What do YOU most want to see for Daemon lore?

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    • As someone who wasn't really interested in the GW lore about demons, and am currently waiting to start playing and building/painting my demons army when the book is released - I am fully into whatever the T9A lore will be.

      But unlike my other armies that I want to have a say where things go and all that, for Demons I just want to enjoy the story that others will tell me.

      I would like to keep it more on the mysterious side. No first person narrative from a demon. ...mainly because this would be difficult to write and probably not meet the mark anyway.

      As for motivations, a suggestion I have is that since the Demons come from a different dimension as due to the Theory of Quantum Mechanics(can't copyright science mr geedubs!), The motivation for the Demons could be that they get to experience things differently in this dimension, which is why they tend to absorb themselves into the various sinful activities or manifest as those.

      Think of it like a Human with an Ant Farm. You can sit and watch what the ants do, maybe you throw some food in the cage, or squish a few ants. What if you could shrink down to the size of an ant and take on anyform? ...you don't care much about the ant world, you just going in there for fun.
      Or like logging into a video game. You don't load up Grand Theft Auto to obey the traffic laws while playing, lol.

      So the demons come to the mortal realms for fun!

      Anyway, just a suggestion. Whatever you guys decide I'll be happy with.

      Marcos24 wrote:

      I would love to see the majority of daemon troops as corrupted, mutated humans/elves/dwarves and the daemons themselves as the absolute dangerous single model units. But we're way past that point

      IoRi78 wrote:

      Marcos24 wrote:

      I would love to see the majority of daemon troops as corrupted, mutated humans/elves/dwarves and the daemons themselves as the absolute dangerous single model units. But we're way past that point
      that could be an awesome idea for an aux book of DL
      This would indeed make for a cool Auxillary book.
      ...obviously corrupted humans are just WotDG. But There is room for elves and dwarvs and even orcs. :)

      Squirrelloid wrote:

      I don't want to hear about daemons from the daemon point of view. How would you learn that? Who would bother talking to mortals about it? I mean, an in-world religious text which ascribes motivations to them would be fine, but this is clearly a work of fantasy by a human author. There is no possible source for first-hand knowledge of daemons.

      No one expects to hear Cthulhu's perspective. (And no one writes from it in genre - it can only be played for laughs). It would cheapen Cthulhu if we got to see his perspective. It's the unknowableness that makes cosmic horrors interesting. Daemons are cosmic horrors. Humans might dress them up in human concepts for their morality plays, but that doesn't say anything real about daemons.

      Marcos24 wrote:

      Mysterious should be a big part of them
      Heh, looks like us Dread Elf players think alike :)

      Thrymfjord wrote:

      I don't want spore-Orks either, that's 40k's thing. But some other orcish reproductive weirdness perhaps. Like, say, the same individuals being male some periods of their lives and female other periods. Or something like those slugs who battle each other before copulation to see who gets to impregnate the other. I'm also perfectly fine with orcs reproducing in the same manner as humans.
      I personally like the World of Warcraft thing where they are more a tribal people who are very warlike.
      As for reproduction we could make it so that orcs have small litters, not like rats but the most common number of orcs born to a female is 2-3. If there is only 1 orc born then that would be considered a boon, and that orc would be marked for greatness or have special traits. The Orcs that posses the ability to wield magic are almost always born as a single child.
      Orcs also grow faster than humans. Lets go with roughly a 2-1 ratio. So basically get a full adult within 8-10 years, and a fairly dangerous youngster around age 6-7.
      This way we can show why orcs are quite numerous.

      Giladis wrote:

      JimMorr wrote:

      Scroll Issue 9 wrote:

      It gives credence to the idea that thehorned ones do not worship gods. Instead, their greatest ideal is said to be the folktale. Storytellers command as much respect within a herd as a chief or soothsayer.Most of the deeds of the beasts can be explained by their desire to be rememberedin song and story, believing that their spirits live on as long as these stories aretold.
      No immortal soul.
      Ok, but where did you get the impression the souls were immortal in the setting.

      p.s. emphasis is on speculation about third party desires and beliefs not knowledge :)
      Well if we think about quantum physics, then our souls are from a different dimension. The 4th dimension is time. We perceive time from a strictly 3rd dimensional frame of reference. So something(a soul) that exists in another dimensions could effectively be immortal since time operates different from our 3rd dimensional perspective.

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