Infernal Dwarf Female Garb

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    • Infernal Dwarf Female Garb

      How do you envision Infernal Dwarf women's clothing, headgear and trappings of work or ceremony to look like?

      Given the predecessor Chaos Dwarfs' various incarnations throughout history, this would obviously be a very mixed one just like Hellcannon crew and big hats represent different aspects of the same society. So the field is wide open for various takes on this, and as always with Chaos Dwarfs: The best thing is that many starkly different styles can be simultaneously true of Dawi Zharr at the same time. E.g. sect practices, isolated stronghold styles, clan traditions or mandates from one's Sorcerer-Prophet ould make Chaos Dwarfs following different overlords look completely different in dress.

      Chaos Dwarfs usually drew upon something like these six sources for inspiration: Ancient Mesopotamian in particular; ancient eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in general (there are a few Bronze Age Mycenaean elements in Perry big hats design incl. the clumsy axe of the plastic CD, and Phrygian hooked hats); old Russian styles or at least onion cupolas; Warhammer Chaos styles in general incl. random madness; spiky heavy metal; and original completely made-up designs. Plus industrial revolution steam machinery. One pivotal design philosophy is always that Dawi Zharr must be way different from their uncorrupted cousins, obvious at a glance.

      Curled hair is a must, for the most part. Those curling irons must see a lot of use in the Dark Lands!

      Dwarfs in general being a handy, earthy and hard-working sort, one would expect Infernal Dwarf womenfolk to don stout working gear for most of the time. For more festival or ceremonial occassions extremely opulent garb would be donned by a lot of women, just like the menfolk often go to war clad in one of the most outlandish and over-the-top decorated types of combat dress you can imagine. Less is more does not exist with big hat styles, as a rule, and not much with heavy metal styles neither. Also, remember that historically masculine and feminine dresses have always differed, especially for those with means.

      So, how do you see Infernal Dwarf women dressing as? Note that this can be very many different forms, and drawings or even paintings of your own are most welcome! Different styles of dress, or dresses and equipment for different occasions are all open fields to explore, including feminine wargear. Leather? Metal? Textiles?

      Don't forget a whip hanging from a belt or a sash! And perhaps a pair of trendy spiked manacles and a sharp blade or two for those unruly slaves. These could not be not shy ladies by any means.

      Below are some reference pictures to get the ball rolling.

      Here's a CD mother I sculpted back in 2011-12. She has acted as army general more than a few times, hard as hell to kill but miscasting catastrophically upon her horde bodyguard:

      Historical Middle Eastern women's headgear found by Enjoysrandom, with tall hats of particular importance:

      And some ancient Mesopotamian ones:

      A Hittite one, though based on a goddess' garb:

      Persian women:

      And some Minoan ones (the bared breasts might be an artistic convention to show women in wall paintings, rather than actual dress code, akin to later Greek art having lots of nude men):

      On the fantasy side of things, we have Xena as pointed out by Forgefire:

      Now, what's the 9th Age take take on all this?

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