[Masters] Siren Song, team tournament in Warsaw, Poland, February 23-24,2019

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    • [Masters] Siren Song, team tournament in Warsaw, Poland, February 23-24,2019

      Bobson, Rince and myself invite you all to:

      Siren Song – masters class team tournament

      Date: February 23-24, 2019
      Place: Allianz hotel in Rynia
      02-127 Białobrzegi
      Rynia, ul. Główna 1

      Points: 4-member teams, 4500 points per army, no army may be repeated in the team
      Three battles on Saturday, two on Sunday
      Tournament registered in Polish T9A league
      Tournament registered in European Masters League


      Sklep Graal

      General rules:
      Open rosters
      We play by the newest The Ninth Age version of rules
      Scenarios indicated by the organiser
      Victory points as per rulebook

      Main: Abrasus
      Assistant referees: Janek & Glonojad
      Painting referee: us

      Any applications containing: name of the team, members and armies sent by February 1st, 2019 will net you 5 BP. Please send applications to syreni.spiew.2019@gmail.com. Any communication on forum is informative for us and does not guarantee a spot. A payment guarantees it provided there are still places left.
      Rosters to be sent by February 17, 2019 till 23:59. Sending rosters on time nets you 10 BP. Rosters will be published on forum after the deadline.
      Changes to rosters after February 17, 2019:
      - Each minor change, e.g. misclick, no general marked -1 BP
      - A major mistake resulting in more than one change, which implies adding or deducting models -5 BP
      - A major mistake like path of magic change, magic standard change, units change and similar – no less than -10 BP, such a change may also be not allowed by the organiser
      - Penalties within a team sum up and cannot exceed 15 BP.

      Roster format sample:

      Piotr "Janus the Dezyr " Borowski - Warriors of the Dark Gods
      720 - Chaos Lord of Lust, General, Steed of Lust, Great Weapon, Bluffer's Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Crown of Scorn, Waste Hardened Shield
      660 - Chaos Lord of Wrath, Burning Blade of Chaos, Potion of Strength, Daemonic Wings, Lucky Shield
      510 - Chaos Harbinger of Lust, Battle Standard, Steed of Lust, Lance, Dusk Stone, War Standard, Hardened Shield
      260 - Battle Shrine (Priest) of Wrath
      512 - 17x Wasteland Warriors of True Chaos, Shield, S, M, C, Banner of Speed,
      160 - 20x Barbarians of True Chaos, Paired Weapons, Light Armour, M
      232 - 8x Barbarian Horseman of True Chaos, Light Armour, Shield
      160 - 5x Barbarian Horseman of True Chaos, Light Armour, Shield,
      460 - 10x Chosen of Lust, Halberd, Shield, S, Nine-Tailed Standard
      435 - 10x Chosen of Lust, Halberd, Shield, S, Aether Icon
      390 - 5x Wasteland Knights of Lust, Lance, Shield, Standard, Musician, WastelandSteed,

      Please send the rosters in doc / pdf / txt files along with the full team entry.

      80 PLN (or €19,50) per person, 320 PLN (€77) per team. Please make the transfer to PL 02 1160 2202 0000 0003 5687 1431, SWIFT/BIC BIGBPLPW, addressed to Marek Skowerski. A prepayment by February 1st, 2019, will net you 5 BP. The prepayment is non-refundable (you may reassign it to another team).
      The title should say: Siren Song masters tournament, (name of the team, members).
      We recommend to send transfer confirmation by email to syreni.spiew.2019@gmail.com.

      Accommodation and catering
      There are two options available per person:
      1 person for 1 night in a room, lunch and dinner, breakfast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday included – 150 PLN (€36)
      1 person for 2 nights in a room, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday – 230 PLN (€55)
      A snack (żurek, or white borsch) on Saturday during 3rd battle: 10 PLN (€2,5). Additional meal on Sunday (strogonov, a sort of stew): 20 PLN (€5). Please book these while making the hotel reservation as ordering things a’la carte may take time and forces you to leave the tables. Please include these in the application email and prepayment.

      Hotel limit: 46 single, twin and triple rooms. The organiser reserves the right to assign rooms to players to utilise all available beds.
      Reservations: syreni.spiew.2019@gmail.com by February 1st, 2019, payment to PL 02 1160 2202 0000 0003 5687 1431, SWIFT/BIC BIGBPLPW, with name, surname, team name and package selected in the title. Only payment confirms the reservation. The reservation is non-refundable (you may reassign it to another player). Probably we will be the only group in the hotel, though we cannot guarantee it.
      No sleeping in the games room.

      Menu: WIP (including vege option)
      Saturday during 3rd battle: żurek (white borsch with bread), served in the hall adjacent to the games rooms.
      Sunday: strogonov, served in the hall adjacent to the games room.


      9:00 captains register their teams
      9:45 opening ceremony
      10:00 – 13:30 round one
      13:30 – 14:30 lunch
      14:30 – 18:00 round two
      18:15 – 22:00 round three (żurek served during the battle)
      Dinner and afterparty after the battle.
      8:15 captains register their teams
      8:30 – 12:00 round four
      12:15 – 16:15 round five
      16:25 results and awards

      NOTICE: hotel rooms at Allianz hotel available till 12:00 on Sunday. The hotel has baggage room. There is also a cloakroom in the games room.

      Painting and gaming accessories
      You can only play with fully painted armies (an exception is described below). During the tournament we will thoroughly check battle your gaming accessories and the painting level of your army, as well as its compliance with the roster sent. At the end of day one please leave your army and the roster on tables, coherently assembled, so that we can quickly and adequately assess it. Gaming accessories will be checked by assistant referees during battles to avoid confusion.

      A. Painting quality 0-4 BP
      Precision of painting, techniques used.
      0 – barely acceptable, basecoat visible from under colours
      1 – correct paints applied to surfaces, no details or effects
      2 – table top (basic drybrush / wash/ dipping), some details painted
      4 – well-painted army (good drybrush / wash and shading, all details painted)

      B. Army coherence 0-3BP
      We evaluate if the army is coherent visually (colours, trays, model bases).
      0 – units and models painted using different colours sets, no coherence
      1 – army to a large extent coherent, no more than 10% models incoherent
      3 – a visually coherent army

      C. Model bases and movement trays 0-3 BP
      0 – any unit of 2+ models without a movement tray
      1 – all units have basic movement trays, all war machines are on bases
      +1 – movement trays are modelled and/or magnetised (in case of magnetic trays without boundaries)
      +1 – model bases are modelled (sand with grass, stones, skulls, etc.)

      D. WYSIWYG
      Visual compliance of models equipment with the roster.
      0 – significant WYSIWYG issues, models feature equipment not included in the roster and/or at least one “proxy” (e.g. fast cavalry instead of heavy cavalry or spearmen instead of halberdiers) and/or poorly executed conversions / adaptations of toys
      1 – WYSIWYG on majority of models in units, several individual models display discrepancies
      2 – full WYSIWYG on units and heroes

      E. Gaming accessories 0-3 BP
      0 – any of the following missing: dice, measuring tape, armybook, roster
      1 – a complete set: dice, measuring tape, armybook, roster
      +1 wound tokens, LoS markers, markers for position of units
      +1 printed spell cards and winds of magic cards (or application to track winds of magic)
      Total: 15 BP

      -1 – for models missing during the painting evaluation, up to -5BP
      -1 – for unit fillers exceeding a quarter of the unit footprint
      -2 – for every instance of using models not compliant with tournament rules (such models are removed from the table).

      We may agree for unpainted armies. Such an option is for new players or those who have just restarted their hobby and who want to attend the tournament anyway. Please make sure to notify us to syreni.spiew.2019@gmail.com.
      We reserve the right to decline such a request. An unpainted army automatically nets you 0 BP for A-D criteria above.
      Individual requests

      For any doubts concerning painting level, prepainted models, conversions, models WYSIWYG and related, please address us at syreni.spiew.2019@gmail.com.

      Victory points per round
      A team may score 28-52 BP.
      Each player may score 0-20 BP, the team results are added.
      A team to score more than 51 BP in a round, scores 52 BP. A team with a result of 27 or less, gets 28 BP. Other teams score BP equal to the sum of their individual results in a given round. The ranking is set based on BP.
      To sum up: 52-28 scoring range
      Bye per round:
      50 BP in round one
      50 BP in round two
      49 BP in round three
      48 BP in round four
      47 BP in round five

      Tie-breakers: capped BP from battles > uncapped BP from battles > the team with less penalty points so far > battle victory points

      The team captain is responsible for reporting the results at the referees table. Penalties for delays:
      0-2 min: 5 BP
      2-5 min: 10 BP
      5-10 min: 20 BP
      10+ min: result is 0:0, 28 BP.

      The referees can and will apply penalty points for unsportsmanlike behaviours, including poor proprietary issues. We reserve the right to expel people overusing alcohol or improperly behaving from the tournament (their score until the end of the tournament will be 0).

      Pairing system:
      - Organiser will indicate a team to get a bye for round one
      - No team from the same club will play against one another in round one
      - Pairings will take place once the rosters are collected
      - Starting from round two, we revert to “Swiss” pairing system
      - A challenge is possible in round one (the challenged team must accept it)

      Pairings for battles
      A and B teams nominate a player each (a defender).
      Each defender is presented with two opposite players (attackers).
      Defenders choose the attackers to play against.
      The attackers that were not chosen come back to the pool.
      Teams choose a defender again, who plays against the remaining player from the opposing team (attacker).
      Pairings should take 15 minutes most.

      Tables and maps:
      Once the pairing is done, randomise tables for each pair to play on. Please roll for the deployment type once the tables are assigned to players.


      Round one
      1st and 2nd pairing Hold the Ground
      3rd and 4th pairing Capture the Flags

      Round two
      1st and 2nd pairing Breakthrough
      3rd and 4th pairing Secure Target

      Round three
      1st and 2nd pairing Spoils of War
      3rd and 4th pairing Hold the Ground

      Round four
      1st and 2nd pairing Secure Target
      3rd and 4th pairing Breakthrough

      Round five
      1st and 2nd pairing Capture the Flags
      3rd and 4th pairing Spoils of War

      Any minors willing to attend the event must present a permission a form their legal supervisors, reading:
      “I hereby give my consent for my child to participate in The 9th Age Siren Song tournament between February 23-24 in Rynia by Warsaw and I bear full responsibility for any damage caused by the child.
      Signature, date.”
      All participants are responsible for their behaviour and possible damage caused.

      Access to the hotel from the Chopin airport:
      Option 1: take S3 train line to Warszawa-Żerań, then switch to 705 bus to Rynia, Główna 1 street. Please make sure to use zone 2 ticket for the bus! Duration: 1,5h.
      Alternatively, take bus 188 to Politechnika bus stop, then M1 metro line towards Młociny. Get off at Metro Marymont and take 705 bus which will take you straight to the hotel (Główna 1 street, Rynia). Please make sure you have a ticket valid for zone 2 for the bus! Duration: 1,5h.
      UberX – 100-150 PLN per transfer from the airport (calculation based on https://www.uber.com/pl/fare-estimate/).

      We invite you to “Siren Song” – an international, 4-members masters team tournament to Warsaw, Poland. The results will count towards Polish T9A league ranking and European Masters League.

      We are offering you a celebration – an event in Allianz hotel in Rynia by Warsaw, Poland. The hotel is surrounded by forests and is located in a small town next to Zegrze Lake, which will help us all to forget about everyday business and focus on the hobby.

      The tables will be set in a sports hall, with secured good light, a beamer, a screen and sound system. The afterparty will take place in a spacious restaurant combined with a pub where they serve Polish and international cuisine. You will then rest in comfortable rooms with baths, TV, towels and phone.

      Teams that expressed interest in participation (registration fee marked with $, hotel payment H, R - rosters, + rosters with points)

      1. Ziemniak Król Warzyw $ H R+
      2. Pokemon Return $ H R+
      3. Chill out, dude! 2 $ H R+
      4. Ósma Bila 1 $ H R+
      5. Ósma Bila "Pod Piracką Banderą" $ H R+
      6. Wałłej 1 $ H R+
      7. Ordin 1 $ R+
      8. Nemesis 1 $ H R+
      9. Ukrainian Anchors $ R+
      10. Miscast 1 $ R+
      11. Miscast 2 $ R+
      12. Dream Team (Switzerland) $ H R+
      13. Front Wschodni $ R+
      14. Underdogs $ H R+
      15. Belarus $ H R+
      16. Nemezis Sexy $ R+
      17. Czarne Wrony Architekci Zagłady $ H R+
      18. Szybki Szpil 1 $ R+
      19. JH1 $ H R+
      20. Czech Mates $H R+
      21. Nemezis PPS $ R+
      22. Make Way 2 $ R+
      23. 2Drunk2Play2Day $HR+
      24. 4 Wspaniałych $ R+
      25. 8 Bila 3 $ R+
      26. Ośmiornica 1 $ R+
      27. Czarne Wrony 1 $ R+
      28. Ośmiornica 2 $ R+
      29. Team Czech - Death Stars $HR+
      30. Świeże bułki, wędliny $ R+
      31. NA PEWNO NIE underdogs $ R+
      32. Ordin 2 $ R+



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    • We would like to announce some changes in the tournament.

      With the recent changes to the rulebook and armybooks we decided to drop the idea of cossacks so that you can focus on testing and perfecting your new rosters.

      We had to change the place of the event. Trylogia Hotel changed our reservation conditions and we did not agree to the new, replacement hall and two major events in the hotel at the same time due to fear of improper services standard. At the Allianz hotel we are supposed to be the only clients and we trust that this will benefit the atmosphere of camaraderie. Furthermore, this allowed us to offer you better prices.

      Please make sure to read through the announcement above as dates for registration have changed slightly.

      I have also added transfer options from the Chopin Airport, please let me know should you need any further advice on getting to the venue.

      Between fora, email and direct communication with us, already 10 teams have expressed their interest in participation. Thank you and we are looking forward to hosting you! Please make sure to register on time.

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    • Just to make sure, if we book our hotel in the same place as the tourney, we'll pay 53€/pax including 2 nights and 4 meals + breakfast?

      How far is it from city center and nightlife district?

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    • EML
      For Polis teams...
      2 events in Poland + WTC Herford and your team can run for Paris play-off ;)
      Fantastique Bataillon de Joinville (FBJ)
      6 Nations 2014 Winner. French DE player
      ETC 2016 & 2017. Luxembourg coach. 2018 Norway coach.True Norses go to Valhalla!
      Chairman ETC2018

      European Masters League, the most exciting event! Check this europeanmastersleague.com/
    • Hi guys, I have updated the entry list. There are 12 teams with registration fee covered. The payment due dates for both registration and hotel have been moved to February 1st.

      @Nameless One - I have sent and email about Team Ukraine's registration, please contact me.
      @Lubart - are you still looking for a player? I can post it on Polish forum if you want me to.
      @Stevone13 - yes, we want to distribute the lists before the event.
      @polux - there are still 24 slots open, although 12 teams have expressed their interest in participation on top of the 12 that have paid already.

      Should more than 32 teams make the payment, the order of payment decides who enters the event. Naturally, in such case teams 33+ can request refund immediately or wait to see if any team drops off.