The Burning Throng of Skullthraka

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    • The Burning Throng of Skullthraka

      greetings adventurers.
      I'm a decent painter, who is aiming to become a great one.
      This Is something I've been wanting to do for awhile now., but I'm so slow on progress that I didnt know if it was worth it.
      But in the last month or so I actually managed to finish 20 immortals.
      I actually painted the last batch of ten in under a week, except for the last highlights on the hands, which took ute Another week...
      Nu biggest enemy is to start the next step in the process it seems, laziness is a big Time-thief, -work is another one.. .

      So now to pictures!
      The first ten:

      So I didnt manage to create a good lava effect on the standard Hammers, which started a small issue... I exchanged them för some WoC axes, and since I liked the bigger weapons I started looking in my bitzbox..!
      I Think I have to change eight more weapons from the original ten...!
      The next ten:

      So now I Only have ten more models, then I've finally completed my first unit.

      Looking forward to continue with them tomorrow.
      And yes, no bases are done yet, I want to design them seperately, probably 20 bases in a khorne symbol, and ten with just lavacrackle, So I have some freedom with unit length, width and size.

      Best regards.

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    • Hello

      Click on the Arrow on your Flickr page then copy the URL given to you under "Embed" and you can have it like this. (Not sure Why I couldn't remove the "Immortals 9th age."(which just parted when i published so it works well) part but its better than having to link away from your post.

      Really like your work and will be interesting to see the future of this sure to be magnificent army!

      And when will you grace our presence in Gothenburg the next time?

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    • thanks for your technical expertise!
      I'll make sure to thank you properly upp the streets of mordheim this christmas...!
      Unfortunately flickr didnt seems to work on my mobile..
      But out of the Blue, imgur decided to upload my pictures..
      Which I'm very grateful for, cause I know that many doesnt like to leave the site to ser pictures... me included.

      So a few notes in the miniatures:
      I know the Gold and the foll could be highlighted... but somewhere I had to stop...
      Granted I tried vallejos liquid Gold first, but I failed.. so just used my old GW gold.. it looks OK.
      I probably should do some OSL on the shields.. but these things I can correct later!
      So för mig I call them done.

      And go not just use this post as a shameless plug, I might as well show of my new t-shirt.
      It's important to look the part:

    • Exquisite! Perfect take on Infernal Dwarves. I think that between you and Black_Fortress_Immortal one can see a mastery of the grimdark spectrum of ID colour schemes. I'm also one to salvage Chaos weapons for CD conversions. Thumbs up, and this army resides in Sweden, too!
    • alltaken wrote:

      This thread, just wow! That armor is superb
      Thank you very much!
      It's honestly quite easy, atleast the scalemail. Just teadious work and very, very time consuming.. :)

      Karak Norn Clansman wrote:

      Exquisite! Perfect take on Infernal Dwarves. I think that between you and Black_Fortress_Immortal one can see a mastery of the grimdark spectrum of ID colour schemes. I'm also one to salvage Chaos weapons for CD conversions. Thumbs up, and this army resides in Sweden, too!

      Thank you!
      I'm honored of such great praise from an overlord of your status!
      Yes, grimdark was what I was aiming at.
      More realistic and grim than cartoonish, so I'm very pleased that they are percevied that way!
      Yeah I'm going to have a hard time arming my wdg when it's their time to shine.. . Haha.
      It resides in Norway at the moment, but hopefully it Will devour its enemies in both countries in the future!!
    • So... It's soon a year later, and it's time for a new update
      With a new job taking up most of my time, the hobbytime has been next to nothing.
      But of course, that wouldn't make me less inclined to buy more plastic..

      The Moment I got my new miniatures from Russian alternative I got motivated for the first time in six months, so It is time to start painting again.
      I must give them credit, RA has a great product with an superb quality.
      Thinking back on my FW dwarves with all their problems... to get better quality and for a third/fourth of the cost.
      Stellar customer service as well, anyway I'm rambling...

      I realised now that my immortal block only need command group, bases, ten shields and 17 weapons to be all done.(!!!)
      So maybe I should instead of working on the new unit, go back and finish them off... all in due time I guess.

      This is my test subject as an Infernal Dwarf with great weapon.

      I'm quite pleased, Might go back and give him some highlights on the belt, as well as making the cloth another shade of red, But I'm awaiting a new order of vallejo reds before reaching a final decision on which one to pick.
      There's only 39 more to go to complete this unit...
      But 19 are already zenithal highlighted and awaits this painting treatment, the rest will have to wait in their boxes.
      What are your thoughts? It's not my best work, but I'm quite pleased, especially considering I havn't hold a brush in 6 months.
      Best part with RA-models are all those lovely scalemails... :)
      Must say I enjoy having the models fully assembled before painting, it's always the next step/part that makes it hard to pick up the brush.

      Best Regards.
    • @Shane
      Happy to be of service... :)
      I'd say they are quite evenly matched, in size comparision atleast, RA might be a tad leaner around the waist, not realy noticeable though.
      But since they'll be different units I don't mind that FW are a slightly fatter, Imortals/citadelguards do as they please.
      I'll try to remember to take a picture of them together next time..

      I've painted yet another one and I'm actually looking forward to paint the next one.
      they are a bit more fun to paint, I'd say, since they distinguish themselves from one another with different facial expressions and poses.

      I'd say you can't go wrong with RA, I strongly recommend them.
      I Bought 40 warriors and still awaits one character and 40 dwarfs with guns... So I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.
      Although they are quite a bargain.

      Best Regards.
    • They seem to be a great bargain. I’ve been using Mantic Abyssal Dwarves for a bit now and prefer the look of these RA.

      I notice they don’t seem to have Bull-Centaur models. My initial idea is to use some of those RA upper bodies on some of the Mantic bull-Centaur lowers. What material are those Warriors made out of? Does it seem like it would be difficult to chop them at the waist?