Why have you decided to collect vampire counts and which bloodline is your favoured?

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    • Kovlovsky wrote:

      I like how Gilles de Raux is inspired from an historical person, although, as surprising as it might seem, the fictional vampiric guy sounds a lot more sympathetic than the real one!
      Well, I have it on good authority that very little of the Vampire Covenant background has been created. Pretty much the only thing published about Gilles de Raux is that he was an Equitanian vampire-king who fought off the Vermin, who successfully overran the rest of Vetia at the time. And that Gilles de Raux was eventually killed by the hero Uther, under whose leadership Equitaine was restored to its former self.

      But that just means that the background is a blank slate, it can be whatever we want it to be, and it might get stolen canonized by BGT if it's good. Those quotes I posted in this thread were all made up by me :P
      Sunna is not with the big battalions, but with the ones whose parts move with the best coordination.
    • Diablo: I have played it too along with it´s successors. It is no surprise that my favourite character is the Necromancer (Diablo II & III).

      Baldur´s Gate I & II: I have only completed BG I. You have basically to save an aweful lot during gameplay otherwise the game will screw you consistently. The monsters which gave me PTSD (I am exaggerating!) were the poisonous spiders in combination with their net ability. These arachnid critters will stun your characters with impunity and finish them off without breaking a sweat. The solution was either a priest spell (Free Movement) or magic boots which grant you Free Movement. Assign one of the pcs in your party as a scout to draw the spiders out of hiding and BURN THEM WITH FIRE (e.g.: Wizard Fireball spell).

      BG II (Vampires as cannon fodder): This always bugged (Why am I thinking right now about spiders ambushing me?) me a lot. As a former Ravenloft dungeon master I am of the opinion that these monsters should be placed in the main villain or advanced henchman category instead of throwing them without thought at the pcs like you do with rats when the heroes are still at a lower level.

      Zombies (Expensive): I own forty GW zombies. Twenty are painted as zombies and the others are painted in an ethereal paint scheme according to the outdated Heinrich Kemmler list depicting "Gequälte Seelen" (Tortured Souls?). This was a unit entry of the rare category and yes, you are right, they even had the Ethereal SR but also a big disadvantage causing some of them to disappear on a failed Ld check at the start of each of your game turns.
      Yes, GW´s zombies are expensive and outdated. But it is to my advantage that I also own the boardgame ZOMBIES!!! with a lot of supplements. Price tag on these zombies are 10 Euros for 100 of these braindead creatures. The male zombies are used for 9th Age and the other hundred female zombies are used as plague zombies in 40K. You only need a lot of spare bases for the models but this was not a problem for me being in the hobby for approx. 25 years.

      Barrow Knights: This reminds me of old spanish-portuguese horror movies starring undead templars ("Reitende Leichen"). They also ride horses which can move through terrain with ease and are moving REAL slow when on foot. But this never stops them decapitating foolish mortals which happen to be in their way. LOL, I love goofy movies!
      They also have a penchant for attractive virgin women whose blood grants them immortality. Who would have thought that walking skeletons, resting in their graves for hundreds of years, can get a boner? Shame on you, pervs!

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    • I want to shine a light with this post on the decision why I chose a certain army colour for my dead undead dudes/dudettes. In addition, I will also write a fair bit about the background info on my 9thAge campaign setting. This will be a long post so either skip it or grab a cup of coffee while reading it. Here we go:

      Most of the time when I see an undead gothic army in WD or an army book it is usually painted in blood red or purple with black as a secondary colour. So it was a nice surprise when I encountered several years ago a green-white paint scheme for the children of the night. Another interesting aspect was the inclusion of Empire models in the count´s force which gave it an unique and personal touch. So I decided to go the same route with my minis and came up with my own colour scheme which deviated clearly from the mainstream. My decision was influenced by the fact that at the same time I was a bit disenchanted by my Dark Elf (DE) army and so I wanted to include some of my models from the DE collection into my vampire army. The evil elves are renown for their Black Arks and mastery of not only terrestrial beasts but also of aquatic beasts. This combined with the fact that my own campaign setting takes place in a tropical island archipelago lead to a marine colour scheme which consists of blue and green.

      How do I came up with a tropical island archipelago instead of a gothic setting shrouded constantly in chill fog and rain? Well, this takes a little more time to explain. During the peak of my hobby activity, which was 15 years ago by the way, I encountered a like minded fellow. We became gaming buddies and he introduced me to his wide 40K Cityfight terrain collection. We had a great time back then. He usually chose his Dark Angels which faced off against my Night Lords. His large collection of terrain features compelled me to start working on my own board. But what to choose? Just a few months later, the Catachan codex was released and I was blown away by the content because it contained a guide for building your very own jungle. Why was I excited? You have to remember that I grew up in the 80s and was exposed to movies like Rambo II and Predator which combined action in a beautiful environment. So it was no surprise that I also collected a Catachan force which is by now complete.

      We have now established the setting which consists of a tropical island environment along with a marine army colour. Now I want to talk about as promised of the red headed stepchild of tabletop gaming: Background info.
      Most people, myself included, will happily paint their minis, write an army list and play a scenario by random. Sometimes certain units or characters are given names but that´s it. I vividly remember my Catachan Col. “Kongo Otto” (represented by a vintage Straken figure) who was responsible for killing a Hive Tyrant and Carnifex with his plasma pistol in the same game, removing three scarab swarms and two wraiths in another and even eliminating a Necron Lord in hand to hand combat with his master-crafted power fist in a third game. He survived all games with just one wound remaining and benefitted from one of his wargear options (some kind of crimson medal) that negated one wound caused by Instant Death. That guy became the talk of our gaming group and was responsible for the Necron´s depression. Soon the imperial propaganda machine became aware of his deeds and the whole sector was inspired by his valorous actions. Marketing servitors came up with corny slogans which also featured his likeness on posters which were hung at every building wall like this:

      “Don´t show fear, the Bane of the Metal Men is here”.

      The administration of this sector pulled him from duty as he was now too valuable to be killed in a mere skirmish. He was invited to talk-shows in order to boost morale and became larger than life: A symbol of Imperial Bravery.

      So back in the day I learned that named characters (don´t confuse them with special characters) perform better on the tabletop. They even bring more to the table when your opponent suffers from the same superstition. And now finally we will be introduced to the characters of my undead army:

      Esmeralda, (Elder Vampiress, Lord)
      Esmeralda is an elder vampiress from the Lahmian bloodline. She was fed up with the never ending Lahmian court intrigue and grasped the first opportunity to leave her backstabbing sisters. When she heard about a tropical island archipelago, where crafty businesswomen could amass fortunes, she didn´t hesitate. She took all of her savings and traveled to one of the many islands. She ordered the construction of a castle on the mountain top of said island which would take several decades to complete. Meanwhile she had to live rather uncomfortably inside her casket in the cellar of a tavern from where she would manage all of her business transactions such as tobacco, cotton, coffee, mining and sugar cane.
      She moved into the castle as soon as it was completed and made sure that all the engineers and laborers involved in the project disappeared mysteriously. She raised all the deceased slaves and villagers of the island as either skeletons or zombies using them as an army but also as workforce on the plantations or in the mining industry. The humans on her island were freed from hard labour which was a boon but were expected to “donate” the tallest, strongest and most beautiful & intelligent of their daughters to the countess. This infuriating demand led to a rebellion which was quickly put down by her undead minions. Today it has been 37 years since the undead started to contribute to the national product and the majority of the islanders have coped with this reality fairly well. But alas, once in a while a few self-proclaimed heroes decide to oppose the status quo
      and head to the countess´ castle to have a good old showdown with the villain. Up to this day, none of these braves have ever been seen again.
      Despite her success, Esmeralda is not content with what she has achieved on one island alone. She displays a shrewd business acumen and wants to expand her influence on all the other remaining territories in the archipelago. Therefore she grooms right now two fledgeling vampiresses who received the blood kiss from none other than herself. They are destined to act as governors of other suitable islands extending her will and rule across this tropical paradise.

      Gunther (Wight Lord, Hero)
      Gunther was a famous mercenary captain approx. 200 years ago. He was responsible to drive back the savage orc tribes from their mountain lairs which were threatening to overrun the human kingdom in which he lived. He did not met his end on the battlefield but died in bed because of old age. Gunther never married and sired no offspring. Due to horrible incidents that he was forced to witness on the battlefield, he became mentally unstable and was therefore never able to have a long lasting relationship with a woman as his spontaneous fits of rage would drive anyone away. Though during his career, he amassed quite a fortune and his last will was to be entombed along with his weapons and armour. Esmeralda heard of the exploits and death of Gunther as everybody else in the kingdom. She infiltrated his tomb, prepared an unholy ritual and bound this once proud warrior´s soul with a necromantic spell, transforming him into a wight lord. Gunther now acts as her fearless and utterly loyal bodyguard. It is a tragedy that he had to die in order to be able to “live” together with a woman in harmony.

      Hans & Franz (Necromancer, Hero)
      The brothers Hans and Franz showed a born aptitude for magic and were raised in an orphanage. Their father died of alcoholism and their mother was killed by muggers in the streets when they were still of a young age. But because of their talent for magic, they were later allowed to join the Academy of Magic. Though they didn´t stay there for a long time because they were too rebellious as they showed little to no respect for their teachers which led finally to their banishment. A few years later they discovered necromantic tomes in a library of an old and nearly blind vendor. This streak of fortune reignited their passion for magic and soon they were practicing their despicable arts in graveyards and on battlefields.
      Hans favours skeletons instead of zombies because they are faster and can wield arms and armour more proficiently. In addition, he get´s to command skeletal champions which are outright superior than the freshly deceased. Franz on the other hand prefers zombies. They usually terrify mortals more than a few bones raised by magic because their victims are often struck by horror when they can identify their relatives just before their brains are eaten by them.
      But their unholy antics drew unwanted attention to local witch hunters and they decided to flee their home town by ship. A few weeks later they arrived at a lush tropical island archipelago. The local noblewoman ruling over the island was in search of staff who were capable of reading and writing and so the two brothers decided to meet her. Both were enchanted by her beauty and impressed by her natural authority. She was the only person in their short life that was able to handle the mischievous duo with ease. Because of her extraordinary leadership skills, they pledged their loyalty to her. At first they only worked as scribes but when the noblewoman discovered their necromantic tomes she revealed her true identity to them. The two young necromancers were overjoyed and couldn´t fathom their luck to be in service for an immortal vampiress. Both would be able to advance their unholy studies while serving the most gorgeous woman who they ever laid eyes on.

      Touchy (Skeleton, Champion)
      Touchy is a skeleton champion which was raised by Hans in a cemetery of his hometown. This undead creature only consists of a bony skeletal hand and the whereabouts of the rest of it´s body is a mystery. When Touchy was still a mortal, she was a skilled female rogue, stunning her adversaries with her good looks, vanquishing her foes with a dagger thrust in the back or destroying their inflated egos with her razor sharp tongue. Whenever Hans is not supporting one of Esmeralda´s skirmishes in person, Touchy serves him as a familiar. Though “serving” is a bit of a stretch here as anybody who witnessed both interacting with another can testify. Touchy would often only do tasks for Hans when she is in the mood, is lavished by him with compliments, is showered with gifts or Hans outright begs her to do something. Scholars of the arcane explain this puzzling phenomenon with the fact that Touchy was a female in life:
      “Man can only force a woman to do something what she wants to do by herself.”
      So in the end it is not so clear who is master and who is slave in their relationship. While in battle, Touchy usually taunts her opponents into challenging her by giving them the middle finger. Her outraged foes are then often the victim of her infamous attack routine which consists first of a crotch grab and is followed by a finishing eye poke.

      Zock (Night Goblin Big Boss, Hero)
      Deep below the archipelago lies a subterran realm populated by goblins and cave squigs of all shapes and forms. Zock was a Big Boss and an accomplished cook of a Night Goblin raiding party many, many years ago that plagued villages of the tropical surface world. But on one fateful night his band of marauders were intercepted by a small force of Esmeralda´s undead minions which was led by none other than herself. The greenskins were routed and only a handful made it back to their underground homes alive. Zock was separated from his underlings during the undead ambush, panicked and ran through the forest´s undergrowth as if the daemons of the warp were chasing him. He discovered to his detriment that the dense forest was teeming with life at night. Apes were throwing their excrement at him, both birds and insects were taunting him as it seemed with their noise and a giant constrictor snake nearly wrestled him down. A few minutes later he was sweat soaked as he crashed against a tree while running away from real or imagined dangers. When he came to his senses, he realized that he didn´t ran into a tree but against a pale human woman dressed in a gown of marine colour. He found her quite attractive, for a human being at least, and was mesmerized by her glowing green eyes in which he seemed to drown...

      She extended her hand and when he did likewise she grasped his hand firmly. The human woman smiled at him affectionately revealing her vampiric fangs but if it bothered him it was impossible to say as he was charmed by her bloodline power. She led him from the forest to her castle and he followed her like a good boy. When they arrived at the castle, he was interrogated by her. He spilled his guts about everything and when he confessed that he was a great cook, she put him immediately to the test. After he had passed her test by cooking and organizing an impressive banquet for all the living residents of her castle, she offered him something that she called a “job” in her kitchen. He just bobbed his head in acknowledgement without understanding what this word meant because he always felt funny when he was in her presence and therefore couldn´t refute any of her offers. Some special mention goes to the fact that he is the only living resident of the castle which does not address the countess as Mistress because he is not able to pronounce it properly. Instead he calls her reverently “Bootiful Big Boss” while his cheeks flare bright red with emotion much to the delight of the countess.

      Ulf (Chaos Champion, Hero)
      Some years ago, Ulf witnessed a vision during one of his clan´s festivities. During this experience he glimpsed Esmeralda and her castle and interpreted this occult occurence as a quest of his god to slay and assume her place as tyrant of her domain. So he travelled from one of the neighboring islands on which his tribe lived to to her domain. In order to complete his quest, he bribed a cart driver to be able to stow away on his transport which was heading to Esmeralda´s castle carrying various goods. But Ulf is a massive man and his cumbersome green-brown plate armour added to the fact that he was later easily spotted in the courtyard of Esmeralda´s sanctuary. As soon as the alarm was sounded, he drew calmly his double-handed sword ,which glowed with an inner fire, from his back and began to hack his way in a brutal fashion into the interior of the castle. It didn´t matter who faced him, be it skeleton soldier or elite undead guard, they were all dispatched without him breaking stride. Mortal staff ran away from him in fright and he realized from his former encounter with the undead that the host of the castle had to be some sort of necromancer.

      After several minutes of hacking and slashing, he finally arrived at her inner sanctum. The chaos champion slammed the impressive doors open with a strong kick and waded into an expensively furnished room, the centre of the island´s power. A tall, pale woman dressed in a marine gown was sitting regally on a throne, a tiara resting proudly on her head. As soon as he entered the room, he noticed a bulky shape attacking him from the side. He was lucky to parry the first blow of his assailant which would have otherwise cracked his skull. Ulf´s opponent was clad in an antique heavy armour and the glowing green eyes of the creature helped the chaos warrior to idenify his enemy. The northman was facing the most dangerous of the corporeal undead, a dreaded wight lord. He never faced such an undead creature before and decided to study it´s fighting style, opting to fight defensively for a while. His adversary fought in complete silence and only the clatter of their weapons filled the room as they circled each other and exchanged heavy blows which would have felled lesser mortal men at once. Ulf realized after a while that this creature wouldn´t tire and so he had to finish it off in a quick fashion. Being a masterful swordsman, he noticed an attack pattern of his nemesis and identified a weakness in it´s defence. So he suddenly increased the momentum of their deadly dance and the wight lord couldn´t hold up with the faster pace as Ulf anticipated. The chaos warrior bashed the great axe of his opponent out of the way and completed a 360° swing which connected viciously at the neck of his enemy, lopping of it´s head. The helmeted head bounced a couple of times on the floor and came to rest in the corner of the room. Ulf turned to the noblewoman, relieved that her bodyguard was no threat to him anymore.

      He was a bit perplexed by the fact that the countess had been sitting still for the whole fight and even now it didn´t come to the woman´s mind that the best option for her would be to take flight. “Bah, who does understand womenfolk anyway”, he thought as he stepped on the dais, intent to ram his huge sword through her stomach. The big man locked the first time gazes with the woman and felt a dizzying sensation, being unable to look away. She slowly stood up from the throne and took a finely ornate double-handed sword in her hand which had been resting by the side of her plush throne. Now Ulf was severely dumbfounded. How could a noblewoman have the audacity to challenge him to a fight? And how could she even contemplate to use such a big weapon? She must be out of her mind. Due to his knowledge, all southerners especially their social elite were weak cowards and pitiful fighters. He concluded that she was suffering some sort of mental breakdown right now as even timid dogs which were cornered tended to fight back.

      Her marine gown had a slit which exposed her left nylon clad leg. Ulf´s glance wandered slowly from her waist, down her long leg and came to rest on her high-heeled boot.”Do you like what you see, warrior from the north?”, she asked amused. The servant of the dark gods realized in this moment that he not only had looked her over but instead had stared at her boots for an unusually long time. What is happening right now? He shook his head, and admonished himself to come back to his senses. He suddenly became aware of the fact that his opponent could have struck him down while he was gawking at her “assets”. Was she toying with him? Like a cat would with a mouse? Ulf decided that he mustn´t let his guard down as he was surely facing some sort of witch. He scrutinized his female opponent now with more respect. Shaking off her bewitching effect, he noticed for the first time that his opponent was even taller than him. Even without her footwear she would be a head taller than him. By the dark gods, who was she?! Her body itself was that of a trained warrior and she held the hilt of her immense sword like a professional soldier. His eyes came to rest at her cleavage which revealed her firm alabaster bosom.
      “My eyes are up here”, she scolded him with a smirk and his cheeks burned red with embarassment as he caught himself gawking at her gorgeous female form again. “Don´t you want to remove your helmet, proud knight? You must be drooling badly by now and must be in danger of drowning in your own spit”, she exclaimed with genuine laughter. Ulf was furious now. Nobody had mocked him before in such a way and he would make her pay. He attacked with unbridled rage but she was able to dodge and even parry his furious blows. His offence took several minutes without him scoring any vital hits. He came to the conclusion that she taunted him only to wear himself out with his angry attacks while his opponent hadn´t even begun to sweat. He was breathing hard right now and his opponent noticed this as well. “Don´t you want to surrender? Grovel at my feet and I might spare your life, boy”. Another insult targeted at his ego. “You will pay for this, woman”, he promised and raised his large sword for an overhand chop. But she deftly sidestepped his blow, drove her left knee against his head which left him reeling from the impact. After her stunning knee thrust, she expertly disarmed him with a jarring blow of her own. Ulf was still dazed as his opponent quickly stepped beside him, dropped her sword, ripped his helmet from his head and began to plunge her teeth in his throat. Their struggle unbalanced the chaos warrior and he fell down on his back, the vampiress still clinging to his body, draining his lifeforce with each second...

      When Ulf came back to his senses, he was laying naked in a bed. He felt sore from the fight and also quite tired. He looked across the room and saw the undead monster which he defeated in the throne room standing guard beside the door. Whether the monster felt any kind of animosity towards him was impossible to say. Ulf tried to stand up but a sudden awful headache send him back into the pillows. After a few minutes, the doors to his bedchamber opened and the noblewoman strode into the room. He suddenly tensed upon seeing the countess, remembering her draining his blood at the end of their battle. Ulf felt also vulnerable because only bed sheets covered his nudity. She sat at the edge of his bed perfectly at ease, sensing his discomfort with glee. “Nah, you don´t have to be shy, proud warrior. Besides, I was the one who disrobed you and put you to bed.” Feelings of true shame rippled through his body at her remark but when they locked eventually gazes for another time he felt a serene calm and a moment later an unnatural longing. He once again began to drown into her glowing green eyes and when he wondered about the occult vision and his quest, he came to the conclusion that he made a mistake with the interpretation. He was not supposed to kill the noblewoman but to serve her to the best of his abilities.