2017 GTs

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    • Hey everyone!

      I'm in the beginning stages of accumulating a list of 2017 Grand Tournaments for the South.

      You have a very active Masters Representative, Lord Tremendous, and we have spoken at length about the South and establishing new GTs in your region. If you are a Tournament Organizer (or interested in hosting an event) or if you know of a Tournament Organizer (or a former one) who is comtemplating about hosting an event this year, please have them (or you if it applies) post on the 9th Age Calendar their event and the tentative dates (they can delete their event at a later time if they cancel it). Even though this request is for GTs in the South, please post any 1-day events.

      The goal for this year in the South is to offer the ability to play in a 9th Age event for the weekend against 30-50 bros. Gathering some dates will help me keep some distance between neighboring states/regions in order to allow players the ability to attend as many events as they desire as well as maximizing attendance for each event.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.