Axel Vicious at the Midlands GT 2017 - Wrath Warriors of the Dark Gods

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    • Great batrep! Congrats on the win!

      The Pathfinders are hideously expensive at 40ppm. They have good movement and hence are usually included for points denial but aside from the freak killing of the bloodbeast in T1 there is not much to fear for WDG from SE shooting.

      I'm surprised your chariot didn't play a bigger part for its impact hits. That's usually a good way to get past the initiative hurdle against SE.
      "The combination of lemon and habenero peppers was confusing to me. I will pay for this tomorrow i think." - Rosanjin Scholar, Iron Chef
    • After the unwillingness of the Sylvan Elves to have a scrap I was really hoping to fight an opponent with some nice juicy blocks of infantry for my monsters to go to town in. I certainly didn’t want to fight any MSU chaff spam so naturally I was drawn against Beast Herds. Once upon a time Beast Herd players used to be Hobby Heroes, playing the army they loved not for any glory but just because they enjoyed collecting an army of mutated beast folk who want to destroy civilisation. Now though, they’re all about the winning. My Opponent in his defence though has been using Beast Herds for as long as I’ve known, he’s one of the originals! Beast Herds were the best represented army at the tournament with 8 players out of 70 taking them so I was always going to end up facing them eventually. At least it’s not Ogre Khans.

      My opponents list:

      Beast Lord, General, Razortusk Chariot, Shield, Beast Axe, Crown of Horns, Bluffers Helm, Talisman of Supreme Shielding

      Beast Chieftain, Raiding Chariot, Beast Axe, Greater Totem Bearer, Battle Standard Bearer, Sprout of Rebirth, Hardened Shield

      Centaur Chieftain, Lance, Shield, Throwing Weapons, Greater Totem Bearer, Dark Rain

      Centaur Chieftain, Flaming Lance, Potion of Swiftness, Shield, Throwing Weapons

      3x10 Wildhorn Herd, Ambush, Musician

      10 Wildhorn Herd, Ambush

      3 Raiding Chariots

      2x 1 Razortusk Chariot

      3x5 Centaurs, Paired Weapons

      15 Centaurs, Paired Weapons, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, Blackwing Totem, Gleaming Pennant

      2x5 Gargoyles

      So two characters mounted on Chariots packing a 1+ Armour Save and a 4++ Ward Save that may prove tricky for me to kill. The BSB ended up joining the unit of 3 Raiding Chariots. The real threat in the list is the huge unit of 15 Centaurs that both Centaur Chieftains went into making a hideously manoeuvrable unit that can hit like a ton of bricks and is worth an eye watering 1230 points. I would love to get that unit but it will prove tricky to catch and I don’t think I have anything that can hold that unit on the charge.

      I was very surprised to see this army down here (I was only on table 24 or something), I think it’s a good list with a lot of chaff and manoeuvrable enough to pick what fight it wants and tough enough to win those fights.

      Display Spoiler

      The deployment was Encircle again and the Secondary Objective was Secure target (They are signified by the red bullseyes on the deployment map. I win the roll off for table side and whether I want to be attacker or defender. I chose attacker for the big flanks as I suits my army better. The way deployment panned out left me with one plan, smash the centre, take the objective and hope the rest is too weak to fight me. I was aiming to chaff up the big centaur block with my Fallen and Horsemen and then smash them with the EDC and the Mauler Chariot. A slight spanner in the works is that the big Centaur block started off sober so they got Vanguard, as did Centaurs 2, they vanguard up and I vanguard the Horsemen.

      Turn 1
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 1

      I am able to run the Horsemen up to block the Centaurs up from charging anything but them and if they do they will have a nice overrun into some ruins, it would also have to be a 12” Overrun to get into the EDC. I move the rest of my army up fairly aggressively. I know the range of those chariots is pretty far but I can’t just sit back and let my opponent dictate the game. I’m just hoping that some of those chariots make some failed charges.

      Beast Herds 1

      The Beast Herds don’t make any failed charges! Admittedly some of them are easier than others. The Razortusk Chariot on the right charges the Crushers, that was a short 14”charge, I’m not too worried about that one as I should be able to weather the impact hits and smash that chariot to splinters.

      The Raiding Chariot unit with BSB charges the Fallen, again that’s an easy charge as well and I’m fine with it. What I wasn’t fine with is that I left them an easy overrun into my Warrior unit because of the size of the raiding Chariot unit. That was carless on my part and I should not have moved the Warriors so far forward and should have positioned it so that wasn’t possible.

      The Beast Lord on the Chariot charges the Dragon Centaurs, It was an 18” and I really was hoping that he would fail it and then my Daemon prince could have charged the Beast lord but he did not fail the charge. You can’t depend upon bad dice rolls so I shouldn’t have given him the charge, or I should have fled it but that’s not how I roll!

      The Razortusk Chariot on the left charges the Horsemen as he can just see them, another bit of carelessness on my part.

      The Centaur Block runs around Horsemen and goes into the ruins for some unknown reason. My opponent did not know that everyone takes dangerous terrains in ruins, I remind him but he sticks with his decision. So after taking 17 dangerous terrains he fails 3, not too shabby.

      The Centaurs 2 vanguarded up at the start of the game and now go and conga line in front of both the Bloodbeast and the Daemon Prince. I hate shenanigans like that, I should learn to do stuff like that but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m regretting not taking Fly on my Daemon prince as well as it prevents stuff like that from bothering him.

      The rest of the army moves forward, waiting in the wings to annoy me for another turn later.

      In the Magic Phase the forest of magical Totems come to life as my opponent is able to get off The Gnarled Hide Totem (Distracting) on the Beast Lord, I’ve already consigned the dragon Centaurs to death so there is little point in stopping that. Next the Centaur Chieftain casts the Black Wing Totem (+3 I and D3+1” to charge) on his unit, I also let that go as I’m chaffing them up for another turn regardless so they can have all the extra initiative they like! The BSB then tries to cast Blooded Horn Totem (+1 A and +2 AP) on his unit but is top that as I can’t let that off!

      The Centaur Chieftains then throw their weapons at the EDC and inflict a wound on him, I can only dream of a throwing weapon at S5.

      Onto a round of combats consisting mostly of impact hits. The Razortusk Chariot that charged the Crushers goes first and fails to do any wounds on the impact hits! I then do 3 wounds in return and things are not looking good for the Razortusk Chariot and the Raiding Chariots for that matter. If I can win this combat I will overrun intot he flank of the Raiding Chariots, ruining their plan. The Wildhorn with the spear does no wounds, then it’s onto the Razortusk who does 2 wounds to the Crushers due to his S6 on the charge. The Longhorn with his Great Weapon does a wound meaning the combat ends up being a draw! So close to just turning this game on it’s head already!

      The Fallen are duly flattened by the Raiding Chariots before getting to strike back, the Raiding Chariots then overrun into the Warriors.

      The Beast Lord with impact hits and all his attacks and the razortusk manages to do a mighty 8 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs. The Dragon Centaurs do no wounds in return and automatically break from combat but luckily they are able to escape.

      The Razortusk Chariot that charged the Horsemen only kills 3, I was expecting them to be dead. The Horsemen can’t hurt the chariot and so they break from combat, Razortusk Chariot doesn’t pursue far enough and the Horsemen get away.

      Turn 2
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 2

      Well that was a pretty brutal first turn and things are already looking pretty bad but it’s not a complete disaster, yet. The EDC charges the chariot which fails its terror test and runs away. I then redirect the EDC into the Harpies which also fail their terror check and run The EDC goes after the chariot but fails the charge. The Bloodbeast charges the conga lining Centaurs in front of him, they do pass their terror check and take the charge.

      I’m able to march the Fallen up to the face of the Centaur block meaning that the Centaurs can’t charge the EDC, however the Fallen lose 2 guys to dangerous terrain from the ruins. The Horsemen and the Dragon Centaur rally, the Daemon prince faces the rear of the Chariots and the Mauler Chariot faces the Centaur block in case they are dumb enough to charge the Fallen.

      Straight to combat and the Crushers are able to kill the Chariot before it can do any damage to the Crushers. The Bloodbeast kills all the Centaurs but they manage to get a wound through before they die.

      Onto the big combat and my BSB issues a challenge to the Beast Herd BSB who accepts.

      My BSB doesn’t care about the impact hits from the chariot as he shrugs them all off, the Harbinger of Chaos takes all of the damage the Beast Chieftain and all his Chariot crew can throw at him. The harbinger strikes back and does 2 wounds to the Beast Chieftain. With the rank and file troops things do not go so well. I lose 7 Warriors to impact hits, and then the Warriors get to hit the chariots back before any of the crew can go. The Warriors manage to inflict 6 wounds on the chariots meaning that one of them is removed. The spear Wildhorn crew kill a Warrior and the Great Weapon wielding Longhorn crew take down 2 more. I lose combat by 2 after all that and pass my Ld 7 break test thanks to the reroll. I’m actually happy with that because that could have been so much worse. Also if my Warriors can replicate that round of combat again then there will the whole unit will be dead. After combat I reform first and don’t bother then my opponent does his and the Raiding Chariots slide across so that my BSB is corner to corner with his BSB and this takes one of my guys out of combat because he is only in base to base with the BSB (how does a chariot move sideways?). Although now that I read the rules I think that the R&F Warrior can still attack the unit of Chariots because of the Swirling Melee rule. Am I right about that? When I reformed first I should have gone all wide as I wasn’t getting any rank bonus and I would have gotten more attacks against the chariots so I messed up there. Really need to think more about combat reforms.

      Beast Herd 2

      Only one charge from the Beast Herds this round, the Centaurs 4 charge the Crushers. The Gargoyles fail to rally and run off the board but the Razortusk Chariot does rally, boooo!

      3 units of Wildhorns get to come in from ambush, one goes in the bottom left corner where the objective is. One goes in the middle of the bottom of the board and the other goes behind the hill in their deployment zone.

      The Centaurs 3 reform and move to fill in the gap between the Daemon Prince and the Raiding Chariots created by their sneaky post combat reform. I thought those Centaurs were drunk but they must have been sober, it’s so hard keeping track of the ridiculous amount of rules that Beat Herds have on all their units. The Centaur block fails its march block check and just walks backwards. The Beast Lord doesn’t charge the Dragon Centaur and decides to face the rear of the Bloodbeast. The last unit of Gargoyles move up, ready to pounce and be annoying.

      It’s a low magic phase, just 3 v 2, so my opponent puts all 3 dice into Gnarled Hide Totem on the Raiding Chariot. I try to dispel it and fail so the Chariots are now -1 to hit.

      We go straight to the Centaurs first again and the Crusher Knights go first and only kill 2 centaurs who also do 2 wounds to the Crushers. The Crushers themselves fail to do any wounds and the combat ends in a draw.

      Onto the main event and I had a cunning plan this time. If I can kill the BSB in the challenge then my BSB will have the Gaze of the Gods, I can reform the unit so that my BSB can see the Beast Lord, I can then charge my BSB out and straight into the Beast Lord. With re rolls to hit and wound I should get a couple through and win combat. Need to win this challenge first though, in the challenge the Beast Chieftain fails to wound my BSB again as do all the crew, the Harbinger of Chaos swings and misses, failing to cause any wounds. With the rank and File the Warriors are only able to do 2 wounds to chariot which at least removes one more. The remaining chariot kills 2 Warriors in return. I win combat by 1 and the Chariots fail their re rollable break test and flee. I decide not to pursue and try my trick of charging the Beast Lord, still think I can wound him and win combat.

      Turn 3
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 3

      My BSB didn’t get to kill the Beast Chieftain BSB but I’m not going to let that stop me so I charge my BSB out of his unit at the Beats Lord and Just like the last game he fails it. It wasn’t a particular far charge either, 10” or so. This tournament has not been great for Characters trying to charge out of their unit.

      The Bloodbeast also declares a charge against the Raiding Chariots, they flee further but I’m only left with a 15” charge to catch them so I just need an 8 on the dice but sadly I fail it. Why doesn’t the Bloodbeast have Swiftstride, it annoys me that the big guy is so slow.

      The Fallen move up to continue to chaff up the Centaurs. The Horsemen move away from the Centaur block to avoid the Razortusk Chariot and so they can also shoot at the Gargoyles. The EDC Moves atop the hill, out of the way of the Centaurs but close enoughto charge them if necessary. The Mauler Chariot turns to face the Wildhorns who are on the objective. The Dragon Centaur moves in front of the Wildhorn Herd who came onto the middle o my deployment zone. One Dragon Centaur is still something for units of infantry to worry about and he can easily beat 10 Wildhorns in a fight. The Daemon Prince has to jump in front of the Beast Lord to prevent him from running into the Harbinger of Chaos, the Daemon Prince can take a chariot charge but I’m not sure if the BSB can.

      The Horsemen shoot at the Gargoyles but fail to do any wounds. The Crushers finish off the Centaurs but not before one of the Centaurs is able pop a wound through killing one of the Crushers. I then pivot the Crusher to face the Raiding Chariots in case they rally.

      Beast Herds 3

      The Centaurs have decided they have had enough of running around a bunch of ruins so decide to charge the Fallen, sadly no Centaurs fail their dangerous terrain tests.

      The Wildhorn Herd in front of the Mauler Chariot declares a charge against it and fails to reach the Mauler Chariot.

      The Beast Lord charges the Daemon Prince, I’m not sure how this fight is going to go down, fluff wise the Beast Lord should get squashed to bits because he’s fighting a Daemon Prince but on paper and statistically the Daemon Prince is going to get trounced, the Chariot has too many attacks for the Daemon Prince to handle.

      The Razortusk Chariot charges the Horsemen and rather than risk him actually making the charge I flee with the horsemen who flee through the EDC and then through the Daemon prince and the Beast Lord, one Horseman dies from failing a dangerous terrain check for running through the Beast Lord.

      Annoyingly the Raiding Chariot and BSB Chariot rally. The Gargoyles chaff up the Bloodbeast to stop him from charging the Raiding Chariots and then to annoy me further the Centaurs 3 are able to run as fast as they can and chaff up the Crusher as well! I really hate chaff, I especially hate an army that consists solely of chaff!

      To frustrate me even further the Wildhorn herd in front of the Dragon Centaur is able to reform and walk 5 inches out of his charge arc! The other Wildhorn Herd hide behind the hill waiting to pounce on the objective on the last turn.

      There’s no shooting so it goes straight to the Magic Phase and it’s another low roll of a double 1. My opponent fails to cast anything.

      Straight to combat and the Centaurs, the Centaur Chieftain quaffs his Potion of Swiftness to try and kill the Fallen before they can strike back but only manages to kill 2, the one remaining Fallen takes 2 Centaurs down before he is easily killed by the remaining Centaurs. The Centaurs then reform to face across the board.

      In the battle of the Generals the Daemon Prince I have to issue the obligatory challenge and the Daemon Prince is able to get a wound through against the Beast Lord, no easy feat given he has a 1+, 4++. The Beast Lord is only able to get a single wound through against the Daemon Prince and that is with the impact hits. The Daemon Prince then soul feeds his wound back meaning we have a fight on our hands. The Daemon Prince does lose combat passes his break test no problem.

      Turn 4
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 4

      Time to take out the chaff! The Crusher charges the Centaurs in front of them, The Warriors charge the Raiding Chariots which surprisingly flee the charge, I thought they would hold that charge, there’s only 5 Warriors left in the unit. I then re direct the Warriors into the Gargoyles who flee that charge too. The Bloodbeast then declares a charge against the Gargoyles who flee again. The Warriors try to complete that charge against the gargoyles and fall well short the Bloodbeast catches the Gargoyles though and destroys them. The only other charge is the Mauler Chariot into the Wildhorn herd which he comfortably makes.

      The Dragon Centaur moves behind the Wildhorn Herd, they’re not getting away this time. The Horsemen move up to shoot at the Wildhorn Herd. The EDC moves behind the hill so that the Centaurs have nothing to charge at. The BSB moves alongside the Warriors but is still in range of the Daemon Prince if he needs it.

      The Horsemen throw their weapons to no effect, I have really wasted these guys this turn.

      The Mauler Chariot comes careening into the Wildhorn Herd and between impact hits and all the crew attacks 9 Wildhorn lay dead and the Mauler Chariot is unscathed. The one remaining Wildhorn breaks from combat and is only 6” from the board edge but I can’t take the risk of him not running far enough away, staying on the board, rallying and claiming that objective so I chase him and we both go off the board.

      The Crusher Knight and his mount succeed in killing all of the Centaurs and takes no wounds in return. I’m loving that they are just being fed units to keep killing! The Crusher then overruns through the wood but passes his dangerous terrain tests.

      In the next round of the Battle of the Generals the Daemon fails to cause any wounds and the Beast Lord is able to get a wound on the Daemon Prince. The Daemon Prince can’t soul feed this one back as I haven’t caused any wounds, I lose combat but pass the break test.

      Beast Herds 4

      The Razortusk Chariot charges the Bloodbeast and makes the charge. In a rather sedate turn for the Beast Herds that is their only charge. The final unit of Wildhorns arrives from ambushing but too late to be scoring so it come in at the back. The Raiding Chariots rally again, sigh, could do with them running off the board. The Wildhorn Herd 3 reforms to face the Dragon Centaur. The Centaur block is now drunk (how much booze do you need to get 15 Centaurs drunk?) so they’re not light troops anymore, they wheel around to the edge of the hill and now I’m a bit worried about them again.

      The winds of magic blow strong and my opponent get s 10 dice to my 5 dispel dice. Firstly he tries to cast Gnarled Hide Totem on the Razortusk Chariot but I am able to dispel it. Next he tries to cast Blooded Horn Totem on the Razor tusk Chariot but I stop that too and finally he casts Blooded Horn Totem on his Beast Lord but I am unable to stop it so the Beast Lords gains +1 Attack and +2 armour piercing, that is also on the crew and the mount as well.

      We go straight to the Daemon Prince who again fails to get any wounds through on the Beast Lord and despite all his extra damage output the Beast Lord is unable to wound the Daemon Prince.

      The Razortusk Chariot inflicts 3 wounds on the Bloodbeast and the Blood beast strikes back causing 4 wounds to the Chariot, could really have done with killing it that Chariot and being able to move the Bloodbeast in my turn.The combat is a draw in the end and we stay as is. I should have reformed the Bloodbeast over to the right to get away from the Centaurs a bit.

      Turn 5
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 5

      The only charge from me is the Dragon Centaur into the Wildhorn Herd, I now realise at this point that he is unable to get to the objective as if I beat the unit and they break then I would pursue them off the board. If I don’t pursue I still can’t cover the distance with his movement value of 7 to get to within 6” of the objective. Absolutely devastated about that, I should have planned to get that objective with him earlier, he should have just ran to get on it earlier and let the Chariot take care of the Wildhorns.

      The Mauler Chariot comes back on to the battlefield. I move the rest of my army up towards the other objective. I use the Icon of the Relentless Company on the Warriors to get them as close to it as I can. I move the EDC to face the Raiding Chariots as I’m fairly sure he can take that charge. The BSB moves alongside to support the EDC in case he runs away from the Chariots. I just walk the Crusher out of the wood to avoid dangerous terrains. I do nothing with the Horsemen because I’m an idiot, those 2 guys could have played a very important part in this game.

      The Dragon Centaur manages to kill 2 Wildhorns, which is actually pretty poor for him, the Dragon Centaur suffers no wounds from the Wildhorns. The Wildhorns lose combat by 3 but are steadfast, owever they fail their break test and run off I table. I stay put with the Dragon Centaur but I ti doesn’t matter.

      The Bloodbeast kills the Razortusk Chariot but only just as he only does the one wound necessary. I now have to pivot him to face the Centaurs if they can make that charge.

      The Daemon Prince combat is last and yet again he fails to cause any wounds on the Beast Lord but he does suffer 2 wounds in return, leaving the Daemon Prince on 1 wound. It is not looking good for him now, his inability to not only kill the Beast Lord but even get a wound through is embarrassing! My BSB did two wounds to the BSB and they both have 1+ Armour Saves and 4++ Ward Saves!

      Beast Herds 5

      The Raiding Chariots declare a charge against the EDC which is fine with me. The Centaurs declare a charge against the Bloodbeast and because he’s frenzied he can’t flee, oh how I wish he could have! The Raiding Chariots make their charge into the EDC and the Centaurs only need a 9 on the charge dice, I really need this to fail but they make it and they come flying into the Bloodbeast who isn’t long for this world. No other movement to speak of.

      In the Magic Phase it is a low roll thankfully as it is 3v2. He casts the Blooded Horn Totem on his Raiding Chariots with only one dice and rolls a 6, tough choices have to be made now. If I try to dispel that on one dice I need a 3+ as I’m adding plus 3 due to the Aether Icon and the fact it is a bound spell, that is a bit too risky. If I lob both my dispel dice at it I’m giving him free reign with his two remaining power dice. I decide to let that one through and stop the next spell as I’m adding +3 so I have the advantage. He then casts the Blooded Horn Totem on the Beast Lord and rolls a 10 or so, I then try to dispel it and fail. A terrible magic phase for me!

      After that miserable round it is onto Combat and things are not looking good we go straight to the Daemon Prince who actually manages to score a wound against the Beast Lord! The Beast Lord strikes back and knocks off that last wound, killing my Daemon Prince. That was not unexpected so I was ready for that.

      The Centaurs go next and swiftly kill the Bloodbeast before he can attack back, they then overrun into the Crusher.

      Now it’s time for a combat I might win. The Chariots to 2 wounds to the EDC through impact hits, not too bad, I was expecting three. So my EDC swings first and I decide to attacks the Raiding Chariot and leave the BSB alone as I could end up doing no wounds because of his Regenration save. I cause 3 wounds to the chariot which leaves it alive on 1 wound. The Warhogs sneak a wound through and then the BSB finishes off the EDC with his attacks. I am surprised at that but as I write it out perhaps I shouldn’t be, that BSB throws out a lot of S5 and S6 attacks and with the Armour Piercing from the Blooded Horn Totem I have no Armour Save to try and protect him with. The Raiding Chariots don’t overrun though as they are terrified of the BSB and rightly so, he’s a tough git!

      Turn 6
      Display Spoiler

      Warriors 6

      A quick round from me this time. I move the Warriors 6 “ from the objective so that the Wildhorns cannot claim the objective without a fight. I move the BSB to side ot the Warriors trying to save them from the Centaurs. I run Dragon Centaur up to the objective purely for emphasis only. I move the Horsemen to the flank of the Beast Lord to try and knock a wound off with some throwing weapons, that would get me half points at least. I don’t even hit him with shooting.

      The Crusher Knight attacks the unit but can’t kill any of them. The Crusher is then murdered by the Centaur Chieftains before the Crusher can attack. The Centaurs reform to face the rear of the Warriors.

      Beast Herds 6

      The only charge is the Centaurs into the rear of the Warriors, they do not care about the BSB in their way as they just run around him.

      The winds of Magic blow weakly and its another 3 v 2 round but this time nothing goes off.

      The Warriors attack the characters as they won’t be alive long enough to care about combat res. I might be able to get some points from the characters though so I put the majority of the attacks into the Totem Bearer Chiftain (he has it coming anyway). The Warriors can’t kill either of the Centaurs Chieftains though mostly thanks to the Toughness of 5. The Warriors are then promptly destroyed by the Centaurs and the game ends their with the Centaurs claiming the objective because they are now drunk.

      I end up losing the game (that’s no surprise to anyone) 14 – 6 and my opponent has one objective so he gets that making it a 17 – 3 win to the Beast Herds.

      That was a very good game and after writing it up I now feel that it was a closer than I first thought. There was a couple of key turning points in the game and if they had just gone my way it would have been a very different story.

      If the Centaurs failed that charge in turn 5 that would have helped me or if the Bloodbeast was able to kill that Razortusk Chariot when it charged him then the Bloodbeast would have been long gone. If my opponent had failed some of those charges in turn 1 that would have helped too.

      I’m still incredibly disappointed in the Daemon Prince for not killing that Beast Lord as well. I thought he would tear him apart but I think part of the reason I think that is because of the size difference in models, my Daemon Prince towered over that puny Lord. I think there is something genuinely behind that. It was like against the Taurosaurs in Game 2, they were the old 5th edition Lizardmen stegadon models, they are tiny compared to your modern daymonster models from GW, so in my head the fact that they are smaller than my Bloodbeast must mean they are worse. Does anyone else make that mistake?

      Ultimately though, the reason for this loss lies with me. I made a lot of mistakes in this game. I wasted the Horsemen, they could have chaffed up the Centaurs for another turn and saved my whole army! That was the biggest error I made and I keep doing it.

      I shouldn’t have let those Wildhorns sneak around the side of my Dragon Centaur, that cost the Dragon Centaur a turn of time wasting and kept him off the objective. I was so convinced he was going to try and charge my Dragon Centaur (because that is what I would have done) that they could get past didn’t even occur to me. I need to think about all possibilities.

      Getting all my units together in Turn 5 was a stupid move too, I would have been better spreading them further apart knowing that my opponent only had 2 threats left at that point and couldn’t possibly get them all. I let him have the Crushers by putting them near the Bloodbeast when I knew that he was going to die. I should have just run them back into my deployment zone and kept the points safe. Same with the EDC I suppose.

      The biggest turning point was in the Beast Herds turn 2. When the Raiding Chariots lost combat against the Warriors and fled, I should have pursued, I may not have caught them but I then had my turn next where I may have been able to catch them. I also then could have charged the Daemon Prince into the Centaurs 3 which were then later used to chaff up my Crushers for another turn. However this is all easy to know with hindsight, who knows what would have happened if my BSB did get the charge off against the Beast Lord though, he may not have killed the Beast Lord but I would certainly have been winning combats thanks to the +1 from the BSB.

      Whilst we’re talking about the Beast Lord of the 8 Beast Herd armies 6 of them took the Beast Lord on a Chariot, 4 of them with the same identical layout (bloody netlists!)! I thought Armour was supposed to be the main weakness of the Beast Herds? So why are they able to bring a 1+ Armour Save lord to the battlefield? They also all get a 1+ Armour Save without even having to take Heavy Armour because why would you waste points on it when a Hardened Shield is cheaper? Admittedly this is all depending on taking the Beast Axe, but that is a good item, why wouldn’t you take it, it gives +1 Strength and +1 Armour Save but makes you strike at Initiative 0. When you’ve got Toughness 5, a 1+ Armour Save and a 4+ Ward you aren’t particularly bothered about when you attack as you aren’t dying in combat quickly anyway. I hope that 2.0 changes this, I say the Beast Herds can have nothing higher than 3+ Armour Save and that’s me being generous!

      The prevalence of 1+ Armour Saves still annoys me, of the 5 armies I fought only the Sylvan Elves were not packing a 1+ and 3 of them armies also had a 4+ Ward save on their 1+s. Maybe I’ll have to embrace the dark side and just take a load of Characters with 1+ Armour Saves and Ward Saves and just play some Hero Hammer but it’s not for me (that is actually the best Warrior build IMHO). I thought the days of indestructible heroes was over but they’re still there, at least you can no longer get a 1+ rerollable Armour Save and a 4+ Ward Save for everyone so progress is being made.

      One last point, I really hate those Centaurs, they are some superbly cheap and manoeuvrable chaff and can also be absolutely brutal on the charge when they’re drunk. As for the Centaur Chieftains, well they are crazy strong and aggressive, although their weakness is their lack of armour but whack them in a unit and they’re safe enough. Carrying the looted booze helps their unit become versatile and awesome, at the start they are sober and once they’ve done all their dancing about and get into position then they can become drunk and ruin your army. Hate these guys and I’m surprised all the Beast Herd armies aren’t full of them.

      That's enough ranting for today i think. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my exploits at Midlands GT. I’ll do a little conclusion in a bit about the army performance and what is next for the Warriors of the Dark Gods.
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    • hsf wrote:

      Centaurs sober can't be scoring once they've turned drunk. Naughty naughty BH player.
      Was about to comment the same. They need to be drunk the whole game if they want to score. However looking at your pictures I don't think this mattered as the wildhorns were still able to get to the objective?

      I play beast herds also and I have to admit that I'm a bit annoyed by the beastlord build aswell. It's strong, very strong, and there is not many things that I would not throw it against. But my main issue is that at the moment it is basically the only viable beastlord build out there if you play competitive. However let's not go this route as this is your battlelog. :)

      The last match was really enjoyable to read, not sure if you did something differently from the previous ones or was it just because it was against an army that I have also. But the text was easy to read and pace was good. Shame that you lost though.
      Looking at the lists it's pretty clear that you had an uphill battle from the start since the BH had you outmanouvered with quick units and then hard hitting characters.

      Was this the final or one more coming up?
      :BH: :SA: :VS:
    • Agrem wrote:

      I was very careful in my 6 to make sure that my Warriors were exactly 6" from the objective (The silver coin directly behind them in the last picture, not the other one above it, not sure what that is),if the Wildhorns were in front of the warriors that was 7" away from the objective. The only way for the Wildhorns to get the objective was by charging the Warriors and then overrunning. The Wildhorns behind the Warriors couldn't score because they only came on from Ambush during turn 4 so couldn't score. I just assumed the Centaurs were scoring, even after reading their many, many rules i still thought they were scoring but it does say that if sober they lose scoring so that covers it for the rest of the game. I guess my opponent assumed the Wildhorns were within 6" of the objectiveSo no one got any objectives then and it should have been a 14 - 6 loss instead, i guess it is karma for robbing my opponent of 3 points in game 1.

      Agrem wrote:

      I play beast herds also and I have to admit that I'm a bit annoyed by the beastlord build aswell. It's strong, very strong, and there is not many things that I would not throw it against. But my main issue is that at the moment it is basically the only viable beastlord build out there if you play competitive. However let's not go this route as this is your battlelog.
      Yeah, the Beast Lord on a chariot is definitely the best build and don't blame people for taking it. In a way it is good to see characters on Chariots because there was a time when you never saw a character on a chariot. It's the same with Warriors, the best character build is a Lord on a either a Disc or Daemonic Steed with a 1+ Armour Save and 4+ Ward Save and the Bluffers Helm as well, it's boring and not for me (I will probably try it one day though) I'd like to see a Minotaur Warlord, that's what i'd take!

      Agrem wrote:

      The last match was really enjoyable to read, not sure if you did something differently from the previous ones or was it just because it was against an army that I have also. But the text was easy to read and pace was good. Shame that you lost though.
      I don't think i did anything differently. I might have spent a bit more time describing this game because the game was taking place over the whole board rather than in just in one particular part. Also every single Beast Herd unit had a role to play in the game so i couldn't just ignore what they did like i could with the Sylvan Elves say ("they walked sideways and shot me"). Also the Beast Herd Magic with all those Totems is hard to remember so i had to make more detailed notes whilst playing this game so maybe that helped.

      All in all i like playing Beast Herds because there will at least be combat but i just hate that there is so much chaff! By the time i've waded through that and it gets to fighting the good stuff my army is too weakened to put up a fight. Each chariot that is able to charge my army just chips away some wounds on a monster or models from a unit, i need to stop letting chariots charge me!

      That was the last game though. I'll write up a final post tournament wrap up tomorrow. Needless to say i didn't finish that highly!

      The post was edited 1 time, last by AxelVicious ().

    • So thus ends another tournament and it’s only a week late but I’m finally here to finish up this tournament write up.
      In the end I finished a lowly 46th out of 66 and was the lowest ranked Warriors of the Dark Gods player, I’m not overly surprised by that, there were much better Warriors lists than mine. However I did win Judges Best Painted and got 2nd Best Painted from the Player Votes, so absolutely thrilled about that. I put a lot of time and effort into my army so it’s good to know it’s getting some recognition. I know I can always improve upon the army though and will certainly be adding some new units to it. Next on the table is some actual Fallen models, at the moment I’m being lazy and just using my Barbarians to represent them but I do have some kit bashed models I’ve built, I just need to paint them.

      I’ll just do a quick post tournament round up of my units to see how they faired and what I plan to do next time.

      Daemon Prince – This guy was a bit of a let down but then I didn’t give him the best equipment and tried to do him on the cheap so that I could squeeze the EDC and the Bloodbeast in. I did miss Deamonic Wings on him as he was just getting chaffed up a lot and I didn’t even face a single cannon so the downside to having flying wouldn’t have even mattered. His 3+ Armour Save was severely limiting and I think he needs to have a 1+ as his Ward Save just isn’t dependable enough. I knew all this going in so the thing that upset me the most about him is his damage output. With 5 attacks he just can’t put out the hurt against other Characters, they will always be able to swing back and due to his 5+ Ward Save compared to a 4+ he is just leaking to many wounds. He needs more attacks, I don’t know why he only has the same number of attacks as the Lord of Chaos, who is a much better choice. I know he has Thunderstomps but that is just not that useful anymore in this game, units of infantry are becoming a thing of the past so giving him extra attacks against Infantry is almost a waste of time when he’s only going to be fighting tiny units of 10. I say get rid of Thunderstomps and give all Monsters 3 extra attacks instead (except the Rock Auroch, he has enough already!)

      Next time I’m going to equip him properly and see if he fairs any better. A 1+ Armour Save and the Sword of Strength I think. I am then going to have to drop a monster.

      Harbinger of Chaos– He is always a solid choice with the Great Weapon and a re rollable 2+ Armour Save. His only limitation is his poor movement and being in, what is now, a ‘big block’ of Warriors. He doesn’t get to see combat that often and whenever I tried to charge him out solo he let me down. I’m thinking of changing the Daemon Prince to get him a 1+ Armour Save by giving him Waste hardened Skin which means I would have to drop it on this guy so I might have to re look at what equipment I give him instead. I like the look of the Blessed Sword for the re rolls and then a shield and the Dragon Mantle maybe.

      Wasteland Warriors– Not much more to add to these guys from what I’ve said in previous tournaments. Best Core unit in the game stat wise. Definitely prefer them with Paired Weapons just for the extra attacks but it would probably be better in a smaller unit so the guys in support aren’t missing out. I would like to take a second unit in Core but it may take me a while to paint another unit of these.

      Fallen – These guys are an awesome choice, I love the flexibility and they did such a great job against the Sylvan Elves and the Centaur block in Game 5, I’m definitely keeping one unit of these but I may drop the second for a unit of basic barbarians. A unit of naked barbarians is cheaper and they are scoring, they will be useful just to leave on an objective, particularly in Secure Target.

      Crusher Knights – Again, not much to say about these guys that I haven’t already said. They are brilliant and would be even better if I was a competent general (See game 2). I really want to drop Lances on them and give them Daemon Weapons but they are so expensive. I will drop the Aether Icon and Standard Bearer on these guys as they are just too expensive and give away too many points if they die.

      Dragon Centaurs – The Dragon Centaurs didn’t achieve a great deal in this tournament but I think that is because I never really gave the opportunity to do very much. They managed to kill a unit of Saurian Warriors and helped finish off some Dwarves but other than that they mostly did, ran away or did nothing. None of that is their fault as I used them badly but they just didn’t have any opposition which I wanted them to fight. With Paired Weapons and double stomp they are excellent at killing infantry but there just isn’t any infantry knocking about these days (I’ll get on to that). I might have to drop the Paired Weapons for Great Weapons just so they can hurt the big guys, particularly characters, people might be more cautious throwing their armoured Lord in knowing that these guys are S7.

      Barbarian Horsemen– Another solid chaff choice, I just need to use them better. I absolutely love the 3+ Armour Save on them as it catches opponents out all the time, they just can’t believe a unit of fast cav can have a 3+ Armour Save. For that fact alone they are worth it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I need to drop the throwing weapons on them because as long as they have them I’m more likely to just run around with them ‘shooting’ things, and never actually killing anything or dying like they’re supposed to.

      Mauler Chariot – I really do like this unit as it is essentially a monster in it’s own right because of it’s amazing stats, it is just incredibly slow though and that is it’s major weakness. Due to it’s slowness I was more inclined to leave it at the back protecting my rear and flanks. Against the Sylvan Elves and Saurian Ancients it was never going to see combat unless I got lucky, those armies are easily capable of just staying well out of it’s way. Although it doesn’t do a great deal some games I’m still keeping it because at 320 points I think it is well worth it.

      Elder Dragon Centaur– Whilst we’re talking about value for points lets talk about the least value for points. I want to love the Elder Dragon Centaur, I really do, they should be an ancient destructor of everything and points wise you would think that they would be but they have trouble fighting against anything bar infantry. The high Weapon Skill and High Strength is what makes him seem like a viable option as what can possibly stand against him? Those 5 attacks though is just too limiting and it makes it far too easy to miss his attacks and if he’s not thunder stomping squishy infantry to death then he’s not doing a great deal. I love the Toughness 6 and the 6 Wounds, it genuinely scares some opponents who will pour everything into him to try and kill him first and that is his only plus point, he likes to soak up damage. At the moment as he is he is not even in my Top 5 best monsters in the game (Rock Auroch, Taurosaur, Abomination, Fire Phoenix, Gargantula). Give him more attacks! I think 8 should be enough!

      Bloodbeast – I was reasonably impressed with this beast. Ok, he died every game, but he usually went down swinging (except for the Sylvan Elves and Saurian Ancients who shot him off). Being able to use the Daemon Princes WS si great because with Weapon Skill 9 he is normally being hit on 5s by most troops and that offers it’s own level of protection beyond Toughness. The Hatred on him is really good, it’s nice to have some re rolls in the army, I would like a lot more of that just for some reliability in the army. At 315 points I really like him.

      I was quite disappointed by my final position, I was hoping to get at least 3 wins but I fought some very good opponents and some very tough lists. What I was surprised by was the sheer volume of MSU. Besides the dwarves in game 1 my unit of 17 Warriors was the biggest infantry block in the rest of my games! A Warrior block should never be the largest in any game, especially a puny one like mine. For me it’s a shame to see a lack of infantry blocks as that is what the game is to me, although I know that I don’t have a great deal of infantry but it’s difficult with Warriors as they’re so expensive. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying I want a return to deathstars, I’m glad those days are over but having all these minimum sized units of 10 is just annoying. All those little units are just there to claim objectives and try and avoid combat, boring.

      To combat this latest development in the arms race I’m going to do something very unwrath! I’m taking a Sorcerer, it will be nice to take part in another phase of the game besides movement and combat. I’m thinking an Alchemy Sorcerer so that he can have some magic missiles to take care of chaff and dangerous targets that I can’t beat in the fight (such things shouldn’t exist for a Wrath Warriors army but there are units out there that even I’m scared of fighting). To pay for him I’m dropping the EDC and I don’t think I’ll miss him all that much to be honest.

      So that’s it for another tournament. My next one will be in September so keep your eyes peeled. Also I have now been poached by the Content Team so make sure to download the next edition of the Ninth Scroll as yours I’m making a debut in it. I’m hoping I’ll be making a lot more battle reports for it.

      Thanks for reading folks.

      Axel Vicious
    • Hey mate, really enjoy the reports and always feel like bringing my Warriors out after reading them. :)

      In regards to the Mauler Chariot, I feel like you are selling it a bit short by missing it's zoning potential against armies like SE. Impact hits are huge against an army like that and the threat range is effective at neutering their movement phase. Worst case it'll shrug off pretty much all the shooting that gets sent against it and would have messed up the crowded corner of Archers your opponent created.

      Better luck in the next tournament mate, looking forward to reading about it!
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