Clockwork's Dread Elf Battle Reports (Call to War)

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    • Clockwork's Dread Elf Battle Reports (Call to War)

      Alright let's get this started.

      My battle reports will be written with maps and pictures where available, as that's the kind of reports I want to read/see more of because I don't always get the time to watch youtube. That means it might take a few days to churn out each report. My intention is to keep a narrative flow and not get too bogged down in the detail of who rolls what when, unless it's critical/hilarious. Chances are there will be periods where my memory is a bit foggy, so if I don't mention something like how deployment went or the magic spells rolled then that's because I've forgotten (you can thank something called the "Slatch special" for that!).

      I'll do a summary after each game and a comprehensive analysis at the end of the event, reviewing each individual unit.

      Please do feel free to comment with tips, advice, and (constructive) criticism, as the whole purpose of this exercise is to learn from my mistakes and get better!


      Call to War was a 5 game event run at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. Link to the tournament page and event pack here

      You can find my list, as well as the reasoning/thought behind it, here. In summary, this list had been modified from a previous version which had an Alchemy Oracle and 3 Reapers - I found this to be very static to play, and intended for 2 Yema Acolytes to support something more mobile (if not more aggressive).

      Game 1 Deployment coming up!
    • I look forward to reading the full report! Let me know if you want any of my photos!


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    • Game 1 - Empire of Stonnstahl

      First game of the day was against @cm284 and a “traditional” EoS list, featuring one infamous steam tank that can't be named in polite society. We'll just call him Tony.

      We rolled battle line and Capture the Flags for secondary objective. I planned to keep one scoring unit back and kill at least two of his anyway, so picked the Heavy Infantry, Imperial Guard, and Electoral Cavalry.


      Deployment after Vanguard

      My opponent promptly declared the top right corner to be Castle Empire, No Elves Allowed, giving me two options: either I could run straight at him or stand off. I was a little wary of running through artillery fire and small arms into two big blocks of infantry buffed with hatred, distracting and who knows what else. On the other hand, the big tower in the centre would give me cover from some of the war machines, denying much of his range advantage. If I could play smart and bring my list to bear on one flank, I thought I could aim for a 10-10 and maybe a small win by bagging a scoring unit for the secondary.

      The Altar kept the 5++ Ward save throughout, naturally.

      Castle Empire in all it's glory.

      The Wizard rolled Silver Spike, Molten Copper, Transmutation of Lead and I think Glory of Gold. I of course had double Breath of Corruption and Grave Calls on the Acolytes.

      Dread Elf deployment

      With pleasantries exchanged and Vanguards gonna Vanguard, it was time for Turn 1!

      EoS – 1

      The Reiters decide they are a bit lonely up in the top right and push east (think they actually used Vanguard to go that way as well). The rest of the Imperial army is still finishing off their morning bacon, except for the State Militia who get kicked forwards to cause some trouble.

      I believe that all the war machines were directed against my Reapers, but I got super lucky and they missed.

      DE – 1

      Everyone passes Stupidity and the Dread Elf line pushes up at varying speeds. I’m a little wary of letting the Reiters get too close to any of my fast cav, especially as the Acolytes can’t handle small arms fire, so I end up being more cautious than I need to. W

      With no magic in range, it’s straight to shooting where both Reapers can’t hit the side of a barn (guess it’s a foggy morning!).

      The board end of Turn 1

      EoS – 2

      Old Tony trundles forwards, causing gridlock in Castle Empire. The State Militia and Reiters pull away from my main line and towards the Reapers. I believe the cannon misfires this turn and can’t shoot for 2 turns, while the mortar, steam tank and light shooting together pop one Reaper. The nearby chariot also gets hit with a hex, losing the strength bonuses from weapons, which I let through to block Silver Spike.

      DE – 2

      The chariot guarding the Reaper goes for a long charge but the State Militia flee.

      By this point I’ve realised that my other chariots are never going to get in the game at this rate. With the cannon out of action for another turn they are free to move into the centre of the board and do so. Everything else continues to push up around the tower, with the Legionnaires now exposing themselves to the Mortar. Its a calculated risk but I think I can take a round or two.

      Magic is still out of range, and I’m also really missing my crossbows on the Raiders. The Reaper crew spot one militia man giving them a rude gesture and aim the entire war machine just to take him out, which they do.

      A blurry board end of Turn 2

      EoS – 3

      Conscious that their flank is being turned, Tony and his buddies in the Heavy Infantry swing around. The Reiters continue their eastward flight, while the fleeing militia rally.

      The mortar takes aim at the Legionnaires, but thanks to the 5++ Blessing I only lose 7 models so not the end of the world. Small arms fire takes a couple of wounds off a chariot.

      DE – 3

      The Prince decides to get in the game and charges one of the militia units. I then make a mistake by sending another chariot in, and they flee. The Prince can’t redirect into the other one as it’s too far away, while the other chariot does but fails the distance (taking another wound in the process).

      Up top, I line my fast cav up along the board edge to try and sneak through a gap in the flank and/or counter-charge the Heavy Infantry or the Steam Tank if either unit takes the bait. I don’t realise until later that I’ve left a route open for Tony to get into my Acolytes! I also misplace the second Acolyte unit, leaving it out of range for magic. I think I get Breath of Corruption off but Grave Calls is stopped (or the other way round – suffice it to say that nothing happens as a result). I’m unhappy at my positioning, but I’m hopeful that the Acolytes can hold a round for me to flank the Tank in my turn.

      It looks like combined shooting takes two wounds off some militia men, while the Reaper lines up on the Reiters but misses.

      Things are starting to heat up!

      EoS – 4

      Tony screams WITNESS ME and pushes the big red button, slamming into the Acolytes.

      The Heavy Infantry don’t take the bait offered by the Raiders. The chariots continue to take wounds, while the mortar rolls spectacularly poorly – killing only 3 Elves!

      Legends tell that @cm284 is still rolling 1s

      Other shooting kill 3 out of the 5 Raiders, giving me some opportunities if the Acolytes hold! The cannon misfires and is no longer a cannon.

      In the combat, I think I only lose two models and may even have managed a wound back as I didn’t lose combat by too much. Unfortunately I can’t pass the re-rollable 5 or 6 and run off the board with Tony in pursuit. Everyone else holds their ground.

      DE – 4

      The chariots go on the offensive again, but only one makes it in. The reduced unit of Raiders stick around as chaff, while the untouched unit manages to slip through the lines to make a run for the artillery. My acolytes and Knights move up to block Tony from coming back on the board in the same position. While the Legionnaires are just over 12” from the Raiders (so out of overrun), I don't think I should have been worried as I would have been able to flank/rear if they took that charge. Crucially, I neglect to reform them into ranks – this comes back to bite me next turn.

      I cast Breath of Corruption in my magic phase, killing some Heavy Infantry and I think the Reaper fired at them as well, as I've killed off over a whole rank.

      A backdoor! Bottom of Turn 4

      EoS – 5

      The Heavy Infantry are too smart to fall into my trap and merely reposition, with the Imperial Guard moving up to guard their flank. Combined shooting and/or magic takes out both chariots this turn.

      In the artillery train, the Artificer is promoted to redirector while the Knights reform to counter-charge.

      We forget to bring Tony back on!

      DE – 5

      In this turn we realise that we aren’t going to get to turn 6, and I desperately need some points, so I go in big against the Heavy Infantry. Because I screwed up with the Legionnaires I can’t fit them into the combat as well, and put the Knights in instead. I realise Knights vs spears is bad, but I’m trusting to my high WS and Initiative to reduce the damage coming back to me (although looking now at the pictures, I think I might have got the Legionnaires in instead). To clear a path, the Raiders have to jump in as well, and the Acolytes also get involvedl.

      I only have one spell to cast, but the Acolyte Champion isn’t even in base contact so we skip and go straight to combat. I don’t record how many wounds the cavalry do, but it looks like it’s at least 7 before the Raptors swing. This is below average, but I don’t think I had a chance of breaking steadfast anyway, With some better rolling, maybe I would have got them below 25% for half points - and there's always the chance of failing a Ld9 re-roll.

      My opponent eagerly clutches his millions of re-rollable attacks with Lethal Strike...

      Dread Elf Cavalry charge - is it enough?

      Fortunately, he kindly rolls zero wounds on the Knights!

      Suffice it to say that the the Heavy Infantry hold on Steadfast at the re-roll. With that we run out of time.


      With no player getting the secondary objective, the Dread Elves lost 12-8 on points (and much of that was down to the Acolytes).

      In retrospect, I think that my plan was okay but executed poorly. The Chariots were much too slow to get into the game from their deployment. I should have sent all three up around the right of the tower, maybe with the Legionnaires as well, and used them to pin the Heavy Infantry in place. With their better movement, the cavalry could have still run around the tower as before and tried to push through the flank. My positioning in turn 3 and 4 was just horrible.

      The major learning point in this game was getting to grip with the Acolytes, especially their short range, and this becomes a recurring theme.

      Had this gone for the full 6 turns then I’m not sure how it would have turned out. My Prince was in a tight spot although I’m relatively confident that he could have tanked the Imperial Guard and held; either generating CR through attacks on the unit, or killing off characters in a challenge. Maybe not. I was optimistic that the cavalry could have eventually ground through the Heavy Infantry and got into the EoS back line, so who knows. Tony would have been a problem once he came back on though.

      Still, I came away with 8 points, avoided a major loss, and learned a few things in the process so it’s not all bad. More importantly, @cm284 was a cracking opponent and this was one of the most enjoyable of the weekend!

      With that it was off to lunch and time to start drinking!

      Next update will be in a couple of days, but in the meantime enjoy an army shot:

    • Great report! Thoroughly enjoyed the game and learned a lot. Leaving a big hole in fort Calzenmark was a mistake though! I wish we had time to finish the game, the next turn would have been very interesting!

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    • Clockwork wrote:

      Me too, we will need a rematch!
      That we do! I sense a grudge brewing ;) ! Besides, Tony enjoyed crushing your poncy elves and wants to test out his new suspension!

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      Background Team

      Dark Overlord of Kala Volcanis

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    • Nice report! @cm284 has been getting better every game. Turn 6 looks like it could have been pivotal for either side! Nice work.
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    • Game 2 - Dread Elves

      There was only one other DE player at Call to War, and we had the good fortune to be drawn against each other in the second round! Not only did my opponent have a beautifully painted army, but he had taken a completely different approach in list building, and there was an award for Best DE General up for grabs to boot!

      With this being a civil war, my army will of course be the Loyalists,facing off against those purple and gold MSU rebel scum.

      DE - Rebels

      Captain: BSB, Midnight Cload, Yema, Heavy Armour,
      Shield, Lance, Pegasus - 496

      Oracle: General, Wizard Master, 4 Spells, Alchemy, Skull
      Splitter, Sprout Of Rebirth, Ring Of Fire 615
      10x Repeater Auxiliaries: Shields, Banner, Banner Of

      Discipline, Musician 295
      2x10 Repeater Auxiliaries: Musician 220
      2x5 Dark Raiders: Repeater Crossbow 200
      10x Tower Guard: Full Command 300
      5x Dread Knights: Musician, Banner, Gleaming Icon 310

      2x1 Raptor Chariot 190
      3x1 Dread Reaper 180
      2x1 Kraken 360
      TOTAL: 4,496

      If reading Swordmaster’s 8th edition MSU blog for years has taught me anything, it’s how to fight MSU. The principal is to concentrate your force on one point of their line, using terrain or chaff to cover your flanks and deny them the ability to surround you. With that in mind, and noting that there was another large building dominating the centre of the battlefield, I planned to go heavy on one side of it, leaving only a light force to cover my flank.

      We rolled encirclement and I picked attacker to deny my opponent the heavy flanks. I also picked the bottom table edge so that he couldn’t use the hill for LoS blocking. For secondary we rolled Capture The Flags.

      We alternated deployment for a while until I thought I saw an opportunity to isolate one scoring unit in the top right, so dropped everything. Sticking to the pre-game plan, I intended to use my light cav, chariots and the building to cover the flank of the Legionnaires as they pushed up the centre. The Knights would go for the Auxiliaries in the forest as they didn’t care about the terrain. My Prince had a Kraken in his sights, while the Reapers in the bottom right would turn the right hand side of the field into a dead zone where the small rebel units couldn't enter without risking total destruction.

      The rebel wizard was my only real concern in this game and she rolled Molten Metal, Quicksilver Lash, Silver Spike, and something else that I can’t remember.For scoring I picked the top right Auxiliaries, the Tower Guard, and either the Knights or one of the Auxiliaries in the middle (can't remember which, but I only planned to kill two of the scoring units while losing no more than 1 of my own).

      Deployment after Vanguard

      I got the first turn and the game was on!

      The right flank pushed up hard, while my light cav redeployed further to the left offering some long charges. Both chariots turned towards the centre of the field to counter-charge. One Raider unit makes a dash for the war machines, hoping to draw fire away from the Knights and Legionnaires.

      I make one mistake here where I neglect to cast Breath of Corruption on the Acolytes in the forest, which would have been useful to deter any charges into that unit. In the shooting phase, the Reapers cut the right Auxiliaries down to half strength, but they don’t care for Panic due to their banner.

      One Raptor Chariot fails a Stupidity test, but otherwise there are a bunch of charges. The left most Raiders charge my Acolytes and I elect to flee as I don’t want to take the Knights or BSB in as well. They redirect into my Raiders who also flee. His knights then declare a long charge into my Raptor Chariot and make it. There’s a little reshuffling on the right and in the centre – notably one unit of Raiders runs out to redirect my Knights away from the Auxiliaries.

      Partway through Rebel Turn 1

      Combined magic and shooting kills off the Raiders and fully half the Knight unit. Eek!

      I don't think the Knights kill the chariot, and I may even kill one back. It’s not enough though and the Chariot breaks and is run down.

      Two charges this turn: the Raptor Chariot slams into the flank of the rebel Knights, while my Prince goes for the Raiders. I elect not to charge the Knights as well as I wanted to try and reposition them to get into the Auxiliaries without exposing them to the Kraken, but I didn't really have the room or Movement to do it.

      In the centre my fleeing units rally while the Acolytes run up around his Raiders. It looks like I manage to kill off three of them with magic.

      The Prince blows up the Raiders and reforms to face the Kraken, while the Raptor Chariot breaks the Knights and runs them down. I'm trading both Raptor Chariots for the Knights here but I'm kind of okay with it as it means bagging a Scoring unit in the process.


      Both rebel chariots counter-charge mine, while there’s some sneaky shenanigans with the Auxiliaries who have just enough space and movement to penetrate my lines and get out of arcs.

      Woop woop woop

      I lose one Reaper to magic and 8 or so Legionnaires to shooting.

      The Prince decides that he does not care for dangerous terrain and charges the Kraken, who suddenly remembers that he left the oven on and vacates the battle field. The Prince takes a wound from DT for his trouble.

      The Legionnaires can’t wheel properly to fit through the gap between the building and the impassable to connect with the Tower Guard, so I go for a long charge into the Auxiliaries instead which they fail.

      Elsewhere,my surviving Raiders, Corsairs and Knights reposition to box in the sneaky Auxiliary unit. One unit of Acolytes goes to threaten the Captain, while the other makes a run for the war machines.

      In magic I think the bottom Acolytes get Breath of Corruption, but everything else is stopped.

      I think the Corsairs were just out of range, or they marched, so it's down to the Reaper who takes the Auxiliaries down to around 3 models.

      Okay I'd had a drink - but not THAT much. Apologies for the blurry picture!

      The Oracle decides that she has somewhere better to be and runs back to hide behind the impassable, sending the last Auxiliaries forwards to be a nuisance. She then orders the Tower Guard to go block the Legionnaires and stall for time. Both Chariots and the Kraken turn towards the approaching Auxiliaries.

      The Captain ignores the obvious trap presented by the Acolytes and goes to threaten the Corsairs.

      Shooting and magic takes the Knights down to just 2 models, and I think pops two or three Acolytes from the unit up top and three of the Raiders.

      The Prince chances fate once more by charging the Reaper right ahead of him, taking two(!) wounds on the charge for his trouble. The Legionnaires go into the Tower Guard as it would be rude not to, and the Acolytes charge their Reaper.

      The Corsairs turn to finish off the elusive Auxiliary unit. This exposes their rear to the Captain, but I’m relatively confident that I can hold for a couple of rounds and pin him in place. After this I will also be up 2 scoring units so can afford to sacrifice the Corsairs.To that end, the Knights try to run away and I moved the Raiders up to do something but can’t recall what I was thinking.

      The second Acolyte unit darts into the centre of the field and blows up the Kraken with a Grave Calls, although the miscast kills all but the champion and I think I forgot the spell. Oops. Worth?

      The Prince predictably smashes the Reaper to splinters and overruns off the board (maybe I should have kept him on? I was a little wary that he had one wound left and would have to tank all the magic damage), but in hindsight I shouldn't have been.The Acolytes finish off theirs although I either take a wound in the process or miscast at some point, as I only have one model left in the next picture. The Cult Priest wipes out the Tower Guard before they get to strike thanks to impact hits, and reforms deep facing towards to the Auxiliaries.

      Captain charges the Corsairs in the rear who hold. Oracle joins up with second Auxiliary unit and conveniently forgets to tell them what happened to the other lot. Both chariots back up to deal with the Acolyte champion. I think the other Auxiliary unit marches up into the far corner.

      Shooting and magic wipes out the Knights and I think puts more wounds on the Legionnaires.

      Another blurry shot of the field

      In combat, the Corsairs lose a couple of models, but thanks to their Paired Weapons they do enough wounds to get one past the 2+ AS! I hold on the Steadfast check.

      Rather than charging the second Reaper, the Acolyte champion runs up to auxiliary unit sheltering the Oracle as I wanted to try and magic them off. The other one goes hunting Chariots. The Prince comes back on and approaches along with the Legionnaires. That Oracle won’t slip out of my grasp this time!

      All my magic and shooting takes the Auxiliary unit sheltering the Oracle down to just a couple of models, and they pass the panic. I think the Reaper kills the Raiders as it doesn't have LoS.

      The combat between the Captain and the Corsairs drags on and I hold again. I’m getting really lucky as the Captain keeps fluffing and I roll a lot of 5+ AS.

      The Oracle bails out of the unit for a second time, hiding behind my own Legionnaires at a janky angle so that the Prince can’t connect, and sends a second unit off to die. One chariot backs up, while the other swings back around the tower to help finish off the Corsairs.


      The rebels first kill off the last Acolyte champion, then throw all their magic and ranged attacks against the Prince, but he shrugs off every one.

      The combat sticks again!

      To try and get the Oracle, I declare a re-roll charge into the Reaper and then the Prince into the Oracle. Unfortunately the Legionnaires fail so it’s a failed charge for the Prince as his path is blocked.

      I try to position the last two Raiders to redirect the Chariot and save my Corsairs, but don’t have the movement to do it properly.

      My Reaper finishes off the Raider unit.

      I think that the Chariot charged the Raiders who fled, but were caught.

      Again the Oracle and the Reaper put everything into the Prince, but he takes it all like a champ.

      The Captain finally punks the Corsairs, who are now out of BSB range, and runs them down like the big babies they are.

      If we don't look directly at the big combat block, maybe they won't see us?

      Loyalist victory! It was a 10-10 on TPs moving to 13-7 thanks to the secondary objective.

      I'm missing a picture for turn 4 so I’m a little hazy on the last half of the game (just like the pictures - PUN INTENDED), but I think the above is about right. @Zambro can correct me if I’m wrong!

      Overall I think this plan was pretty well executed and there are clear improvements over game 1, although there is still room for improvement. Turn 1 I should have either backed up to deny first turn charges, or at least give my Acolytes Breath of Corruption. Turn 2 & 3 Knights needed to be angled better to prevent enemy slipping away, something I just didn’t see coming.All in all this wasn’t their finest hour as they didn’t even see combat! (Don’t worry, they make up for it later). Turn 4 I shouldn't have thrown my Acolytes away charging towards the Reaper as it brought them too close to the Auxiliaries, and small arms fire are the death of them. As the Raiders couldn’t chaff the Chariot I should have preserved their points. Lastly I think that I shouldn't have let my Prince overrun off the field and tanked the magic/ranged attacks like in later turns.

      Still a win is a win, and this put me on 21 TPs out of a possible 40 so not too bad. Again my opponent was brilliant, the game was great fun, and I was now ahead for best DE General!

      @Zambro had a well deserved nomination for best painted. I didn't notice it during the game, but after taking the time to look closely you could really see the skill and time that had gone into them. Yes, that meant the two only DE armies at the event were nominated for best painted - go team!

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Clockwork ().

    • Thanks for letting me relive that battle! Although, I dispute the fact that I was 'the bad guy'.

      I'd forgot that it was a 10-10 on points. So pretty close, points wise. Flags is a tough one for me, I just don't really have it in me to take out those big 30+ man units. And units of 10 t3 models don't tend to stick around for long, either..

      I remember thinking that I had your flank easily, by turn 2. I thought you're Acolytes could have held up the knights for a while even without breath of corruption (although that would have been a big problem). Had you cast it, you would have held your left a lot longer.

      I don't know what I was thinking when I threw away my tower guard as a speed bump. They're your objective, I should have made you work harder for them.
      And damn... that prince's 1 wound... I should have got him!
      Oh, and I feel obliged to tell you that I had a smug grin on my face when I read about me marching the oracle and repeaters through the gap in your lines and out of LoS :P
    • Zambro wrote:

      Thanks for letting me relive that battle! Although, I dispute the fact that I was 'the bad guy'.
      Spoken like a true rebel!

      I can see how Flags would be a challenge for your list, and despite that you still managed to grab two of my scoring units. To be fair the Corsairs should have run much sooner.

      That move out of LoS was genius!
    • Round 3 – Beast Herds

      Round 3 – Beast Herds

      For this game I was drawn against not one, not two, but three giants and two jabberwocks! As we sat down I was reliably informed that we would be drinking at least three drinks each on this game, so be warned things get hazy!

      Soothsayer: General, Evocation, 4 Spells, Master,
      Crown Of Autocracy 475 Beast Chieftain, Totem
      Bearer, BSB, Flayed Hide, GW 36

      Soothsayer: Shamanism, 4 Spells, Master, Seed Of
      The Dark Forest 465

      36x Wildhorn Herd: FCG, PW, Banner Of The Wild
      Herd 542

      3x10 Wildhorn Herd: Ambush 360
      6x Minotaurs: GW, Standard, Gleaming Icon 552

      3x1 Giant 960
      2x1 Jabberswock 640
      5 Gargoyles 140

      TOTAL: 4,490

      No sneak preview this time as I'm already late in getting these out, so let's get right into it.


      Deployment after Vanguard

      For this game we rolled encircle (again!) and Breakthrough. I pretty much wrote off the secondary objective as my opponent had three Ambushing scoring units. Having had difficulty playing Beast Herds with multiple monsters before, I decided that I was going to sit off from them and try to kill enough giants to get a10-10.

      In Deployment we traded chaff for a couple of units (giant chaff!), until I decided to again use the Tower to keep us apart and went down heavy on the right. The Beast Herds countered by going in the left.

      A view of DE deployment. I don't think that one Repeater crew got the memo.

      As I dropped for turn 1 then I got to go first.

      Dread Elves - 1

      My Right wing swings up and the Corsairs start running for the deployment zone. Due to careful positioning of the giants, I couldn't get my Acolytes anywhere to threaten them with magic without risking counter charges.

      I think that shooting put three wounds on one giant and one on another.

      Beast Herds - 1

      TheBeast Herds run for my left corner deployment zone, pulling away from my army. One giant charges my Reaper and smashes it (I think).

      The first of many summons...

      In Magic a totemic summon comes on and uses a breath weapon to put two wounds on my Reaper. I think that other magic then puts three wounds on my Raptor Chariot.

      Dread Elves - 2

      TheLegionnaires turn to deter the Beast Herds from coming in my flank,while my Prince and Raptor Knights push upwards. I pull the rest of my units back to deal with the totemic beast, but the Raptor Chariot goes in hoping to assassinate the wizard before his ultimate demise. He puts one wound on but dies.

      I think I put one wound on a wounded giant.

      Beast Herds - 2

      One of the ambushing units comes on in my deployment zone.

      That empty surrounded by Elves is something I like to call "The Danger Zone"

      A second totemic summon comes on and destroys my other Reaper (apparently I didn’t learn the first time!)

      Dread Elves - 3

      Note that W2 should be fleeing in this picture.

      MyRaptor Chariot goes in and puts two wounds on the totemic beast. One Unit of Acolytes redeploys to deal with the ambushers, using magic to force a panic and send them off again. The other sits up in front of my Legionnaires and prepares to flee a charge.

      Chariot FTW!

      Idon't really know what I'm doing with my Prince and Knights at this point. I'm probably wary of being charged by the Giant, but too wary.

      Beast Herds - 3

      TheGargoyles charge into my Acolytes. I decide to hold as they are a little too far forward to comfortably flee, and somewhat underestimate the Gargoyles in combat. The wounded giant also charges my Chariot and I think the other one might have had a failed charge.

      There Are no other charges but the monsters are closing in... A second unit of Ambushers pops up in the much more safe position.

      In Magic, I have a few tough decisions to deal with the Gargoyles. In The end I let them get an additional attack and re-rolls to hit,reasoning that I want to ensure I hit first and kill as many as possible, so block the Initiative boosting spell and distracting totems. I Lose two Acolytes but kill three of the five Gargoyles.

      TheChariot crew kill the Totemic beast, but then the giant rolls the result that immediately ends the combat and I hold.

      Dread Elves - 4

      Note that G3 should be fleeing off the board in this picture.

      The Other Acolyte unit moves north to get into position to start baiting charges. My Raider unit repositions to charge the ambushers.

      I’mnot in range of any magic, so it’s straight to combat. We get off to a good start when the Acolytes finish off the Gargoyles. Then theChariot puts a wound on the giant and run him off the board.

      Beast Herds - 4

      The Third and final unit of Ambushers comes on. The monsters seek shelter behind the hill, forcing me to expose the Legionnaires to a combo-charge if I advance or continue to stand off.

      A Third totemic beast comes on to thwart my Corsairs, killing two or three of them.

      Dread Elves - 5

      I’m fairly
      certain that in this turn the Raiders charge into one of theAmbushers, killing 4 but losing 2 of their number. The Ambushers hold.

      TheChariot comes on to face down it’s second giant of the game. I pull the weaker unit of Acolytes back to support with magic, while the other rounds my line and gets ready to run out in turn 6 to blow up the giant or bait the Minotaurs.

      I’m pretty sure that the Corsairs manage a wound on the totemic summon.

      Beast Herds - 5

      The Summon charges the Corsairs who don’t do anything on the stand and shoot. The giant charges my Chariot. In the magic phase I think that another totemic summon comes on.

      TheMinotaurs pull back from the stand off and the Wild Horn block turns towards my deployment zone.

      The Chariot crew put two wounds on the giant but I think it beats it up.The Corsairs put a wound on the summon, but it does two wounds back and the Corsairs flee. They bounce all the way down my line and pop out right next to where the giant can get them. I'd like to say that was an intentional setup but... Yikes.

      Err... This picture is in the wrong place and is my turn 4.

      TheRaiders are either killed in combat or break and are run down.

      Dread Elves - 6

      Mysecond unit of Raiders charge the weakened Ambusher unit. I decide to try some long charges into the Minotaurs but fail both.

      I Turn my Knights to face the summons as I don’t want them to go into my flank or rear, and run the Acolytes around to cast with magic. It Looks like I run the other Acolyte unit through a narrow gap to maybe try and blow up some monsters. The Corsairs rally and my magic is shut down.

      TheRaiders actually manage to break the weakened Ambusher unit and destroy it. This causes the other nearby Ambusher unit to panic andrun off the board!

      I Think that I may have been able to kill a Jabber by this point but the pictures are unclear.

      Beast Herds - 6

      TheGiant charges the Corsairs and both Totemic summons go into theAcolytes. In combat I kill one of them, but it looks like I lose 4models. I’m sorry but I don’t remember if they held or not.

      No, I don't know what's going on, either.

      With That the game was over and I was immediately treated to the “SlatchSpecial,” which turned out to be a lot of booze- this also explains why I'm a little hazy with the later details there.


      This Was a DE loss of 12-8 on points, moving to 15-5 with the secondary objective. This was a result which I thoroughly deserved for playing so passively. If I had moved my Knights up into the opponents deployment zone instead of turning around, then I would have been able to contest the secondary!

      So Definitely some questionable decision making there, and I’m really hazy on the last two turns. For example, I’ve no idea why I sent myAcolytes in like that instead of dealing with the giant, except maybe it was still stuck in combat with the Chariot? But then why didn’tI charge it? I have no idea. Personally, I blame the booze.

      In Principal I don’t think standing off for a 10-10 was a bad idea,but if that’s what I wanted to do then I went about it all wrong.For a start I lost both Reapers early, which severely hampered my ranged damage which I needed to get points. I then misplayed theAcolytes who were dealing with Totemic Summons, or running around,instead of monsters with actual points. If I wasn’t trying for the secondary, then I would have been better off keeping the Corsairs in my bottom right corner to deal with any ambushers that came on.Finally, although sending one unit of Raiders all the way around to charge Ambushers off worked, it would have been smarter to keep them back and bait/block charges from the Minotaurs so my Knights and Prince Could close. As it was, my three main damage units sat off and did nothing all game!

      This Is the second time I’ve gone down big against a Beast Herds listwith a lot of monsters, so think I need more practice in this area.

      Still,the five points I got out of this game meant that I was still ahead for Best DE General, although I was well below the minimum 30 points that I was aiming for. More importantly, this was the third game of three where I had a great opponent and I was now having a great deal of difficulty choosing best sports! If Mr Slatcher is reading this then the next drink is on me!

      After A nice curry and another drink, it was back to the hotel to rest and recuperate for the final day.

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