A blessing from Nukuja

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    • A blessing from Nukuja

      As people die, as cattle die, as river runs to sea
      So all the tings that were and are, must end and cease to be
      There is an end to sorrow, there is an end to pain
      There is an end to glory, and there is an end to gain

      Give up on all you think you must, and all they say you ought
      For given time all work and toil will end up being naught
      Rejoice, my friend, and dream a dream of Destiny and Fate
      For I have seen what is to come, I lie beyond the Gate

      The Wheel of Souls is turning, you need not tag along
      Let others live for others, and sing a wiser song
      Let others live for others, let your life be for you
      And never, ever do a thing you do not want to do
    • One last thing, 'fore you depart, I must on you impart
      For if a daemon lord once should your mortal coil regard
      Do not move, do utter naught, do nothing but observe
      Only then will your sloth yield the prize that you deserve
      "You need to believe in things that aren't true. How else can they become?" -Death
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