Orcish Views of Swamps

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  • Orcish Views of Swamps

    From here: Orcs and Goblins would have a much ruder view of swamps and bogs than do Elves, but they, too, would still connect them to bodily nature. You could well hear marsh Orcs exclaim, when declaring their home: "I grew up in my armpit!"

    Got any ideas for Orc & Golin life in swamps, their views of the habitat and their way of speaking of this landscape type? Please share!

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  • One thing that I find likely is that O&G thrive where they can raise herds of beasts - for war, hunt or food, depending on the circumstances. But wolves and big spiders don't seem adapted at all to living in the water. Gnashers at times look a bit like frogs to an extent, so maybe? Some species of wild pigs are definitely known to live in swamps though, hogs in the bog so to speak. And of course trolls would love the swamps, the only place capable of somewhat hiding their hideous stench.
    In a world of mud, clay, luxuriant vegetation and various scaly creatures, it seems like shamanism and war paints (and therefore feral orc tribes) would be well served, at the probable expense of blacksmithing and other craft related to fire (the wetlands don't lend themselves to that). The adventurous traveller might come across a few grotesque effigies made of mud, branches, leaves and other animal parts, which the orc may or may not gather around once again at dusk.

    In murky waters there is no telling how deep the bottom is, and if the conditions allow for big game to be hunted you can count on the big stabba guys to be up for the challenge. A testing ground for the aspiring gang leader. Big croc, giant anaconda, monstrous leech and other trolls better get prepared. Much like high mountains, swamps can be a raw, brutal environment where survival skills, field experience, instinct and teamwork make the difference between life and death. Always moving, in search of the next trophy.

    Goblins get the short end of the stick in swamps. Due to their smaller size it is more difficult to maneuver and carry material where tall grass obscures their sight and water frequently means swimming territory rather than walking. They make better prey for the ambushing fauna of the swamps and can't fight back when dragged under water. I imagine those who survive using blowpipes made of reed with poison darts, and turning the obscuring nature of the foliage into a cover advantage. Making and destroying dams, drying specific area to expose whatever hides in there, or flooding others, inviting one threat to fight another in their place, funneling aquatic life into the only and of course trapped exit. Restricting themselves to a small, known and worked our environment seems advantageous, working with multiple emergency hideouts in case their hut village was discovered. Where orcs might respect and even embrace the nature of the swamp, goblins have all the incentives to manipulate and become masters of it if they want to have a shot at survival. Maybe this makes orc and goblins tribes at odds in these regions.
  • Excellent concepts, particularly for bringing the Goblins' tricks and workmanlike engineering to the fore, contrasted to Orcish physical prowess and hunt skills. The small mites have to rig that environment to their advantage to have a sporting chance. One might also see Goblins construct rickety footbridges around prey funnel dead ends and leading to good spots through treacherous areas of swamp. Footbridges that may often be concealed and known only to local initiates, or built so as to collapse under heavier weights of Orcs and other large creatures, or end abruptly, among thick reed growth, in a deep water patch to threaten enemies using the footbridge to suddenly plunge into the depths: Or maybe fall into shallow water with sharpened stakes driven into the mucky bottom, perhaps adorned underwater with thorny bushes.