Strength 1n Numbers 4 person team ETC style Event!

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    • Strength 1n Numbers 4 person team ETC style Event!

      This is our 4th year of a 4 player team event along the lines of ETC. Where captains face off and set match ups each round for their players. Each team is 1 entity in the event and players play 1 v1 matches. We have had 10 teams the last 2 years. We have room for 20. The more teams the better the match ups are or if we get 12 we can do round robin on day 1.

      We also have opportunity for any player that does not have a team. I need 4 players as a ringer team. I also usually have teams need a player to fill in if someone drops (or have emergency appendectomies like our 1st year).

      The event is in Toledo OH as it is central to the Midwest 9th Age scene. Also not a bad drive from Detroit airport.

      If you have any questions or interest, please let me know and I or one of the past players will try to answer.

      The plan is for August 25-26th, Toledo Game Room, Toledo OH.
      4 players per team, must be different armies. Each team needs a captain. That can be a 5th person but usually one of the players.
      4500pts per army
      Only $100 per team!
      US Masters Representative for the Midwest
      Beast Herds Army Support (retired)