Asking the community: two pages rules for 9th Age

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    • Asking the community: two pages rules for 9th Age

      Hi everyone,

      I've got an idea about homebrew rules. Does anybody know about One Page Rules? This set of rules is focused on simplicity and casual miniature gaming, with only 2 pages of core rules. I love the depth of 9th Age, and I was thinking about making a 9th Age homebrew rules that are inspired in that philosophy.

      But there is a problem to achieve that: the amount of simplifications and changes. With so many simplifications and changes, this homebrew rules will be different from the original, and I want to ask you:

      What do you think about that?

      Is anyone looking for this?

      It will be better if this set of rules is managed as a different set of rules from the 9th Age, but inspired in it, instead of a homebrew rules of 9th Age?

      Thanks in advance

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