Fluffy Battle Report

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    • Fluffy Battle Report

      Hi guys
      I love battle reports of all kinds, but my very favorites are written fluffy ones. I've been stuck at home due to surgery recently and also have a fair bit more to paint, so to kill time + motivate me I decided to write up a fluffy battle report in between painting as a break. This one was a recent 3000 point game between my EoS and a friend's HbE. I ended up only writing a prequel and deployment, but if anyone likes what they read I'll try to finish it later! :thumbsup:

      Dawn Assault + King of the Hill
      3000 points of HbE v EoS

      BACKGROUND: A fortnight ago, a small Elven convoy was making its way westward through Northern Vetia to the coast, where a vast Highborn Fleet awaited. Local Imperial authorities requisitioned an army and placed the prelate Arch Lector Strauss in command. The force was on high alert, but the likelihood of a battle was virtually nil. The Highborn Elves were seldom seen in the Empire’s lands, and were notoriously dismissive of humankind - to the point where this convoy of wagons had almost no soldiers guarding it. As the convoy passed a small village near the coast, bandits raided it by moonlight, they slew the Elves driving the wagons and tried to steal whatever precious relic was being transported. As it happened, a powerful Mage was among the Elves, and rather than surrender the artifact he cast a powerful spell, causing a massive magical explosion. The relic was saved, but the explosion killed them all; mage and bandits, and left half the village in ruin. When the convoy didn’t reach the coast after a few days, the Highborn fleet at anchor sent troops to investigate and retrieve the relic.


      Field Marshal Frida Müntz paused and took a deep breath before knocking on the great wooden door to the Arch Lector’s quarters. She knew how he would react to the news. They’d be marching within the hour. She drummed on the door and heard the muffled sounds of a chair scraping the stone floor, and heavy footsteps approaching. The door swung open and Arch Lector Hans Strauss stood before her. He made for an imposing figure; tall, perpetually frowning, and broad. Not the glamorous muscles of the young nobles at court who play at fencing and meticulously preen their hair, but the muscles of a warrior, with the scars to match.

      “Müntz. Come in, you can join me for evening prayer”
      Frida winced, compared to Hans she was about as devout as a raw onion. “No time I’m afraid Arch Lector, the rangers came back early with their report. The knife ears have made a move to reclaim their relic”
      Hans curled his lip “Then they can pay for it in blood. Relic or not, more than half a hundred villagers died because of them”
      Well, the bandits may have had something to do with it, Frida thought, if only I could see so clearly in black and white… But this was not the time for arguments. “What are your orders?” she asked.
      “Rouse the men. We’ll force march overnight and meet them before they can make it to the village. I don’t want any more harm to come to those villagers. And fetch me that fool Karl, if we are made to suffer his presence this entire campaign he had better be awake for the damned battle”

      Frida nodded and turned on her heel, making a swift getaway. He was right about Karl, the man was insufferable. A divination adept the Guild had attached to the army, he was sarcastic and smug, and not at all concerned with the military rank structure. He always hid behind the protection of the Guild – they supply a wizard for the Imperial Army to use, but he is outside of their chain of command. A fact he frequently reminded Frida and her officers of. She crossed the yard and made her way to the tower he had made his home the past few weeks. It was a cold evening, and there were a few unfortunate guards leaning lazily on their halberds, gathered around a brazier for warmth. They paid her a hasty salute and Frida nodded in reply, not stopping to chat. She found her way to the base of the tower and took the steps two at a time. As she reached the door and lent in to knock, it swung open, revealing a tall gaunt man of about thirty years. Karl was smiling broadly, the way a spider might smile at a fly.

      “Ah, Frida!” He exclaimed, “I was expecting you, I saw it in the stars you see!”
      “Cut the sh*t Karl, perhaps you should spend less time consulting the stars on my whereabouts and more time seeking out the enemy’s” Frida said dryly.
      “Oh my dear Frida, I was joking.” he sneered, “Divination has its limitations after all. Now please, come in and make yourself comfortable” She could feel his eyes looking her up and down, and she suppressed a shudder.
      “I’d rather not. Hans is on the warpath, we’re to rouse the men and march – tonight” She replied, “Elves are trying to get the drop on us and beat us to the village. Get ready.”
      He nodded sagely, and then his eyes went wide.
      “Wait… I’m coming with you? I don’t even have a sword. I was meant to stay in the tower and – “
      Frida cut him off “Some good that’s done. Look, come down to the yard within the hour or you’ll have Hans to deal with. See if he cares for your Guild laws then”
      Karl swallowed and looked paler than usual. “Fine” he replied, and with a wave of his hand, the door slammed shut on its own.


      Dawn was breaking as the rangers returned with their report. The ruined village was only a few miles ahead now, and smoke could be seen rising above it in the dim morning light. Hans had bid Frida to commence deploying the troops - a task made more difficult in the gloom of the frosty morning, combined with a long night of marching. To make matters worse, several of the damned war machines had gotten bogged, and the sappers were having a hell of a time freeing them. In the end, Frida had to resign herself to the fact that they wouldn’t be able to deploy completely on the left flank in time. No sign of the Elves yet, but the rangers assured her they were just on the other side of the village, starting to draw up their own battle lines. It appeared the Army had arrived just in time. Frida had ordered the rangers to outflank the enemy, and operate independent of the main force. They would hide in wait and put their bows to use from where they wouldn’t be detected. Sensing the left flank could prove disastrous from the shambles of their hasty deployment, she sent her cavalry to cover it. The young cavalry captain had eagerly accepted the task, keen to prove himself.
      With the war machines finally freed, they were split into two batteries. One kept close to the main lines, and another setup on the large hill near the right flank. The heavy infantry would be tasked with defending those. The center of Frida’s battle line consisted of the light infantry brigade, and the anchor of the army; a massive regiment of Imperial Guardsmen. It was from here that Frida would bark orders to the rest of the army, safe in the knowledge that the Empire’s finest were at her side.
      With the army deployed and the sun rising, Frida hurried back to the hastily assembled command tent. Two of her aides were preparing her armor, whilst a third was unfurling the Army Standard. Hans was sitting at a table studying the battlefield map the rangers’ had produced for him. He beckoned her over.

      “Frida, we must claim what’s left of the village by the day’s end,” he pointed to it on the map before continuing, “if we can scatter this army it will be months before the Elves can send another naval fleet. Now… Down here,” he pointed again, this time at a forested area lying below the hill on the right flank the war machines were on, “there is a shrine to Sunna in these woods. I will not allow the Elves to desecrate it with their presence. This is a priority, do you understand?” Frida nodded.
      “Good. I’ll be joining you in the Guardsmen. See you on the field.” Hans finished grimly.
      Frida was making her way back to join the soldiers when Karl appeared from behind the tent. She had been trying to avoid him.
      “Frida! FRIDA!” He yelled. Unable to ignore him any longer, she finally stopped and looked back at him. He made an amusing sight shuffling forward in his oversized battle robes. “Curse these robes” he swore, “I’ve never had to wear them in earnest before. The last time was on my graduation from the Academy, I was dux of the course you know. Ah those were the days, I was – “
      Frida cut him off “Please Karl, now is not the time. And could you use rank when addressing me? At least in front of the men?”
      His grin faltered for a moment but returned, sharper than before “Yes, yes, of course Field Marshal. If I must come with you and that lunatic Hans on this fool’s errand, I’ll be joining you in the Guardsmen. I’ll not die for some gods-forsaken Elven trinket. And where can I get a sword around here?”
      Great, thought Frida, first Hans, now Karl. Not my first two choices to march into battle with. At least Hans can swing a sword.