Which army should TMS kickstart after VC?

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    • Which army should TMS kickstart after VC?

      Which army would you like to see first? 55
        Beast Herds (33) 60%
        Sylvan Elves (22) 40%
      With permanent facilities and employees finally in place, production for this wonderful company has begun anew! In the most recent Square Table, TMS's very own Arthur (known as @Kanadian to the majority of you), their most recent kickstarter plan for VC was announced and some details were given! Many other parts of the company were discussed, from problems and reasons for delays, and future plans for kickstarters to come (many other things were discussed, and many questions asked, which you can learn about if you watch the podcast here: Click me!)! Which leads us to the question of the evening.

      The more wild things of the world are now up for sculpting, and we have a question of who should come first! Having seen a sculpt of the minotaur lord (made as a personal side project by an employee), I can assure all of you that the models are going to look absolutely spectacular, and that this is definitely something you are going to want to invest in. So, which shall come first? The defenders of the Sylvan woodlands, or the Herds trampling through them, eating and looting as they go? You decide!

      Note, both armies are going to be kickstartered eventually, and none of this planning will in any way slow down the unfulfilled pledges for previous TMS kickstarters. All KoE and UD models will be finished and shipped before any work on this kickstarter begins. The art team is just WAY ahead of schedule, and will need to keep busy somehow once they are finished with the last few concept arts for the VC. This is also to gauge interest in both armies, and will directly influence the direction the company takes in the near future. With this disclaimer out of the way, I present to you the poll.
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