Little design improvement : paying the general

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  • Little design improvement : paying the general


    It's just an suggestion on the paging/design of the ABs.

    Nowdays some army pay mandatory upgrade for their general (like VC boudspell, OnG Warcry).
    And the general have to be notified in the list.
    So, intuitivly, even it's an one of a kind option in the list (and as this exist presently for the BSB), I suggest to add a line in character option to make them general.

    It's not I believe there huge price already added to some character bound at the possibility to be general ("oh no, this model has Di 10 make it cost 50pts more in case it's a general"), there is already a rule for incrise the price of this option (200pts if killed). It's mostly free so, but by the way some adjustement can be made easily later.

    There is many advantage to go :
    - generalize the principe of "one of a kind character option" as BSB, but can be extend to option like hierophant (oh ! it's already the case)
    - get rid of the rule "not a leader" (a special rule less !)
    - can make a cost more balanced for some general (if there is)
    - make special option tied to the general just under the option (like magical allowance for WotDG), or make more option for general only (like orders for EoS).
    - recall some rules tied to the general in this line (like master of the dead =/= general)

    It would make :

    Vampire Count Options:
    - If General, must take The Dead Arise -> 25pts

    going to

    Vampire Count Options:
    - General, Master of Undeath and The Dead Arise -> 25pts

    It's not a big deal, but I hope it open some design possibility and simplicity in this game.
    Thank you for reading.
    1 - Start of the Charge Phase (and start of the Player Turn)
    2 - The Active Player chooses a unit and declares a Charge
  • I up this thread because of some tendency I see of people considering the options "can and must" being always available.
    For exemple the Dominion of the DL characters.

    In this last case, the suggestion above should have cancelled the confusion by just writing :
    General, Dominion of X ... y pts

    It's sure quite heavy to add a line "General ... free" on all character's option, but as said in the same time, we can avoid the use of the rule "Not a leader" (like in every war plateform).

    Well, the points I want to highlight here, is firts that General is a "hidden" option, and secondly that conditionnal option can be better explained. And for the last point a layout which let see the bound will be a little better.
    1 - Start of the Charge Phase (and start of the Player Turn)
    2 - The Active Player chooses a unit and declares a Charge