Suggestions for 2 magic items

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  • Suggestions for 2 magic items

    Hello! I know there was a thread that had suggestions for Sylvan Elves magic items, but I cannot find it now, sorry. Anyway, here goes my suggestions.

    Spirit of the Whirlwind
    Melee weapon enchantment.
    Weapon gets +1 Armor penetration, +1 Strength and Magical Attacks. Strength modifiers from this weapon (combining both mundane and Weapon Enchantment modifiers) cannot exceed +2 (but can exceed +2 through modifiers from other sources, such as spells).
    One use only: Declare you are activating at the start of any combat phase. Until end of this turn, this weapon gets Multiple Wounds (2). For this turn, Strength modifiers from this weapon can exceed +2, until the end of turn.
    Points cost: 100 points?
    The Whirlwinds of [insert cool name of a region here] do not long last, but are lethal.

    Glyph of Amryl
    Against ranged attacks, wearer gains Aegis(+1).
    Point cost: 30 pts?
    You see it coming from afar... so you can do something about it.


    Spirit of the Whirlwind: This weapon enchantment sinergizes well with most kindreds and is complementary to most wood elves meele fighters builds. Is not OP, but is a threat for the opponent, although is only really dangerous for one turn, and the opponent can diminish the threat if he can force this champion to fight against models of 1 hit point. Point cost may need a modification.
    For a turn, a sylvan character with great weapon can have Strenght 7 (So many character with Discipline 9 can have Strenght 7 all turns... why cannot SE have Strenght 7 at least one turn??). A lone wild rider with this enchantment can be real threat threat to mounstrous infantry/cavalry too.
    The Strength bonus limit is there mostly because Touch of Greatness has that limit, and I assume the rules team didn't want a Great Weapon with +3str and +3AP.

    Options are that its activation skill is activated only "on the turn the bearer charges", but that limits the way it synergizes with Forest Guardian and Blade Dancer kindreds (It is useful to use these characters in units to hold charges), not to mention that unlucky rolls of charges are always there. It is a relatively expensive item so we don't wanna have to rely on having luck on dices to make it totally useful. Not to mention that having to items that are cool only "in the turn it charges" is forcing too much a playstyle.

    Other more reasonable option is "in the first round of combat", but it is really often that "the first round of combat" can take place with units of models with only 1 hit point on their profile, making half of this item useless

    Glyph of Amryl: Not OP. Complementary to our lone characters, since warmachines and simple spells as fireballs are usually a great threat to them (we have no way of protecting them for a reasonable point cost, do we?). I would like to take a treeman ancient that has some better defense against war-machines, this can make it work. For being an artifact, one could argue that is weak; options are making it "Against ranged attacks, wearer gains Aegis (+2), and cannot be taken by treeman ancients" or "Against ranged attacks, wearer gains Aegis (+2) if they are not monstrous size, and Aegis (+1) if they are monstrous size". Or simply "Wearer gains Aegis (3+) against ranged attacks" and make it cost 70 points or so.

    What do you think? Do you think at least some aspects of these proposals are okay? Or you did not like them at all?

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  • Spirit of the Whirlwind become too complex without being actually cool. Try make it simpler so it stands out more. One example in the other thread is simply “Lethal Strik and Reroll failed to wounds”.

    Glyph of Amryl.. the Shapeshifter is already viable and first I dont like enabling cowboys too much, secondly I dont want an item only suitable for solo characters. Our items are already (still) overrestricted and prone to monobuild issues.