Frenzied Orcs idea.

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  • arwaker wrote:

    Hm, not so convinced. If getting the advantage of Frenzy, we should also accept the full set of disadvantages -- not only forced overrun but also LD to avoid charges.

    I like this horde approach, because it symbolizes how wild and uncontrollable Orcs can become.

    Maybe it would make sense to widen the suggestion up, to not only apply to horde during deployment, but also to gain frenzy if make a reform during game.
    There is some merit to what you say but due to our low Ld frenzy is Moreno punishing than for for example DE so it stands to reason there could be some ways to mitigate some of its negative effects.
    Best regards

    Retireing for unspecyfied period of time. Sometime I hate the world.