Oh-Con Round #3 Demons of Wrath vs OnG

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    • Oh-Con Round #3 Demons of Wrath vs OnG

      After the last battle against the Neil Beasts there was so much blood spilled on the battle field that it summoned up the Blood Thirster...... Hordes of blood letters pop up, Hell cannons start shooting flaming fireballs into the air.... Juggertooth doesn't flinch and signals Bazuka to let the arrows fly. The sky turns black as the arrows cover the sky. Who will win this bloody game? Can Koopa survive against a Scourge of Wrath? Will the Hell hounds destroy the goblin archers? Can Crom rescue Koopa? Lets find out here...

      ChiHammer Fantasy Battles

      ETC 2016 - Team USA Orcs and Goblins
      2017-2019 Team MEXICO Orcs and Goblins (c)
      2017 - Buckeye Battles Best Overall Champion
      2017 - Hogfest GT Best Overall Champion