HBE: Public Playtesting and Feedback

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    • HBE: Public Playtesting and Feedback

      Hi guys,

      Here is what we are looking for with regards to feedback:

      Size of GameLength of Game (time).
      Victory points and armyVictory points and army
      Player Experience LevelOpponent Experience Level
      # of Game With Current Draft# of Game with Current Draft
      If you played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)If opponent played any modifications from Current Draft (please list)
      If you felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)If opponent felt game was 'generally balanced' (y/n)
      Your most valuable unitOpponents most valuable unit
      Your least valuable unitOpponents least valuable unit

      Here is a description of the possible responses for "Experience Level" above. Please be honest in your assessment of your skills: there is no shame in being a casual player, and we are trying to design a game that will appeal to both Casual and Tournament players alike.

      Self-Reported ExperienceDescription
      Casual<2 years Experience. Does not participate in tournaments.
      Intermediate2-5 years Experience. Sometimes participates in tournaments.
      Expert5+ years Experience. Familiar with ETC/Swedish comps. Regularly participates in tournaments.
      Tournament5+ years Experience. Places at local tournaments. Experience in ETC or Master's-level tournaments.

      Please include a copy of both your and your opponent's list. We do not need every detail: units, their numbers, and any particularly new magic items or configurations you were testing will suffice.

      Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1Choice 1
      Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2Choice 2
      Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3Choice 3
      Choice 4Choice 4Choice 4
      Choice 5Choice 5Choice 5

      Please then include a short description of the game, the outcome, and what your and your opponent's thoughts were. If you feel anything needs tuning, please leave it here. Important: A single game does not determine an item's / unit's power level. Please test multiple times, in multiple configurations before suggesting feedback that xyz needs a redesign.

      Looking forward to your results guys!
      Once a Highborn, always a Highborn.
    • Hello (Hated) Highborn Elves ,

      It is I, Charles ( a Dread Elf Player), with Evershade Gaming. I heard from the content team that the inferior cousins of the Dread Elves
      were looking for more Highborn Elf Battle Reports. I just played a in a
      tournament with 6 HBEs (out of 30), and I played against them twice.
      This is my first Battle Report Video of the Tournament against HBE. @Cealyne was my opponent! My channel also has two more videos with HBEs! I am on YouTube. @Trains_Get_Robbed played in the Tournament and did quite well. Here is his personal blog on the forums: TGR's Meta-Hipster Ramblings and Tourney Ventures

      Here is the BR!

      Hey, I'm Charles. I'm the main contributor for Evershade Gaming on YouTube. I post Battle Reports, List Reviews for Midwest (U.S.A.) Tournaments, and videos on my ideas about the Ninth Age. I post 2-3 videos monthly.

      Link to my Channel! youtube.com/channel/UCKjjkWnXanizMuTh5obkxpA

      theforgottenturtle.com An Awesome Painting Blog!