Do people want to change O&G?

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  • Manxol wrote:

    But his entry name wasn't "Orc Archers". Indeed, I don't feel like regular orc should be archers.
    If there was a unit of 10-30 orc archers at 1 point more than regular orcs it could be fine, but currently what the army says is that the bow is the comon weapon of orc grunts. That is what I feel odd, not that they are OP.

    Also, the xbow + heavy armor feels odd at their points... You can have bow (volley fire vs S4 of xbow) and shield for just 2 points, but xbow + heavy armor (and no more equipment) is 8ppm.

    I have to agree, it shouldn't be a no brainier to choose bows, and that every orc unit is also an archer unit. I get that people want there orc archers to be good at CC (i do) and i get that it might make sense/be cool if they could shoot further or do S4/S5 hits or something. But the common orc cant be doing this.

    So i think we need a separate unit of Orc archers that are capped at say 40 or something, they can be good in combat (like a normal orc with only a hand weapon) and they can say do some AP instead of having extra S to their hits (or hay if there being their own unit maybe a crazy orc rule instead)

    Then Orcs with Crossbows could be something you if you want an orc gunline.

    Also a little off the point but Esbashers should just be an upgrade for the normal orc unit dosnt really add anything being a separate thing.
  • I wouldn't mind special orc-bows. Longer range, stronger, no volley fire but can't move and fire. Maybe available only to headbashers and make them count as death from above.

    For appropriate points you could even give them multiple wounds or pierce ranks to make a very scary archery unit.

    Whilst I think this would be a cool unit I know that OnG was seen as being relatively strong on small arms fire but weak on more robust shooting.
  • I think just leave orc archers as they are as rubbish archers the way Gork intended. Spend the points if you want but I don't see orc archery as something we ought to be good at. Let points cost reflect this and keep them as a separate unit to combat orcs. If you buy a bow that's all you should get.

    I would be happier to see the war machines back as orc varieties. There used to be small and large rock lobbers in 4th ed. Perhaps if you wanted an orc ranged attack you could do something similar to say the differences between orc and goblin chariots. Bigger rocks can be thrown by orc stone throwers, and stronger bolts can be thrown by bolt throwers. Then orc archers will have a role to play by keeping these machines safe and being a shaman bunker if you wish.

    On Shamans I think they should be fairly survivable in combat. Perhaps a gods favor style ward save and some decent close combat spells. That way you can use them in combat blocks and don't need a ranged block to bunker them in like goblins. You don't see orc shamans much anymore.