Fantasy Battle Royale (FBR) - a multiplayer survival scenario

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    • Fantasy Battle Royale (FBR) - a multiplayer survival scenario

      The Shattered Sea, once the home of a long forgotten people, lies abandoned and overgrown between the continents of Silexia and Virentia. From it's treacherous waters, during the transit of the Seven Tailed Comet, ascends the Island of Trials. Among it's kelp and tidal pools, obsidian idols guard ancient relics - exposed to the sun only once a century.
      As the Island violently retreats into the abyss, mortal armies strive to claim the favor of long forgotten Gods. Meteors rain from the skies and blood mixes with sea water to the faint sound of an ancient madness, cackling with laughter.

      Hello fellow T9A enthusiasts,

      On behalf of my local club, I would like to share with you the love child of PUBG and T9A:
      Fantasy Battle Royale (FBR) - a multiplayer survival scenario for the 9th age.

      Here are the rules: T9A-FBR-1-0-EN.pdf
      This is the first version, and any feedback would be appreciated (rules, wording, spelling - anything really) . However, bear in mind that this is meant as a beer & pretzel-type of scenario, as opposed to finely tuned for balance.

      We (in TKK) have given the scenario a go ourselves. My own experience was that the scenario was both exciting, fun and surprisingly fast paced. I was especially thrilled by rolling for where the comet would strike, and greedily declaring a charging into the center of the blue zone. All who participated heartily recommend trying the scenario out.

      Army Design Team

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