My Top 10 list of Why I like 9th Age and will continue to play and promote it:

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    • My Top 10 list of Why I like 9th Age and will continue to play and promote it:

      My Top 10 list of Why I like 9th Age and will continue to play and promote it:
      I think we have had enough negative posts about, “Why I’m quitting the 9th Age, or why the 9th age won’t survive,” to last a long time on this forum.This negativity is hurting everyone and is not fair to the people who have volunteered so much of their free time to this project. I’m not a great writer and I don’t have any special game design insights to share, but I think it’s time for the community to tell everyone why we like this game. I will start with my top ten list below.Please feel free to share what you like about the game and let’s make this the top trending post on the forum for a while.
      1. I like a large fantasy ranked battle system that allows me to use any models I want.The rules are free and very balanced over all ( but I can’t wait until gold is locked-in)
      2. I feel like I have a chance to win against any army I match-up against if I play smartly.
      3. Even the games I lose are fun and competitive
      4. It’s a truly international game with an active game community with collaborators from all over the world
      5. It is a complex game with a well thought out and in-depth rule set that takes effort to master
      6. It is a game that rewards both good army construction before battle and good tactics during battle
      7. Tournaments allow me to meet people from all walks of life that I would otherwise never have the chance to know.
      8. It’s a great hobby that appeals to both my creativity as well as my love of tactical war games
      9. It is a game that requires a time investment from both players, great games require an effort by both players.
      10. It’s a fun pastime that gives me something fun to think about when I’m bored at work and is a great form of escapism from our troubled world.
    • I love this. Let me add in a few of my own:

      - It's fun to play. Seriously, it's just flat out enjoyable.
      - There aren't any stupid game breaking elements. I don't have to worry about losing on turn one to something I have no control over.
      - It gives me a reason to exercise my artistic side without (too many) people complaining that my army doesn't look "official".

    • Great, massive counter attack ! :largegrin:

      I'd just say that I'd been playing Warhammer for 15 years when bad stuff happened, and then T9A allows me to keep playing my hobby BUT with all the issues solved !

      Before T9A, my gaming horizon never went any further than my own gaming club, as there was no real point discussing with other people – we were all just consumers, commenting on the same stuff for nothing since noone cared and noone listened ; we were just hoping that someone somewhere would read us one day, shouting in the void, and paying disproportionate homage to the « red shirts » and « black shirts »

      T9A made us all adults. We are not being fed anymore a game and a universe. We can act. Even the models are not imposed, as T9A players are now setting up their own model brands.

      Before T9A, I never cared about discussing the game with anyone from Germany or the US. They were all just other players, now they're partners.

      I think this game proves every day that when dedicated people get together and organize, they can do better than private businesses run for profit. And I'm convinced this can be a model for the wider economy and for more serious stuff, not only for gaming.

      I like the T9A universe because it is more realistic, more credible ; less eurocentric, less sexist.

      I like it because the same game expresses itself in different ways and scales, we don't all play 30 mm.

      I like it because it rallies a lot of different skills : writing, painting, gaming, statistical analysis, drawing, IT, marketing… that we are all invited to share in

      And finally, I have to say I like you all people ;(
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      First T9A player in West Africa
    • For me the good sides of T9A are:

      - It is and always has been completely free
      - It is a good tournament rule set
      - Those who own older collections can join in without investing a lot of money in a hobby
      - A lot of people started using/producing alternative miniatures because of this project
      - The Ninth Scroll is amazing

      However just as the good sides must be noted, so should the negative ones.
      It's all part of the feedback. ;)
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    • 1. I can use any model I want, and it's not a proxy, stand in, counts as, or anything else.

      Done. I literally don't need another reason. I will be playing until the gates are shut and locked based on this alone. I can take my Tyranid collection (which are my favourite models) and face an LotR elf army one game, an old school 6th edition Tomb Kings army the next, and finish it off with a game against pick and mix models from every model range out there. No longer are we limited by what GW (or anyone else to be fair) says an Ogre with great weapons should look like, our only limitation is our imagination, and the work (and cash money) we are willing to put into it.
    • At first I was jut happy that there was a game to use my expensive mini for hen the old game died. I got my first army ready just when they terminated the old world, tell me about bad timing

      But actually now for me what makes it is the community. People exchanging daily on the forums, about builds, lists, rules, suggestions, and more and more about the hobby too. It's something unique that didn't exist before, now I'm talking toy soldiers with people around the world on a daily basis.

      And the biggest part about the community is the contact with the staff. In what other game you can ask questions to the staff directly and get answers in a matter of hours? In what other game you can talk to the staff to make a suggestion for a change and listened to ? In what other games you are asked what you think about an army characteristics so they can be implemented ? We can argue over how all this is actually implemented, but the very fact that we have the possibility to talk to the staff and that they are trying to take it into account already means a lot.

      Also this :

      Ghiznuk wrote:

      I think this game proves every day that when dedicated people get together and organize, they can do better than private businesses run for profit. And I'm convinced this can be a model for the wider economy and for more serious stuff, not only for gaming.
    • By far the biggest plus of 9th is:

      There's no cheese. There's no need to suspect someone of cheese, or worry that you're being cheesy. There no need to apply social pressure to stay away from cheese, or defend yourself from accusations of cheese.

      But cheese I mean broken units, lists of tactics, that are win at all costs tactics, often at the detriment of your opponents enjoyment.

      To give an example, I used to play garage hammer with 3 friends. 1 DE player liked to bring a unkillable lord with a 1+ armour, inverse ward save. On a flyer. Another friend liked to bring a daemon prince who couldn't get killed or broken. They were good guys in general and in how they played, but they liked to bring competitive lists, with some good builds. This led me to politely suggest they were broken and bringing them was a bit cheesy. Now we are in conflict over different ideas over what is 'fair play'. When I was being reasonable or unreasonable is a fair question, but we have tension made allowable by the poor balance and broken rules.

      But now this doesn't happen- certainly not the same extent. Yay for 9th!
    • It’s simply the finest R&F fantasy game out there and that’s despite all the felicias leaving the game because it’s not going their way. Fine make your own game and we’ll not try it.

      The thing is when you use and benefit from someone else’s blood sweat and tears, you do have to accept the whole package and understand the volunteers owe you nothing. Even then they go to great lengths to deliver on a broad consensus.

      For the game itself, it’s everything WFB could have been if you take the need to make profit out. I’m enjoying it way more than I ever did 8th. Plus I still get to play with DUDES LITERALLY RIDING DINOSAURS.
    • Damo wrote:

      Felicia? did we have a lot of Felicias? I have to say that I dont know a lot of Felicias, so dont know of their collective propensity to leave associations unjustifiably. Is it low?

      I do know some names do, hence the common saying 'bottle early Barney'
      Common meme employed when attention seekers announce they’re unfollowing something on social media. It’s Ice Cube from the film Friday saying “bye Felicia” to a girl in the film.
    • OP is trying to win "Most liked post"! Awesome...

      If I were to add to OP's list it would be:

      Top 3 reasons why I'd still prefer 9th Age over GW 9th edition (if it had existed)

      1. Rules queries being answered daily as opposed to poorly worded FAQ with years in between (and which may not actually address th problems)

      2. The focus is on rules and fluff and letting the models being the hobby rather than the driving force

      3. I don't have to worry about my army getting scrapped...
    • I'm going to be at Buckeye Battles tomorrow with nearly 100 other 9th agers. And even though I got a list that was considered weak by the web reviewers, I don't care because I know I will have a blast. I also saw many great doubles game players today having a great time with no major rules disputes that I could see. It's easy to voice negative opinions on this forum but they don't speak for all off us, so lets keep the positive posts going. Hope to see some of y'all to tomorrow on the field of battle.
    • Bonza! Brilliant thread. Far too much negativity about the place. We dont need that in our lives right?

      Heres my tuppence worth:
      1. I still get to play with my little toys, build scenery and paint stuff.
      2. its an even bigger freer world now with more concepts and themes that you can just develop and build.
      3. I can and have actually reached out and met people through the forum and have a regular little club going now- and therefore extended friends and family to have a beer and a BBQ with. Winks at @Nemeroth and @Ulthred
      4. Its such a well thought through balanced game. Kudos!
      5. the makers listen to a community of fans!!! unheard of right?
      6. I get to post battle reports and fiction to the masses.Bliss!
      7. There's a sudden flux of new and old companies getting in on the game and helping the community and game thrive.
      8. all of this takes away from GW and they bloody deserve it!
      9. I don't have time to make up a #9 because I have a battle report to post here!
      10. ...busy posting, sorry...

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    • Nice thread, combat the doom!

      I love playing ninth age as it provides an outlet for me to model, paint and play with whatever toy soldiers and monsters i choose, always used gw models exclusively until this project started, now picked up an unhealthy mierce addiction!

      The game is also pretty damn solid and all armies seem to have been brought to a pretty level playing field, which is nice for folks who used to run auto lose armies and nice for players who used to run power armies so they can see more variety in opponents that can challenge them to a proper game.
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