Flaws of the Ancient

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  • Flaws of the Ancient

    As many of you will know, the current 2.0 set of books are open for public beta testing now.

    The aim is that the Rules and Balance teams will make minimal changes to fix big and urgent problems within the books or the rules themselves. The idea is to use the next couple of months to gather information on our book and put forward anything that is a big issue to be fixed. This is not something like "I wish our skinks did not have scaly skin, but more like "I wish our Thyroscutus wasn't useless".

    After a few months of testing your Saurian Ancients ACS team will be asked to provide the Rules and Balance teams with a list of up to 5 big problems in our army book. These should be the biggest problems. The game breaking problems. The hobby ruining problems. Hopefully we shouldn't have any problems like this with our book, but I am glad we have the framework to highlight them to the powers above if we do.

    Essentially, what I need you all to do is play games. Lots of them. With everything in the book. Stuff you think is great, stuff you think is bad and everything in between. If you think something is bad I need you to tell me two things in the thread below.

    1) What is the problem?
    2) Why is it a problem?
    3) Why does it need to be fixed urgently?

    Once all of these problems have been gathered, the ACS team will post a thread with the most "popular" and people can "like" the ones they agree with. From this we will take our top 5.

    When all is collected the Task Team/ BLT/ RT (depending on what the problem is) will work on those reported problems which are rated as severe enough by the RT. Please remember not volume but the presentation an the severity of the problem decide what is reworked.

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