Siege mode (total war style)

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    • Siege mode (total war style)

      After quite 6 month of playing the 9th age pitch batlles and 3 month of Warhammer tw, I was wondering if there was any canonic siege battle in t9a.

      So i came out with 2 different type of siege battles: a small wooden village and a big city with rock walls, for short WV and BC. This mods are a 5000vs6000 (difender and attacker) point battle for WV and 5000vs7000 for BC.
      WV: WV.jpg(example with DL defending and SA, SE attacking)
      There are 3 doors (orange lines), top left, top right, bottom HP15, Def:0, Res:5, AS:2+, Spe:-, Flamable, if a unit want to pass through it must take a rank reform till it can pass, all units must end their move fase at least 1' away from any door unless the unit want to charge the door

      The walls can be attacked only by the battering-ram or artillery HP:8, Def:0, Res:6, AS:1+, Spe:-, Flamable, a wall to be destroyed must recive at least 8 wounds in the same spot, if it was destroyed, create a breach with radius 4', same roles as opened doors, the walls block line of site for every non gigantic attacker and gives -2 to Aim to all non gigantic defender

      The attackers have 4 battering-ram (2 for each player if there are 2 attackers) HP:10, Res:5, AS:2+, Spe:-, Move:3d6, Flamable, the battering-ram have only one attack that deals 8 wounds to doors or 2 to walls with no saves allowed, the battering-ram must be piloted by at least 8 standard size infantry or 4 big infantry, a unit can stop piloting at the start of the turn but it wont be able to march

      There are 3 wooden towers (black lines), top, bottom right, bottom left HP:8, Def:0, Res:5, AS:3+, Spe:-, Dis:8, Flamable, shoots 2 arrow (3+) with Str:3, ap1, range(30'), flame attack, if a difender unit dies in a 8' radius the tower must take a Dis tesk, if failed it is destoyed, when a tower is destroyed it count as a friendly unit that died causing a Dis test nearby

      The objective is to control the center after 10 turns

      The battering-ram must be deploied with the unit that will pilot it and must be at least 22' from any door and 10' from the walls (unit included)

      The map can be enriched with fields and buildings (maybe a gunpowder storehouse that can explode when set on fire ;) )

      It very similar to WV but the doors are more resistance, the towers are much more powerfull, the units can walk on the walls (granting hard target and removing the long range penality), the towers can be attacked only by artillery and they are more resintance, a unit can go on the walls via the towers or the doors, the walls are much more resistance and can be attacked only by artillery

      The attackers have 2 battering-ram and 4 siege towers, a tower can be replaced with a battering-ram to a mas of 6

      The siege tower HP:15, Res:5, AS:1+, Spe:-, Move:2d6, Flamable, the siege tower must be piloted by at least 12 standard size infantry, when a siege tower reach a wall the unit that was piloting it is placed on the walls, from that moment any standard infantry can use the tower to go on the walls, a unit can stop piloting at the start of the turn but it wont be able to march

      The tower must be placed at least 20' from the walls


      Any suggestion regarding balancing, buildings, setting, etc is infinitly welcome
      In the remote possibility that someone play-test one of this mode let me know, even if it awful

      Thanks to all and... hail the Dark Gods