
      • Blessings of Flame: At the beginning of each combat phase, a model with this special rule may choose to give themselves and the unit they have joined (if any) Flaming attacks until the end of the phase.

      In an army with this brood, Children of the Scale must gain Fireborn, Immune to Psychology and +1 Leadership for 35 points/ model.

      Keepers of Embers gain +1 Leadership and may generate up to 4 spells (200 points to generate 4 spells).

      Dragonkin Warriors may add up to 25 models.

      Clerics of the Flame may add up to 25 models.

      Dragonflame Adepts may add up to 15 models.

      Half Dragons must gain the Fireborn special rule for 10 points/ model.

      Arch Wyrms must gain a breath weapon (Strength 5, flaming attacks) for 70 points.

      Brood Guardians become a 0-2 choice. In addition, they lose the special rule Divine Terror and gain All-Consuming Flame instead.
      • All-Consuming Flame: This model gains Flaming Attacks. Friendly units within 6” of this model gain +1 to their to-wounds roll on close combat attacks, as long as those close combat attacks have the Flaming Attacks special rule.
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      Here have my homebrew

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    • Alright, final update changes to note, and finally have Broods to post as well! So then, actual changes:

      Dragon High Matriarch: Has become 860 points (a 100 point DECREASE), because 960 points was egregious, even if it's a massive beatstick. That's basically all she was, and she was priced more than the HBE Ancient Dragon AND the Rider, despite not being as effective as both together (less armor, fewer attacks, no lightning reflexes attacks, and all for the ability to have Immune to Psychology and a 5+ ward). Don't worry, she can still easily nearly max-out your character/ Seraphs section by herself, especially with the Silver brood.

      Scale Lord: Regained Leadership 9 and now costs 300 points base (a 30 point increase). Because they needed a reason to be fielded over Wyrmspeakers, and this technically makes them the "budget" option for your generals option.

      Half Dragons lost scoring, because flight made them a bit too maneuverable and able to get into place to also give them the ability to secure objectives.

      Scale Sworn: Got dropped to a 0-2 choice, and also have a 15 model cap. Because shooting needs to be limited, and scouting (alternate deployment in general) is going to be limited outside of the Blue Brood.

      Wyrm Guard gained scoring because they should have had it for a while. They may also now gain Great Weapons for 3 points/ model, the cost being that low just because of how nice a 3+ armor save is, and because the Bladed Shield can actually be quite effective with a character (I4 and 3 attacks are actually pretty nice on top of 3+ armor, even if only S4).

      Minor tweeks to parts of the broods, including but not limited to:

      Characters in the Green brood gain regeneration 5+ instead of 6+ from Battle Lust.

      It was noticed that Children of the Scale in the Red brood already had immune to psychology, and so that upgrade was cleaned up and reduced by 10 points.

      Moar fluff tweaks to make things better!

      Finally, the last 3 Broods are finished.

      Blue Brood
      Blue Brood
      The Blue brood are the most secretive of all Tiamat’s children. Even among their own kin they seem flighty, unwilling to divulge their brood’s secrets, and even out-right nervous if approached by dragon-kin of differing broods or clans. These lords of magic are nomadic, living within their flying castles and fortresses at the very fringes of dragon-kin territory and acting as the advanced guard of their kind’s armies. The Oncoming Storm, Dragon Riders and Vault Hunters, this brood of pirates and slavers acts for their own hidden interests.
      The only brood not to hold true dragons as something far greater than their ken, the Blue brood seems to have long ago abandoned many of the traditions of their peers, chief of which are the twin taboos of possessing slaves and riding into battle upon the backs of dragons. While this obviously had led to certain tactical advantages, it also has lead to much of the more pious elements of their race simply abandoning this brood, which serves the Blues just fine. Priests cause headaches, and clerics demand, of all things, tithes.
      Tiamat’s blue head represents freedom, logic, progress and doubt, all mixed together to culminate in the heart of a violent storm of change and shifting ideals. Leading to Blues, of being able to understand, decipher and join the political games of other races, as their own society is a jumble of almost every shady machination that man and beats have conceived! This combined with their ability to harness raw mana has lead to the creation of an ever-shifting jumble of city-states, each made from the floating strongholds that the many disparate, still separate clans created back when the world was young, and the Veil far more open to tampering than it is now. To the Blues, an immobile home leads to stagnation, and stagnation is worse than death.
      While greed is common among many of the dragon-kin, a trait that was inherited from their blessings and ancestors long ago, among the Blues it is almost the only driving force that can truly motivate them to action. Even the slightest of rumors of some artifact or secret hoard is enough to launch an expedition, and if scouts from multiple blue factions should cross paths on the way to a particular treasure, a conflict that only one force will survive is almost inevitably going to happen.
      Their avarice combined with their intellect have made this brood into a race of incredibly effective pirates, striking hard and fast from seemingly out of nowhere, only to disappear once they have stolen what magical and glittering plunder they desired in the first place. The effectiveness of these raids has earned them the grudging respect of the Dread Elves… but if only for raw admiration for the magical technology displayed in the flying cities that the blues employ! Many a Dread Prince has tried to claim even a mere fortress, though only the luckiest and most cunning have been able to wrest control from the clutches of a clan for even a short while.
      Of all the broods, the blues are the only ones that were never conquered by the reds. While they did fight at times, it was always in the manner of pirates raiding a settlement or city, never as true, bitter enemies. Now they seem to hold a pact: The blues can claim whatever plunder they desire, and the reds shall not interfere as long as the raids target their enemies. A pact that the blues have no desire to break, since dragon versus dragon battles always tend to get more… messy, and the "children" have so much land to explore anyway!

      Brood Rules
      An army with this brood may not include Divine Dragons, Stokers of Breath, Draken Brood Mothers, Drakelings, Servants of Ash, Clerics of the Flame or God Beasts.

      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm lose this special rule and instead gain Vanguard and Paranoia.
      • Paranoia: A unit with this special rule gains parry and may not use their general’s inspiring presence for Panic or Break tests.

      All models with Fly in an army with this brood gain Death from Above.
      • Death from Above: Units composed entirely of models with this special rule may move to within 9” of enemy units when they make Vanguard moves. If a model with this special rule has Ambush, then when they enter the board with this special rule, they may enter the battlefield within 6” of any board edge, facing any direction they can legally fit.

      All breath weapons in an army with this brood lose Flaming attacks and gain Lightning attacks and Magical Attacks instead.

      Scale Lords and Keepers of Embers may be mounted on a Brood Guardian for 640 points. This mount is a 0-1 choice, and counts against the army’s Seraphs limit when taken in this manner.

      Keepers of Embers may generate spells from the paths of Alchemy, Cosmology, Divination or Thaumaturgy.

      Dragonkin Chosen may lose Vanguard and instead gain Ambush for 6 points/ model.

      Scale Sworn become a 0-4 choice, and any units containing 15 models count towards the army’s core requirements.

      Half Dragons, Drake Riders and Mature Drakes may lose Vanguard and instead gain Ambush for 15 points/ model.

      When an Arch Wyrm gains Wizard Conclave, it has the the spells Ice and Fire (Path of Cosmology) and Know thy Enemy (Path of Divination) instead of its normal spells.

      If no character is mounted on a Brood Guardian, then the limit on Brood Guardians in an army with this brood becomes 0-2. In addition, Brood Guardians lose Divine Terror and instead gain Magical Conduit.
      • Magical Conduit: All wizards within 6” of a model with this special rule (including riders, if any) gain +1 to all spellcasting attempts. In addition, every friendly unit within 6” of a model with this special rule gains Magic Resistance (2) and the Channel special rule if they did not possess it before.

      Silver Brood
      Silver Brood
      The most ancient and yet the youngest of the broods, the Silver brood were not “born” into the world in the typical meaning of the word. Instead, these unyielding warriors were created by the hands of the White brood, crafted and moulded into the beings that they are now, and into these empty shells were the spirits of Dragonkin past and future infused. Named the Silent Legions, Tiamat’s Claw and the Lost Brood, these warriors represent all of dragon-kind, in all of its aspects, wonders and failings.
      Fighting with draconic fury and possessing thick natural armour, the Silvers make ideal shock troops, and given how they will never back down from a challenge and how they seem to know no fear, they are also ideal warriors to counter monstrous beasts of the mortal factions. The living blessing that these dragonkin represent has healed the fractured spirit of their race, giving them a banner to stand beneath, finally united after long, long years of strife.
      Tiamat does not have a Silver aspect, leading to some admitted confusion of where this brood gets their coloration. Many say that the whites, being the poorest of the broods, simply could not afford to make them from any other materials, while the white brood scoffs at these accusations and claim that the other broods have forgotten that Tiamat’s body shined with a silverine glimmer. Whatever the case, this brood has come to represent Tiamat’s Divinity, the Unity of her differing aspects, the Wonder of her creation, and the History of their long-lived race.
      Their bodies are made from a strange kind of silver, infused with iron for muscle and molten copper for blood. In all ways they are literally living constructs that perhaps took inspiration from the Terracotta armies of the Eastern continents, though how the Whites might have learned of that far away-place is unknown. Their bodies possess every function that their living descendants take for granted, beating hearts, working eyes, ears and tongues, the abilities to breathe, eat and sleep, and to feel. Things that these long-deceased spirits lacked for literal millennia beyond the Veil. Which makes it strange that not a single one of them has ever spoken within hearing of the other broods.
      The Whites claim that that the Silver constructs should be perfectly able to talk, were they to choose so, and that they were granted knowledge of all known languages by Tiamat herself upon being reborn. And yet, none of them has spoken to the other broods. If this is a pact made by the dead to keep secrets of the veil from the living, divine interference or simply a shared madness from having been trapped within limbo for so long is unknown… though one brood holds a theory that may make sense.
      The Scale Lords of the Blacks, and through them the Greens and many Reds, claim that it is simply a mark of their shame. The mourning brood sees within the Silvers a sorrow and desperation that can only belong to those who have failed, whether through cowardice or incompetence. From this the desperation of the Silvers to fight and die honorably, to earn their place at Tiamat’s side, suddenly becomes understandable, and their silence is simply from being unable to look upon those who serve faithfully where they had proved unequal to the task. The Whites call this claim heresy, of course, but their inability to give a credible theory otherwise has given it weight, and the Silver brood’s interference whenever the Whites try to punish those spreading the word gives it credence.

      Brood Rules
      This brood is the one that most resembles the default Children of the Wyrm army, as they are technically already the combined armies incarnate. As such, they do not have any restrictions on character, mount or unit selection beyond what is already present, and they do not change Fury of the Wyrm for any other special rule. However, they do still have some differences:

      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm gain Body of Steel:
      • Body of Steel: A model part with this special rule increases their innate defense by 1 (6+ to 5+, 5+ to 4+, etc). However, they may not wear Light armour, Heavy armour or light armour, and any model parts equipped with these armours lose them.

      All models with Fury of the Wyrm gain Ancient Warrior:
      • Ancient Warrior: Models with this special rule gain Immune to Psychology. Characters with this special rule gain +1 weapon skill as well.

      Divine Dragons gain Child of the Mother.
      • Child of the Mother: As long as a friendly unit is within the inspiring presence of a model with this special rule, those units gain the benefits of the Dragon Primarch special rule as if they had a character with that rule joined to them.

      Divine Dragons increase their points cost by 160 points in an army with this brood. This brings the cost of the Dragon High Patriarch 800 points and the Dragon High Matriarch 1020 points.

      Brood Guardians increase their points cost by 60 points in an army with this brood. This brings their cost to 660 points.

      White Brood
      White Brood
      The Pure brood, the Flawless and the Faithful, the white brood is the the clerical branch of Tiamat’s faith. Long the protectors of holy sites and their goddess’s temples within their own lands, the White brood is steeped in traditions from before the times when Ages were measured, and through them a time long past is still, somehow, preserved.
      The White brood is the smallest of all the others, having long controlled their birth rate and dwelt within temples that couldn’t support a larger population. Because of this, for literal centuries the other broods looked upon them as tiny, unimportant, viewing their neutrality as an acceptance of this weakness. In truth they were merely waiting for one brood to truly claim dominance over all the others, and the moment of the Red’s triumph over the Greens the whites came out in all of their numbers to swear allegiance to Tiamat’s chosen.
      Tiamat’s white head represents Faith, Ice, Purity and Preservation, but the White brood does not represent just these traits. While perhaps emphasized more than the others, the White brood are the holders of the Old Ways, when all Dragonkin embodied Tiamat’s varied icons instead of being merely champions of one head or another. Ironically, despite having almost no regard for the “lesser” races, this makes the members of the White brood one of the most relatable aside from the Black! For every act of pride there is one of humility, sorrow one of joy, and wrath is followed by forgiveness. And this dual nature, complexity and depth, while epitomizing the example of the Dragons above all others, makes the White brood the most… human.
      Bearers of the Old Ways and the ones who remember the times past when Dragon and God battled against demons, banishing the dark spirits from the realms of mortals, the White brood is the one that cherishes their ancestors the most out of any dragonkin. They also remember the task set to them by Tiamat, the glory that was the First Empire, and the dreams of their once-unified race, and to all of these things have the Whites remained faithful. Even after long millennia of stagnation, watching their once-proud race crumble to infighting and petty squabbles while the empire Tiamat promised slowly eroded to be replaced by their Saurian servants, the White brood remained faithful, and awaited the signs from their goddess.
      And perhaps this is why they are able to call upon their ancestors, and why they were able to create the Silver brood. For the duty imposed upon them resonated and called to those spirits of fallen servants of the Mother, drawing the Silver brood to the world. With magic the Whites summoned the spirits, and with new oaths did they bind them to bodies that had been long prepared within their temples, for a time when the symbols of Tiamat’s undivided children would be needed. For the time of their Ascension. The perfect army that the would-be generals and warlords had only heard of in stories and myth, made flesh and bone.
      The Whites are willingly subservient to the Reds, but it is only because they have been shown to have the Mother’s favor, and are thus the best instruments and figureheads to lead her crusades. The clerics of this brood have made it clear that if no other brood had risen up within the next age, then the Whites would have summoned the Silvers to bring their siblings in line and lead the coming conquest themselves. For while they are a patient brood… there is a limit to everything. And given how many Chosen reside among their ranks, it was obvious that Tiamat did favor them as well, an implication that the Reds do well to remember.

      Brood Rules
      An army with this brood may not include Scale Sworn, Drake Riders or God Beasts. Characters are not allowed to take mounts in an army with this brood.

      The Draken Brood limit is lowered to 15% in an army with this brood.

      All model parts with Fury of the Wyrm in an army with this brood lose this special rule and gain Ancient Duty instead.
      • Ancient Duty: Models with this special rule gain Immune to Psychology, and gain +1 to wound in combat rounds after the first. If at least half of a unit is comprised of models with this special rule, that unit does not suffer from disruption for having units in its flank.

      All breath weapons lose Flaming attacks and gain Armor Piercing (1) in an army with this brood.

      Children of the Scale, Keepers of Embers and Stokers of Breath in an army with this brood may gain Fly (5) for 30 points.

      Keepers of Embers may generate spells from the paths of Divination, Pyromancy or Thaumaturgy.

      Dragonkin Warriors and Drakelings become a 0-2 choice in an army with this brood.

      Clerics of the Flame may add up to 30 models in an army with this brood.

      Dragonkin Chosen become a 0-3 choice, and may add up to 15 models in an army with this brood.

      The only Elemental Drake that may be included in an army with this brood is the Ice Drake.

      When an Arch Wyrm gains Wizard Conclave, it has the the spells The Stars Align (Path of Divination) and Cleansing Fire (Path of Thaumaturgy) instead of its normal spells.

      Brood Guardians in an army with this brood lose the Divine Terror special rule, and instead gain Unwavering Service.
      • Unwavering service: Friendly units within 6” of a model with this special rule may not lose Steadfast as long as they have 1 full rank.

      And with that, everything that could be reviewed is ready to be reviewed. And so I summon thee with dread word and deed, @lawgnome and @Petterwass , to gaze upon this madness and then determine just how broken I have made this poor faction.
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      Here have my homebrew

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    • Oh, I suppose I should also bother @blonde beer to make a new video of this here, since this will be much easier to look at if he ignores all those totally optional broods that people will probably choose instead of the main army. :P I'm sorry that my factions take like, 2 hours to review just because of all the things I add to them. ;w;
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    • Some last-minute changes just to say I'm still alive, and because certain topics made me realize that some things in this faction might just not be fun to play against. That said, let's go.

      1) Magical items: Heart of the God Beast lost the halving of multi-wounds, and became 120 points (50 points cheaper). The bearer also loses Fireborn if they had it before, allowing Red Brood characters and Dragon High Patriarchs to use the item if they want to get immunity to lethal strike and a 4+ regen. Losing multi-wounds reduction implemented because OK Rock Auroch made me realize just how anti-fun that rule is (even if it rounds up).

      2) Special: Dragonfire Adepts lost scoring, had their innate ward save reduced to 6+, and now have Divine Warding. While this is tehnically a buf (immunity to divine attacks is nice and all), it also means that the unit becomes more confined and less independent like it was before, since now they must remain in the general's IP to gain their full protection. It also gives them less synergy with the "Suicide General" battle plan that the base faction (and Silver brood) can pull off, given they become frenzied and very grumpy if the general dies. Now, they lose their 5+ ward if that happens.

      3) Draken Brood: Drake Riders have lost their ward save and their Divine Wardings special rule, and their price remains unchanged as tehy were definitely undercosted before. They are a powerful unit with or without the 5+ ward, and the Draken brood are supposed to be the part of the army book that is the least dependent on the general's influence, so giving them a super potent potential 3+/5++, T5, immunity to divine attacks, but only in the general's Inspiring Presence just didn't fit the category.

      And finally, 4) Seraphs: The God Beast no longer reduces multi-wounds by half, and has become a 580 point monster (a 40 point decrease). Again, this is just how anti-fun it is for multi-wounds to get negated so easily, especially on a model that will always have a 5+ armor save, is immune to lethal strikes and has a 4+ regeneration save. That particular combo was just too much, and so it was cut away. Now flaming attacks and artillery shots are a hard-counter to this monster, even if it will always have that 5+ armor to gamble on!

      Changelog, complete.
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    • And now we come to the strangely more difficult to balance and design faction... despite it being made of freaking dragonspawn. How is this possible when the other one is literally supposed to be a balanced faction of Lovecraftian horrors? But anyway, here is the AWSW for the Children of the Wyrm.

      For my purposes, I will be organizing things into 4 categories. Hard Strengths/ Weaknesses and Soft Strengths/ Weaknesses. I'll try to have the same number of things in each category (Hard Stregths/ Weaknesses being limited to 5 options), and give some kind of inkling as to what changes each category might entail over-all.

      Children of the Wyrm AWSW

      Hard Strengths

      1) Armor: The society of the Dragonkin is ancient, their armors and flesh adapted to battle in times when magic was wild, and demons roved the world. This armor design has not changed for a very, very long time, and while the smiths of the dwarves, elves and humans may have begun to match their designs, the armor combined with their scales and other natural protection is nearly unmatched by any other mortal race. As such, the dragonkin have had little reason to change their techniques for literal millenia. And as for those members of this race that do not wear armor... well, dragon scale is notoriously difficult to penetrate. This faction will have amazing armor values, with 5+ being the lowest, and 3+ being common and attainable even on infantry.

      2) Character Support: The children are an individualistic and contentious lot on the whole, each out to make the world better for themselves. That is, until one of them rises up and gains the favor of their goddess. Once such a champion rises, their mere presence is enough to unite tens of thousands of their kin behind a common cause, becoming focused, skilled and coordinated beyond what they would normally be able to achieve. Characters provide many synergies and bonuses to the units of this faction, and are a key part of why the rank-and-file units perform as well as they do.

      3) Magic; Damage: The fires of dragons are fabled for their destructive potential, and the magic of the dragon kin burns no less ferociously. Damaging spells are common in this faction, and paths that deal fire damage in particular gain bonuses from magical items at the spellcaster's disposal.

      4) Monstrous Support: The Drakes and Dragonspawn have long been allies of the dragonkin, and in the long millenia that they have coexisted, a symbiotic relationship has formed. Be it through auras, spells or involvement in the same combat, the monsters and other beasts of this faction are able to support their infantry in a variety of ways.

      5) Toughness: The draconic broods were not born or evolved from natural creatures, but rather created by Tiamat herself. Their design was made to counter and withstand the machinations of Daemon kind, and this their bodies are innured to damage. While they are not invulnerable, even their raw flesh is difficult to cut through, making killing even a lesser drake difficult for most warriors. Toughness in this faction is high, with most infantry having 4 and most monsters having 6.

      These elements are already present in the vast majority of the faction, with the only major changes I see necessary being changes to the role of Elemental Drakes (no more shooting, a higher unit max, and instead they work somewhat like yeties where they debuff enemies). The second potential change is that T4 might become the minimum for this faction outside of Scale Sworn. This would mean T4 Drakelings... though, admittedly, that might just be too annoying for such a swarmable unit to deal with. But hey, it's a thought! One thing is certain though, Half Dragons are gaining T5. Because gosh dangit, those should not be as tough as "mere" dragon kin!

      Soft Strengths

      1) Combat; Strength: The bodies of the dragonkin are literally bred for height and raw physical power. Strength scores will be high on the "warrior" and monstrous units.

      2) Equipment; Magic and Quality: The scions of Tiamat were the first mortal race to build grand cities, refine steel, and chain magic to their craftsmanship. Their artifacts from this time have endured through ages and aeons uncounted, and, though the techniques to imbue magic may have faded, their smiths still create tools of such quality as to make a dwarf look twice. Unique equipment entries in this faction will be potent, and characters will have access to more magical item points, and expensive magical items that are more powerful than the lower-coated items in the BRB or other standard army books.

      3) Numbers: Tiamat's broods stretch over the lands of an entire continent, about the same size as our real-world continent Australia, and they dominate most every archipelago between them and the rest of the known 9th Age world. To say that there are many of the dragon spawn is to sell the matter short. Unit size limits and duplication maximums are a major strength of the faction, and units will be priced in a matter that encourages adding as many models as possible, rather than running multiple small units.

      4) Magic; Support: Dragonkin are honorable beings who do not rely upon nasty "tricks" such as poisons or magic that make their foes weaker. However, they are not above making themselves more resilient, powerful or skilled, as that still requires them to take action to use the blessings! While not as common as damaging spells, paths that provide augments and healing are also heavily present within this faction.

      5) Speed; Maneuverability: The children of Tiamat use their wings to their full potential, ignoring obstacles and chasing down pesky enemies with the gift of flight. Many models in this faction can fly, and take advantage of all that offers.

      6) Special attacks; Breath Weapons: Arguably the most iconic of ability a dragon possesses it its deadly breath, flames that can burn away flesh from bone with their intense heat. As this is a faction of dragons, expect these to be common place, either as an upgrade or by default.

      7) Versatility; Broods: The children of Tiamat are unique and varied in coloration and personalities. Just as the heads of their goddess differ, so do her armies. Draconic broods each have their own abilities, compositions and restrictions to differentiate them from each other, and to support different play styles. The reason this is not a hard strength is because of the restrictions that come with this ability, since choosing a brood specializes the army and heavily limits other play styles.

      This is really rather simple to implement... since almost everything already exists here. The only thing that really could use changing is unit pricing and model caps, and even then I feel only minor adjustments will be needed to bring everything into line here! Upping max models of Dragonkin Warriors by 5, increasing base unit cost by 15 points, and decreasing their cost by 1 ppm to make them a bit more horde-minded is an example of what I might go for here.

      Soft Weaknesses

      1) Characters; Mounts: The dragonkin are arrogant creatures, seeing their bodies as the perfect weapons, and seeing the riding of lesser beasts as an admittance of their faults. Additionally, most broods view riding true dragons as sacrilege, and so do not even ask the mighty creatures to bear their weight into battle. Characters have either no mount options, or can only ride Drakes or Wyverns. No normal cavalry is present, and only one unit can be joined by one of those mentioned mounts.

      2) Combat; Armor Piercing: While their equipment is well made, and grants them the ability to fight in unexpected ways, the dragonkin armaments are ancient in design. Despite having conquered most of a continent, they have not encountered any "modern" armor, and have not needed to update their arms to deal with it. In general, the armor piercing value within this faction is lower than normal.

      3) Combat; Initiative: Dragonkin are not especially nible or agile when they are not being led by their primarchs. While equipment and characters may allow them to compensate for it a bit, initiative will be average or low for the majority of this faction.

      4) Leadership; Independence: While the arrogance of the dragonkin makes them foolishly brave, it also makes them confrontational, and keeps them from coordinating effectively without a more powerful will forcing them to obey. Without characters or the general's IP, most units will only have 7 LD, with a few rare units having 8, a certain monster having 9 (since that's standard for said monster to have anyway).

      5) Magic; Cost: Dragons, while they are beings of flame and magic, are not usually practitioners of traditional sorcery. While smiths and priests are able to walk within flames and imbue that element within their creations, it is only the rarest and most connected of dragon spawn who can reach into and manipulate the Veil. To make up for this, spellcasters are often competent within close combat and sport a breath weapon... artificially inflating the costs of these characters, and making magic a pricy investment (even if the potential damage is potent).

      6) Shooting; Small Arms Fire: Dragonkin are not particularly skilled at balistics. While they may claim that it is because ranged warfare is dishonorable, in truth the warrior castes are just too bulky and stiff to effectively aim and opperate conventional bows and other ranged armaments. Ranged weapons will be restricted to throwing weapons, bows and breath weapons in this faction.

      7) Speed; Advance Rate: While dragons aen't exactly slow, they are not particularly quick either. Models in this faction will not have access to an advance rate above 7, and the majority of R&F units will have only 4 for infantry, or 6 for cavalry/ monstrous beasts.

      This section is relatively straight-forward, certain models will become more expensive, or slower, or less brave. Most of these elements already exist in-faction, so not much should change besides the armor piercing capabilities of most r&f units and how Dragonfire Adepts work. I'm thinking the unit will get a low-strength breath weapon with 12" range, that recharges (and can only be used) in the shooting phase, and that gets stronger with more full ranks. Finally, Dragon Primarch may lose its bonus to initiative. Feedback on any of these ideas would definitely be appreciated.

      Hard Weaknesses:

      1) Reliance on Characters: While the children of the dragons are incredibly fierce when inspired and led by their Primarchs, if their leaders are defeated then the flames of inspiration and fervor plummet, and the dragonkin begin to bicker and their army grows weak. Almost every unit's combat effectiveness requires the presence of either the army general or at least a Dragon Primarch character within the unit, leading to two problems: 1, unless joined by a character, units will definitely perform under their stated points cost. Because of this, combat units will want to be few and large, so that excessive amounts of points do not need to be spent on characters. 2, if the joined character dies, then the unit becomes less effective. This is especially true for the general, who's inspiring presence is required to activate abilities such as Divine Wardings. Additionally, the general and certain characters are the only source of high LD in the army, and most units do not have much in the way of leadership-mitigating abilities.

      2) Scoring: The children of Tiamat are hungry for glory. While they can recognize the importance of certain places, they leave mundane matters such as securing their claims to younger warriors, priests and the Wyrmguard, who are brought for such matters in the first place. Only certain core units, Wyrmguard and Clerics of the Flame can have scoring, and even then it must either be purchased or can be lost if certain upgrades are taken, making objective securing incredibly tricky for this faction when combined with their low speed.

      3) Speed; March Rate: The children of Tiamat are massive, their bodies bulky and their ancient armor not all that built for the march. Very, very few units have more than 50% of their advance rate added to their march value in this faction, and no model in this army has double their advance rate as a march rate.

      4&5) Shooting; Heavy and Medium arms fire: Tiamat's armies have many beasts who can fly, and their bodies are incredible weapons of war. As such, they have not found much reason to create heavy ranged weapons or siege weapons in general. The only shooting available to this faction comes from breath weapons, bows or throwing weapons. No matter what, strength 6+ shooting is out of this faction's reach.

      This will lead to large-scale changes in the faction, most notably among movement values and Elemental Drakes. The faction will become slower, while the Drakes become pure support pieces granting aura buffs with no shooting weapons at all. Additionally, Scoring will be wiped out in most units, and Fury of the Wyrm is likely losing Hatred when the general dies (and instead getting it if they are in the general's IP, to make general/ character reliance even more important... though that might artificially increase unit costs. Will have to think on this carefully).
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    • Well, I've done a whole bunch of stuff to get these dragon nerds playable in version 2.whateverwe'reonnow. And in doing so, did some house work cleaning up this thread, making it so that all of the unit stats and other mechanical fluff bits are kept on google docs. Prior versions with their hyperlinks will exist, but version 2.0 is live! I did not use the template that has been provided by the staff because it is infuriatingly impossible to actually edit and add things to that without the code breaking literally everywhere.

      Changes are as following:
      • The old Fury of the Wyrm was split into two separate special rules, Fury of the Wyrm and Directed Aggression. Fury activates once the general dies, giving units with it Frenzy and Battle Focus. Directed Aggression is the charge half of the rule, where models with it gain an extra die on charges and drop the lowest rolled (including all current models who already had maximized roll) as long as the charging unit is in the general's command range. This made implementing broods a bit easier, since there are now two rules for them to interact with and replace/ change.
      • Speaking of broods, they got simplified. A lot. You should take a look at them.
      • There's a Hereditary direct damage missile spell called Building Inferno that can be cast at 4+ or 7+. It's a 24" range fireball that deals d3 hits, with additional hits based on how many spells you cast previously during the same magic phase (up to +3/+6).
      • The weapon Mothers Flames have been removed entirely. Instead, the Dragonfire Adepts have a breath weapon that recharges during friendly shooting phases and gains power as they possess more and more full ranks.
      • Magic item reformatting, along with a few new weapons, armor, lower-cost artefacts, and a new banner, and the deleting of the res-flame item.
        • The old God-Beast's Heart effectively got split into an armor and an artefact, so if you want true immunity to lethal strikes (since one only provides it for armor saves, and the other for fortitude saves) you will need to purchase both for a good deal more than the original cost. To be fair, the armor also provides reroll of 1's on armor saves, but to be fair again, that's on a max 3+ on an infantry model only. So costs should be relatively balanced.

      • Dragon high Matriarchs/ Patriarchs did not go down in costs in any notable way, despite dragon mounts and the ancient dragon mount they are based off of getting a substantial point drop. This is because they have that ward save and other advantages. For example:
        • The dragon High Matriarch is a Magician Adept, and has more attacks and defensive weapon skill than the ancient dragon mount equivalent.
        • The Dragon High Patriarch has a better breath weapon (str5 ap2 vs str4 ap1)
        • They are not more expensive than they are because they also have some disadvantages (4" less march speed than the ancient dragon, 1 less AP, no rider with their own rather powerful attacks, etc)

      • The Draken Brood category became more distinct. While both it and Dragonspawn have monstrous units, Draken Brood is for exclusively units of monstrous type.
        • Mature drakes became a 1-3 model unit because of this, and had some stats lowered to reflect this shift (they cost 270 points for 1 model and 250 for each additional model). This should hopefully open up some list building with them, beyond having a medium-level beatstick solo model.
        • In an unrelated note, Elemental Drakes have been modified from living, mobile siege engines to purely support combo-charge pieces. Though red drakes can also force-multiply your other unit's breath weapons and pyromancy spells, if you want to build around that.
      And those should be the big things.

      Also hi. Yes. I am still alive.
      Apparently I can't have mod tags in my signature anymore. Sadness is cast. It is placed on the stack. Sadness resolves.

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