Kegiz Gavem – Nemed Dhuraz - the Ethiopian Dwarves of Light

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    • Think Ethiopia vs. Eritrea in RL. They share the same old Christian heritage, and most of their history.
      Eritrea capital, Asmara, is at more than 1000 km from Addis Ababa. It would take close to ~20 days walking from here to there.
      However they have been separated by recent history and have endured a sad war, the end of which gained Nobel prize to the Ethiopian PM.
      Asmara is only 180 km from Aksum, the ancient religious center which is still in Ethiopia, but where they speak the same language, Tigré.
      Asmara is in high mountains at 2400 m altitude, but merely at 110 km from Massawa, the harbour in the Red Sea.

      Similarly, Taphria is a very large continent.
      There is room enough for Nemed Dhuraz having seceded from Kegiz Gavem, and not being located too far... still days and days of journey apart, all the more that it is across mountains.

      Also, locating Nemed Dhuraz in ~Eritrea and Kegiz Gavem in ~Ethiopia would explain the importance of the Navy for ND and the lack of it for KG (actually, RL landlocked Ethiopia has a merchant navy, located in Djibouti).

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      - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves
    • Ghiznuk wrote:

      By the way, so you need to remove the « If Wizard Master » mention in the Cleric profile.

      Also, they don't have any power if they don't take the Gem of Light, and for this, they need to be mounted on a Shield.
      Maybe give them more Bound Spells ?
      It could be in the form of holy books or scrolls that you have to buy, much like the Battle Runes for the DH army.
      And so the Hereditary Spell can stay.

      I only wish the Koghi would get as much love than this army… ^^

      Calisson wrote:

      More worrisome is the balance.
      The inclusion of magic was made at the cost of dropping runes.
      Now we have neither.

      Ghiznuk wrote:

      Yes, we should include bound spells for the Cleric.
      Could that be made in the form of « Holy Books » ?
      Anything more?

      Social Media Team

      UN Coordinator, aka UNSG

      - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves
    • Official Ethiopian themed Dwarfs army list for the WARBLADE, the game of fantasy battles is currently w.i.p. im just wondering what i add them? Of course i printed your ethiopian themed dwarf list for inspiration.

      If you have fresh ideas please, pm me =).

      Im thinking to add them Leontaurs. Leontaurs are like chaos dwarf bull centaurs but with lion body. And if you have better knowledge about their cultur then i gladly like to gather more info for inspiration.

      If they do not appear for 9th age, they are in WARBLADE then.

      Faction's w.i.p name is Dwarfs of the Ethioperian Empire. They are not subfaction for basic dwarfs!