In 12+ Hours I will post a new poll on Hereditary Spell desirability - add option here!

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  • In 12+ Hours I will post a new poll on Hereditary Spell desirability - add option here!

    Hi Forest shakers!

    In 12 hours or so (or when I'm allowed back on the computer by RL) I will post a poll to gather information about the "type" of spell effects the SE community would most like in a Hereditary spell.

    I posted a poll on specific community suggested Hereditary spells earlier, however feedback has been that the power level of some of those specific spells may have
    a) Been OP (definitely agree)
    b) Affected the result (not sure)

    So based on your suggestions I will post a new poll with the general type of (unboosted) effect, and see what people like the most. It will take a form similar to:

    Assuming the same power level between spells, which of the following type of effect would you most like in a SE Hereditary Spell:

    • "Current or revised version of current SE Hereditary spell: Mist Walker"
    • "Target unit counts as being in forest"
    • "A Witchcraft spell (perhaps one selected from a small number of options before game)"
    • "Summon sprite swarm"
    • "Target unit counts as Light Troops"
    • "Hex on enemy units' damage against us"
    • "Hex on enemy unit allowing us to do more damage to it"
    • "Movement Hex"
    • "Magic missile"
    • "Buff to Friendly unit protecting it"
    • "Buff to friendly unit helping it do damage to enemies"
    • "Other movement Buff"
    • "Other: Suggest below - 'likes' counted as votes"
    Participants will be allowed to pick two options. Poll will not be ordered from most voted downwards.

    Let me know any objections, any I have forgotten, you any would like to add before I make the poll. Please follow same format (short sentence describing general basic (non boosted) effect for suggestions.

    We will likely mention the type of spell effects most liked by SE players for a Hereditary (rather than a specific implementation) in our first ACS report on the Beta update.

    Data Analysis

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