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    • Cam wrote:

      My point was about the ranged damage of magic missiles are in most cases better than shooting, even with less points in magic (which also gives buffs) than invested into shooting. Especially ID, but DE acolytes with yema or occultism master are sexy too. Either shooting phase is too weak or magic ranged damage is too strong, especially from a DH POV as DH have zero offensive magic and you're trying to hit with your army strength in shooting on 6's...... Or maybe magic missiles are just the new shiney shiney for me.

      RE DH magic discussion, personally for fluff reasons I'd rather DH didn't have any magic/were pure anti-magic (kinda why I like dwarves) but currently with the strength of magic just now I'd be fine giving them it unless somethings done about the shooting / DH bound spells being a weaker version of a spell from a normal path that are a boring counting game.
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