WotDG army future

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  • WotDG army future

    Hi Guys.

    I just want to ask you about how will be the reality for this army.

    My main army is Dread Elves, also I have a full goblin army (not orcs allowed) and recently I started my WotDG army.

    Actually my WotDG army is quite big, I almost have all units in armybook ( even 100 barbarians... better don´t ask why :) ) but I still need to adquire minis for some units (A.E. Wretched ones)

    Recently I read something about the future of the army in a way that will be splitted in one main armybook, and another 2 tematic auxiliary armybooks: Asklanders and new one still not noticed.

    Before continue organizing my army.... is possible to know how will be the future in the army? Auxiliary armybooks will be official to play in tournaments?

    Thanks for the info in advance ;)
    I used to be Suddenwind... :)
  • Can't say for sure what the outcome of .205 will be but there seems to be a plan for two additional auxiliary books, my guess would be for Feldraks and one additional (monsters, giants maybe?). These auxiliary books are allowed to be played in tournaments that allow them specifically, so probably not the ETC or other large tournaments. It's up to the tournament organizers.

    No mention of splitting the army book into these auxiliary books as far as I've seen yet!
  • The format should stay like it is: WDG armybook will remain the main one, then you will have several auxiliary books on the side.

    The first 2 are barbarian tribes, I have no clue on the next ones (Auxiliary books are not accepted in our local tournaments hence little interest for me).

    The future of the other armies should follow the same idea.

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  • No split, the WDG book is the core of it, the Auxiliary books (so far Åsklander is the only one released) is just additions to take a spin on some elemets of the army, these is mostly for friendly games, scenarios, campains and such but some tournamnets allow them, my own for example. But the Auxs is much more for chilled games then the competitive scene.


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