Ads on the Saucy Quill Inn walls: T9A is looking for Staff

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  • Ads on the Saucy Quill Inn walls: T9A is looking for Staff

    The backwall in the second hall on the Saucy Quill Inn was a popular spot for one to advertise all sorts of business.

    "You got muscles? The Hounds of Gellenheim are looking for a new henchmen." read a first one,
    "I need someone who is not afraid to shed blood to start off my new butchery business.", said a second,
    "LFG for the sewers of HJB. I'm tank." enigmatically stated a third, among many more. It had easily been two decades since every inch of the wall was covered by a least one piece of paper.
    In the corner next to the stairs that went up to the rooms, a new large parchment has just been pinned to the wall boards.

    On a small piece of paper below you could read: more offers to come soon. If you want to answer one of our offers and be part of a super secret society, please look for @ForsetisMuse, @Mr.Gobbo, @nightwun, @Shlagrabak, @PloomoOfKrarak or @Windelov.
  • Quickly, offers started to fill in.

    "The Scribe and Scholars Society (SSS) is looking for new recruits to participate in making the Layout of top quality Full Books. Candidates must be proficient with In-Design, and preferably with the Adobe Suite, value teamwork and attention to details. On top of the usual contacts, please CC your application to @saint_barbara.
    -Pr. Shlagrabak
    Editor-in-chief of the SSS,
    Wearer of the big weird hats,
    He who has a never ending signature."
  • "Got lots of time and a good spirit? Are you passionate about all that is happening in the epoch of the 9th Age, and seeking to spread the word about it? Do you have a sense of diplomacy and communication?

    The itinerant troupe of the Pansophic Retellers (PR) is looking for orators! Self taught street crier or fancy flattering master, active newswritter or traveling bard, we've got a place for you!
    Send your missive to the usual contacts and to @blonde beer."
  • "Looking for emissaries, spies, scouts or even itinerant travelers, anyone interested in building up the knowledge of the Demystifying Actuaries (DA). We are looking to better understand not only how factions may rank, but also the best and worse performing units among them, and for this we need more information about detailed army composition and their associate successes. Help fetch and report tournament and battle results you may know of! Help us understand your faction. Enroll!
    Contact the Holistic Recruiters as usual, as well as @arwaker and @wazlawik."
  • "The famous Touring Satyrs (TouS, a.k.a Tournament Support), now in your town! From mind games to swordplay, discover all kinds of tournaments and contests, for the beginner and veteran alike!

    And if you wish to join the troop, well it's your lucky day! We're recruting! Whether you want to help make tournaments easier to organize, more visible or more attractive, we would love to have your experience. Do you want to build a platform for Tournament Organizers to share tips, scenario and rules? Do you want to contribute to the official tournament rules pack of advice and handiness (POAH)? Are you interested in growing your local community by encouraging Game Stores to host exciting events? Are you prepared to relentlessly report upcoming event on village squares or any other social platform so not even the wise man living on the mountain summit can escape it? [i]Join now and help spreading the gaming madness, become an official tournament supporter!
    Contact the usual shady characters hanging around the cheering well, as well as the famous @Just_Flo himself!"