KoE community suggestions for rewritten army book, first draft

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    • Yes i dislike that BOTH might and divine judgment are charge only.

      As charge only effect they are very strong if used on charge but useless on grind.

      and if you combine both and charge the power spike is enormous.

      If might would just be:

      every unsaved wound generates a new attack at same initative step.

      Without +1s and +1 av and +1 ap might would be way weaker.

      You could even think about going other virtues like audacity if you buy divine judgment.

      And at the same time this might would enable new grinding builds.

      A heroes heart might fortress grail Duke? 5av reroll 1 hitting dws 3 on 2+ s5 ap3 new attack at agi?
      Or questing oath with extra attacks (on av perhaps +2 av)



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    • MASTERWIRED wrote:

      Discoqing wrote:

      Compared two games then immediately countered someone's statement by saying the were comparing two games. Not that big a deal, sorry for derailing
      Incorrect, sorry.
      I compared 2 GAMES (warhammer & T9A), by saying 1 game was superior to the other. (a subjective opinion, but correct...
      At least to me, lol).

      They compared 2 ARMIES (KoE & Bretonnia) from 2 different games and compared them in relation to T9A (saying what we have now is better than warhammer times, even though the games are so vastly different and uncomparable with eachother regarding how an army would work etc etc... ).

      Subtley yet significantly important differences in argument :)
    • Marcos24 wrote:

      i'll post in this thread too.

      Looking at historical battles, it appears (i won't pretend to know as some experts) that most of the time any flanking would occur, would be when the left or right side (wing/flank) of the battle line would lose, allowing for the winning/non-routing unit to flank the center.

      So we should think of rules that make our Knights have an edge over those enemy units that have the responsibility of protecting the flanks... high movement/zoning units. I think our +2 to charge rolls towards fear is excellent and fluffy, but a +2 towards units with M8 or more would benefit us the most, or something like that

      Then players can stop wishing for units that smash and break infantry from the front

      This could very well be the jousting rule, our knights becoming so good at timing and judging their charges against fast moving units
      You summoned me?

      The thing about historical battles occuring on a "field", i.e. not a siege or skirmish, is that the side with the biggest army usually won, regardless of quality. There are some exceptions ofcourse, of which most have become very famous, but even then it is often a tale of being outnumbered, holding stoically and then dying in a blaze of glory.

      So, when it comes to flanking and protecting your flanks the larger force is always superior. They can either extend their lines further than the enemy, thus making enemy flanking manouvers extremely risky, or maintain a great reserve that enables them to make full use of any breakthrough and flood fresh troops into the breach in order to divide the enemy force.

      Terrain played a massive role. If your flank was protected by a river for example then a smaller force could prevent a larger one to flank on that side.

      Cavalry was not a go to flanker all the time. Especially not against infantry bent on standing their ground, even against a flanking charge. If the opppsing force had sufficient mass then even a flank could be lethal due to getting bogged down. What cavalry was exceptionally good at was surprise attacks or quickly relocating to a weak part in the enemy line.

      Buuut, since we cannot really hide our units from the opponents vision and we only really get 2-3 turns max to take advantage of the opponents failed movement it gets really hard to take advantage of what cavalry would be good at. A horse is for example around 4 times faster than a warrior on foot, irl when in combat, between trot and canter. Even with a knight on. But since this is a boardgame we cannot have cavalry gallopping at 36" across the board in a single move.
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