Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods - Axel Vicious at Sheffield Slaughter 2017

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    • Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods - Axel Vicious at Sheffield Slaughter 2017

      Good Day everybody, this is my 5 battle reports from my 5 games that I fought in at Sheffield Slaughter 2017. 5 Great games, each one better the last, unless I lost, then it was a terrible travesty against the Dark Gods!

      If you’ve read my other write ups then you know what to expect from the lay out, I’ve tried to include a few more actual photos of the battles this time so I hope you enjoy it. My list hasn’t changed massively since the last ones, mostly because I’m an incredibly slow painter as I like to do my best on every model and struggle to just churn models out. So my list this time:

      Lord of Chaos mounted on a Wasteland Manticore, Mark of Wrath, Lucky Shield, Ogre Sword, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Potion of Swiftness, Soul Feeder
      Harbinger of Chaos, Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Wrath, Wastehardened Skin, Duskstone, Great Weapon
      Wrath Priest, Crown of Scorn, Flail
      16 Wasteland Warriors, Mark of Wrath, Paired Weapons, Full Command, Icon of the Relentless Company
      5 Fallen, Mark of Wrath
      5 Fallen, Mark of Wrath
      3 Crusher Knights, Lance
      Mauler Chariot, Mark of Wrath
      6 Barbarian Horsemen, Throwing Weapons
      3 Dragon Centaurs, Great Weapons, Champion
      Elder Dragon Centaur, Halberd

      So I’ve dropped the ambushing barbarians and taken 2 units of 5 Fallen with Mark of Wrath (obviously) and I’ve then added a Maulerbeast Chariot because stat wise it looks like a monster so it had to go in the list. I have never, in all my years of Warhammer, used a chariot as I’ve only used Bretonnians and Skaven before so it may be a steep learning curve in the art of the chariot but we’ll see. I’ve changed my BSB layout and given him a great weapon with a 2+ re roll armour save and see how that works out for him.
      Onto Game 1 and I was drawn against an Undying Dynasty list being pushed about by one of the England ETC boys, so going into this battle my expectations were quiet low. This is also the first time I have fought Undying Dynastys in 9th age so I was looking forward to facing something different.

      His list:
      Death Cult Hierach - evocation, hierophant, add 3 learned spells, wizard master, ring of fire, book of the dead
      Pharoah - general, great aspen bow, great weapon, light armour, crown of pharoahs, Wizards hood
      Tomb Architect – Skullsplitter
      2x3 chariots - light troops
      21 archers - champ, musician
      2 x 5 skeleton cavalry
      33 necropolis guard - full command, paired weapons, rending banner
      10 shabti archers - musician and standard, flaming standard
      1 charnel catapult

      Game 1 was Frontline Clash and the scenario was capture the flags. Looking at my opponents list he only had 3 scoring units and 2 of them are tough as nails! The Shabti are big and scary, one on one they all my big bioys are better but with a unit of 10 I need to multi charge it with at least 3 units to get them. The necropolis guard are scary too with poison and lethal strike, fortunately my warriors strike first but with 33 of them I’m never going to get through them all, need to multi charge them too. The chariots are nothing to scoff at either, each unit doing 3d6 impact hits is a lot of S4 hits to take on one unit. My basic plane was to try and either get the Shabti or the Necropolis guard, I can’t fight both so pick one off, get the archers and hope I have 2 units left alive to get the objective. The list is also incredibly shooty with almost every unit having some missile fire, I wasn’t too worried about the S3 bows but the Shabti S5 bows, hitting on 4s (thanks to the pharaoh) is scary.

      For magic my opponent rolled Evocation on the wizard hat so had all the evocation spells. Magic was going to be a big problem in this game, the evocation lore works really well for the UD, so I was expecting troops to keep getting up.

      Onto Deployment; My opponent picked table sides and I dropped the horsemen first, waiting to see what side my opponent would pick then I’d drop everything and get first turn, but then he dropped his whole army as shown and wanted first turn so he could get a round of shooting on me. The caharacters are all in the Necro guard to begin with. After that I hid my lord and Centaurs behind the building and left the rest to face the oncoming missile fire. (the light green square you see on the picture is a field, so difficult terrain)

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler
      UD 1 - The chariots moved up to cover the right flank and the rest shuffled about to make a nice castle for me to try and break down. Magic was ineffectual this turn and in shooting the Shabti were disappointing and only killed a few fallen from the right hand unit. The rest of the shooting finished them off though and took down a couple from the other unit. The horsemen lost two guys but passed their panic test.

      Warriors 1 – The DC and Crushers moved up the right together to try and stop both units of chariots charging the one unit, which would probably kill either of those units. I think each unit could take 3d6 S4 hits thanks to their toughness and armour, I also had to advance, I couldn’t sit back. I moved the rest of my army forward as much as I dared, sending the EDC out wide.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler
      UD 2 – The army of the Pharoah decides to walk backwards and keep shooting me rather than fight! I was expecting the chariots to charge but oh well. The characters all jump out of the Necro Guard and inot the archers. In Magic very little happens as it’s a low roll on the dice and I’m able to stop the majority of it. In Shooting the catapult hits the EDC and does two wounds but the rest of the shooting is again disappointing.

      Warriors 2 – All the undead units are just a little bit too far away for me to try and risk charging them, needing an 11 or 12 with most so I march everything forward. The Fallen run up to block the Necorguard but I was worried about the overrun from them going into the EDC so I changed the angle so they would miss him, however I didn’t take into account that they would then overrun into the warriors! I run the DC and the Crushers right up to the face of the chariots, daring them to charge me. The Horsemen kill a skeleton cavalry with shooting.[/b]

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler
      UD 3 – What I didn’t see after my movement was the Shabti charging the Crushers, they could easily see the Crushers and could wheel around the chariots in front of them and squeeze in. The Shabti are also positioned so that if they win and overrun they will hit my Lord. That was my fault for getting cocky not worrying about the chariots and also thinking that a unit armed with bows isn’t a threat. The Necro Guard charge the Fallen and are positioned so that an overrun would easily get them into the warriors if they roll high enough. The skeleton cav chaff up the EDC and the chariots just move back. The characters leave the archers and form their own unit, as I have no magic and little shooting there’s not a great deal I can do about it.

      In magic they get off re roll to hit on the Shabti as I can’t stop it all sadly as it’s a miscast, which subsequently does two wounds to the tomb architect. In shooting a couple of warriors bite the dust and a horsemen dies but everything else is ineffectual.

      Onto combat and the Necro guard easily kill the fallen who don’t even do a wound back, the unit needs an 8 on the dice to get into the warriors and make it. The Shabti absolutely smash the crushers, doing 7 wounds, which was lucky as I did have a 3+ Armour, I could only do 3 in return (they have a 5+ regen which helped). The crushers run and get away but the pursuit takes them into the Lord.

      Warriors 3 – Oh dear, it has all gone wrong so very quickly! I did not see the Shabti charge into the Crushers at all but looking back at it now I can’t believe I missed it, I’m sure there was some better move I could have done there if I was paying attention. Also annoyed with the positioning of my fallen, I think having the Necro Guard go into the EDC would have been a better option for me as I reckon he could have held them for a while and helped spread the army apart away form the Ld bubble. Anyway, The DC charge the chariots in front of them and the EDC charges the Cav in front of him. The Mauler Chariot charges the flank of the Necro Guard as he couldn’t fit into the Shabti combat unfortunately, but I think the Manticore is a lost cause anyway a t this point.

      The Crusher fails to rally and the Horsemen dance around the skellies, trying to shoot some more off but they end up doing nothing. The EDC smashes the Skeleton Cav apart and his younger brothers do the same to the chariots without suffering any wounds in return. I do the Necro Guard combat next, The mauler chariot rolls low for impact hits and get a couple. The BSB has to challenge the champ out and the kills him for 3. Between the warriors, the chariot and the Wrath priest I kill 17 Necro Guard! The Necro Guard then strike back and kill 7 warriors, I win combat but their undead so only care a little as the unit is reduced to 9 guys! That’s pretty good going and if I can stop any regrowth shenanigans I might be able to wipe them out! Onto the Manticore combat, the Lord fails epically and between him and the mount do only two wounds, He takes 3 in return, loses combat and breaks but manages to escape. The Shabti overrun into the flank of my chariot.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler
      UD 4 - The archers turn to face the EDC and open fire. The chariots chaff up the DC, a very expensive use of chaff but it has to be done or I’ll be able to see the characters.
      Onto magic and my opponent finally rolls a high number for the dice which doesn’t bode well for me, I’ve already used my scroll too. I have to stop the casket on my EDC as I don’t want him dying just yet as he’s in a great position. I’m able to stop one healing spell on the Necro Guard but the second gets off and so the unit grows back to 16 from 9.
      In shooting the Cav kill off my horsemen and the catapult misfires.

      Onto combat, the BSB has to challenge the unit champion who grew back again and I smash him back to dust! The warriors and chariot kill off 9 Necro Guard but they kill the Wrath Priest and 5 warriors leaving me with just 1 and the BSB. The Shabti do 4 wounds to the chariot, which I thought was lucky, was hoping his armour would see him through. I lose combat and both units break but they both escape their pursuers. The Necro Guard are down to just 6 guys now.

      Warriors 4 – The Dragon Centaurs charge the Chariots and the EDC charges the Archers. The Lord rallies this time, as does the Crusher and the Chariot but the BSB and his mate, fail to rally due to being half Ld. When I rally the Lord he’s in a terrible position due to the building and he can’t see anything, I either pointed him at the enemy deployment zone or at mine. I decided to point him at my deployment zone hoping that the Shabti will charge the Chariot and overrun or pursue it past the building. Looking back this was never going to happen, I should have faced the character block to at least limit their options for movement.

      The DC smash off the next lot of chariots and turn to face both the characters and the catapult. The EDC kills 6 archers himself and after crumble there’s 10 left in the unit.

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler
      UD 5 – The Shabti charge the Chariot and the Necro Guard charge the BSB making him run further. The band is broken up as the characters all go their separate ways, I’m sure there’s a back story of drug abuse and self destructive behaviour as to why they went their separate ways but the real reason is that they needed to get out of LoS of the DCs. If I kept my Manticore facing them they would have had to run away from him and that would have limited the effectiveness of the Shabti.

      In Magic the Pharaoh manages to grow the archers back up a bit to 16, a tough job for the EDC now.

      I combat the Shabti kill off the chariot and in a completely expected move don’t overrun so that I can see them but turn around to face the DC instead. The EDC kills 6 more archers and crumble takes them down to 5 left.

      Warriors 5 - All is not lost at this point. I still have 2 units on the board and my opponent has his Shabti, 6 Necro Guard and some doomed archers. If I can keep the Crusher alive and kill the Necro Guard I can just about pull this of, maybe, it’s a long shot but it has to be done. I move the Manticore and the Crusher behind the Shabti so they can both see the Necro Guard, if they can both charge I should kill them all off before they can strike back. The BSB runs off the table. The DCs charge the catapult and easily kill it in combat, I then reform them to face the Casket. These guys are really cleaning up now! The EDC finishes off the Archers and faces the Characters.

      Turn 6
      Display Spoiler
      UD 6 – The Characters all run up to support the Shabti and Necro Guard allowing them to march. The Necro Guard can’t thogh and just shuffle back at an angle but the Shabti are able to position themselves so that the Crusher can’t get in but the Manticore can. The Skeleton Cav chaff up the EDC.

      It’s a low magic phase thankfully and nothing gets off. The Shabti open fire at the Manticore hoping to take off his last wound but luckily my Lord makes his ward saves.

      Warriors 6 - It’s now or never, the Manticore charges the Necro Guard, The DC charge the Casket and the EDC charges the Skeleton Cav. The Crusher then has to take his Frenzy check and fails it, and so has to charge the Shabti taking him to his death. However as I write this I now realise that he isn’t frenzied anymore as he lost combat earlier, so he should be alive. It’s my own fault, I really should have remembered that, what a t**t I am!

      (Those hideous models of which we don't speak of, for they are anathema to all that i hold dear, are the Shabti Archers. They actually work really well with the army and do fit the role of a construct quite well)

      The Crusher inevitably dies a needless death. The Dragon Centaurs kill the Casket and the resultant explosion kills a Dragon Centaur, does a wound to the EDC and takes a Skeleton cavalry down with him. The EDC kills the Skeleton Cavalry. Onto the big fight. The Lord goes into battle, as the champ is dead I don’t have to be champed out like a chump so I wail on the unit and only do 3 wounds! 3 Necro Guard strike back and get a lethal strike through, I fail my ward save and die!

      The game ends there and my opponent wins 19 – 1. I have literally only just realised about the Crusher not having to charge and I am furious with myself. If I didn’t charge I would have run him away and it would have been a 15 – 5 as no one would have the objective and he’d only get half points for the unit.

      It was a great game none the less and an incredibly swingy game when I think back about it, at the time I thought I was losing the whole way but if my Lord had managed to kill the Necro Guard (all he had to do was not die after causing those 3 wounds) I would have had the objective and it would have been An 11 – 9 win to me, if I soul fed a wound back 12 – 8 to me! The 19 – 1 loss to me doesn’t really portray how close a game that was really.

      I made several mistakes throughout the game though, the main one being under estimating the Shabti, because they had bows I just assumed they weren’t very fighty but they are incredibly fighty due to their high number of attacks and the size of the unit. In Hindsight that would have been the unit i left alone, it's very difficult to get through that many wounds in an Undead army with all the regrowth spells that inevitably follow. I was amazed at how many of the Necro Guard I was able to kill with just the warrior block and chariot, if iwas able to get something else into that fight I would have won it. I used the Horsemen really badly as well, which will be a recurring theme throughout out this tournament. Me and fast cav don’t mix.

      Anyway, onto Game 2!
      • Deployment.JPG

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      • UD3.JPG

        (91.3 kB, downloaded 433 times, last: )
      • UD4.JPG

        (81.45 kB, downloaded 436 times, last: )
      • UD6.JPG

        (68.55 kB, downloaded 429 times, last: )
      • WW1.JPG

        (95.25 kB, downloaded 440 times, last: )
      • WW2.JPG

        (95.72 kB, downloaded 429 times, last: )
      • WW3.JPG

        (87.9 kB, downloaded 434 times, last: )
      • WW4.JPG

        (79.21 kB, downloaded 436 times, last: )
      • WW5.JPG

        (78.87 kB, downloaded 427 times, last: )
      • WW6.JPG

        (70.54 kB, downloaded 430 times, last: )

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    • Onto Game 2 and this time I was drawn against Dwarven Holds.

      My opponents list:

      King: Holdstone; Shield; Rune of Mountains; Rune of Resistance; Rune of Smashing
      Engineer: Shield; Forge Repeater; Aether Loathestone; Rune of the Forge
      10 Clan Warriors: Musician; Shields; Throwing Weapons
      10 Clan Warriors: Musician; Shields; Throwing Weapons
      10 Clan Warriors: Musician; Shields; Throwing Weapons
      10 Clan Warriors: Musician; Shields; Throwing Weapons
      10 Clan Warriors: Musician; Shields; Throwing Weapons
      10 Clan Marksmen: Musician
      19 Deep Watch: Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer (Aether Icon)
      Grudge Buster
      Grudge Buster
      Steam Copters – 2 Attack Copter
      Steam Copters – Attack Copter
      Steam Copters – Steam Bomber
      Field ArtilleryCatapult: Rune Crafted
      Field ArtilleryOrgan Gun

      It’s a nice little list but without any big blocks to hold my army up I wasn’t too worried about this one. The little units of 10 dwarves are just speed bumps for most of my units. The only worries I had were the copters as they can be a pain to catch at times, especially with no shooting or magic. The organ gun is always a bit of worry, only chance to take that down is with target saturation, throw the world at it and hope they don’t all die. The Dwarf King has the rune that gives him S10 against T5 or higher, so most of my army, so I plan on sending the BSB in there to get his head as He’s only T4 and the Dwarf king will not be able to kill him easily.

      The deployment was Counter thrust and the secondary objective was Hold the Ground. For this tournament we bought our own scenery and my opponent brought this massive piece of impassable which I wish I had as I certainly could have done with it later on. Next time I’m making some obscenely large rock myself. My opponent picked the table side so I dropped first and the board ended up as you see below (always get some weird deployments with Counter Thrust). As my opponent had so many more drops than myself I won the roll to go first.

      Turn 1

      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1 – In an unpredictable move I decided to run everything forward as fast as they could go! The Dwarven war machines were right up on the edge of their deployment zone so my Fallen could easily get into one of them next turn as long as they lived to have a go. The Horsemen ran up to potentially charge the War Machines and also to try and draw out the Deep Watch. If the Deep Watch charged the Horsemen and overran into the EDC it left my Warriors open to a flank charge on them (trust me, not the pictures).

      DH 1 – The Deep Watch Charge the Horsemen which I was hoping they wouldn’t really. The Steam Bomber flew over the EDC and dropped his bombs only doing a wound. It then turned around to face him. The unit of two choppers faced the EDC and so did a Grudge Buster. The Steam Chopper on the left went up to block of the Crushers but my opponent didn’t do it properly and it left me an easy overrun into a unit of warriors. The Dwarves on the right all line up to form a big wall, ideal for Dragon Centaurs to smash to bits.

      In the shooting phase the Steam Chopper, Steam Bomber and the Grudge Buster open fire at the EDC and only do 2 wounds. This then meant my opponent had to open fire with the Organ gun to Finish him off, which he did, taking off his last 3 wounds. The Crossbowmen kill two Fallen and the Catapult targets the warriors killing 3. The steam Chopper facing the Crushers misses.

      The Deep Watch easily kill the horsemen in combat and reform to face the Warriors, which suits me fine.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2 – Everything charges! There should be some sort of achievement for charging with 7 units in one turn! The Crushers charge the Steam Chopper. The Manticore charges the unit of 2 Steam Choppers which will lead nicely into an overrun into the Grudge Buster, my opponent completely missed that one. The Warriors charged the Deep Watch. The Fallen in the middle charged the Organ Gun. The Dragon Centaurs cannot charge a single unit so they have to perform a multi charge into two units, which is good for them, the mauler chariot joins in on this epic scrap too. The other unit of Fallen charge the unit on the right which stands and shoots with their throwing weapons and kill 3 guys! The stand and shoot on the DCs did nothing.

      Straight to combat and the Crushers kill the Chopper and overrun into the Dwarf block. The Lord kills a chopper and puts a wound on the second but takes a wound in return. The chopper breaks, the lord catches it on the dice and runs into the Grudge Buster. The Fallen do 4 wounds to the Organ Gun and that is with me forgetting that I don’t have to roll to hit against war machines, the crew kill a Fallen and hold. In the Warriors on the Deep Watch combat the BSB challenges the King who has to accept. The BSB does 2 wounds to the king and takes one in return. The Warriors kill 5 Deep Watch kill 2 warriors in return, the Deep Watch make their Break Test and stick.

      On the right hand side I stupidly decided to do the Fallen combat first, the Fallen do no wounds as there is only two of them now, they take a wound back, lose combat and run away. The Dwarves pursue, don’t catch them, but do run into the flank of the Dragon Centaurs.

      That was a rookie mistake on my part, I just didn’t see them losing combat. Onto the DC combat next and the chariot kills 4 on impact hits, the DCs kill 4 from the unit in front of them and the chariot crew take down another 2 dwarves. The Dragon Centaurs take 2 wounds in return. I still win combat and the Middle unit of Dwarves breaks but the other two stick.

      DH 2 – The Grudge Buster on the right charges the front of the Warrior block (it looks like a flank but it wasn’t) and the Steam Bomber charges the rear of the Warriors. The Crossbowmen charge the flank of the Chariot (again it looks like a front but it was a flank). There’s no shooting as everything is fighting.

      The Crushers kill the Dwarves to a beard and face the warrior block to help out next turn if they’re still there. The Manticore does 3 wounds to the Grudge Buster, suffers no wounds in return and gets his wound back. the Grudge Buster breaks but the Manticore can’t catch him. The Fallen finish off the Organ Gun. In The DC combat The Dragon ogres do 4 wounds to the side and leaves one guy in unit in front. The Chariot kills a bout 4 Crossbows who do a wound back on the chariot. I win Combat again and this time everything breaks. The unit on the right hand side runs off the board due to the impassable, the crossbows are ran down by the Chariot and the lone dwarf is run down by the Dragon Centaurs.

      Onto the main event between the Grudge Busters impact hits, attacks, the Steam Bomber and the Deep Watch 6 warriors die. The Warath Priest does 2 wounds to the Grudge Buster and the Warriors in the rear do 2 wounds to the Steam Bomber. Only one Deep Watch dies this time. In the Challenge the King does nothing to the BSB who duly takes his head off leaving the dwarves leaderless and the Deep Watch no longer stubborn. The Dwarves win combat by 4 and I have to make a Ld 5 break test to stick, which I luckily pass with the re roll.

      Turn 3

      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3 – It is not looking good for the Dwarves now. The Manticore chases the Grudge Buster off the board so that the Crushers can flank the Deep Watch. The Mauler Chariot flank charges the Grudge Buster, the Fallen charges the Engineer and the Dragon Centaurs charge the Catapult.

      In combat the Chariots impact hits kill the Grudge Buster and then my opponent throws in the towel. Tehre’s been far too many names added to Book of Grudges today for the Dwarves to carry on, which is perfectly understandable. The Crushers probably would have killed a ridiculous amount of Deep Watch making him lose that combat, where I would have run them down. The DC would have killed the Catapult and overran into the Engineer finishing him off.

      It was a 20 – 0 to me. It’s good when a plan comes together, admittedly the plan was to run forward and charge everything, but it worked well. Even if the Warriors broke I still had the units positioned to finish off what was left after that combat. My opponent made a lot of mistakes which made it easier for me but it is a tough match up for him as I’m so quick it just limits his shooting massively. He probably should have castled up in the corner near the impassable to at least how many unit I can send in there. Spreading himself out wide made it a lot easier for me as there was no units he had that I was scared to fight in combat.

      Onto Game 3.

      • DH1.JPG

        (99.78 kB, downloaded 399 times, last: )
      • DH2.JPG

        (95.19 kB, downloaded 402 times, last: )
      • WW1.JPG

        (97.83 kB, downloaded 403 times, last: )
      • WW2.JPG

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      • WW3.JPG

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      • Deployment.JPG

        (91.79 kB, downloaded 400 times, last: )

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    • Now we move on to Game 3 and this time I was drawn against Infernal Dwarves, another army I haven’t had much experience playing against. My opponents list:

      Wizard: Wizard Master; 4 Learned Spells; Path of Alchemy; Hardened Shield; Shielding Scroll; Ring of Fire
      Vizier: Shield; Flintlock Axe; Battle Standard Bearer
      12 Citadel Guard: Musician; Flintlock Axe
      12 Citadel Guard: Musician; Flintlock Axe
      12 Citadel Guard: Musician; Flintlock Axe
      5 Taurukh: Shields; Paired Weapons
      6 Taurukh Anointed: Musician; Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed); Paired Weapons
      5 Taurukh: Shields; Paired Weapons
      Titan Mortar
      Infernal Engine: Shrapnel Guns
      Kadim Titan
      There are a few things in the list that scare me, particularly the Kadim Titan as I remember what a brutal bad mofo that monster was in 8th and I think it can easily beat any of my monsters 1 on 1 so I need to try and multi charge him. The big block of Taurukh Anointed is pretty intimidating to, 6 of them with high movement, 4 attacks each and S6 on the charge they have the potential to take out most of my smaller blocks in one go. Thenumber one worry for me is the Infernal Engine though, first of all it’s T7 with 7 wounds so it can take a beating, it’s unbreakable and it’s shooting weapon is a volley gun (D6+2), S6 and does D3 wounds! I don’t like anything that does D3 wounds as most of my army has multiple wounds. So that was my number one target.

      For Magic my opponent was on Alchemy and rolled Quicksilver Lash, Word of Iron, Molten Copper and Silver Spike, so a lot of magic missiles. Combine that with the amount of shooting he is packing and I think I’m going to take a beating in the first turn so I need to be on the army quickly.

      The deployment was Refused Flank and the secondary objective Secure Target. The objectives were placed by the forest on the right and the hill on the left (the black bulls eyes on the map). I dropped first and deployed as shown, my opponent then went and placed his big boys on all the right flank to make for an epic monster clash! The Citadel Guard were a bit off the front line to give them more time to shoot at me. The General is in the Citadel Gurad 1 unit and the BSB is in the Citadel Guard 2 unit. I got the first turn and so we begin.

      Warriors 1 – As is tradition I run everything forward, I use the Warriors Icon of the Relentless Company to march 12” right behind the Fallen. I position my DC and Crushers to get the Infernal Engine if it decides to face me. I bring the Lord over to try and help out with the big combat on the right that is inevitable going to happen. The Horsemen shoot at the Taurukh and do one wound.

      ID 1 – The Taurukh who just got shot charge the Fallen the other unit moves up to stop the Horsemen getting behind their lines. The infernal Engine moves forward to open fire at the Crushers.

      Onto Magic and my opponent has a good roll of 9, leaving me with 6 dice. He tries to get off Pyroclastioc Flow from the Ring of Fire on the Fallen but I stop it as I need them to shield the Warriors. He follows that up with Word of Iron on the Infernal Engine to give it a 1+ Armour Save and I use the last of my dispel dice to stop that as i cannot let that machine have such a high armour save on top of it's T7. Next he casts Silver Spike on my Lord and i let that through as the Lucky Shield will stop it but it fails to wound anyway, he then puts the attribute on my Lord making him flammable. He has 3 dice left and casts Molten Copper on my Lord, I still have my Crown of Scorn available to me but decide keep hold of it for now because I’m sure there will be a key magic phase when I absolutely need it. I don’t like to be goaded into popping the Crown first turn as I always regret it. I let the spell through deciding that with 3D6 hits at S2 on the best roll of 18 he should on average roll 3 6s, I Lucky Shield one and ward save another so at worst I should only take 1 wound on average. However, I forget one key piece of information in my working out, my Lord is now Flammable and Molten Copper is flaming attacks. So the wizard gets re rolls on his to wound roll of 6. He rolls 15 hits and gets 6 wounds through I end up taking 3 wounds. Things are not looking good for the Lord given that I still haven’t faced the shooting yet.

      In the Shooting phase the Infernal Engine opens fire at the Crushers, gets 4 hits but fails to wound with any of them thanks to some lucky armour saves, phew! 2 units of Citadel Guard open fire at the Fallen in front of the Warriors and kill them all. The last unit of Citadel Guard shoot at my Lord and pop off his last wound, so there’s 850 points down the drain. The Titan Mortar shoots at the Warriors and kills 2 of them but more importantly does it’s secondary effects with it’s Earthquake Shells, this means that my Warriors now have to take Dangerous Terrain (1) tests if for Open Ground.

      In the one combat and the Fallen destroy the Taurukh, killing 3 of them and taking no wounds in return. The Taurukh breaks and the Fallen run him down putting them in a great position for my turn.

      Warriors 2 – The Fallen charge the Flank of the Taurukh and the Horsemen throw themselves in there as well. The Crushers and EDC charge the front of the Infernal Engine and the DC charge the flank. If these can’t kill it in one round of combat then nothing will. The plan here is to kill the Infernal engine, reforn the Dc in such a way so that the inevitable charge from the Taurukh Anointed would leave them with an overrun/pursuit at an angle towards my right hand side of the board and then my Crushers can flank charge them. The EDC will have to face off against the Kadim Titan on his own, he’ll probably lose and I’ll hopefully lead the Kadim out of the fight. The Warriors amble 4” forward as I don’t want to take 16 DTs, not with my propensity for rolling 1s. The Mauler Chariot moves to the right to maybe help out with the Taurukh Anointed.

      In Combat the Fallen do 2 wounds to the Taurukh and the Taurukh do 2 wounds to the horsemen who do no wounds in reply, really worth throwing them into the fight! The Taurukh hold and can’t reform, which thanks to Frenzy on the Fallen helps me massively.
      Onto the infernal Engine Combat, the Crusher Knights do 3 Wounds to the Infernal Engine (good lads), the EDC does 2 more wounds himself. The Infernal Engines attacks the EDC with his grind attacks and rolls a 1 and fails to wound as well! I now have the attacks from the Crushers and the 3 Dragon Centaurs to get the last 2 wounds. The Crushers fail to wound but it’s ok because I have 10 Dragon Centaur attacks coming, they’re hitting on 4s wounding on 4s. With 10 dice I fail to roll any 4+ so the Infernal Engine is alive and it’s not looking good for the right flank (the DCs deserve to die after that dreadful performance!)

      ID 2 – The Taurukh Anointed charge the flank of the DC and the Kadim charges the EDC. That’s it for movement.
      In the magic phase my opponent rolls a low on and I channel to end up on the same number of dice as my opponent and manage to stop anything getting cast.

      In the shooting phase the Citadel Guard open fire at the Warriors killing 8 of them and now I only have 6 left in the unit and the 2 characters. The Titan Mortar opens fire at the Warriors and misses but hits with the scatter, it then fails to wound so I don’t have to worry about the DTs next turn.

      In combat the EDC and Crushers finish of the Infernal Engine. The Kadim does 2 wounds to the EDC. The Dragon Centaur in contact with the Taurukh Anointed does one wound and the Taurukh Anointed do 7 wounds in return. This one big combat now becomes two separate combats as the Infernal Engine is dead. The Infernal Dwarves easily win combat against the DCs and they break and are ran down by the Taurukh Anointed. The EDC and Crushers have only lost combat by 1 but both break and luckily get away. Upon reflection I realise we actually played this combat wrong, We had the Kadim Titan in contact with the Crushers and the EDC when he charged but according to the rules a charger can only charge two units if it’s unavoidable. The Kadim can charge the EDC on his own, so he should have done that and not have been in contact with the Crushers. The Crushers would then have disengaged from the combat once the Infernal Engine was dead. This probably would have just led to the Crushers being flanked by the Kadim from his pursuit and front charged by the Taurukh Anointed from their pursuit, so this mistake worked in my favour. Multiple combats can get complicated so I need to take it slow and go through each unit separate when working out charging and combat res.

      In the Fallen combat the Fallen kill the last 3 Taurukh before they can strike back, I turn them to face the flank of the Citadel Guard 1, which contains the general.

      Warriors 3 – The Fallen charge the flank of the Citadel Guard 1. The Warriors charge the Citadel Guard 2 and lose one man to Stand and Shoot. The Chariot can see the Citadel Gurad 3 block but it’s a big roll and it takes them through the forest, it makes the charge and loses a wound to Dangerous Terrain but nothing from the Stand and Shoot. The EDC rallies on the edge of the board and the Crushers fail to rally and run behind the hill but the Kadim can still see them. The Horsemen run behind the lines to see the Titan Mortar.

      In combat the Warriors and Wrath Priest kill 6 Citadel Guard and take 2 wounds in return. My BSB is in a challenge with the Vizier but as he has no protection my BSB easily kills the Vizier and doesn’t take any wounds in return. I win combat by a lot, the Citadel Guard break and I run them down. The Mauler Chariot gets a high roll for the impact hits and with the crew attacks kills the whole unit and takes a wound in return. I decide to overrun and roll 10 which takes them into the Mortar and unexpected but pleasant turn of events. The Fallen do one wound and take none in return. The Citadel Guard hold and reform to face the Fallen. I’ve now smashed the left flank and am behind the Infernal Dwarves line.

      I’d like to say I planned this excellent turn of events of taking out the left flank by distracting the tough stuff with an over loaded right flank, a slight of hand of sorts, but that would be a lie. I’ll take what I can get though.

      ID 3 – The Kadim Titan doesn’t try to charge the Crushers as he is need back in the Infernal Dwarves deployment zone. The Taurukh Anointed also turn about to face the threats behind them. In Magic there is only one spell the Wizard can cast, increase armour by 1 or 2 but I’m able to stop it (wish I realised that when I let the Molten Copper through).

      In Combat the Fallen do 6 wounds to the Citadel Guard and take 2 in return but the Citadel Guard hold due to steadfast. The Mauler Chariot kills the Titan Mortar and reforms to face the Kadim and the rear of the Citadel Guard.

      Warriors 4 – The Chariot decides it doesn’t care about the Dangerous Terrain the Citadel guard are in and charges the rear of them anyway, taking a wound from the DTs. The Horsemen run up to chaff the Kadim hoping that the Chariot and Fallen won’t be behind them when it comes to next turn. The Warriors face the Taurukh Anointed, there’s only 3 Warriors and the 2 characters left in the unit at this point and I do not fancy their chances at all! The Crushers rally so now maybe they can get the objective by the hill and contest the objective. The EDC moves back into the fight, he’s only taken 2 wounds, he’s still a force to be reckoned with!

      In Combat the Chariot rolls low for impact hits but with the crew and the Mauler Beast attacks they kill the 5 remaining rank and file leaving the General standing. The Fallen don’t hurt him and the General does nothing in return. The General Breaks and runs off the board, I pursue with both units anyway to get them away from the Kadim.

      ID 4 – The Taurukh Anointed charge the Warriors and I’ve already consigned them to death but by the Dark Gods I’m taking some of them down with me! The Kadim doesn’t take the abit and decides to run up to the Crushers knowing that they are going for the objective and also offers me a juicy flank charge if I’m brave/stupid enough to take it.

      In Combat the Wrath Priest and the Warriors kill one Taurukh Anointed and the Taurukh Anointed attack back. He puts one guy into the Wrath Priest, 2 guys into the unit and 2 guys into my BSB, hoping to kill him before he can swing back. The one Taurukh Anointed does 2 wounds to my Wrath Priest, the two attacking the rank and file fluff their to hit roll and kill no one! The 2 attacking the BSB only do wound thanks to his 5+ re rollable armour save. The BSB strikes back, does 2 wounds and kills one more Taurukh Anointed. I’m actually winning combat at this point but he still has stomps, which don’t get the +1S due to Thunderous Charge and only do 1 wound to the rank and file. By some miracle I actually win this combat by one, the Taurukh Anointed fail their Ld 8 break test and flee. I’m not passing up on this opportunity to kill them and pursue, I actually catch them and kill the unit. I was not expecting that to happen.

      Warriors 5 – I mess up again here and decide not to charge the Kadim but I fail a frenzy check (they broke before, they are not frenzied) so the Crushers charge Kadim in the flank. I was actually tempted to do it anyway as I know how hard the Crushers are on the charge. I’m now worried in case somehow the Kadim wins combat and doesn’t pursue (I forgot that he is also frenzied so would have to pursue the Crushers) and then heads for my Warrior block (there’s 4 guys left in the unit, hardly seems like a block anymore). I move the Warriors onto the objective by the forest as long as they stay there I’ve got the objective as the Infernal Dwarves have no scoring units left. I run the EDC up to face the Kadim and also as a bit of chaff and move the Horsemen up to stop him charging the Warriors from that angle (this is all moot I now realise as he won’t be able to kill all the Crushers and reform). The Chariot and Fallen come on the board.

      In Combat the Crushers do an impressive 3 wounds to the Kadim and only take 2 in return. The high WS of my army is really helping me in this game, having most of the Infernal Dwarf units hitting me on 4s is a great help. I win combat but the Kadim rolls low and takes no wounds. It reforms to face the Crushers.

      ID 5 – Straight to combat and the Kadim again only does 2 wound to me killing a Crusher, I do a wound in return and lose combat but stick.

      Warriors 6 – I shuffle some units around a bit and charge in the EDC to the Kadim, he wants his revenge! In combat The Kadim does 3 wounds to the Crushers this time leaving me with one Crusher on 2 wounds. I only do 1 wound in return leaving him with one wound remaining. He loses combat but passes his instability check.

      ID 6 – In Combat the Kadim fails to kill off the last Crusher and the EDC takes off that last wound and kills the Kadim.

      The final Result is a 19 – 1 win to me. After Turn 1 I thought I had lost the game with the death of my Lord and learnt a valuable lesson about checking my opponents spells and knowing what they are capable of doing, I just assumed he had some big combat buff that would have helped him win some key combat later so wanted to save the Crown. Still think I was unlucky to take 3 wounds from that spell though. In turn 2 when I failed to kill the Infernal Engine I thought it was all over. Making all those charges into the Citadel Guard helped massively as I just destroyed that flank including the characters. I still don’t know how the Warriors survived the charge from the Taurukh Anointed, they should have lost combat, I think my BSB would still have been alive and if he made his break test he may have been standing there for a while but would have died eventually.

      The Fallen and the BSB were stars of the show for me. The Fallen can just eat through small units of chaff and are cheap enough to be considered chaff themselves. They helped me massively in that game killing the chaff and tying up the Generals unit. I’m loving this BSB build, the Great Weapon makes him a fiend in combat and the 2+ re roll armour save usually means he won’t die without striking back. So far he’s killed a Necro Guard champion (twice), a Dwarf King, an Infernal Dwarf BSB and a Taurukh Anointed. He’s putting my Lord to shame!

      I again played a lot of rules wrong, really need to not just assume my Crushers are frenzied all the time. I also need to remember about charging units in properly as they made a big difference in the Infernal Engine combat but we are both guilty of that and it worked out in my favour in the end.

      Overall I think I was lucky to get a 19 – 1, felt more like a small win to me but I was able to kill the whole army and had most of my units left.

      I ended Day 1 on 40 points which is better than I was expecting. On the Sunday for Game 4 I was drawn against an old opponent who got a 20 – 0 against me last time so I was eager for revenge.
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    • AxelVicious wrote:

      Onto Magic and my opponent has a good roll of 9, leaving me with 6 dice. He tries to get off Pyroclastioc Flow from the Ring of Fire on the Fallen but I stop it as I need them to shield the Warriors. Next he casts Silver Spike on my Lord but I also stop that. He follows that up with Quicksilver Lash on my Lord and I use the last of my dispel dice to stop that. He has 3 dice left and casts Molten Copper on my Lord, I still have my Crown of Scorn available to me but decide keep hold of it for now because I’m sure there will be a key magic phase when I absolutely need it. I don’t like to be goaded into popping the Crown first turn as I always regret it. I let the spell through deciding that with 3D6 hits at S2 on the best roll of 18 he should on average roll 3 6s, I Lucky Shield one and ward save another so at worst I should only take 1 wound on average. However, I forget one key piece of information in my working out. The attribute spell for alchemy makes someone flammable and Molten Copper is flaming attacks. So the wizard gets re rolls on his to wound roll of 6. He rolls 15 hits and gets 6 wounds through I end up taking 3 wounds. Things are not looking good for the Lord given that I still haven’t faced the shooting yet.
      Quick correction but you let Silver Spike through and I failed to wound with it, but put the attribute on your lord. Just in case anyone thought I cheated with the application of the attribute for Molten Copper! I didn't even think about the issue with the Titan's charge, I was probably too focused on playing tetris with the combat to consider it.

      Overall it was a really fun game, but I definitely messed up my deployment by putting all my heavy hitters on one flank. The small units of Citadel Guard just can't hold long enough against dedicated combat units for that sort of plan.
    • NFA wrote:

      Quick correction but you let Silver Spike through and I failed to wound with it, but put the attribute on your lord. Just in case anyone thought I cheated with the application of the attribute for Molten Copper! I didn't even think about the issue with the Titan's charge, I was probably too focused on playing tetris with the combat to consider it.

      Overall it was a really fun game, but I definitely messed up my deployment by putting all my heavy hitters on one flank. The small units of Citadel Guard just can't hold long enough against dedicated combat units for that sort of plan.
      You're completely right, i forgot about that, i knew something wasn't right about how that magic phase went.I let Silver Spike through because i had the Lucky Shield so wasn't worried about it. You didn't cast Quicksilver Lash either, it was Word of Iron on the Infernal Engine to give it a 1+ AS, so i had to stop that. It's all coming back to me now. I actually thought you applied the attribute at the same time as the spell but it is after it's cast. I have forgotten the ways of magic because i haven't used it for so long now and i'm just used to people using the Ring of Fire and applying the attribute at the same time.

      It was a great game and we shall have to have a re match sometime. I'd like to say i knew you messed up your deployment and i capitalised on it but that's not true. At the time i thought you did the right thing putting your monsters against mine as yours are better but you may have been better off putting the Anointed on one flank and the Kadim on the other.
    • So on a bright Sunday Morning I go into Game 4 and I’m all the way up on Table 2! My opponent is another member of the England ETC with MSU Ogre Khans, an army I thought at Firstorm Fours at the start of the year and lost 20 – 0 to. My opponent’s horrible, evil list is:

      Great Shaman: Wizard Master; 4 Learned Spells; Path of Thaumaturgy; Hellfist; Shielding Scroll; Ring of Fire
      3 Bruisers
      3 Bruisers
      3 Bruisers
      15 Scraplings
      15 Scraplings
      15 Scraplings: Scrapling Foreman
      6 Tribesmen: Musician; Standard Bearer
      2 Yetis
      2 Yetis
      2 Tusker Cavalry
      2 Tusker Cavalry: Light Armour & Iron Fists
      5 Scrapling Trappers
      Thunder Cannon
      Thunder Cannon
      Rock Aurochs: Rider (1)
      Rock Aurochs: Rider (1)

      So there’s some new additions from last time I fought this army, the Yetis are a new addition as are the Scrapling Trappers and the Scrapling Foreman but it’s essentially the same list. It’s a super effective list and with lots of chaff to block up my army and some of the chaff is also pretty effective in combat. Last time we played the little units of 3 Bruisers flank charged my Crushers and kill them so I have to try and protect my flanks this time. The cannons do what cannons do (except blow themselves up) and scare the bejesus out of my monsters. The Rock Aurochs are the main threat in the army and those beasties with their 3D3 S7 impact hits will kill anything in my army if they’re able to charge them and having two of them limits my already ineffective chaff. The Hellfist gives the whole army, except the Scraplings, re rolls to all their Ld tests. The Scraplings get re rolls from the Foreman who acts like a BSB. Normally with MSU lists Panic is their downfall but with the Hellfist nothing is running off easily and the Rock Aurochs will be unlucky to fail a frenzy check.

      The Deployment was Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Breakthrough. With 9 scoring units there is no way I’m going to be getting the Objective in this one so I’m just going to have to go for points and hope I don’t lost too much in return. As we place the scenery ourselves I pick the two hills and whack them in the middle of the board to give me some cover from the cannons and meaning I can at least advance a bit. A safer option would be to put them in the corners and hide behind them all game but where’s the fun in that?

      For Magic my opponent rolls all the spells I didn’t want him to have, Hand of Heaven, Cleansing Fire, Trial of Faith and Wrath of God. These are all the damage spells, Wrath of God and Trial of Faith can be particularly problematic and Hand of Heaven is so random it’s sometimes worth the risk of letting it off. The Shaman hides in the large Ogre Tribesmen block throughout the game.

      I pick table sides and my opponent lets me drop first. I drop a couple of units but realise it’s useless as my opponent has so many units that I can’t possibly out deploy him so I decide to stick everything on one flank but make sure that the Scraplings can’t scout behind my lines. My aim is to move the army forward together and hopefully sweep down the board from the left flank. I end up having to put the warriors in the Dangerous Terrain which is a mistake as they can’t march out of it. I choose to go first so I can get my army to hide behind that hill turn 1.

      Warriors 1 – I advance up the left flank making sure to keep most of my army hidden behind the hill. The Fallen on the right rush up to join my army and the other Fallen unit only walk out of the ruins, don’t want those DTs. The Warriors just walk 4” forward and now just the back rank is in the terrain.

      OK1 – The Scrapling Trappers run in front of the Crushers and the rest of the army moves as shown below, the important moves are the Rock Aurochs moving over to their right to threaten my army and the Yetis moving forward extremely quick. Unfortunately due to poor placement of my chariot from me the Yetis are able to get out of its charge arc.
      In the Magic phase I’m able to dispel Wrath of God but my opponent still gets off Pyroclastic Flow into the Horsemen and kills 2 of them and casts Hand of Heaven on the Fallen on the right and does 3 wounds.
      In the shooting phase both cannons eye up the Mauler Chariot, one misses and one hits but fails to wound. The Scraplings throw their weapons and actually do a wound to a Crusher!

      Warriors 2 – Rather than charge the Trappers with the Crushers, who would overrun and then be charged by one if not both Rock Aurochs I charge the Fallen into their flank. I move the other Fallen unit back and the Horsemen back as well. Knowing that one of the Rock Aurochs is going to charge the Fallen the Manticore dives behind the building and faces the hill, the DC and EDC turn to face down the board and the Crushers walk backwards although they will not get far enough away from what’s coming. The Chariot pivots to see the Yetis, hoping that they might fail a charge. The Warriors march out of the ruins and make all the DTs.

      In Combat the Fallen only kill 4 Trappers and take no wounds back. the Trapper breaks and is run down.

      OK 2 – A Rock Auroch charges the Fallen on the hill and one unit of Yetis charges my other unit of Fallen. The other Rock Auroch moves against the house ready to charge the units that I charge in next turn. The Shamans unit moves closer to ensure that his spells are within range. The three small Ogre blocks run down the right flank to get the objective. The second unit of Yetis moves to face the flank of my Warrior block. I’m annoyed with myself that I let them get round my army so easily this early on.

      In magic my opponent tries to cast Pyroclastic Flow on to my Lord just to pop the Lucky Shield (He forgot about it until now and wanted to use the Scraplings throwing weapons at him last turn). I’m able to dispel the Ring of Fire. He tries to cast Wrath of God but I pop the scroll. Then he casts Hand of Heaven on my Warriors which I fail to dispel and thanks to my MR2 from the Wrath Priest only 2 Warriors die.

      As my Lord still has his Lucky Shield the cannons open fire at the Chariot again, one misses and the other hits the Chariot and does 4 wounds.
      Onto Combat and the Rock Auroch kills 4 Fallen with just impact hits, I get to strike back and do nothing to the Monster, The Rock Auroch Finishes off the last guy and overruns into the Crusher Knights. In the Yeti combat things are much more interesting, the Yetis fail to do any wounds despite having 8 attacks and the Fallen do 4 wounds back killing a Yeti. The Yeti passes it’s break test and sticks. Still, it’s a nice turn of events, I thought they were dead!

      Warriors 3 – I charge the Rock Auroch with the Warriors and the Dragon Centaurs into the flanks. I move the chariot to face the Ogre Tribesmen, you never know, I could get lucky. I decide to make a break for it with my Lord and fly over the second Rock Auroch knowing that I could just hide behind the building all game but I want to move out and try and silence the cannons at least. I know the Scraplings can see my flank but I’m not that worried about them, they’re only small, what could they possibly do to a Chaos Lord on a Manticore? I know they are getting a flank charge and a rank for 3 combat res but I’ll challenge out the champ and get 4 combat res, winning by one and chasing them off the table to save me a turn of cannon death at least. The EDC moves behind the house to face the Rock Auroch if it decides to charge out. The Chariot declares a charge against a units of Scraplings and it flees and then i declare a charge against the other and flees too.The Horsemen move to face the rear of the Yetis.

      In combat The Rock Auroch kills 1 Crushers with it’s impact hits, the Crushers and Warriors are able to do 5 wounds but can’t kill it before it attacks back. The Rock Auroch kills one more Crusher (I now have 1 left on 2 wounds) and then thunder stomps the Warriors but only rolls a 1 and fails to wound. The BSB takes off the last wound slaying the beast. The Dragon Centaurs and Warriors Turn to face the Rock Auroch.
      The Fallen fighting the Yeti take a wound leaving me with one guy left and then he actually kills the Yeti!

      OK 3 – The Rock Auroch charges the Dragon Centaurs but first they must take a Terror test because for some inexplicable reason they don’t cause Fear. The DC roll an 11 but it’s ok because I have a re roll as my BSB is nearby but I roll a 10 failing the panic test and then run through my Crusher Knight. The Rock Auroch fails to re direct but only stumbles forward a tiny amount. I thought that was the end of it, I thought the Dragon Centaurs were safe at least, then the Yetis declared a charge against the Dragon Centaurs so they had to flee again but they are 11” from the board edge so they should still be on. I roll an 11 and they run off the board……

      The Scraplings declare a charge into the Manticore, the fools, I’m going to eat them all and build myself a throne from their tiny skulls. Other than that the Tuskgors move up o block the chariot from charging the Ogre Tribesmen. A cannon has to move to be able to see my EDC who I thought I had hid safely behind the house but apparently not. The rest of the army moves forward.

      In the magic phase my opponent gets a high roll and this is going to be brutal without my Crown. First of all he casts Trial of Faith onto my Wrath Priest and I try to dispel it but fail and my Wrath Priest suffers 2 wounds. Next he casts Hand of Heaven onto the Warriors and I fail to dispel that too, this time 4 Warriors die. I am out of dispel dice now and have had a shocking magic phase, with his last 3 dice my opponent casts Wrath of God and brings it down on top of the hill on the left.

      In the shooting phase one cannons misses the EDC but the other one hits and does 3 wounds.

      Onto the Combat phase and it’s straight to my Lord, it now dawns on me what a stupid mistake I’ve made, the Scrapling have a combat res of 4 due to having a super flank charge because of their extra rank, which I forgot about. My Lord has to do 4 wounds to draw combat. I issue my obligatory challenge and the Foreman accepts (he has to accept, if he doesn’t then I may do more than the 4 wounds need and actually win combat). I only do 3 wounds to the Foreman with both my Lord and Manticore, that’s 10 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 2s. Never mind, I have lost combat by one but I’m Ld 9 so I should be ok…. I fail it and break from combat. I roll an 11 on the flee roll which is good, those Scraplings will never catch me…. They also roll an 11 and run down my Manticore Lord.

      At this point I needed a good few minutes to get my head around what just happened. It was all my own stupid fault for giving the Scraplings the flank charge in the first place but I never thought that would actually happen! I think I got cocky due to the size difference in models, there’s my massive Manticore standing next to some Goblins, how could a model that big lose to something so small? My plan has just been smashed apart by Scraplings, I have no idea what to do now. With the loss of the Dragon Centaurs and my Lord everything is falling apart. The Chariot is on its last legs, the Elder Dragon Centaur is on half wounds and there’s a Comet coming down. Onto my turn 4.

      Warriors 4 – Well after that abysmal turn I should have probably cut my losses and retreated back to protect what I had remaining but that’s not how I roll, I will have my revenge! So I charge the Mauler Chariot into the Tuskers, I charge the Warriors into the Scraplings who killed my Lord, they flee, I then redirect into the second unit of Scraplings and they also flee, so the Warriors stumble forward. The Horsemen charge the rear of the Yetis to avenge the Dragon Centaurs, I don’t fancy their chances though. I run the Fallen forward and I run the Crusher away from the Wrath of God, which doesn’t come down in my magic phase.

      In Combat the Mauler chariot does 4 wounds from impact hits and one more from the riders, I take one wound back in return before the Maulerbeast finishes the Tuskers off, go chariot! I leave the Chariot facing towards the big block because if I change facing to face the Tuskers they’ll just run away, I’d rather they came in for a fight. The Horsemen do one wound to the Yetis and take one in return, the Yetis don’t break despite losing combat by 3, they also reform and face me.

      OK 4 – The other unit of Tuskers with the Iron Fists charge the flank of the chariot and one unit of Bruisers charge the lone Fallen. The Scraplings that killed my Lord fail to rally and run off the board, the other unit does rally though. The Rock Auroch moves around the back of the building to face my EDC. Everything else moves as shown.

      In the Magic Phase the nothing seems to happen, I forget why, must have been a low roll on the dice. The comet doesn’t come down.
      In the Shooting Phase my opponent actually makes a mistake and forgets to fire the cannons but it can only see the Warriors anyway. The Rock Auroch has a Hunting Spear to throw at my EDC which I learn does D3 wounds (because it really needs a shooting weapon that does D3 wounds, I mean it’s not like it’s great at everything else). It’s also BS4 from some reason (seriously, why?) so it’s hitting me on 3s but luckily it misses.

      In Combat the Tuskers kill the chariot but not before I take one more Tusker down with me. The Yetis kill of the Horsemen and turn to face the Crusher.

      Warriors 5 – I move the EDC away from the Rock Auroch, although I would rather face his shooting than the cannons I Can’t let him charge me. The Crushers move further away from the Wrath of God and face the Yetis. I’m sick of chaff running away from Warriors and I need to get away from this massive Wrath of God that’s coming so I pop the Icon of the Relentless Company and march 12” away.

      In the Magic Phase the Wrath of God comes down and despite having a 2D6 +4” range it falls short of hitting anything and I’ve dodged a bullet there.

      OK 5 – The Yetis move around the flank of the Crusher. The Rock Auroch comes back out of his house to throw the Hunting Spear at my EDC. The Scraplings reform wide to completely block of my Warriors, regretting moving there now.

      In the Magic Phase the wizard casts Trial of Faith on my Wrath Priest with overwhelming power, I let it go as I stand little chance of stopping it and I like to watch Wizards blow up their own units. In the Trial of Faith the Ogre Shaman easily kills my Wrath Priest as I roll a 1, in the subsequent miscast the Ogre Tribesmen block take 7 wounds and pass their panic test. I’m able to stop the rest of the spells.

      In shooting one cannon misfires and is no longer a cannon, just a reasonably priced chariot, and the other one misses. The Rock Auroch misses with its Hunting Spear and I’m lucky again there.

      Warriors 6 – My last turn and I charge the Warriors into the Scraplings to get those precious points, all 80 of them. I run the Crusher behind the hill and away from the Yetis but I make a mistake I’ve made a million times before, I didn’t turn him to face the Yetis so they have a nice juicy rear charge into me. I hide the EDC behind the Building once more. What I should have done was sacrificed him by putting him in front of the Rock Auroch to keep the Warriors alive, there’s a lot more points in that unit.

      In combat the Warriors easily beat the Scraplings and there are just 3 left, they break but I don’t pursue. Rather than reform to face the Rock Auroch I keep facing the Cannons to stop them from charging me. If I faced the Rock Auroch then he will charge my front with the monster and I’ll get the Thunder Cannons in the rear, probably killing me before I can even swing back. I think regardless of what I did with the Warriors they are dead anyway.

      OK 6 – The Rock Auroch charges the flank of the Warriors and the Yetis charge the rear of the Crusher Knight. The Shaman leaves the Ogre Tribesmen to ry and snipe my EDC but I’m able to stop it.

      In combat the Yetis do no wounds and I do 1 in return, I lose combat by two but stick! The Rock Auroch kills the remains of the unit, 6 troops by this point, and then does 2 wounds to the BSB with his 6 attacks, the BSB does one wound back but it’s no use. He auto breaks and is run down by the Rock Auroch.

      I lost the game 19 – 1, which is at least an improvement over my last attempt. I played badly again on this one but I honestly don’t think I can win this fight, the best I could do is a small loss but I really struggle to play that way. I should have just kept the EDC and Manticore behind the building, The DC and Crushers on the hill to have a Mexican stand off against the Rock Auroch, probably would have lost 15 – 5 or so in the end but I would have taken it. I just hate going to a tournament and having to hide my army and not have a fight, what is the point in that? I probably should have weighted down one side and then ran down to the other to try and stop his scoring units getting into my deployment zone but there’s so many of them I’m not sure if it’s even possible. If the Manticore or the EDC go out into the open they get shot by cannons so they have to hide. The Crushers are actually a massive liability in this game too as overruns from frenzy will be their death because any one of those little units in their flank will beat them.

      My opponent has a great list and he knows how to use it, I need to figure out a way of trying to beat it so if anyone has any suggestions they’ll be much appreciated. I liked the addition of the Yetis from last time we played, I think they’re really good with the -1 I and making them I4 means they are going first or at the same time as my army and being so quick and fast troops means they can pick nad choose what they fight.

      I could also go on a big rant about how Ogres seem to have some ridiculous point costing in their book that beggar belief but I’m sure everyone is aware of it. Onto Game 5.
      • OK3.JPG

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    • AxelVicious wrote:

      I could also go on a big rant about how Ogres seem to have some ridiculous point costing in their book that beggar belief but I’m sure everyone is aware of it. Onto Game 5.

      Welcome to the club :thumbup:
      " Des chercheurs qui cherchent, on en trouve. Des chercheurs qui trouvent, on en cherche " Charles de Gaulle
      " Si l'on bâtissait la maison du bonheur, la plus grande pièce en serait la salle d'attente " Jules Renard
      " Plus j'aime l'humanité en général, moins j'aime les gens en particulier " Fedor Dostoïevski
      " Only in the darkness can you see the stars " Martin Luther King Jr
    • Yeah ogres are better in combat than us, better shooting and better magic, faster and less points. Not much can be done. One point is a good result!
      Take a look at my painted army so far. Feel free to share a pic of yours!

      Pics of my ever expanding warriors army

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2018

      WastelandWarrior Painting League 2019
    • WastelandWarrior wrote:

      Yeah ogres are better in combat than us, better shooting and better magic, faster and less points. Not much can be done. One point is a good result!
      Not sure they're better in combat than us, we at least have better WS and Armour but in every other phase they're definitely better. It's the high movement with the impact hits that is the key to them beating the WotDG though. Whatever the Rock Auroch charges it kills, usually before it can strike back and even the little units of 3 ogres get to dish out some impact hits too, so they're knocking wounds off before you even get to attack. If they get to multi charge a unit with some of them brusiers that is a lot of damage they're dishing out.The whole game just comes down to who wants to charge first and whoever pulls it off wins.

      I'll beat them one day though!
    • So for the final game of the weekend I was drawn against Beast Herds, not any army I’ve fought too often, I’ve only fought them once before and it was against this opponent but with a slightly different list. So his list:

      Soothsayer: Wizard Master; Shamanism; 3 Learned Spells; Crown of Autocracy
      Centaur Chieftain: Heavy Armour; Shield; Throwing Weapons; Beast Axe; Battle Standard; Greater Totem Bearer; Dragon Mantle; Eye of Dominance
      Centaur Chieftain: Shield; Throwing Weapons; Lance; Seed of the Dark Forest; Bronze Breast Plate
      Beast Chieftain: Beast Axe; Greater Totem Bearer; Raiding Chariot Mount; Hardened Shield; Dusk Stone
      49 Mongrel Herd: Musician
      20 Mongrel Herd: Musician
      10 Wildhorn Herd: Ambush
      10 Mongrel Raiders: Scout & Ambush
      10 Mongrel Raiders: Scout & Ambush
      3 Minotaurs : Paired Weapons
      Razortusk Chariot
      Razortusk Chariot
      7 Centaurs: Paired Weapons
      7 Centaurs: Paired Weapons
      7 Centaurs: Paired Weapons
      5 Gargoyles
      Raiding Chariot
      Raiding Chariot
      Razortusk Herd

      So as you can see there’s a LOT of units, 16 drops in total! At least with this army though everything has come prepared to have a fight so there will be combat, lots and lots of combat! This is easily the most fun I’ve had playing about with Battle Chronicler to make the maps as there’s so many units on the table it just looks mad. The main worry for me is the Centaurs who have 3 S5 each attacks on the charge and are incredibly and hard to catch. The BSB is also rather dangerous for as the Eye of Dominance means Monstrous stuff can only hit him on a 6 (so that’s my DC, EDC, Crushers and Manticore) so the BSB can easily take out my Monsters. The rest of the stuff is not so much a combat threat but can wear my units down through attrition, especially with 5 chariots, not a lot can take that many impact hits.

      For magic my opponent rolls Swarm of Insects, Pounding Drum Beat, Break the Spirit and takes Awaken the Beast. I’m not too worried about these spells as the real threat from Beast Herds lie in the Totems that carry. Those little Bound spells can really be a pain.

      The Deployment is Encircle and the Secondary Objective is Secure Target again (the black bulls eyes on the map). I got to pick whether to attack or defend and choose to attack. After we place scenery my opponent puts the Seed of the Dark Forest down, it is the forest in the middle of the board. I tried going alternative deployment but it was fruitless so I just dropped everything after a while. I loaded up the left flank with Crushers and Lord, right flank with DCs, Chariot and EDC and put the rest in the middle, The Fallen are fast anyway so not too worried about them only being 9” on and the Warriors have the Icon of the Relentless Company to help speed them up a bit. My opponent dropped as you can see, I’m making no attempt at explaining it but that’s a lot of units! I will say that the BSB is in Centaur 1 and the other Centaur Chieftain is in Centaur 2.

      As my opponent had almost twice as many drops as me I decide who went first and I decided to let my opponent go first as I didn’t have to worry about being shot at and the hope being that I might be able to snatch the objectives in the last turn.

      BH 1 – My opponent is very cautious in his turn 1 and only advances a few things up, he doesn’t want to give me any easy charges. The centaurs 2 have vanguarded very far forward daring me too charge them though. In the magic phase my opponent gets off Swarm of Insects onto the Horsemen (who I vanguarded forward) killing 2 of them, they pass their panic test.

      Warriors 1 – I decide to not charge anything as it’s all a little bit too far away. I pass the Crushers frenzy check and move them out of the pond to face the Mongrel Raiders, if I had charged them I would either have been off the board or facing a flank charge from Minotaurs and a Chariot. I move the rest up as shown, nothing particularly clever really, just want to face the main Beast Herds horde.

      (Look at all those Beasties!)

      BH 2 – The Beast Chieftain on his Chariot charges the Horsemen, I flee this one and the Beast Chieftain tries to re direct into my Warriors but fails it, he then rumbles forward 6”. The Centaur Chieftain leaves the Centaurs 2 and rides around the flank of my Manticore. The Centaurs 2 then run right up in front of my Fallen, I’m guessing so that I charge him next turn, he wins and can pivot and charge me next turn. The Centaur BSB leaves Centaurs 1 and stands on the hill. The rest moves as shown.

      Magic is uneventful this time as everything is either out of range or I stop it.

      Warriors 2 – The Manticore and the EDC both declare charges against the Beast Chietain’s Chariot, my thinking being that if I can get both heavy hitters into it and kill it then they’re in the back lines and will cause him all kinds of problems. The EDC fails but the Manticore makes it. The Fallen take the bait and charge the Centaurs, even if they lose I should take some Centaurs down with me. The Horsemen rally and move to threaten the Centaur Chieftain with throwing weapons (they do nothing). The Crushers pass their Frenzy check and keep walking backwards. The rest just moves forward as shown.

      In Combat the Manticore Lord does 3 wounds to the Beast Chieftain Chariot despite his 1+ re roll Armour Save but the Lord takes a wound in return which he fails to soul feed back. The Chariot is just out of BSB range, and breaks from combat due to the -4 Ld test. My Lord runs it down and crashes into the Mongrel herd behind it. The Fallen manage to kill all 7 of the Centaurs and take 3 wounds in return! The Fallen overrun quiet far forward. I’m well chuffed with the Fallen, they can achieve some great things when they want to!

      BH 3 – The Beast Herds wake up this turn and it all goes a little crazy, so bear with me whilst I try to explain it all. The Centaurs 3 and the Razortusk Chariot on the right charge my unit of Fallen on the right, if they kill all the Fallen their overruns will take the Chariot into the Warriors and the Centaurs into the EDC. The Raiding Chariot on the right charges the flank of my Lord and the Razortusk also tries to charge the other flank of my Lord but falls short. The Razortusk Chariot on the left charges the Fallen who beat the Centaurs and overran. The Centaur Chieftain charges the flank of my Warrior block as well knowing that he’ll shortly be getting some support from a Razor Tusk Chariot if it kills the Fallen.

      Onto regular movement the Gargoyles chaff up the DCs, the Mongrel Raiders near my Lord shuffle round to right waiting for their time. The giant Mongrel Herd on the hill turn to face my Lord and the BSB moves down a bit. In what I consider to be a big mistake the Minotaurs and Raiding Chariot on the left turn to face the centre leaving my Crushers free to do what they want now. If he left the Minotaurs there my Crushers wouldn’t have been able to anything all game until they failed a frenzy check and died.

      In the Magic phase I have to pop the Crown to stop Break the Spirit going off on my Warriors and I’m able to dispel the rest of the spells.
      Onto a very messy round of combat. The Centaurs and the Chariot that charged the Fallen easily kill all the Fallen who fail to do a wound to the Chariot before they die. The Chariot overruns into the Warriors front and the Centaurs overrun into the face of the EDC. Then onto the Warriors combat and the Wrath Priest issues a challenge and the Chieftain has to accept, in the challenge despite the Chieftain being S8 (he’s drunk now) on the charge he only does 1 wound to my Wrath Priest (failed his primal fury as the BSB is too far away). My Wrath Priest only 3 wounds back to the Chieftain but he uses his Bronze Breastplate to get a 1+ this time and only takes 1 wound. At least next round the Chieftain is only S5, so I at least get a 6+ armour save and he won’t get any armour save! The Chariot only kills 4 Warriors with impact hits and all its crew attacks and the BSB and the unit do 3 wounds to the Chariot. The combat ends in a draw which suits me fine as I probably should have lost that combat.

      The Manticore Lord does 2 wounds to the Chariot and the Manticore takes 3 Mongrel Herd down, the Lord takes no wounds in return and even gets a wound back from Soul Feeder. I win combat by 1, the Chariot sticks and the Beast Herd, despite being Steadfast, are out of the BSBs re roll bubble, break from combat and run off the board. Their flight off the board causes the Mongrel raiders near them to panic too and they run off the board as well! My Lord then reforms to face the Chariot and finish it off. A nice turn of events, all I all. The Razortusk Chariot that charged the 2 Fallen kills them and doesn’t overrun, just reforms to face the Warriors.

      (I love this map, it's pure madness!)

      Warriors 3 – The Crushers can now safely charge the Mongrel raiders with only the Wildhorns to worry about but I think they could take that flank charge. The Dragon Centaurs charge the Gargoyles. The Chariot is facing completely the wrong way to be of any help to anyone so I turn him to face between the warriors and the EDC. I run the Horsemen forward hoping to do a little chaffing of my own.
      I shooting the Horsemen shoot the Razortusk and actually get a wound throw, go on lads!

      Onto another messy round of combats. The Dragon Centaurs easily kill all the Gargoyles and suffer a wound in return, they just pivot to face the main battle. The Crushers kill all the Mongrel raiders and remain unscathed although they then overrun and the Wildhorns can get a flank charge still. The EDC is now in combat with the Centaurs and does 3 wounds to them and doesn’t suffer any in return. The Centaurs break from combat and I pursue with the EDC but fail to catch them. The Manticore Lord is easily kills the Chariot and turns to face a large block of Mongrel Herd running down a hill towards him, he’s probably getting flashbacks of what the Scraplings did to him last game.

      In the Warrior combat the Warriors go first but only take a wound off, the Chariot crew fail to get any wounds against me and the BSB finishes off the Chariot. All that remains then is the Wrath Priest in the challenge with the Centaur Chieftain. My Wrath Priest only takes a wound, he’s very lucky to be alive in this fight, and my Wrath Priest only does a wound in return so we are both alive on one wound. The Centaur loses combat and breaks but I don’t pursue because otherwise I would get flank charged by a lot of Beast Herd units.

      BH 4 – Another brutal round of charges is about to happen. The Raider Chariot, Razortusk Herd and Razortusk Chariot all charge the Warrior block and I realise at this point I’m stood in a wood and I’m not steadfast if he can hill off my second rank, which he should do with 2D6 impact hits. The BSB also comes out charging and does a huge charge into my EDC, I’m not too happy about that because of the Eye of Dominance my EDC is only hitting on 6s. I knew there was a reason I was keeping him and the DCs safely away from him. The Mongrel Herd charges down the hill towards my Manticore and I’m more worried than I should be. The Centaurs 3 rally but the Centaur Chieftain doesn’t and runs a bit further. The Minotaurs move round to the flank hoping to get a Turn 6 charge into my Lord if the Mongrels hold him there for long enough. Centaurs 1 move a little closer. The Wildhorns don’t charge the Crushers because my opponent think he’ll lose it anyway but I’m not so sure, I think he could have won that, it would have been close either way.

      In the magic phase the Soothsayer gets off Awaken the Beast on the Mongrel Herd with overwhelming power to give them +1S, I’m not too fussed about that and let it go. The resulting miscast causes 1 wound to the Soothsayer. I’m then able to dispel the rest of the speels that phase.

      Onto the best phase, combat. Onto what should be one of the best fighters in the game my Chaos Lord on a Manticore and he does an epic 4 wounds to the Mongrel herd, mostly thanks to Parry stopping me hitting on 2s. The Mongrel Herd do no wounds back and I lose combat by 1 thanks to the hill but luckily he doesn’t run away this time, *sigh*. In the EDC combat I am able to hit the BSB twice and get one wound through, the BSB does 2 wounds to me in return but the EDC sticks. It’s then time to reform and the BSB goers first and slides along so that my Chariot cannot complete his charge, I try to do the same with my EDC but fail the reform roll and stay where I am, so he’s on his own.

      The Warriors combat and the Chariots kill 5 Warriors with impact hits and then I get to attack back. the Wrath priest attacks the Razortusk Chariot in front of him and does two wounds. I put 4 warriors into the Razortusk and do 2 wounds, killing him thanks to the Horsemen’s shooting talking a wound off last round. 2 Warriors then attack the Raiding Chariot and get 2 wounds through. The Chariot crew attack back killing 2 more Warriors then my BSB gets to strike and kills of the Raider Chariot. I actually win combat thanks to all the wounds I did to the Chariots but the remaining Razortusk sticks around. I reform the Warriors to go 5 wide and move the BSB over to attack the Razortusk Chariot next turn. The Warriors are in pretty bad shape now though, only 5 Warriors and the Characters left.

      Warriors 4 – The Dragon Centaurs charge the remains of Centaurs 3, the Mauler Chariot could charge the Razortusk Chariot but opts to charge the Mongrel Herd to help out the Manticore but fails the charge. Horsemen move round the back of the Centaurs 1 and the Crushers reform to face the Wildhorns, they can also see the Centaur Chieftain if he rallies but currently the Wildhorns are blocking that charge.
      The Horsemen shoot the Centaurs but don’t do any wounds.

      In Combat the Manticore Lord kills 7 Mongrels and takes now ounds in return but the Mongrels stick, at least he’s winning combats this time. The Dragon Centaurs wipe out the 4 Centaurs and turn to face across the board. The Warriors and the Wrath Priest fail to kill the Chariot leaving it on one wound and making the BSB have to finish it off. Before that happens though the Razortusk kills 2 Warriors and the Crew finish off the Wrath Priest. The BSB seeing all this destruction decides to smash the Chariot to bits leaving me with an even more weakened unit to turn and face the Centaurs. The EDC doesn’t get any hits against the BSB this time and the BSB does a wound to the EDC, winning combat by 2, the EDC fails his break test this time, despite being Ld 7 with a re roll, and runs but the BSB is too quick and kills him. I’m annoyed about that as I knew the BSB would do that if he got to fight the EDC, that’s why I didn’t want that to happen, I shouldn’t have pursued the Centaurs with him so the BSB would not have been able to charge him. It was a long charge he made but with the +1M from the Razortusk Chariot it was easier for him to make it. I can’t let that BSB get in a one on one fight with my monsters.

      BH 5 – The Centaurs charge the Warriors as I expected. The Centaur Chieftain rallies, the BSB runs around to the flank of the DCs hoping to kill them too after his heroics against the EDC. The Wildhorns move up to block the Centaurs this turn. The Minotaurs move up to face the flank of my Lord, ready for that charge next turn.

      My opponent has a great Magic Phase this round thanks in part to the Wrath Priest being dead. He gets off Black Wing Totem on the Centaurs giving them +3 I, this means they attack before the Warriors. He then gets off Gnarled Hide Totem on the Mongrel Herd giving them Distracting and +1 Armour. Finally he gets off Break the Spirit on the Manticore making it -1 to hit, so I’m now hitting on 5s! This was a brutal phase for me, I can’t remember what the dice pool was but I couldn’t stop all the spells he was throwing at me.

      Combat next and the Centaurs kill the last few remaining Warriors and do a wound to the BSB. The BSB only kills one in return but luckily the BSB makes his Ld 5 break test, I’m very lucky there, he had to stick. The Manticore Lord is only able to do 3 wounds this time and receives no wounds in return, but he has lost combat by 1 and breaks from combat this time (He really can’t fight against big blocks, especially once hexes get off), he manages to escape his pursuers and make all his DTs from Break the Spirit and running through the BSB.

      Warriors 5 – The Mauler Chariot charges the Centaurs and the Crushers charge the Wildhorn. I realise this turn that the Crushers can still get the objective next to the house as the other side of the house is within 6” of it. The Manticore rallies, yay! The Horsemen move a top the hill.

      Now I didn’t charge the Dragon Centaurs into the flank of the Mongrel Herd and I’m not entirely sure why. Either I was scared of the Mongrels after what they did to the Manticore and didn’t want to touch them or I didn’t want them getting the objective as I had the left hand one so I had the Objective. I think the reason was the latter, my reasoning being that if I charge the DCs into the Mongrels and they win combat, the DCs run away and they pursue then in their turn 6 the Mongrel herd can reach the Secondary Objective by the forest but if I take the charge next turn they can’t make it as I positioned them so that the overrun takes them away from the objective.

      In hindsight I should have just charged the Mongrels in the flank, with all their attacks and double stomps they’re not losing combat and the BSB wouldn’t charge the DCs next turn anyway as they don’t have to attack him and can just get combat res from the Mongrels. It would also leave the BSB open to ca charge from my Lord. He’d probably have just kept his BSB alive instead.

      In combat the Crushers kill all the Wildhorns and overrun into the house. The Mauler Chariot kills all the Centaurs with its impact hits leaving it and BSB free of combat. So now my BSB has to take the charge from the wounded Centaur Chieftain.

      BH 6 – The Centaur Chieftain charges my BSB as expected. The Centaur BSB charge the front of the DCs but to let the Mongrels charge the Manticore he had to slide right down to the end of the unit. Now I’m not sure if that it correct or not. Does the BSB have to engage the most models in combat so at least two DCs meaning he can’t slide down to the end? Anyway, we played as if the Mongrels could charge. Fortunately thanks to the Manticore running off the Minotaurs can’t do anything this turn so the Soothsayer joins them to protect himself from the Horsemen.

      It’s another horrific Magic Phase for me and my opponent gets off Break the Spirit on my Manticore and Gnarled Hide Totem on the Mongrel Herd. I had to stop Blood Hooded Totem (AP 2) from going off on the Centaur Chieftain as that would have spelt the end for my BSB. I think he also tried to get Awaken the Beast off on the Chieftain but I stopped that too.

      Onto Combat and the Manticore Lord only kills another 3 Mongrels but I lose combat by 1 and stick, phew. The Centaur BSB does 2 wounds to the DCs who can’t hit him back and lose combat by 3. They break from combat and run down by the BSB. I played this part of the table really badly, I should have just charged them into the Mongrel Herd, I could have lost my Lord again this turn and the DCs, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

      Onto the big combat, if my BSB can survive the 4 S8 Attacks coming his way it will be a miracle, in fact if he makes it I might make him a Daemon Prince because he has been such a killer in this tournament he deserves it. The Centaur makes his Primal Fury roll so he has re roll to hits. He gets 3 hits through and luckily for me rolls a 1 for one of his to wound rolls, thus only get 2 wounds. My BSB is alive and get s to strike back, easily smashing the Chieftain to bits, what a legend!

      Warriors 6 – The Mauler Chariot tries to charge the Mongrel Herd, just to lend some combat res so I can win a round of combat, but he fails. The Horsemen charge the rear of the Mongrels as well and make it. I move the Crushers closer to the objective.

      Onto Combat and the Lord and the Horsemen kill 5 but I lose a Horseman in return. I win combat but the Mongrels stick around.

      I win this game 15 – 5 in the end thanks to the Objective but I actually feel very lucky to have won that at all. It was a fantastic game though, loved every bit of it because it was just charges and combat everywhere. I really like this Beast Herd army and I like the Beast Herd book. I think they have got the feel of it spot on, it does feel and look like you are fighting and endless herd of Beasts that no matter how many you kill there is always more.

      My Lord was a bit disappointing in this game but he did kill a Character Chariot, a regular Chariot and a unit of Mongrel Herd, not quiet getting his points back but he did get a tally at least and he did keep the Mongrels out of the game. It just shows the Manticore Lords weakness though, static combat res, one round of fluffing dice rolls and it’s all over for him. If I was able to get my Chariot in the Mongrels earlier I think I might have actually beaten the big Mongrel Herd in the end. Or if I charged the DCs in that would have helped. I think that was a mistake not charging the DCs in, I know I did stop them getting the objective in the end but I risked my Lord dying to them and that whole unit of DCs too, wasn’t worth it.

      The biggest mistake my opponent made was moving the Minotaurs away from the left flank, if they stayed there they would have killed the Crushers in the end I think and could have gotten that objective. I could have very easily have lost this game and think I’m lucky to have come out with a 15 – 5, but I’ll take it.

      At the end of the tournament I finished 7th out of 22 which I was delighted with, first time I’ve won 3 out of 5 games with the Warriors and the two opponents who beat me finished 1st and 2ndso no shame there. I also won Best Painted which I am always happy with, the first trophy for my Warriors.

      I’ll do a little post tournament summary soon guys, but thanks for reading.
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    • Great battle reports, post more every time you can please!!!
      One thing from your last battle to help in the future. When you break from the bsb with the edc you should test on L9 instead of 7, because edc have one full rank and bsb have none.
      It is one of the thing shaggots shine, lone characters have a hard time to kill it in a round and you can always rely on it L9 to prepare a countercharge
    • Kharneth wrote:

      Great battle reports, post more every time you can please!!!
      One thing from your last battle to help in the future. When you break from the bsb with the edc you should test on L9 instead of 7, because edc have one full rank and bsb have none.
      It is one of the thing shaggots shine, lone characters have a hard time to kill it in a round and you can always rely on it L9 to prepare a countercharge
      Gah, you're absolutely right, well spotted! The EDC would have been steadfast so chances are he wouldn't have run off and more importantly he would have been able to reform after combat and let the chariot come charging in, which i hope would have killed the BSB. That would have changed the end game a bit i think. Nevermind, something i need to remember for next time.

      Glad you like the battle reports, as long as people keep reading them i'll keep writing them. I would like to write some practice battles before my next tournament, the problem is it takes a long time to write these battle reports up but i do enjoy the process. I'm hoping to get some big battles in soon, 8000+ points or so and get writing them up. Everyone loves a big battle!
    • Thanks for the kind comments guys, it's good to know people are enjoying them.

      I'm definitely trying to take some more and better pictures of my games but sometimes i get carried away with the game and forget to take any photos for a turn or two or i'm just unable to get any decent ones. Like with my first game against the UD, the sun was shining on half the board and most of my pictures just looked really bad.

      I'll try and get a whole shot of my army for the start of the next tournie and put all the info underneath it like they used to in the old White Dwarfs.

      @teclis2000 - By the spoiler bit do you think i should put the maps and pics in a hidden spoiler part? I never really thought about that but it makes sense.