All 9th Age Events @2018 Adepticon have been cancelled

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    • All 9th Age Events @2018 Adepticon have been cancelled

      Hey fellow 9th Age gamers,

      With a heavy heart, I'm disappointed to be the one to inform everyone that Adepticon has made the executive decision to cancel ALL 9th Age events due to space constraints. For those that booked hotels early in anticipation that you would be attending 2018 Adepticon to play 9th Age please check out Dustin Birkenkamp message below from Buckeyes Facebook page.

      From Dustin Birkenkamp:

      Hi Guys.

      I'm just putting this up as this seems to be the place where everyone has gathered to discuss 9th at Acon. Full hotel refunds will be given if you've already prepaid for your room and you were attending for 9th Age

      You can email me at or message me here.