Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods - Axel Vicious at Sheffield Slaughter 2017

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    • I don't know how far you should go with it, but in principle you could put armylists (with starting positions) and each turn (with pictures) in one spoiler environment each. Especially on older reps it might be a good idea to do this and only have the most recent one(s) in full length. You should find a good mix that you like, maybe.

      As it is now when several reps are on one page, it's quite a lot of scrolling, which is quite problematic on mobile devices.
    • Well the Tournament is over and the Warriors can be put away till next time, which is Midlands GT in July, so a while yet. I’ll just do a quick summary of my units and plans for next time.

      Manticore Lord – I was so happy with how this guy worked last time but this tournament he was awful. The 4 wounds he has just isn’t enough, as soon as he takes a couple he’s knocking on deaths door. Rather than cannons being the death of him it was magic, if someone gets a magic missile off against him and he takes some wounds then he’s next to useless. The Soul feeder is useful for getting some wounds back but you may not always roll the 4+ or he’ll die before he can get wounds back.

      Also, note to self, don’t let him charge or be charged by big blocks! Or even little blocks for that matter, he also struggles against Monstrous Infantry. He’s only really good against other characters and monsters.

      He’s getting dropped next time, I’m going to try out the Wrath Daemon Prince, no flight though, the extra +1 wound from cannons just makes them die too easily.

      BSB – Absolutely delighted with how this guy worked out with the 2+ re rollable armour save and a great weapon. He has some serious damage output with the S7 and it takes a big hitter to take him out (the Centaur Chieftain should have done it) . He also gives the unit of Warriors some High Strength attacks, ideal for taking out stuff that’s beyond their S4 like Chariots or Rock Aurochs.

      He’s staying as he is, I might try and squeeze the points in for Dragon Helm if I can.

      Wrath Priest – I’m finding him only useful for the Flail at the moment, like the BSB I like his high Strength attacks he gives the Warrior block. The MR2 is nice too, just not sure if he worth the extra points over a Aether Icon.

      I might drop him for the next tournie and see how I fair without him.

      Warriors – Still a great unit, even with the Paired Weapons, no body expects the high number fo Attacks they dish out. Also only having 16 makes people underestimate them I think. I f they were a larger unit people wouldn’t go anywhere near them. They aren’t indestructible though, as this tournament shows. Big blocks or multiple combats will soon whittle them down.

      I’m probably going to leave them as they are.

      Fallen – I was really impressed with these guys. They are an excellent chaff unit as they are very manoeuvrable but they also hit really hard. They didn’t see as much action as I would have liked but that’s because they kept getting killed, or at least weakened, in the first turn as people knew their threat. Was particularly proud of them when they killed 7 Centaurs, that was glorious!

      These guys are staying too, pretty happy with my Core.

      Horsemen - I used them really badly this tournament but I didn’t realise how badly until I was writing up these battle reports! I kept on trying to use them to shoot stuff, that’s not what they are there for, they are there to chaff stuff up, that’s it. I could have made much better use of them in the Ogre game, especially for chaffing up frenzied Rock Aurochs, they’re perfect for that job.

      I will still keep them but might drop throwing weapons, not because they are bad but because if I don’t have them then I can’t use them and I might use the unit correctly.

      Crusher Knights – These guys didn’t have a great tournament; I keep putting them on the flanks because they’re fast and can easily take care of most things on the flank. However, due to their weakness with frenzy baiting and over running it’s too easy to goad them out and kill them. I think I need to start putting them directly in the middle of the table so they can get to fight something and I don’t have to worry about running off the board and wasting 2 turns with them. Game 5 is a prime example of me putting them in the wrong place.

      I’m starting to waver on these guys but as I have little else to replace them with so far they are staying.

      Dragon Centaurs – I love my Dragon Centaurs more and more each time I use them. Ok, failing a terror check and running off Game 4 is a low point for them and not being able to hit an Infernal Engine wasn’t great but the other games they were good. They really should cause Fear I think. They’re so expensive for what you get and to not give a unit of Half Ogres/Half Dragons Fear just feels wrong.

      I’m thinking of dropping Great Weapons on these guys and going for Paired Weapons to make them a great anti Infantry unit.

      Mauler Chariot – I was very impressed with the Chariot in this tournament. T5, W6 and a 2+ Armour Save just makes them stick around for ages but the M6 is so slow, but in a way I like that, it lets the Chariot stay behind and protect the rear. Well it would if I could position it correctly, a couple of times I had it facing completely the wrong direction. Mark of Lust would be the best Mark to take on the Chariot but I have a theme and I’m sticking with it.

      The Chariot did such a great job in Game 3 it is definitely making an appearance next time.

      Elder Dragon Centaur– I really struggle with this guy, sometimes I think he’s great, like in Game 1 but then he’ll let me down like in Game 3 (He really should have been able to do more than 1 wound at a time to the Kadim). His 5 attacks just isn’t enough, it’s far too easy for him to miss and end up doing nothing. His main strength for me is that everyone is so scared of him that they’ll pour all their magic and shooting into him to try and take him down, which suits me fine, if they leave the rest of my army alone then it’s all good. This is exactly what my Dwarf opponent did in Game 2 and what cost him, he killed the EDC but the rest of my army was relatively untouched.

      I’m keeping him for now but like the Crushers he may be for the chopping block.

      For my next tournie I’m dropping the Manticore Lord and promoting the BSB to a Wrath Daemon Prince (I’ll still have the BSB though). I’m also going to bring out the Bloodbeast, I think it is slightly over costed for what it does but paired with the DP he’ll have WS9 which is pretty good for a monster. The overall plan for the list is target saturation, I’m going to have so many monsters on the table that Cannons can’t possibly kill them all and I’m setting myself a task of getting 3D6 thunder stomps onto one unit!

      That’s it for another tournament write up. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments and likes, I’ve got some great new ideas for next time.