Sylvan Elves 2.0 Beta Playtest Feedback (No Discussion Please!)

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  • Played 5 games so far. some first general thoughts about 2.0.

    - hail shot can be considerably worth its points given the right target
    - the extra attack on the eagle is lovely
    - wild huntsmen hit even harder now, but cant survive anything including dragon staff artifact
    - dragon is nice, cheap but difficult to break steadfast so fairly balanced. and there are a lot +1 to wound stuff now so Resilience 6 not so potent
    - cosmology and druidism ranges is great, means the wizard in a nice archer block can do something sitting in the back
    - all shooting is better because of volley fire and everyone getting sylvan bow, ive ran a block of 30 archers with a treefather and wild huntsmen sat in front of them to great effect.
    - most of the units i run have no ranks, so its great now being able to choose which direction units flee from

    other thoughts about 2.0 in general.

    - in general, love 2.0 so far

    -volley fire is too much. one model sees it, the whole unit sees it with no penalty is too much i think.
    - magic is great. more potent but still not too much.
    - The Highborn elf hereditary spell on phoenix guard is extremely powerful, as is their spear that with each hit is a double hit.
    - too many terrain rules for my liking, especially buildings
    - a flammable unit in water should no longer be flammable
    - warriors warlord does very well with resilience 5 and a +6 armour, and 8 attacks with D3 hit points. very scary indeed.
    You are the salt in the oceans, the heat in the sun, the gold in the mountains.
  • Played 1 game against DL at 3000 points
    My list :
    - Druid(ShadowPath,Master,Talisman of the Void,Ranger’s Boots,Sylvan Longbow)
    - Chieftain(Wardancer,Bsb,Sylvan Blades(Hero's Hearth))

    - Forest Guards(7 Mod,Full Command,Sylvan Blades,Banner of the Relentless Company)
    - Heath Riders(3 Mod,Sylvan Longbow,Musician,Standard Bearer,Banner of Silent Mist)
    - Forest Rangers(6 Mod,Musician,Standard Bearer,Banner of Speed)
    - Wardancer(1 Mod,Musician,Standard Bearer,Banner of Speed)
    - Sylvan Sentinels(3 Mod,Sylvan Blades,Scout)
    - Briar Maidens(Musician,Champion)

    His list :
    - Harbringer of Wrath with hatred and hard targer for the unit
    - Harbringer or change adept mage with bound spell 2 of divination

    -15 Sirens
    -15 Slaughterers
    - 2 Clawed Fiends
    - 1 Demon Engine with Catapult
    - 3 Sky Serpent
    - 5 Ambushing wrath dogs
    - 5 Igniters

    He conceded at 5th turn because i was clearly winning and the wrath dogs failed every single ambush roll.

    Impressions :
    - ShadowPath sucks : the only spell that i wanted to cast was twisted effigy, deceptive glamour could have been useful because the demons have goods Os/Ds and Agi but we had few fights, Will-o-the wisp was never good because i always had units on the flank/rear of my targets and his only warmachine happened to be a big demon, i casted the hereditary only one time because i had dice left and no more useful spells to cast.
    The only reason my magic phase was effective was thanks to the maidens.
    I really like the 2.0 magic phase
    - The rangers boots on the wizard on foot are good
    - The wardancer Bsb Chieftain in the wardancer units was very good, combined with movement banner they get a very long charge range.
    - Forest Rangers with banner of speed have a fantastic zoning potential.
    - Sentinels were good
    - Heath Riders with bow are amazing
    - Banner of Silent Mist is good both for Cover and disabling musicians.
    - Sylvan Bow on the druid is nice.
  • Hi everyone !

    Played yesterday a 4500 pts game against EoS. Secondary was capture the flag. Deployment was Marching Columns.

    EoS won 11-9. i'm used to loose against this player as he has a better level thant me (won maybé 3 or 4 times only). This time it was close. Magic gave him the win.

    My List :

    Thicket Sheperd (entwined roots)

    2*11 Sylvan Archers (M)
    2*10 Sylvan Archers (M)
    26 Forest rangers (FCG, banner of deception) Line formation
    5 Thicket Beast (C, Entwinned roots)
    2*1 Eagle
    2*3 Kestrels Knights (FCG, Banner of mist)
    2*1 Tree Father

    His List :

    Marshall (general, gives command,1+/1+/5++)
    Marshall (BSB)
    Wizard master divination
    Wizard adept Divination
    Wizard apprentice divination

    2*20 Light infantry with Handgun
    2*10 state militia
    6 electro cavalry
    30 imperial guard (Bunker for all his characters)
    4 Knights of the sun griffons
    Steam Tank

    Capture the flag :

    He targets 2 archers units and the forest rangers.
    I target 2 Light infantry and Knights of the sun griffons.

    At the end, I won the secondary Objective.

    Deployment :

    Was tricky for both of us. First time we play marching columns. had to do the deployment phase twice xD. As I do not recall all events, i'll speak about each unit.

    Characters :

    Only 1 sheperd. I Wanted to try without magic. Well, it is clear for me now that Magic is a must have in 2.0. Magic is really helpfull and it is what made him win. So i'll sacrifice a Tree Father for a Master Wizard Cosmology.
    No bsb, and honestly, I did not missed it !

    Sylvan Archers :

    At first I wanted to target the Imperial guards with all of them to soften this big unit before close combat. But he was to far and I had bad LoS. However, they killed : Electro cavalry (all of them), Half of each light infantry unit, Half of the imperial guard after the thickets beasts killed the other half.
    For capture the flag they are a perfect scoring unit because it is hard for the ennemy to get behind my front line. Only the Electro Cavalry managed it and there was only one left when it charged. And he did nothing but die :).
    I definitly keep them as core unit in my army : 42 shots is just awesome.

    Forest Rangers :

    first turn, they were hidden behind a Hill because I feared the Mortar. So I waited the kestrels manage the situation (i'll get bacj to that later :) ). They were on the far left flank, in front of the steam tank and the Knights Was not the beast thing to do I knew it. But I wanted to test the line formation against the steam tank.
    Well, they took 6 HP (of 7) to the Steam Tank and he took half of them. Unfortunatly, the Knights came to help and that was the end of the forest rangers.
    My choice of deployement was clearly not the best one for them. But I wanted to test their limit.
    Quite satisfied of their performance anyway. Next time I won't sacrifice them for testing !

    Thickets beasts :

    I always deploy them on the center with a forest in front of them. They were here to manage the 30 imperial guard. Turn 3 they get to charge a unit a light infantry, kill them and prepare themself to recieve the charge of the imperial guard. This is where Magic hurt me the most. He won the battle (but the TB took Half the unit) because he buffed his unit and debuffed mine. For that battle, I missed Magic a lot ! Thickets could have won with some help.

    Eagles :

    What else ? Did their job, managed to troll the Steam Tank preventing it to run into my treefathers

    Kestrel Knights :

    Turn 1, they were behind ennemy line, able to charge the canon or the mortar. Less than 3 inches from the light infantry unit on their left so it could not reform and Shoot (banner of mist is so cool for that !!). He has no choice but to flank charge my kestrels with this unit to prevent a dramatic charge on Canon or Mortar. The good thing is that by doing that he obstruct the LoS of the mortar : My Forest rangers are free to move !
    Kestrel Knights totally broke the ennemy formation. It is a huge advantage for us to be able to do that turn 1. It is even more powerfull with the forest ranger vanguard. It put a lot of pressure. It make me think that SE are a high manoeuvrability army but are although able to hilghy block the maoeuvrability of the ennemy.

    Tree Father :

    I had some luck : Artillery managed to get only 4 HP on one TreeFather. How ever, I had no luck in close combat. The one with only 1 HP left was killed by a lucky strike from the state militia he charged... lol.
    The second one lost against the knights that he flancked charge... Bad luck on saving throw too. But he blocked them in combat for 2 turn. Could have been worse.
    They did the job I attended : draw the attention of the Warmachine and bring some more threats. My opponent was very anxious about them getting to the steam tank (because of Crush Attack).

    Next game, i'll keep this list and replace a Tree Father by a Wizard Master in cosmology with Magical heirloom and talimsan of void.
  • 4 Games so far with small variants on this list:

    + Characters +

    Druid [375Pts]: Cosmology, Special Equipment, Wizard Master

    Forest Prince [850Pts]: Army General, Dragon, Sylvan Blades, Sylvan Longbow (0+)
    . Special Equipment: Dragon Staff, Hail Shot - Cannot be taken by Druids, Spirit of the Whirlwind

    + Core + 1125/1125

    Heath Riders [350Pts]: 10x Heath Rider, Sylvan Longbow (3+), Feigned Flight, Light Troops, Vanguard

    Heath Riders [350Pts]: 10x Heath Rider, Sylvan Longbow (3+), Feigned Flight, Light Troops, Vanguard

    Sylvan Archers [425Pts]: 17x Sylvan Archer

    + Special +

    Thicket Beasts [210Pts]: 3x Thicket Beast

    Thicket Beasts [210Pts]: 3x Thicket Beast

    + Unseen Arrows +

    Pathfinders [349Pts]: 8x Pathfinder

    Sylvan Sentinels [315Pts]: 10x Sylvan Sentinel

    Sylvan Sentinels [284Pts]: 9x Sylvan Sentinel

    + Fleet of Foot +

    Briar Maidens [325Pts]: 5x Briar Maiden, Champion

    Wild Huntsmen [457Pts]: Shield, Sylvan Lance, 7x Wild Huntsman

    ++ Total: [4500Pts] +

    Against 2 different Sylvans, Dread Elves and Empire. 3 Wins against the Elves and a Win/Draw against EoS (It was a win to me, but we both made some mistakes in the last turn that if we were both bright eyed and bushy tailed neither of us would have made, so it doesn't seem right to call it a win.)

    Shooting: The amount of shooting is very powerful, with very mobile shooting units and a large fire base of Sylvan Archers. Sentinels do their job in a reliably unreliable way (weird), as in over 3 turns they'll probably put the same amount of wounds onto a monster in all 3 games, but in each game it might be in a different way (0,0,3 wounds, or 1,0,2) giving them a scary power spike potential. Pathfinders hunt down knights and do it admirably, and provide a lot of my early game fire power alongside heaths. Didn't really use Briars very well, but they are cheapish for their versatility in providing channel, healing, chaffing, small amounts of fire power, screening, a great tool box unit.

    Scoring: Treekin are the best scorers in the game for their points. I said it and i'll stick by it. For their pts, for their statline, is so powerful. Add that to the fact they can take the centre forest as a roadblock and stick on stubborn all game is just an added bonus. With all my mobile shooting I was able to box in my opponents scoring while getting my Treekin in position. Sometimes they took the forest and participated, others they just ran up the side of the board and got an objective while being immune to ranged fire. Sylvan block wasn't a main scorer for me, but it did in one or two games. It never died, always advancing into my forest to zone people from moving into short range. It felt like a strong anchor for my army.

    Magic: Very happy with my magic. The spells I had every game were Altered Sight, Touch the Heart, Master of Earth, Ice and Fire, the rest where dictated game by game. In the games I chose my hereditary, I never used it once. Smart Cosmo usage to get +2 to cast the spells you want is very powerful, casting Altered Sight on 2 dice onto the big Sylvan Archer unit always gave my opponents some pause, as either they let it go and give me a Chaos counter for Ice and Fire making it harder to stop or they stop it, and let my have Ice and Fire anyway. Druidism and Touch the Heart gave me 2 ways to heal the dragon, which wasn't used that often but my opponents said they didn't target the dragon as much because of it. Think I'll pick up the Horn of the Void for next game so I get a whole extra dice each turn.

    Combat: Wild Riders were hit and miss for me, but that's because of my own bad play. Against EoS I had Wild Riders on a hill (people forget the re-rolls to charge it gives now) charge long 10 inches to destroy a distracting wagon, and they had a fantastic overrun into a Volly gun next round. But in the shooting phase, I somehow forgot my WR existed and only saw the wounded Volly gun, shot it off the board, leaving the WR to get pulped by the second vollygun instead of being safe in combat xD Against another Sylvan I made another long hill charge to clip a unit of Dryads, only getting 2 WR in, which would have over ran into his sentinels if they fled, but he made his wards and stuck 2 turns. Surviving 3 WR managed a charge into my opponents unit of 6 and promptly murdered them to the man. Against DE they where indefensible though, eviscerating a Witch block due to int 7 and against the EoS they got into a depleted unit of Imperial Guard and left 1 guy standing, giving their general stubborn *BUT* I forgot to use battle focus, and this was the screw up which I think would have confirmed the win for me, killing that 1 guy woulda lost stead fast and chased his general down. They are a cruise missile which I haven't learnt how to use yet, but the threat they provided was crucial for boxing an enemy in. Use Hills. Treekin also saw quite a lot of combat, ran them 1x3 formation and kept them mostly in a forest for maximum durability, they stuck several hard targets in place (including Steam Tanks). Dragon provided the bulk of my successful combats, only dying once to a taking a Steam Tank ram in the butt last round. The opponent can't stop every spell, and they usually forget to stop the +1 Str spell, giving him 5 Str 7 and 6 Str 6 battle focus + Thunderstomp + Breath weapon while also being completely uncharge-able by MSU Elves due to the Int 9 Breath weapon guy on top. Seriously, a unit of 10 forest rangers w/ +1 Str went into his flank and the Lord breath weaponed and attacked them leaving only a single poor guy alive.

    Characters: Probably through a bit of lucky rolling on what mattered, but I didn't miss the BSB. The Wizard was great and cheap, but as said I'll find points to give her Channel 1. The Dragon was the MVP in a few matchs, a very good model. Cheap for what you get, 2 breath weapons and a good amount of damage allowed him to eat through depleted units. Going to drop Hail shot as while it always made it's points back, it wasn't hugely impactful and I'm considering Antlers of the Hunt or maybe even make 15 more pts for Lifeseed Feathers. Whirlwind was the right choice over Heroes Heart, as I almost always got an extra hit from battle focus and on the turns I got +1 Str off it showed. He's a character that contributes to mobile shooting and mobile combat without impacting either of those categories, he's a steal.

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  • I played a 3k game against O&G (its popular in my area)

    My list:

    O&G list:

    ++ Orcs and Goblins (Orcs and Goblins 2.0 Beta) [3000Pts] ++

    + Special +

    Gnasher Herd [150Pts]: 10x Gnasher

    Goblin Wolf Chariot [220Pts]: 2x Goblin Wolf Chariot

    + Characters +

    Goblin Chief [220Pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Bow (3+), Common Goblin
    . Special Equipment: Maza's Zappin, Pan of Protection Pinchin’

    Goblin Witch Doctor [230Pts]: Common Goblin, Pyromancy, Wizard Adept
    . Special Equipment: Magical Heirloom - Dominant

    Orc Warlord [530Pts]: Army General, Feral Orc, Light Armour, Shield, War Boar
    . Special Equipment: Omen of the Apocalypse, Tuktek’s Guard

    + Big 'n Nasty +

    Gargantula [490Pts]

    + Death from Above +

    Greenhide Catapults [200Pts]: Git Launcher (4+), Orc Overseer

    Skewerer [90Pts]

    + Core +

    Goblins [460Pts]: Bow (4+), Champion, Common Goblin, 40x Goblin, Musician, 3x Shady Git, Shield, Standard Bearer
    . Banner Enchantment: Banner of Discipline

    Orc Boar Riders [410Pts]: Champion, Common Orc, Lance, Musician, 9x Orc Boar Rider, Shield, Standard Bearer
    . Banner Enchantment: Banner of Speed

    ++ Total: [3000Pts] ++

    I lost 12-8 because of secondary objective. The score was 11-9 for SE.


    He dropped everything so I could position everything out of range of his shooting except Git Launcher and Skwerer. After first turn of shooting and magic I was exactly 550 points behind. 5 Heath riders unit panicked and fled 11'' after loosing 1 man off the board because of pyromancy attribute. Git Launcher killed Eagle in one shot and that caused panic of my only scorers - Sylvan Archers who also ran away. All in General bubble. Not quite good beginning I would say. I was already 15 bows less.

    Kestrels were dancing around big block of goblins with shaman and bsb, killing few Gnasher Herd and chagrining Git Launcher. Got killed in the end but they drew attention for a whole game of mentioned units.

    Pathfinders and second unit of Heath riders, along with magic killed entire unit of Board Riders, unfortunately Pathfinders died later on becasue of Orc Warlord who got slain in last round by Shapeshifter

    Sylvan Sentinels did their job very well they put most wounds on Gargantula, but it was slain by a druid in the end who decided to blow up himself aswell. My enemy didnt laugh long becasue his witch doctor did the same, killing Kesters, next rund. So we can call it an even :)

    Dryad Ancient got killed in a first round of combat along with whole unit by Gargantula.


    1. It's my first game without a Bsb and it costed me a lot. Even in General bubble I failed 2/2 testes. Martial Discipline would suit great to an army like Sylvan Elves, with a lot of small units and mostly useless characters.

    2. Druid did a good job. New magic phase allows you cast successfully at least one spell and cosmology allows you to have at least two wounding spells, so it's great. But I think taking BoAP aswell would be an overkill :)

    3. Dryad Ancient was useless with Summer Growth in MSU army, where my entire units are getting killed in one round. Lesson learned.

    4. Pathfinders massacred Boar Riders on short range. To bad they are so fragile and expensive.

    5. Sylvan Sentinels did what they had to. Good performance.

    6. Heath riders could do better but they were blocked by charriots and balista between two buidlings. On the other side of the board I had 40 goblin bows to match so there wasnt much they could do. In the end they panicked chariot who fled of the board. So they did ok.

    7. Shapeshifter killed enemy general so he earned his points but again I think I could use better those 520 pts.

    While creating army I got really big problems with making good characters. What's funny I am only sure about druid, because other casters are worth much less. Dryad Ancient probably doesnt work at all in MSU army (because of druidism's close range and spell style). Briar Maidens are taking FOF... along with Heath riders, same with Shapeshifter. I am not sold at all with our chars. Expensive and taking FoF and UA allowance. It's even worse when it comes to scorers. They're job is to survive till round 6. I see only trees being able to do so.

    My list building will float even more towards avoidance I think.
  • Game against mono-lust DL at 4000 points, objective was hold the center
    My list :
    - Prince on Eagle with 2+/4++ and a Sylvan Lance with Titanic Might
    - Prince on foot with 1+/Reg4++ and the Spear

    - 36 Spearelves with banner of speed
    - 11 Heath Riders with Bow
    - 10 Sentinels
    - 10 Pathfinders
    - 4 Kestrels with Bows and full command
    - 5 Briar Maidens with Champion
    - 14 Ranger with Vanguard and Banner of Speed

    His List :
    Courtesan of Lust with the whip, Adept of Witcraft
    Harbringer of Lust, Adept of Withcraft,on Steed, Object that grant hard target to the unit

    - 15*3 Sirens
    - 2*5 Mounted Sirens
    - 8 Mounted Sirens
    - Charioth with 1d6+3 impact hits and Lightining Reflex to allies in the same fight
    - 4 Clawed Fiends

    He conceded at the 4th turn basically because our list were very similar in mobility and cc prowess but i had awesome shooting to back me up and he still has to learn how to play the big daemons.

    Impressions on units :
    - A big block of Forest Guard with the spearwielding prince is a force to be afraid of, in this case there were no catapult/mortars to kill them so they were in a very good spot, but we have the tools to deal with warmachines
    - The prince on Eagle doesn't convince me, 4 attacks are too few for the price(and the chunk of FoF) you pay, sentinels and maidens are plain better at monster hunting and the shapeshifter is better at dealing with small unit(not that we have problems in this), also while in this game there were no warmachine against other armies he could be one-shotted by a lucky roll.
    Having the Wild Huntsmen be able to ride an eagle (after having resolved the problem with frenzy) would be an interesting option, he could really destroy monsters and cowboy on the charge.
    - 11 HeatRiders can sometimes even find some enemies worth charging, is an intresting option.
    - The sentinels are amazing, or maybe my abilty of rolling six is amazing, anyway i like them.
    - The pathfinders didn't had any good target in this game, but at least i could laugh at my enemy tring to defend his unit with hard target.
    - The Kestrel are good as ever, they destroyed the chariot at full Hp with just one charge, and the bow make them even better
    - I'm seriosly impressed by the ability of the maidens to provide me a decent magic phase with just two spells plus throne, maybe we can put them in the character section and stop pretending :D
    - Somehow i always manage to send my rangers to sure death, maybe i have to learn to wait a bit, fortunately for me the chariot countercharge opened the countercharge for the kestrel that destroyed the chariot and overrunned on the flank of the unit depleted by the rangers

    Impression on army :
    - The shooting is really good, with focus fire i can delete units and with poison i can put a dent in the big baddies
    - I like that our mounted troops can be good at shooting and fighting at the same time, playing with them is great as you always have lots of options to deal with the enemy
    - Playing with only two scoring troops is painful
  • Played a Game today against a friend who is a medium level player with his VS. I decided that I wanted to try some configurations for the shifter, vanguard rangers and the +1 strenght combo.

    The lists were:


    Prince, shapeshifter 2+4++, heroes heart death cheater

    Prince, shapeshifter 2+4++, mitril, talisman of shielding, tattoos, GW with supernatural dexterity

    Wizard adept (cosmo) bow rod of battle

    Wizard adept (shamanism) bow talisman of the void


    2x6 Heath riders bow
    2x13 archers M


    2x24 rangers C,M vanguard


    2x9 sentinels


    Vermin demon
    Vermin lord on litter with defensive gear

    2x10 footpads vanguard
    30 slaves
    Huge unit of vermin guard with fier banner

    2x8 thunder hulks


    The game was basically decided during the deployment phase while I chose to go first and deployed my shooting in the middle of my deployment zone in order to try to get as much coverage as possible to shoot his demon and one unit of ranger along with a shifter on each side. He had the first vanguard movement and decided to move one unit of footpads towards the objective (hold ground) instead of blocking one unit of rangers. This made me vanguard with both units of rangers taking control of both flanks and threatening both units of thunder hulks if they had moved. His tight deployment did the rest by not letting him play aggressive together with my shooting which took down the demon (with his magic phase) by turn 2.

    At the end it was a big win for SE but probably if he had blocked one vanguard movement onthe right flank the game would have been different because he could have had more space to manovre and play aggressive.


    The shapeshifter with GW and supernatural dexterity is a beast. I’m in love with this guy!

    The shifter with the heroes heart is lacking a bit of punch for his price and any other combination involving 2+4++ doesn’t really have better combat skills. On the other hand I would never ever choose to go out without 2+4++ since the model is still very fragile

    Druid with +1 Strenght combo: they were funny to play but I would never bring this configuration to a tournament. 2magic missile and 2 buffs are not enough to make a magic phase. You either need 6 spells or cosmology which has very versatile spells

    Archers + Heath riders: very good and very effective

    Rangers: the guys are quite good and cheap for what they do. However i’m Not sold on the vanguard option yet. If he had played correctly my 100 points investment on vanguard would have been a waste

    Sentinels: well what to say, wonderful as usual!
  • Played 2 games in a competitive environment. Here are my observations after each.

    If you want my final opinion, just skip to Final Thoughts. My list is at the bottom if you are curious.

    Vs Ogres


    -Universal S4 shooting put pressure on the OK player at short range causing him to make questionable charges
    -Sentinels served dual roles as both chaff and putting pressure on monsters. They can't be ignored like eagles.
    -Rangers speed and power were underestimated. Even after heavy casualties they peeled 12 wounds off a Tribestar.
    -Treefather killed frost mammoth in one on one fight.
    -Cosmology was strong overall

    -Ranger unit cut in half by a single Pyromancy spell. 10 wounds.
    -Archers were easy points for shooting/magic/ambushers
    -Long range shooting was completely inneffective. Between Thundercannon and Mercs, I was easily outshot at long range.
    -Druidism was ineffective. Oaken throne is allowed through, but Summer Growth is always stopped. Oaken Throne is then dispelled in their turn. This leads to magic phases where you don't really get anything done other than attribute from Oaken Throne.

    Result: I win 19-1 (opponent had awful dice rolls)

    VS UD

    -Forest Rangers continued to surprise, even after heavy casualties.
    -Dryads weathered a ton of shooting and magic
    -Opponent struggled to counter Treefathers.

    -S4 Thicket Beasts were completely ineffective in combat. Dryads hit harder. Even after 8 casualties.
    -Rangers and heathriders devastated by shooting
    -I didn't have any tools to deal with his high toughness monsters.
    -Continued issues with Druidism.

    Result: I win 11-9 (grabbed the objective on bottom of 6)


    Overall the army performed fine, however I was increasingly frustrated at our character selections. My opponents wizards were either durable or dual purposed. I was unable to make any competitive Princes/Chieftains (outside of pricey Eagle King builds), so I just left them at home. Its dumb that my Sheppard can't be the BSB without huge restrictions.

    Also it seems like our spell options are pretty much pre-determined as I chose the same four spells both games. (Summer growth, master of earth, perception of strength, Ice and fire). The dryad ancient has one magic build and when combined with a lack of weapon options, just feels boring.

    S4 Thicket beasts were basically just a speed bump. Also its beyond frustrating to have a unit of S5 Thicket Beast positioned perfectly, just to have them lose entwined at a critical moment just because your character dies.

    Heath riders were good, but after seeing what UD have in core, they are completely fine.

    Dryad Ancient-Adept-Druidism-Scarred Bark
    22 Dryads
    10 Sylvan Archers
    10 Sylvan Archers-Mus
    5 Heath Riders-Bows
    20 Forest Rangers
    5 Thicket Beasts
    6 Thicket Beasts-Entwined
    5 Sylvan Sentinels
    5 Sylvan Sentinels
  • 2 games played with the AB 2.01, and the following list:

    The first game was against the Beast Herds, Frontline Clash, hold the ground, and was a victory 19-1 for the Sylvan Elves.
    The second game was against the Empire of Sonnstahl, Counterthrust, hold the ground, and was a defeat 4-16 for me.
    The spells used with the Briar Maidens were the same in both games: Mist Walker (hereditary) and Break the Spirit (Shamanism)

    A summary of the BH list (I don't know the details)
    Display Spoiler
    Minotaur warlord, general, dark rain, great weapon
    Soothsayer, totem bearer, with spells from druidism
    Beast Chieftain, BSB

    3 minotaurs with paired weapons
    2 * 5 feral hounds
    20 wildhorn with paired weapons
    25 longhorns with hallberds
    2 Gortach
    2 * 10 Mongrels with bow, skirmish

    A summary of the EoS list:
    Display Spoiler
    Marshal on great griffin, great weapon, lucky charm, 5+ ward save
    wizard master, spells from pyromancy and cosmology (thanks to the hereditary spell)
    Marshal, BSB

    25 heavy infantry with spears, full command
    2 * 15 light infantry with crossbows
    5 electoral cavalry, full command
    2 * 3 knights of the sun griffon, standard, musician
    2 * 10 Imperial rangers
    2 * 5 reiters, brace of pistols
    2 volley guns
    2 imperial rocketeer

    My impressions:
    - Break the Spirit is always wonderful.
    - Mist Walker was mostly used to give aegis 5+ to the Pathfinders, and because I had some power dice left after casting Break the Spirit.
    - Treesinging was used only once, to not waste a veil token. My pathfinders were always in forests, so I had the opportunity to move an empty forest only once. And that was useless anyway.
    Having only one wizard adept proved to be quite limiting. In the future, I'll probably add another Briar Maiden unit, or a Dryad Matriarch, to make a better use of all those dice.
    On a side note, Druidism appears to be weak at the moment. The fact that the Oaken Throne can be dispelled automatically for one power dice is really a big limit to me, because without the Throne active, Druidism spells are disappointing.

    - Pathfinders are good, really good, now.
    - No change noticed for the Sylvan Archers or the Briar Maidens.
    - I had no chance to use the Impaling Roots with the Treefather.

    Close Combat:
    - No change noticed with the Forest Guards, the Dryads or the Treefather.
    - Wild Huntsmen remain the glass cannon they were. If they charge, they are good. But when they're charged, they die with a breeze.
    - I was using the Shapeshifter for the first time. He had 7 attacks S5 AP2, 4+/4++, but I found that it was difficult for him to get in combats he could win. It took 3 turns to go around the main army, to attack the warmachines, and from there, he had no choice left but to charge a big block of heavy infantry, losing by static combat res and died pursued. That's an expensive warmachine hunter. And S5 is clearly not enough to hunt monsters or serious characters (against BH, he died against the minotaur general). I am not sure I'll try a different build. As pointed above, I think I'd rather replace him with a wizard, to make a better use of the magic phase.
    - The Forest Prince on Great Elk, when able to deliver punches, did a good job.

    Overall impressions:
    + Shooting is now really good, matching what I would expect of the Sylvan Elves.
    - SE spells have a very limited use. I doubt I'll take Mist Walker another time, the common lores have better to offer. Treesinging is very difficult to use.
    - SE magical items are not appealing. I tried the Spirit of the Whirlwind, but in the future, if I ever take the Shapeshifter again, I'll take a great weapon with a different enchantment. S5 is not enough for him. Giving a good defence to our characters is also difficult, with the Sylvan Cloak, the Forest Guard kindred and our armour enchantments granting unstackable Innate Defence.
  • Game against DL at 4000 points, objective was breaktrough :
    My list (i'm off FoF by 200 point, but being a fun list no one cared) :
    - General Druid(Shamanism,Master,Unicorn,Hand Weapon(Hero’s Heart),Sylvan Longbow,Talisman of Shielding,Glyp of Amryl) 600
    - Forest Prince(Pathfinder,Sylvan Blades(Spirit of The Wirlwind),Sylvan Longbow,Hail Shot,Ranger’s Boots) 465

    - 15 Heath Riders (Full Command,Banner of Silent Mist) 590
    - 29 Forest Guards (Full Command,Banner of Speed) 500

    - 10 Sylvan Sentinels(Sylvan Blades,Scout) 375
    - 10 Pathfinders 430

    - 10 Wild Huntsmen (Shields,Full Command,Banner of Speed) 750
    - 5 Forest Eagles 290

    His list :
    - Weaver of change with divination and bound spell 2 of divination
    - Harbringer of Wrath with +1Ws,+1A,+1Agi weapon,grant hatred to the unit.

    - 2 * 20 Slaughterer with full command
    - 4 Clawed Fiend
    - 6 Sky Serpents
    - Daemon Engine with Catapult

    Win 11-9 for me thanks to my lone heat rider in the enemy deployement zone.

    Impressions :
    - Shieldriders doesn't feel FoF at all, they can't move freely or avoid and they can't zone anything real, they have to charge and hope to break the enemy, otherwise they can't win any fight against unit of similar point cost.
    In this game they and the druid in the unit charged the 4 clawed fiend(ok, maybe not the best target, but it was charging or be charged) and they took 6 combat phases to destroy them while constantly buffed by shamanism, helped by the druid and in the end even helped by a totemic beast, at the end of the combat only the champion were left, pretty unimpressive for a 590 point unit buffed by a shamanism master against a 450 point unit, as i said before not the best target, but they were unable to choose better or avoid while waiting for a better opportunity.

    - The druid on unicorn was fun to play, shamanism attribute while in a fight is still our druid best protection and that say a lot about the protections avaliable to our druids, is damage output greatly helped the crappy heath riders to kill the clawed fiend(would have been better with Sylvan Blades off course :D ).
    Off course overall is a bad choice : he has only one unit to join without taking away light troop and that unit is useless, that's not even saying that for the doubious honor of taking them you eat half of yor FoF allowance, in fact for this list i had to go over the cap and that was allowed by my opponent without even thinking twice because everyone can see that they are not FoF.

    - The wild hunsmen are basically played by the enemy and if they don't break/destroy the enemy on charge(the demon engine was left with only 1 wound ;( ) they are dead because of the countercharges that were set up, now they die in drove even in combat because of Ds3.
    A unit of 10 is not worth unless you take a character and the character is not worth, not the point nor the FoF allowance, having a unit played by the opponent in the supposed avoidance category is laughable at best.
    The best use for them would be zoning, but frenzy make them unable to do so and the rangers do it better, for less point and they are also scoring and not FoF, the only role that remain is kamikaze but they are too costly for using them only as walking TNT barrel.

    - Eagles were very good for their points, mainly because i thought that they had 3 Attacks and Ap2 :D , turns out that i'm wrong but for their point they are still pretty mobile and well protected for our standards, just by menacing flank and rear of combat units they give a good control of the enemy movement.

    - The archers were good as ever but the fact that magic missile are auto-deleting units is annoying as hell, now the enemy can try to force some trough by using 5 dice and hoping for a good roll, no one fears miscast anymore.

    - The pathfinder prince was just a fun build, but i got some insight from him : Hail shot is garbage and unimmersive as hell, my prince could hit on 2+ any unit on the battlefield while doing a 360 noscope but i move an inch or my enemy is barely in cover now i hit on 3+, even my druid on unicorn retain 3+ aiming while moving!
    The Sylvan Blades with spirit of the wirlwind were there just for fun, i had occasion of using them only when i charged a unit of slaughterers last turn, unfortunately i forgot that there were an harbringer in there that challenged me, my prince did one wound and the harbringer did 2 wound (unlucky rolls) and my prince fled from combat leaving all his points to the enemy.
    And i was nearly forgetting : the fact that i didn't brought the bough of wyscan in a fun list in favor of a melee enchant say a lot about the power level of the bow.

    I'll probably try again a subpar list for the sake of lulz and playtesting, someone have any suggestion ? solo druid general on unicorn with the crow of autocracy :D ? DOUBLE solo druid adept on unicorn ?
  • Went to a mini-tournament and was gonna make reports, but missed 3rd game due to personal reasons, and game 2 was ended in Turn 3 due to time constraints, so just going to report some observations.

    I was fielding a balanced combat list with:

    FG Prince - Spear of Touch of Greatness, Hail Shot, Willows Ward
    Chieftain - Spirit of the Whirlwind
    28 FG - Predators Pennant

    21 Rangers - Relentless banner

    13 Archers

    2 x 5 Sentinels

    6 Huntsmen. - Standard

    2 x Treefather

    2 x Druid Adepts (one on Eagle) with Shamanism and Cosmo for 2 x STR buff


    - Ive been annoyed at how SE looks these days, but omg the DH book!! After being treated to a list spamming minimum sized throwing axe Core troops, dragonslayer spam and some warmachines and copters thrown in... no offense to my opponent, but it looked crap on the table and played as wonky as it looked. If thats what DH looks these days then Ive got better things to do with my time. Barely felt like a Warhammer game

    - Hereditary spell... I actually cast it one time which allowed my Archers to escape death, so thats something. Still thats was the only occasion where it was worth casting. Lacking an attribute hurts for such a situational spell.. and why does it cost 6+ to cast at range 12??? Looking forward to that redesign for sure

    - Building for double STR spell was.. okay. I only pulled it off once (on Rangers) and away went 12 Barrow Knights (and my opponent was lucky with his saves), but ultimately it was too niche with only 5 spells (one of which was hereditary). I think a Shaman Adept is great support for a Cosmo Master in 5000+ battles though.

    - I've kinda figured out my problem about combat blocks (also after seeing DH of all things not taking any). Dryads, Forest Guard and for that matter Archers feels penalized for taking bigger units. Taking a 30-man block over a minimum 15-man didn't make my Forest Guard any better at fighting, but just made them a better target for Catapults and area effect crap. The problem is that additional models costs more per model than minimum, which is something I feel should be reversed. As matters stand only Hunter's Honour can make FG/Ranger unit bigger than 20 models viable.

    - My CC heroes weren't the most buffed of chaps I admit. I was hoping for STR buff and Predator's Pennant to see them through. The STR buff was too unreliable and Predator's Pennant didn't really help because as it turned out Spirit of the Whirlwind was great at killing zombies, but couldn't even blend DH Seekers reliably. My Spear Lord did better with his better AP/AGI and was actually able to threaten more things. Ultimately though my conclusion is that our CC heroes are only really suitable at blending relatively defenseless unit, which we don't need. In the future I may use the reliable FG Characters with Hunter's Honour or/+1 STR Spear, the Bladedancer with Hero's Heart and maybe the odd Shapeshifter. So pretty minimalistic for as far as good combat characters go we can't really make any

    - Predator's Pennant. I thought it might be useful for my Spearelves, but it wasn't. Unless they can charge something they can beat they need to stay in the forest if they want to be able to fight (and not just be chaff). Predator's Pennant is basically limited to being usefl on Bladedancers... and as with any mono-build items it means it needs a redesign

    - Hail Shot. Still not worth it's points

    - Huntsmen did well for me, but boy are they less maneuverable now. I hid them behind a hill and waited for all chaff to go away and a viable target to expose themselves and when that happened they did well (Gyrocopter, Flamecannon and Dwarf Unit with Engineer in game one and one-shotting a unit zombies in game 2 ... and in Turn 4 they had a free rear charge on the Necromancer bunker but alas). So hidden away in a defensive army they can still do their thing. But their speed is mostly cut down to their actual charge range. Moving around fancily just means they get shot or baited off. So to me they are another argument why SE Army Comp should be restricted on Maneuverable Shooting instead of "fast" stuff in general

    So bit of a strange day. Next time I hope to get some more telling games and do a proper report

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  • Played a little tournament (3k points) today with this list:

    Druid Wizard Master with Shamanism. Bow, Talisman of the void and Scepter of Power - general

    Chieftain - GW, LA, Bow, Bsb, Banner of Relentless Company, Rod of Battle.

    8x Dryad, Champion
    15x Dryad, Champion
    8x Heath Riders

    14x Forest Rangers with FCG and Banner of Speed

    8x Sylvan Sentinels

    5x Briar Maidens

    1x Treefather

    After today's games I would for sure drop champions on dryads and Forest rangers, and take two smaller units of 10 instead. Before I was running Cosmo wiz master, but shamanism earns me a lot of points with Totemic Summons behind enemy's line. Along with maidens and Talisam of the void I got 3 channel, and that's for sure enough.

    Sylvan Sentinels and Forest Rangers can both do wonders, they will for sure stay in my army for a while. I really like Rod of Battle on BsB since both dryads and Rangers gains a lot from +1 to hit. Treefather is enough solid to hold the line.
  • Introduction
    This is my first game in the beta version, so I was very excited to see how the ninth age has progressed. It was also the first time to play against my opponent, who was a guy I met online. The dude was super awesome, and set up the whole game in a newly opened café/shop with a Viking theme selling mead and drinking horns and stuff. Epic setting.

    My sylvan elves list was as follows (4500pts):
    Druid (general) – Wizard master (shamanism), eagle king, sylvan longbow, lifeseed feathers, talisman of shielding, glyph of amryl
    ChieftainBSB, Great weapon, Blessed inscription, flaming standard, wardancer kindred
    3x 8 dryads
    5 heath riders – sylvan longbows and vanguard
    2x 10 sylvan archers
    12 bladedancers – champion, banner, rending banner
    8 briar maidenschampion, banner, banner of silent mist
    8 pathfinders
    1 forest eagle
    2x treefathers

    My opponent daemon legions list was as follows (from memory):
    Weaver of change (general) – Thaumaturgy, power vortex, veil of shadows, aether wand, soul bound staff
    Harbringer of wrath – eternal sword, eternal fury
    2x 10 horrorschampion, far seeing
    20 slaughterers – full command, stalkers standard
    10 slaughterers – full command
    4 clawed fiends
    2x 6 Hellhounds
    Altar of slaughter

    Sylvan spell selection:
    Druidawaken the beast, swarm of insects, savage fury, totemic summon
    Briar maidensthe oaken throne, master of earth, break the spirit

    Daemon legions spell selection:
    Weaver – cleansing fire, smite the unbeliever, wrath of god, immortal sustenance (hereditary)
    HorrorsHand of heaven, cleansing fire

    We rolled dawn assault deployment, but forgot about the ambushing part. The scenario was spoils of war. He was deploying first.

    There were three forests, the middle one was deployed by myself. The two round circles in the middle of the battlefield were impassable terrain. There were two walls and a building. In the top right is a hill. The three explosions are the locations of the counters for the scenario, they will only be shown once.

    We started deploying one unit at a time, but he decided to deploy his last 4 units or so at once to ensure getting the first turn. This was fine by me, as I usually prefer last turn anyway.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 1
    Movement: He moves up at a fast pace. Slaughterers hold the wall on my left.

    Magic: Flux 2. He casts the comet spell just below SA1 with 3 dice, and I use all my five dice to dispel it. The remaining power dice are used to cast bubble ward save amplification, but the spell fail.

    Shooting: Horrors fail to do much damage.

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 1
    Movement: I move up aggressively with most units. Briar maidens are on the flank of small slaughterer unit, so they can’t be charged back. Treefathers and bladedancers hold the middle orest, and dryads take the wall on the right.

    Magic: Flux 4. He fails to dispel insect swarm on his greater daemon, and I roll 18 hits of which 6 wounds! However he manages to save 5 of them, so just one wound goes through. Briar maidens cast break the spirit on the clawed fiends.

    Shooting: Combined shooting from all my units take 3 additional wounds off the greater daemon. The druid actually hits on 6+ with the lifeseed arrows, but fails to wound.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 2
    Movement: Clawed fiends charge treefather 1, but two of them dies to dangerous terrain tests. Hellhounds and the alter charge treefather 2, despite the altar needing 10 on swiftstride. Hellhounds charge dryads holding the wall. Everything else moves closer, except the greater daemon that flies away from the main brunt of my archers.

    Magic: Flux 5. He fails to cast the aura version of the amplify ward saves spells, and I once again dispel comet with all my dice. He has saved one dice, and manages to roll 5+ in order to get -1 resilience on treefather 2.

    Shooting: Horrors kill 2 heath riders.

    Combat: Treefather 1 kills one of the two remaining clawed fiends and takes no damage in return. Treefather 2 barely hangs in there with one wound remaining, but manages to win combat by 1 due to thunderstomps on the hellhounds. We played frenzy by the old rules here, so the altar was much more effective than it should have been in this regard. He did botch his dice quite badly, as the treeman with resilience 5 probably should have died here. The dryads one the right lose combat, flees 12 but are caught by the hellhounds!

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 2
    Movement: Blade dancers charge the hellhounds in the flank. Eagle block the big slaughterer unit. Druid and briar maidens zooms pasts the small unit of slaughterers. The briar maidens are reformed to make sure, that the champion is within 12” of treefather 2. Dryads and archers converge on the the small slaughterer unit.

    Magic: Flux 7. He dispels oaken throne, but I get master of earth on his horrors killing a few but more importantly healing the treeman. He then dispels swarm of insects on his weaver.

    Shooting: A few slaughteres die to the sylvan archers, but I am still at long range. I fail to do any damage to the weaver with the pathfinders or druid against the weaver.

    Combat: All combats in the center of the board are won, despite my BSB only hitting with 1 out of 4 attacks.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 3
    Movement: Due to bad placement of the eagle, the weaver is able to charge it but luckily it passes the terror test. The big unit of slaughters join the charge. Horrors 1 move into close range of briar maidens and also take the central objective counter.

    Magic: Flux 6. I dispel comet with all my dice. He gets the aura version of ward amplification.

    Shooting: The horrors kill a single briar maiden.

    Combat: The eagle is predictably crushed, yet another gruesome death for an eagle. The weaver overruns a long distance, while the slaughterers reform.

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 3
    Movement: Treefather 1 charges the middle horrors. Treefather 2 and bladedancers sets up for a triple charge against the slaughterers, which are blocked by the heath riders. Briar maidens, dryads and archers close in on the slaughterers. The dryads pick up the objective counter in the process.

    Magic: Flux 8. Swarm of insects are dispelled, but only just due to magic resistance 1. I fail to cast totem beast summoning. Oaken throne is allowed, but master of earth is dispelled.

    Shooting: A few slaughterers are shot by the archers. The weaver takes no damage from pathfinder or druid.
    Combat: The horrors are destroyed, and the drop the objective counter.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 4
    Movement: Both slaughterer units charge. Weaver hides, and hounds move up. Horrors pick up the counter and faces the druid.

    Magic: Flux 3. He dispels oaken throne. Then he proceeds to miscast comet with amnesia, I try to dispel but it goes through. He also gets +1 ward on his weaver. He rolls 4+ and the comet strikes, causing severe casualties among my army. This was played incorrectly, as the comet cannot strike the same turn, but the results could have easily been the same had it struck next turn.

    Shooting: Horrors fail to shoot my druid.

    Combat: The slaughterer vs dryads turns into a pillow fight, so he wins by charge but I hold. The heath riders are killed, and he reforms.

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 4
    Movement: Briarmaides charge slaughterers in the rear. Treefather 1 goes towards the horrors, while the remaining army shuffles.

    Magic: Flux 1. Swarm of insects is dispelled, but I manage to summon a totemic beast 10” away from the board edge behind the horrors.

    Shooting: No damage is done to the weaver.

    Combat: The small unit of slaughterers are destroyed, but the champion manages to kill the briar maiden champion before dying to combat res.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 5
    Movement: Everything moves up, the weaver very close to my druid!

    Magic: Flux 5. I decide to take my chances with my wizard, so I dispel his ward save amplification but lets the breath weapon spell through. He then also reduces the toughness of my druid by 1, and gets the highest strength on the breath weapon. Uh oh!

    Shooting: The breath weapon does 6 wounds to my mage, but I save 3 of them on ward save and so my druid has one wound remaining. The horrors shoot at the druid, but fail to kill her! Phew.

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 5
    Movement: Treefather and totemic beast sandwich the horrors. All remaining shooting goes into range of the weaver. The central druids fail their march test, which is a pain. They were supposed to march up to the central token and past the slaughterersarc, but now they reform to face.

    Magic: I cast swarm of insects with all five dice, but he dispels.
    Shooting: The briarmaidens kill the weaver! I think the archers take a few wounds off the slaughterers.

    Combat: The horrors are destroyed, so they drop their token.

    Daemon Legions - Turn 6
    Movement: My opponent decides to go for the objective marker dropped by the horrors. Hounds charge sylvan archers that flee, they fail to redirect and roll triple 1 on their charge distance.

    Sylvan Elves - Turn 6
    Movement: I charge with dryads and treefather, in an attempt to get the objective on the last turn.

    Magic: He dispels frenzy on the treeman, but I get +1 strength and AP on the dryads.

    Combat: I just manage to kill all the slaughterers, due to rolling 6 thunder stomps. We then realize that I got an extra attack from battle focus despite the spell being dispelled so we put a model back. Darn it, so close.
    The game ends at 16-4 to the sylvan elves, with the objective being a draw.

    Conclusions and thoughts
    Awesome battle. With the weaver left on two wounds in turn one, I thought he wouldn’t last long. Thought I had the game in the bag, until the comet erased half my army. Despite the comet not being supposed to come down the same turn it is cast, it made the game all the better as it was much more close that way.

    The wardancer unit was on paper very good, with both rending banner and flaming banner. The great weapon with divine inscriptions on the BSB seemed like a good idea, but I think more attacks and better chance to hit is better after all. However, rending banner is required if giving the BSB sylvan blades, otherwise the unit will be powerless against good armour saves. Would probably also be good with more bodies, as many other magic missiles could have done 2d6 S5.

    The eagle king was surely king of the eagles. Hard target and four wounds made a massive difference, and I could have used it much more offensively if I had not taken the bow. The bow was a lacklustre, as intended long range meant I had to move and was hitting on either fives or even sixes in case of hard target/cover. Had it retained quick to fire, then it would be useful on a mage and awesome on a chieftain/prince. A mundane weapon selection on the druid would be cool for offensive druids. Some people have been asking for armour as well, but for me the weapon options would be enough.

    The new magic system with the flux cards was very nice, it made magic consistent and quite balanced. The level of the mage is more about spell selection now, rather than bonuses to spell casting. This makes it more open whether you want a few high level mages, or several low level mages.

    Spell selection was cool, and much better than the old randomized version. However, as frenzy is much more of a minus than a bonus now it means that the shamanism frenzy spell is better used on enemy units.

    The power well on the weaver was extremely powerful, as rerolling 1’s and 2’s potentially gives huge bonuses to casting total. It was clever to combine it with the miscast reducing wand, as +2 to miscast could go wrong very fast. However, the chances of miscast seems drastically reduced. Only a single miscast occurred during the whole game, despite the rerolls.

    I really enjoyed the new beta version. There are a few issues in the main rulebook, and a few more in the sylvan elves book, but overall we are in a good place with ninth age.

    As mentioned, overall a great game and I would play my opponent again anytime.

    Comments are welcome in the discussion forum:…ook/&pageNo=28#post891099

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  • I played a small tournie yesterday. Sacred seed item was used. But useless to be honest as you can't place it within an inch of an enemy. Not worth 70points. Blade dancers can munch through most weaker things at full strength with a character with the distracting spear. But anything with r6 is tough. And no way I am ever going into phoenix guard with the hereditary again. Chewed through my entire army. Lifeseed feather enchantment on druid is pointless also.
    You are the salt in the oceans, the heat in the sun, the gold in the mountains.
  • Battle at 4000 point against deamon legions(unfortunately in exam time i can only battle with him), objective was spoils of war.
    My List :
    - General Druid(Druidism,Master,Dragon,Horn of the Wild Hunt) 895
    - Chieftain(Wild Hunter,Bsb,Light Armor(Curse of The Black Stag),Shield,Elven Cloack,Sylvan Lance(Touch of Greatness),Elven Horse) 475

    - 12 Sylvan Archers(Musician) 320
    - 12 Sylvan Archers(Musician) 320
    - 14 Sylvan Archers(Musician) 370

    - 8 Wild Hunstmen(Sylvan Blades,Shields,Full Command,Banner of Speed) 644
    - 8 Wild Hunstmen(Shields,Full Command,Flaming Standard) 613
    - 10 Sylvan Sentinels (Sylvan Blades)

    His List :
    - Daemon Prince of Lust, the Wip,Wizard Master of divination,Bound spell of evocation and 2+ armor
    - General Harbringer of wrath with the scary blade and hatred for the unit

    - 17 Slaughterer with Full Command and Devastating Charge
    - 16 Slaughterer with Full Command and Devastating Charge
    - 3 Clawed Fiend
    - 3 Clawed Fiend
    - 3 Clawed Fiend
    - 4 Blight Flies

    The game ended with a draw with a unit of fleeing archers and the sentinels remaining for me and a unit of clawed fiend remaining for him.

    Impression :
    - The Druid on dragon had an unfavorable matchup with opponent with Lethal Strike, Bonus to Wound and the Daemon Prince with the Lash of Lust, he also had two mistcast and failed two times to cast the Throne with one dice, druidism didn't get his time to shine because he died in the turn when the melee started (3 wound self inflicted), so i think this is not a good game in wich to draw conclusion about him.

    - The Bsb Wild Huntsmen Chieftain is very nice, he can give some control over Frenzy and on charge he have 6 Attack with Battlefocus at Str7, AP3 and I8, he destroyed the Daemon Prince on his own(supported by a fair share of luck and a resistance buff from the druid).
    The question is if he is worth 475 point and another 200 on his quite likely death, i think not but he is fun to play.

    - The Wild Huntsmen are extremely scary on the battlefield, putting them near the archers basically buyed me another turn of shooting because my opponent didn't want to get too near before having unit on both flanks.
    Their killing potential is impressive, anything that is not a tarpit will be destroyed or heavily wounded after one of their charges.
    The Sylvan Spear and the Sylvan Blades are equally viable equipment on them.
    On the negative they can be killed by just about everything in a lot of ways, the Ds3 was the final strike to their already non-existent defenses, the Frenzy baiting wasn't so bad considering that my enemy didn't have any chaff and every unit was worth destroying, but i think that with a bait range of 17"(banner of speed) the enemy have to think carefully if he wants to slow his advance for destroying the huntsmen.
  • I finally got a couple of games in this weekend, one was vs WotDG and the other vs DE.

    We played a smaller force of 2500p, here's my list:

    Display Spoiler

    Characters: 860p
    Druid 515p
    Wizard Master, Eagle King, Magical Heirloom, Cosmology
    Chieftain 345p
    Forest Guardian, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour, Shield, Spear, Hunter's Honor, Willow's Ward

    Core Units: 701p
    8 Heath Riders 286p
    Sylvan Bows, Fast Cavalry
    25 Forest Guards 415p
    FCG, Legion Standard

    Special Units: 420p
    3 Thicket Beasts 210p
    3 Thicket Beasts 210p

    Unseen Arrows: 516p
    6 Pathfinders 258p
    6 Pathfinders 258p

    I really liked my list, it felt very versatile. I liked the fact that I only had 20 shots, albeit 20 highly skilled ones. I took somewhat of a risk with 20% of my list channeled into 12 naked elves, something my opponents surely would try to exploit.

    My first opponent brought:

    Doomlord - Death Cheater
    Sorcerer - Adept, Alchemy - Hellfire & Molten Copper
    18 Warriors - Wasteland Torch
    5 Forsworn
    3 Chosen Knights
    1 Chosen Chariot of Sloth

    Game 1:

    Display Spoiler
    Seeing his slow list and total absence of Warrior Knights I felt like I would be in control this game with the only big threat being the Chosen Chariot of Sloth, how could I ever hope to would that thing aside from Touch the Heart.

    It took needlessly long time to set up the game as we had some difficulty to understand the Counterthrust deployment. I guess it is kinda obvious what you have to do and I generally don't have trouble understanding written english but it's something about the way some things are worded in the rulebook that really complicates things and makes me second guess the meanings.

    Anyway, the second objektive was King of the Hill and I was looking forward to do some shenanigans with my personal forest and Treesinging.

    The game pretty much went the way I imagined, I did my best to avoid the chariot and eventually had to feed it 3 Thicket Beasts, Pathfinders zoomed in on the Chosen Knights and dispatched them efficiently. My opponent focused his magic resources on the Pathfinders and obliterated 1 unit early on but he made a huge mistake when he decided to turn his sorcerer and warrior block around to chase the other Pathfinder unit with his missiles leaving his Doomlord and Forsworn all alone vs the rest of my force. The game came to an abrupt end when his Doomlord+Forsworn failed at breaking the second unit Thicket Beasts on the charge and thus getting flanked by my Forest Guard and BSB. Big win for me.

    My second opponents force:

    Oracle - Master, Magical Heirloom, Wandering Familiar, Cosmology - 1,2,3,4
    BSB - Fleet Commander, Talisman of Shielding, Transcendence
    15 Repeater Auxillaries
    19 Dread Legionares
    6 Dread Knights - Banner of Blood
    1 Dread Reaper
    1 Hydra

    Game 2:

    Display Spoiler
    Game plan: Shoot the Dread Knights dead asap then focus fire on the Hydra while mitigating the losses from the oncoming hail of arrows and missiles. This game did not go how I expected, my Pathfinders arrows did not strike true and got killed by a cloud of arrows supported by magic and a fire breathing monster before they could finish the Dread Knights. I sent one of my Thicket Beasts towards his right flank where his crossbows, mage and bolt thrower occupied a large hill while preparing my Forest Guards and Thicket Beasts for a rough clash with a seemingly overwhelming force.

    Luckily the dice gods decided to grant me their favour and a massive Unity in Divergence blasted 12 Dread Legionares dead leveling the playing field. My Forest Guard braced as the Hydra came charging in and on my right flank the Thicket Beasts took a charge from the BSB & legionares and with the remaining Dread Knights joining in later.

    My luck held on as his Hydra whiffed most of it's attacks and stomps while my bsb inflicted a couple of wounds, I won combat by a landslide due to my static combat res and ran the Hydra down, meanwhile to the right the Thicket Beats held on tight, I had my last 1hp thicket man hold on a discipline 3 break test. 8-) We decided to call the game there as the time was getting late and my mate felt his chances of accomplishing anything worthwhile was very slim.

    Thoughts and feedback

    The good:
    • I love that the Heath Riders are back, it feels great, they are a great. Give Dryads swift reform and I'll be in core choice heaven!
    • Love the Pathfinders as well. They had been a staple of my armies since 6th:ed warhammer but since 1.2 hit I've left them on the shelf. Yes they are easily countered by magic missiles but they would be too good if they didn't have this weakness imo.
    • The Thicket Beasts are unchanged in 2.0 but there's been a lot of talk about making them permanent str5, which I have been advocating for myself, but now I think that it would be nice to retain the cheaper beasts for lower point games. Maybe an acceptable compromise would be to give them str5 as an optional upgrade tied to their profile instead of an Aspect of Nature.
    • I really like the new magic phase, it's not as swingy which was my biggest issue with the old one. The new miscast is great, easy and time saving, I don't have have an opinion on the power level yet.
    The lukewarm:
    • Cosmology feels a bit too strong but apart from reducing 1ap from Ice & Fire I don't know what to do without nerfing it too much. Perhaps reduce the ranges on all the spells again and instead of the passive granting +1 to cast it could add 6" to the range instead.
    • I used Treesinging one time and it probably wouldn't have made a difference if I didn't but I still like it, its kinda fluffy and cute. Though I must admit that I felt a bit jealous of the Oracle's Irresistible Will.
    • I used Mist Walker once as well and I mostly did it because I positioned my Druid badly and didn't have a lot of targets for my other spells. Sadly the movement of 6 wasn't enough to save me from my mispositioning. Once again I was jealous of the DEs hereditary.
    • Druid Discipline 8 really hurt, I failed multiple Dis tests with rerollable 8, Dis 9 would have saved me every time. I already miss my good 'ol Treefather Ancient.
    Overall our experience was a very positive one and I really feel like the project is moving in the right direction. There's been some hiccups, especially with our book, but I'm confident that the teams (with some guidance from @DJWoodelf, @CariadocThorne & @Hachiman Taro) will fix the things that needs fixing.

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