Origins of the Frost Phoenix and their guardians.

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    • Origins of the Frost Phoenix and their guardians.

      On the far northern tip of our Island, Ishta, a great mountain reaches far into the airy heights. Its peak is more often shrouded in clouds than nought. In ancient times past it spewed fire and ash into the star shrouded heavens but this has not occurred for many a millennia. Instead, a massive river of ice now ever-so-slowly flows to the sea from its lofty caldera. This glacier called, Isharria, is a league wide as it crumbles into the sea in great chunks of crystal blue ice becoming the killer icebergs of the great northern seas, a bane to all ships who dare venture there.

      Ishta, is the home of the Frost Phoenix. The spirit of our most ancient of Allies is kept eternal in the frozen lake within the belly of the great mountain. It is there that our most learned of Mages must climb to commune with the lofty creatures to encourage one to assist our people in times of strife and war.

      Here the narrow passage up to the peak our Way Guardians, (Grey Watchers) keep a watchful eye to protect the peaceful home of these great frost beasts.
      Truly, none are welcome anywhere on the mountain by the Frost Phoenix except the Way Guardians and those that the Way Guardians escort to the temple at the gate of the lofty frozen caldera.
      This limited trust between our people and the Frost Phoenix is born out by the loyalty between the Way Guardians of the great north and the Frost Phoenix whose home they resolutely protect. Raiders from the sea have attempted to assail the frozen heights in times past to take vengeful retribution on the rookery of the Frosty Eagles as some have called them, but the stout warriors of the north saw to it that none succeed to reaching their goal. The bodies of unwelcome assailants are still frozen within the great glacier that slowly creeps towards the sea.
      In return, the Frost Phoenix imbue the arrows of the Way Guardians with their breath. This magical endowment is a frozen wind to any creature that is struck by one of these barbed projectiles. The targets weapons, armor and skin are instantly covered in a frost! If the creature/s fail there resilience/toughness then they lose a strength and movement for one full turn. Once they have thawed out the target/s recover their full capacities once more.
      Failure is not an option.