Team Updates - June/July

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    • Team Updates - June/July

      For those of you who like to see what sorts of things our various hard-working teams are up to, here is this month's copy of our Team Updates.

      Human Resources - Vacant
      No updates

      Legal Team - Lawgnome
      No updates

      Game Design Council - Rules - Stunt
      Balancing Team, Playtesters, Rules Team, Rules Team Assistants
      Balancing Team - slivek
      June - We focused on pricing Daemon Legions beta version for internal playtesting as well as helping the Army Community Support Team by answering questions they submitted regarding the last release.

      July - Preparing for tournaments and playing the game. Also known as vacations

      Playtesting Team - SirMC2015 & Archeron
      June - We started testing the Quickstarter rules and Daemon Legions beta rules.

      July - Our whole focus will be testing the Daemon Legions beta rules.

      Rules Team - fjujin
      June - During the summer the Rules Team are in low activity mode. With version v.204 out, the main work on the next rules update (v.205) cannot start before we have a significant amount of data and good knowledge of the v.204-meta. And this we do not expect to have before the end of the summer. Thus Rules Team (and other game design teams) cannot do much during the summer. What we can do however is work on auxiliary products. Optional add-ons to the main game (T9A: FB). We have during June initiated work on two side projects. Some rules team members are involved in these books, but Rules Team as a whole is not involved beyond starting the project, setting the frame, and then once complete we will review the final product acting as quality control. In addition to this, we will spend the summer looking into design guidelines and Army Wide Strengths & Weaknesses, trying to complete this for all armies before we start work on the next army books. This is however slowed down by incoming restructure of Rules Team, where new team composition risks making large part of the work wasted.

      July - During July Rules Team will likely have even lower activity with few planned tasks.

      Game Support Council - Gaming - Arturius
      Tournament Analysis, ETC/MastersTournament Analysis - Just_Flo & arwaker
      June - We brought in some new members to the team and focused on getting the results from games played from both the army boards and the Fluxx App. We were also collecting data and lists from various tournaments.

      July - In July we will collect more data with new power. Also the Head of Tournament Analysis will start preparing reports (in english) from the ETC (in the german and of course parallel in

      Forum Council - Forums - Grimbold Blackhammer
      Alumni, Army Community Support, Community Engagement, Lexicon Team, Moderators, Rules Support, Webmasters
      Army Community Support - Nicreap & Iori78
      June - We compiled a list of questions for the Balancing Team to answer about the v.204 update as well as continued to manage the transition into the most recent version of the rules. We then spent the rest of the month enjoying time off with no specific goal outlined.

      July - The team will be focused on increasing community engagement and obtaining feedback for underused items via a competition within each army to collect data and develop strategies for underused units, with the prize being an army specific user tag to the community members who contribute most. @IoRi78 is planning spoilers for the upcoming Daemon Legions army book that he hopes to release monthly until release.

      Community Engagement - Eternal Flitter & Henrypmiller
      June - Summer is the busiest time of year for me. Things are a little hectic right now in my personal life. I don't think I have actually played a game in about 6 weeks. I am still invested though, don't worry! The next 9th Scroll is ticking over nicely and there are lots of interesting projects happening. CET-wise I have just opened a new discussion about new magic items which will be running for the next two months and published again in the 9th Scroll in September. This last two months project regarding Special Characters didn't quite go as planned but it sparked an interesting discussion which I ended up writing about in the scroll. I might actually have to take a sabbatical for the next scroll as I am in South Africa for holidays at the end of August - I'll speak to Blonde Beer about that and ask him to cover me.

      July - We are also running an art competition over the next 2 months for Warriors of the Dark Gods artwork. There seems to be some kind of plug in for the gallery. Not sure how it works but seems interesting. I am apprehensive about the number of entries but we will see!

      Moderator Team - Stunt & Emperor_Zoron
      June - They say eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

      July - More vigilance!

      Media Council - Media - Bugman & Calisson
      PR Team, RT Blog, Social Media, United Nations, 9th Scroll
      Public Relations
      - bugman & blonde beer
      June - This month has been spent coordinating between Army Community Support and the Balancing Team with getting questions gathered and then responded to by the Balancing Team. All ACS supplied their questions and BLT were able to reply to them all.

      July - This is early days but we have the right team together and there is a lot of momentum going on so that’s good
      We have also helped start up the first art contest as well.

      United Nations - Calisson
      No updates

      Publication Council - Publications - Vacant
      Rules Review Team, Lectoring Team, Layout, Translation Team
      Rules Clarity Team -
      Eisenheinrich, fjugin, & Lagerlof
      June - With the last release, we spent a lot of time answering rules questions in the army-specific as well as the general forums. We released an errata document that covers the most important loopholes that were discovered after the release of v.204 but our main focus lies on getting the BRB ready for v.205. Every week we have a close look at one or more "chapters of the week". We collect feedback from the community, as well as from other teams, and also do RCT reviews of these chapters, combine the feedback, and amend the structure of the rules, figures, wordings, etc. accordingly.

      July - We'll continue to answer questions for the community as well as our "chapters of the week".

      Lectors - Kisanis
      June - Worked with the Rules Clarity Team where we have been able on the v.205 update. Also working with the 9th Scroll team to make sure that is good to go.

      July - Working with the Quickstarter team to get that book ready.

      World Builders Council - Background - Lawgnome & nightwun
      Army Design Team, Art Team, Background Team, Conceptual Design Team, Campaign Team
      Army Design Team - nightwun, Bubonicus, & Emgies
      June - Work continues on polishing the Daemon Legions army book.

      July - More Daemons Legions.

      Art Team - Thorsen, NicePants, & RollTheDice
      No updates

      Background Team - Scottish Knight
      June - June was heavily about working on primary texts for the Daemon Legions army book. We also continued work on Background Compendium pages, reviewing any feedback on army book names which is provided, and we started working on a mini-game for the Orclympics...see the 9th Scroll for more!

      July - July will be about tidying up and finalizing texts for the Daemon Legions army book. We will also need to move forward with Saurian Ancients background, ready to be turned into Background Compendium pages.

      Campaign Team - Skipschnit
      June - The month of June was pretty slow for results due to real life situations such as vacations and work.

      July - We hope that get back into the swing of things and finish up a draft by the end of July that can be formatted and possibly sent to play testing.

      Executive Board


      Human Resources

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