Units and Terrain... Full input suggestion

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    • Units and Terrain... Full input suggestion

      Hi Guys, a discussion occurred last night which i have been disussing with the Warhammer community this morning.

      See the attached (Scenario) and outcome (a) and outcome (b)

      We had a situation where a horde could not fit through a gap to charge an opponent. In reality, the unit would just squish together and push through the gap and reform on the other side (See any war game ever)

      Outcome (a), the orcs can charge through the gap and reform on the other side of the blocked terrain. This would essentially be a standard charge (assuming chaos elect to Hold)

      Outcome (b), the rocs have to spend a turn reforming into a really long bus formation and move through the gap, which took the orcs 3 turns and a turn to reform back into horde (due to the length of the bus).. which, by this time, the unit was totally useless..

      In reality, scenario A would be just, however, the current rules state that Scenario B should be followed, which makes little sense and rendered the unit totally 'worthless' when it became stuck in the terrain.

      Myself and the community would be keen to hear back on the groups thoughts on this situation and if things can be improved upon for 9th age
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    • thats a real disadvantage of the static stucture of the game.

      I see only one point that would make problems:
      A unit charging through a gap will automatically reform in bus which gives a high steadfast advantage and could be mistreated.

      So there might be a restriction that such a reform can never lead to more ranks than before when considering rank bonus and steadfast.
      In fact, such a unit is more or less disordered when just running through a gap in a not ordered way.

      Quick Starter Team


    • Excellent pictures! Thanks for providing such a good situation overview. Very easy to see what this is about. :)

      I assume that the leftmost terrain piece (pile of squares) is Impassable terrain too?

      I can see how this situation is frustrating the Orc player.

      Then again, you have to admit that
      - terrain needs to be important; it was there already in the previous turns, and the players had time to think their strategies.
      - everybody knows the rules, and you can always measure. So, this situation shouldn't be a surprise to the Orc player.
      - the Chaos player has made a good tactical move to place/move his unit like that, and should benefit from it.

      So, regarding what this game is and how it works, I don't see this as a one-sided issue where the Orcs should be able to reach the Chaos unit.

      Maybe make a ruling that the Orcs hitting the Impassable terrain die, and the surviving 9 or 12 Orcs make the charge?

      Actually, it's pretty dumb (and fluffily realistic!) playing by the Orc player, to get his unit into a position like that. Instead of in-game frustration, this situation should be completely hilarious! :)
    • a point that positively changed to 9th age is that terrain has to be at least 6 inches away from each other.
      So one can definitely argue that in this case this would have been a mistake of the player because with 6 inches every unit can pass in normal formation.

      If the not being able to charge makes sense is another question.

      Quick Starter Team